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The W - Guest Columns - Tough Enough [#305, 11/14/02]
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{No SmackDown! Recap this week, sorry.}

Perhaps I've Brought This Up Before: MTV is running it's great supplementary "the Cast Talks" bits again this year - if you haven't been reading, you've missed Jonah, Kelly and Eric. This episode's contestant is Scott, so go check it out after you're done here (or now if you don't care about being spoiled) and find out how they've already monkeyed around with the order of events to suit their story telling needs. 

TV PG L open

Previously: Rebekah is having personal family problems. Jamie: "I know I'm not an ugly woman, but I know how it is to be a fat girl." Yea, I remember that in-depth discussion we had about that, sure. 

Now's a good a time as ever (since this would appear to be a week we care about her) to point out that I misquoted Jamie back in the casting special - when I typed "because I'm pretty and buff, but I'm not like extremely high and bold", it was pointed out to me that she actually said something along the lines of "because I'm pretty and buff, but not extremely much of either", which kinda changes the whole message. Sorry.

Trax West. Shoulder blocks and hiptoss bumps. 

Bill is talking about the TE3 guys - Matt's hair, Justin's body, Eric's shape and Jonah and Scott have personalities. So does John, it just takes a lot to get it out of him. "His sleeves are up! John wants this." Not a good sign he didn't even mention Nick.

Ivory talks about the girls - the three of 'em. Ivory does not get a chance to hype them up. Kelly gives the "doing my best, day by day" cliché. Al gives her credit for going on while dealing with asthma. Jamie is really aggressive - Jamie talks about it being physical and mental. "I just want to be right for the WWE, but I don't think my body is. It's just a constant battle with me." Ivory thinks Rebekah has a good shot of winning if she comes out of her shell a little bit. "I think the possibility of God putting me in a place to be a WWE Superstar is a very good possibility." She wants to be more than a church mouse. Mentally, she's stressing out with the other things.

As if you didn't believe her, watch her cry. Big explains to the other trainers about Rebekah's mom's trailer getting foreclosed on. Al reassures her. Okay. Big looks at her a little concerned.

House. Dinner? It's a meal involving a lot of cooking, so it's probably not breakfast in this house. Jaime: "You know who has the best ass in the house? Nick." Kelly says that Jamie is a wild girl. Now Jamie's going by guy to figure out if she'd hook up with them, if circumstances were different. In case you're wondering, she'd do John and not Jonah. Jonah's a little offended, being Jonah and all, and says the feeling is mutual. Jamie says she likes to run her mouth "as if I was a loose woman, but I'm afraid I'm not really. It's fun to see how react." As the hammering music indicates while she bugs John and Jonah, the reaction is mostly "shut up". Jonah explains that the sight of Jamie is repulsive (see how I said he was offended?) - because she's burping all over the house [Jamie: "[burp] I'm gonna be a Diva!"], and her pants are hanging way low, showing a little too much. John says Jamie is always looking for approval. Jamie thinks people sincerely like her.

Night. Rebekah is on the phone with her sister - to us: "there's so much more I need to be home for - and she's still upset about her mom being home by herself while they take her house away. 

Morning. Cereal. Jamie has a nice back massager. Nick tells us that Rebekah is acting secluded and disappointed. Rebekah: "I'm came here thinking that it would be a wonderful way to wake up each morning [break] I'm not surrounded by Christian people and the people I care about the most."

Trax. Eric explains that Rebekah started crying, and they weren't sure what was going on. Rebekah is talking to Big - "Big asked about my mom, and I couldn't hold it anymore." Break.

Big is trying to convince Rebekah to stay - trailer's gonna be gone either way, but she's giving up a career. Rebekah says her mother would be happy with her even if she didn't go home, but she doesn't feel like her heart is in it. Big tells us he feels sorry for her. Rebekah says her goodbyes - she'll be praying for all of them. Eric says it's not like Jill - Rebekah gave it her all. Rebekah leaves, and her name is red-ed out. Kelly again notes that there's one less girl and her chances went up.

Hiptoss bumps - well, until Matt notices Tommy Dreamer walking in to Trax. If you look quick, you can see he has the (new) Hardcore Title belt (as well as a Singapore cane.) Tommy Dreamer montage to some non-entrance music - "I'm gonna suffer for you" and so on. Big says his name is Dreamer and they're all dreamers blah blah blah. Insert tearful Tommy Dreamer speech here: "I started in 1989, I've had 16 concussions, I've broken 13 fingers [wow, I didn't know he was a freak], my neck, my back. [break] I wrestled for a company called Extreme Championship Wrestling [break] My company went out of business, I was unemployed for six months. My dad, he has Parkinson Disease, and he's blind. And - excuse me [tearing up] - for those six months I was unemployed, he was battling for his sight. He had surgery, and for two weeks, he had perfect 20/20 vision. [tearing up more] And he saw me debut with Rob Van Debut, and after that, two weeks later, he went blind - but my dad saw my dream come true. [break] What I'm trying to tell you guys is this is my heart, this is my passion, and I hope you guys share my passion." Nick and Justin talk about how much wrestlers sharing this stuff with them shows them how much this means to them.

Scott says he really admires hardcore matches - "being hit with stuff. So, hey Tommy, why don't you go in and give me a cane?" Scott's a FOOL. Al bends him over. Jonah thinks this is a wonderful idea. Eric thought it was going to be "a love tap." Tommy: "Are you sure you want this? Are you sure you want this? [Scott: Yes, I'm sure] Okay. Welcome to Tough Enough Three! [SNAP]" He cracked him good! Scott grimaces and goes to his knees in pain - "the worst pain I ever felt in my life." Scott - who's having trouble getting his words out in the aftermath - says it was an honor but the price was worth it. Tommy says goodbye.

Armdrags. Big says John is in the best shape of everyone, but he's got to remember that he's still a novice. John says he'd rather do high flying stuff - he'd rather be good at stuff you don't see everyone do, than be very good at the stuff everyone does. 

Jamie's worrying that she's behind everyone. Jonah thinks Jamie is very insecure - "she wants it for the wrong reasons, she wants it so she can go on Jenny Jones and be Look At Me Now." Jamie says she's trying not to cry because she really wants to be a WWE Wrestler. "I feel so close but it's so far away." I didn't know people actually said that in real life.  

Kelly's taking bumps. She takes one bad - bad enough to hurt her back. Justin "Her hips were going one, her shoulders were going another, and it just didn't sit well with her spine." Trainers work on her back - looks like a muscle strain from how they're working on it. Justin: "Jamie and Kelly, being the only two girls left-" and then they cut him off in mid-sentence because no one cares. I sure hope everyone remembers they take the best two after last season, because they darn sure are taking two guys if the girls don't prove themselves. Kelly says she's got to keep doing it if she gets injured - she's got to prove herself.

House. Eric, Jonah, and Justin want to go out (although other people like Scott and John seem dressed ready to go at times) - Jamie wants to go with them, but takes an annoying long time to decide on what top she'll wear. This annoys guys, but is nothing new. Nick: "I'm not here to put up with her [bleep] - I'm here to win a contract. She wants it's so bad because she wants the entire world to like her." John isn't sure what she wore out because she tried so many things - it's an ugly red thing. I liked everything else she tried on better.

They're going to the cowboy bar again? They must get in free. Jamie gets smashed and engages in liplock with some guy she doesn't know. Later, she's a crying depressed drunk in the van - Jonah makes fun of her. Jamie explains she wants this so bad so that's why she cried. I'm glad she had to cry to make that point clear.

Phone - Jamie's going over her drunkness. I think she's worried that kissing this random guy is going to get her in trouble - "I'm irresponsible! I'm out of control!" Jonah: "Jamie has so many issues, I wouldn't be surprised if one day she just snapped and called it quits." Break.

Morning. Big has a sit down chat. Big is trying to calm her down and make sure she okay. Jamie: "He's scared that I'm gonna break under  pressure." You don't say. They haven't mentioned Lisa since the episode she left, but she still hovers over everything if you know the story - she's called to attention every time someone unwittingly references her situation (and they choose to air it) and how Big's dealt with Rebekah and now Jamie this episode. He probably would have tried to make sure they were able to keep it together even before Lisa, but after, you can't help but think he's doing this at least in part to make sure they don't lose another girl the same way. You've missed Jamie crying again while I've been talking her - Big says Jamie doubts herself, and needs some self confidence. She'll be fine after. Big tells her to relax a little bit.

Shopping spree - they get hats and shoes from A Sporting Goods Store. Like I care. 

Physical challenge time - hey, it's a trapeze act. Big says body awareness is important but I think they really just want them make fools of themselves flipping. Ray (of the Secret Circus) shows the kids the ropes. Jonah is predictably awful - it's not a big non-agile guy's thing. The balance beam doesn't look to be that tough but I guess it is for them. We get our moment of Jamie doing well so everyone can reasure her. John flips good - because he's that type of wrestling.

Trax. Big says there's many different styles of professional wrestling, and they've got someone who's going to teach them about the things they have in common - Rey Mysterio. Highlights with his entrance music because his isn't a cover. This must've been back when he was just doing dark matches if my timeline is right. John says he'd rather meet Rey over Hulk Hogan and the Rock because John's all about digging a hole for himself by saying things the people who decide on the winners won't want to hear.

They shoot Rey from overhead just to make him look 3 foot tall here, I think. Rey brings up his uncle, and being a wrestler at 15. Rey talks briefly about the mask being really important "in Mexico city" - and it meaning everything to luchadores - while he takes it off to show his face to the kids. The camera gives us the back of his head and everyone talks about this in hushed tones as if Rey didn't spend two years with his mask off in WCW and after and this is a rare look at his unmasked face. Nice idea anyway. 

Big explains that Rey can do things that no one else in the WWE can do. Al and Rey wrestle a match - Rey does the old Tiger Spin through the ropes fake out, the precursor to the 619 which again makes me think this was before he debuted and they worked out everything. Wow, slingshot corkscrew plancha! They're breaking out the big moves for Tough Enough.

Armdrag practice - this is a good thing to have Rey around! Really! Kelly sits this out with her back injury - she's just doing a bike. Rey talks about making the fans visualize. Working hammerlocks and inside cradles too. Jamie does a good job and everyone points it out because this episode is about that. Kelly watches from afar - she thought Jamie did a good job too. Kelly's worried that Rey thinks she has no chance to win, which makes no sense on the surface, but we see Rey (I'd bet you a doughnut, he was prompted by Big) taking aside Jamie, giving her credit for a job well done and talking about her potential. Jamie is obviously really touched - you can see it in her eyes while Rey's talking, and when she's talking about it later. This has the side effect of Kelly crying to Al, because now she thinks she has no chance of winning, and she may be right, with that attitude. Jamie talks about the (irrelevant) competition between the two girls.

Next Time: You know, we saw a lot of these clips last time and they didn't show them to us then. Anyway, Jamie (wearing the same clothes as her burping outfit] has a crush on John, Nick has soreness in his left arm, and we've got a cut.

save yourself and take it on me (we're really big rock stars)

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Fair enough, I may have stretched my point there. We can compare Steiner vs. Batista for the IC title vs. Steiner vs. Batista for nothing on Raw. I wouldn't be eager to watch either match, but I'd be more likely to watch the first.
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