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The W - Pro Wrestling - TNA One Night Only Xtravaganza: April 6, 2013
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Over the last 3 months, we’ve gone through a wild ride of reliving the ridiculousness that was Kevin Sullivan’s brainchild in 1996. We’ve seen countless Dungeon of Doom run-ins, far too much Jimmy Hart, and the greatest surprise of all; Lex Luger being the most interesting man in the world.
But, there is life beyond WCW. In fact, there’s this other promotion. About once a year or so, it puts on an event that transcends the sport of wrestling itself, and draws fans from all around the globe. Casual fans. Hell, people who don’t even follow wrestling.
That event is now.
A little background before we get started; I don’t really watch TNA any more than I watch WWE these days. I catch the occasional few minutes of Impact, and I keep up to date with the big storylines through the discussions you have on the-w – but otherwise, I haven’t been a regular viewer of the programming since I was recapping their weekly episodic pay-per-views through 2003. The last show I watched start to finish was the pay-per-view that had the epic Sting vs. Hogan showdown which was pretty much both the worst and greatest wrestling moment I’d ever seen.
But, since it’s a slow WCW week, and seeing as how it’s any wrestling fan’s Christmas Eve with Wrestlemania later, I thought I’d give this a look.
A well produced package gives us all the hype we could possibly need for what’s ahead. Apparently this was taped weeks ago; but thankfully I don’t care enough to track down the spoilers, so I’m pretty amped.
NOT REALLY LIVE from the Impact Zone; your hosts are MIKE TENAY and TAZ. Good to see Tenay hasn’t aged a day. They segue into ...
AJ Styles capturing the X Title in 2002 on one of the first pay-per-views they ever aired. One of the things TNA does far better than WWE is remembering their history on a consistent basis, no matter how inconsistent it is with any given storyline. It seems every time I watch one of their shows, they’re flashing back to something in their past, which is a nice touch for the viewer at home.
X-DIVISION MOMENT #10: The first ever Ultimate X Match from 2003; which I recapped at the time, and gave a rating of ****1/4. I am not sure that history will be as kind to it in the long run; as the propped up belt actually fell twice during the match causing a delay while it was replaced by the ring crew. However, at the time the gimmick was such a fresh, interesting concept during an era where you thought you’d seen every “can you top this?” match type possible, and the ring falling truly didn’t take away from the guys busting their asses to put on the best match imaginable at that time.
MATT BENTLEY (formerly Michael Shane) vs. ALEX SILVA vs. LINCE DORADO vs. SAM SHAW vs. PUMA vs. JIMMY RAVE vs. CHRISTIAN YORK (in an X Division Xcape Match)
Sam Shaw looks like a tatted up version of 2002 John Cena. Tenay notes that Christian York is 35 years old, and is finally getting his big break; and Jesus that makes me feel old because I watching him in ECW when I was in high school. Rules of match are thankfully pretty basic; you eliminate guys via pin or submission until we’re down to 2, and then it’s escape only. Silva starts with Dorado, neither of whom I’ve ever seen, and neither of whom seem particularly impressive in this opening set. Dorado hits a rana, and Silva tries to roll to the outside, but, spoiler, he’s in a cage! Instead he turns it over to Christian York, and Puma heads in as well. Puma tries a rana, but York lands on his feet. Puma does the Ultimo Dragon “I’ll wait here in the corner til you come to me and I can wait all day”, getting another rana when York finally attacks. Rave and Bentley come in to stomp a mudhole on York. Double team elbows drop York, but everyone has enough of the double team and all hell breaks loose. Dorado drops York with a tornado DDT for 2. York fires back with a swinging neckbreaker, and tags in Shaw. Silva heads in and throws an elbow for 1. Shaw comes back with a jawkbreaker, and dropkicks him for 2. Shaw hits a vertical suplex, but Bentley takes Silva’s place and drops Shaw with a fisherman’s suplex. He heads up, and hits a flying elbow for 2. Everyone changes up, and York eliminates Dorado with a swinging neckbreaker at 7:18. Puma comes in with a dropkick off the top. Shaw takes York’s place, and kills Puma dead with a backbreaker into a neckbreaker in one sweet move, and Puma’s out at 7:59. Bentley and Silva pair off; while Tenay slyly makes every single guy in the match his pick to win. Shaw uses the same combo on Silva that he used on Puma, but Bentley steals the pinfall at 8:59. Taz picks a bad time to talk about the excitement in the arena, because you can hear every single fan’s individual cat call through the murmur. Bentley drops Shaw with Sweet Chin Music, and hands him to Jimmy Rave who kicks away. Shaw shrugs it off and beats Rave down, but Rave destroys him with a move I’ve never seen before; best described as a Russian legsweep brainbuster, and Shaw’s gone at 10:40. York tries a schoolboy on Rave; but it only gets 2. Bentley and Rave officially form an alliance to end York, so Bentley holds him hostage while Rave chops away (Taz: “that’ll bust up an areola!” ... thanks for that image). Rave whips Bentley into York for a super avalanche, but York fights off the attacks and launches Rave with a half nelson suplex. From there, he eliminates Bentley with the roll of the dice at 12:37. Now with escapes on their mind, Rave throws York face first into the mesh, and starts the easy climb. However, York gets a burst of adrenaline and rushes up to stop him. They fight in a scary position on top of the cage, with Rave being held face first off the top. Thankfully for safety, Rave lands on his feet on the buckle, and shoves York off who crashes hard. Rave again climbs, but York keeps battling back, and both guys wind up on top of the cage. They trade blows while balancing precariously ... and York wins the battle by slamming Rave face first into the cage. Like a Terminator though, Rave keeps coming and hangs on to that last leg, pulling York back to the buckle. York figures to hell with this, hits a Super Swinging Neckbreaker off the top rope to kill Rave once and for all, and wins the match at 16:00. Much of it was just a bunch of moves; but I liked the story of York overcoming the brunt of the abuse and managing to win in the end. **1/2
X-DIVISION MOMENT #9: From Victory Road 2008, the Super X Match as part of the World Cup, specifically Kaz’s ridiculous legdrop off the corner scaffold to save the match and kill Davari, and Volador Jr. stealing the victory.
Unbelievably, JEREMY BORASH still has a job. And he’s here to speak to RASHAD CAMERON and ANTHONY NESE who are here to prove they’re the best. Apparently Rashad Cameron is NOT D-Ray 3000, but I have to admit I had to look it up to be sure.
Speaking of still has a job, wassup Kash? I’ve got to admit, the fact he’s been able to play a Kid Rock rip-off for the better part of the last 14 years and remain steadily employed is nothing short of a miracle. I remember seeing Doug Williams only once, and it was damn near a decade ago when he was with ROH, and I’m pretty sure he was one of the only things worth watching on those awful shows. Tenay is billing this as Old School vs. New School, which causes me to look up Williams’ age and I’m shocking to find he’s 40. Next thing you’ll be telling me Christopher Daniels is collecting Social Security. (Just kidding, I already knew Daniels was a quarter past ancient.) Speaking of; is AJ Styles still the future of TNA for the 11th year running? Rashad dropkicks Williams to the floor, and threatens a tope, but Williams smartly walks away. Nese and Kash tag in, and rolls around exchanging holds. Nese sends Kash to the outside, and sets up something but it doesn’t matter because Williams flattens him with a clothesline. Cameron drops Williams to the floor with Kash, and nails them both with a somersault plancha. Nese then follows with a 180 plancha of his own. Back in, Nese comes off the top at Kash, but Kash was waiting and punches him in the face. Channelling the spirit of legendary fellow Brit Dave Taylor, Williams goes to ... yes, the European uppercut! Kash stomps on Nese’s groin, but when Williams goes to follow, Nese gets the hot tag to Cameron. Running knee leaves Williams rocked, and a missile dropkick gets 2. Kash sneaks in a cheap shot kick to the back of the head, and Kash tries to pull Cameron’s fro right off his head. Kash wipes the loose hair all over Earl Hebner’s shirt, much to Earl’s annoyance; a nice touch. Williams hits a jawbreaker and running knee to drop Cameron. Kash blows a snot rocket at Nese, and throws a bunch of rapid fire kicks at Cameron. A sloppy half Juvi Driver is used by Kash. Another slam sets up the moonsault, but Cameron blocks with his knees. We have our second hot tag of the match, and Nese is in. Double springboard moonsault gets 2! Kash tags Williams, but Nese matrix dives the clothesline, and dropkicks Williams. Pumphandle bomb gets 1 before Kash breaks it up. Both guys eat a single dropkick from Nese. Kash is sent to the floor, and Cameron hits him with a slingslot plancha. Meanwhile, Nese drops down on Williams, but Hebner’s slow to count and we only get 2. Rolling Chaos Theory from Williams finishes at 13:19. Losers have a reason to complain here; but then, it’s Earl Hebner we’re talking about, so you get what you get. ***
X-DIVISION MOMENT #8: Samoa Joe’s first X Division Title from Turning Point 2005.
SAMOA JOE is here tonight, and hanging with JEREMY BORASH. I’d was going to make the eatin’ fruit and bein’ cool joke, but Joe hasn’t eaten anything that lean since he was a toddler. Joe promises to choke out Aries in the main event.
ROBBIE E heads to the ring, with SO CAL VAL assisting with lifting his VIP rope. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this guy. He claims to be the greatest X Division champion of all time, having travelled to all the great countries; China, Russia, and New Jersey. He insists on his round of applause, and gets the response you might expect from the crowd. And down to the ring comes CHAVO GUERRERO JR., who’s keeping the “this guy is still around?!?” questions alive for the third consecutive segment. Chavo tells him that if he’s the greatest X Division champion of all time, then he’d know it evolved from the Cruiserweight Division, where he was a fine champion. And THAT evolved from Lucha Libre, where his grandfather Gory Guerrero was a pioneer. Robbie knows a match is coming, and blows it off because there’s no referee present. However, Chavo has THAT ready too, and welcomes JOSEPH PARK.
Park pats down both guys for foreign objects, including checking Robbie’s hair, drawing an irate reaction and horror from Park. Chavo chokes Robbie with his boot in the corner, and drops him with a European uppercut. A blind charge leads to him getting dumped to the floor. Robbie tries a plancha, but Chavo casually sidesteps and Robbie crashes hard. Back in, Robbie takes control with the FIST, and kisses his knuckles with pride. Scoop slam sets up a kneedrop for 2. Robbie eats a dropkick from Chavo, and a spinning heel kick gives him firm control again. Brainbuster is blocked, but a crossbody sees Robbie leap into Park’s arms. He’s horrified, and when he’s told to drop Robbie, he slams him down and backs off. Chavo hits the 3 Amigos and finishes with the Frog Splash at 5:10. *1/2
X-DIVISION MOMENT #7: This is just a compilation of some of the wilder moves of the X Division, performed by the likes of Red, Jerry Lynn, Chris Daniels, AJ Styles, Petey Williams, etc.
KENNY KING and JEREMY BORASH talk Ultimate X. King fires off the list of competitors he’ll be facing tonight, but shows no fear because he’s both the future and the present of the X Division.
X-DIVISION MOMENT #6: Set to the tune of “Death on Two Wheels”, the history of Ultimate X is given the spotlight.
ZEMA ION vs. RUBIX vs. KENNY KING vs. MASON ANDREWS (in an Ultimate X Match)
Tenay notes that this is the 29th Ultimate X Match in the 11 year history of TNA which sounds like a lot, but if you’ve got a successful gimmick, milk it baby. Rubix and Andrews start off together, which is fine, neither of them has a shot to win this thing so the sooner they kill each other the better. Ion heads up for the title early, but Andrews and Rubix cut him off. King hits a springboard guillotine on Rubix and dumps him to the floor. Andrews goes to the corner, but Ion stops him, so he springs back and nails a crossbody on Zema. Rubix dropkicks Ion to the outside, where King sees an opening to stand on Ion’s throat. Slingshot legdrop from Rubix hits Andrews, and he starts to climb the corner. King headbutts him to the outside. Meanwhile, Ion and Andrews fight in the corner, where Andrews punches him back to the mat. King is forgotten about, and starts crawling across the wire ... where he’s pulling down by Andrews with a nasty looking atomic drop. All 4 guys wind up in the corner, where Andrews climbs up two guys to hit a superplex on King! Rubix quickly scales across the wire, but sees Ion coming, so he drops and hits a rana! King sends Rubix packing with an enzuigiri. With both guys on the floor, Andrews flies over with a hands free senton. All 3 guys are left dazed, where Ion flattens them with a Sky Twisting body press. Rubix is the first one up, and scales the scaffold to the cable. Instead, he turns and hits all 3 guys with a crossbody. Idiotic; he had a free shot at the X. Now he goes back to the cable, but Kenny King catches him right before he grabs the X, and King nails the Coronation! Ion cuts off King as he works his way to the top, but King tosses him off the superplex attempt. Mason Andrews rushes the corner and snaps off a top rope rana. Andrews goes for the X, but Ion pulls him down at the zero hour. King flies across the screen with a dropkick on Ion – but then Rubix steals the glory from both by dropkicking Ion while holding King for a tornado DDT! Mason realizes with everyone down he should go for the X, but Rubix sees him, pulls him down and gives him a floatover German suplex. Rubix goes back to the corner, but Ion shoves him off. Ion starts the climb to the X, but both King and Rubix grab a leg and drop him with the splits. Rubix and King pair off, but Ion drops them both with a Diamond Cutter. Ion goes back to climb again, but Andrews shoves him hard through the scaffold pieces! Rubix plans King with a missile dropkick, and when he turns around, he’s given a high knee by a charging Andrews. Andrews and Ion both go for the X and meet in the middle. Instead of grabbing the X, Andrews grabs Ion and gives him a mid-air Flatliner! Rubix goes for the X and grabs the X, but the rules are suddenly changed that you have to hit the MAT with the item. Come on, that has NEVER been the case in these types of matches. King puts him on his shoulders, steals the X and is given the win at 15:28. I’m probably being harsh here, but I didn’t really dig this; nobody gave me the desperation feeling of needing to win this, twice giving up obvious spots to grab the X, opting for the flashy move instead. **1/2
X-DIVISION MOMENT #5: Abyss and fights off the entire X Division at Destination X in 2011, but Brian Kendrick steals the win with help from every single lightweight.
BAD INFLUENCE are drinking appletinis, and talking about tonight’s match with “Peter Williams” and “Sonjay Dutch” with SO CAL VAL (now Low Cal Valerie). Daniels reminds us that they’re national treasures, and even though Val won’t take either one of these machines home, she is welcome to worship them.
Elsewhere, JEREMY BORASH welcomes back PETEY WILLIAMS and SONJAY DUTT. Williams says he’s been training for this moment his whole life; doing situps when he slid out of his mom.
X-DIVISION MOMENT #4: The greatest rivalry of them all; AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels, which has been going on since the Clinton administration. I’m fairly sure every single pay-per-view I’ve ever watched of this company has seen these guys cross paths.
Daniels gives us a little Curry Man on the apron. I’d be okay if he pulled double duty with his much more awesome alter-ego. Williams and Sonjay get a loud “WELCOME BACK” chant. Williams hits a rana, and goes for a monkey flip. Daniels blocks, so Williams goes for a springboard rana instead. Hangtime dropkick connects, and Sonjay is tagged in. A double elbow gets 2. Kaz enters with a sunset flip, but Sonjay rolls through and hits a standing moonsault for 1. A dropkick gets 1. Tenay mentions Sonjay’s the most decorated X Division wrestler never to hold the belt, and Taz calls him out for using a “left handed compliment”. Excellent. Williams applies a sharpshooter on Kaz, while Sonjay holds Daniels in an Octopus. Neither tap. Williams bulldogs Daniels on top of Kaz, and calls for the Destroyer. Daniels saves Kaz from the move, and Kaz hotshots him. Daniels slams Williams, drops an elbow, with Kazarian RIGHT behind with a guillotine for 2. Sonjay tries to wake up the absolutely dead crowd, which is unfortunate because we’ve got something here. Daniels hits a swinging stomp on Williams for 2. Williams tries to reach for a tag, but Daniels cuts him off. Sonjay tries to get involved, but he’s chased back to the apron while Daniels chokes Williams in the corner. A springboard guillotine from Kaz gets 2. Williams fights to the corner and gets the tag, but Daniels had the referee distracted and Dutt is chased back by Hebner. Kaz paintbrushes Williams, and welcomes him back. Williams rolls the dice, and is able to get the tag finally. Dutt flattens Daniels with a shoulderblock, and then hits the coolest bulldog I’ve ever seen, flying through the corner so Daniels’ face eats buckle. Tornado DDT sets up a standing moonsault for 2! Dutt misses a charge, and Kaz takes over with a springboard DDT. Kaz goes for the Flashback, but Dutt slides away. Daniels heads in, and a double team powerbomb gets 2, saved by Williams. Williams goes for a rana, but stops at the last second and hits a Russian legsweep. Canadian Destroyed is stopped by Kaz. Sonjay steals the Pele kick and gets 2. Daniels is dumped, and Williams is right behind him with a slingshot rana. Meanwhile, Kazarian hits something off camera on Dutt, and uses the ropes for leverage. Hebner catches him, leading to a shoving match, and Kaz gets schoolboyed for 2. Sonjay heads up for the Himalayan Splash, but Daniels crotches him. Fade to Black kills Dutt, and Daniels is right behind with the BME for the win at 12:52. Post match, Bad Influence tries to double team Dutt, but miscommunication causes a mess, and Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer to leave the fans happy. Daniels is forced to carry Kaz to the back on his shoulders. Great match. ***1/2
X-DIVISION MOMENT #3: Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam. Oh come on; I’ve seen two of their TNA matches, and it’s like watching their stuff from 1998 in slow motion.
JERRY LYNN vs. ROB VAN DAM (in a No Disqualification match)
This is allegedly the last time these two will ever face each other; which I’m pretty sure was the selling point of the last 5 matches these guys have had. Anyone following my WCW stuff is probably aware I’m no big fan of Mr. JL. Lynn is looking like a corpse, but Van Dam has kept himself in pretty good shape. Van Dam kicks Lynn who takes a powder. Baseball slide misses, and Lynn gingerly slams Van Dam into the guardrail. Lynn goes for a baseball slide of his own, but Van Dam blocks with a knee. Rob gets a chair, and poses trying to elicit a reaction, but these fans are awful. Rolling Thunder is blocked with a clothesline. They head outside, where RVD sets Lynn on the guardrail, and he drops a leg. Table is brought in. Nothing. This crowd needs an enema. It’s propped in the corner, and Van Dam sets to the task of getting Lynn back in. Instead, his headbutt to the midsection is dodged, and Lynn drops a leg across the middle rope. 9 or 10 very vocal fans chant for RVD. Lynn goes for the tornado DDT, but Van Dam blocks, so Lynn changes to a spinning neckbreaker for 2. Lynn charges at Van Dam and a crossbody sends both guys to the floor. Lynn brings out another table despite the fact the first one hasn’t been used, and sets it up outside the ring. Van Dam attacks Lynn and rolls him into the ring. On the apron, RVD goes for a suplex that would send Lynn through the table, but it’s blocked. A sunset flip from Lynn would bomb RVD through, but he holds the ropes. Rob drops to the floor, and whips the table into Lynn’s midsection. Back in, Lynn sets Van Dam on the top rope and hits a rana. Van Dam comes back with a spinning heel kick. Both guys sell like they’ve been through a war, but I ain’t feeling it. Monkey flip from Rob is blocked, and Lynn launches RVD across the ring onto the chair, and gets 2. Van Dam sweeps Lynn’s legs out, causing Lynn’s head to smack the chair, and he gets 2. Van Dam starts the trot for Van Daminator, but Lynn spears him through the table and gets 2! Van Dam comes back with a Northern Lights onto the chair, but it only gets 2. Springboard heel kick sets up the Five Star, but Lynn comes and Van Dam eats chair. La magistral gets 2. Van Dam goes for a spin kick but Lynn dodges and drops a leg on Van Dam, with the head hitting the chair for 2. Lynn motions for the cradle piledriver, but Van Dam slowly sunset flips him on the chair and hooks the legs for 2. Lynn heads to the top with the chair, but Van Dam gives him the Van Daminator and Lynn falls through the table outside the ring. That only gets 2. Five Star finally ends this at 15:46. Look, I realize in description it probably sounds pretty good, but these guys were moving at a geriatric pace, and it was embarrassing to anyone who’s seen what these guys were capable of once upon a time. The ECW revival stuff has to stop, that group of guys have been done for years, and RVD is about the only one left who has anything left to give, and even that’s at the end of its rope. *1/2
The TNA ROSTER comes out to the stage to wish Jerry Lynn well, and applaud his career.
X-DIVISION MOMENT #2: From Destination X 2011, Austin Aries wins himself a contract in what looks like a pretty flashy match.
AUSTIN ARIES is wearing a cape, and meets with JEREMY BORASH. Aries knows it’s no surprise that if you need a main event, you call on Aries. “Samoa Joe is a 330 pound Samoan Submission Machine ... but I’m the greatest man who ever lived.” Strong argument. Joe has no hope.
JERRY LYNN talks about the enjoyment he got getting to wrestle Van Dam one more time. Lynn promises this won’t be a retirement come back retirement come back, he swears he’s done. ROB VAN DAM gushes over their matches. Lynn says it’s a bummer he’s almost done, but every show on his tour has been like a family reunion. Lynn thanks the fans for hanging in there with him, and without them, he wouldn’t have had a job where he enjoyed going to work every day.
X-DIVISION MOMENT #1: Aries gives up his X Division title to get a World Title at Destination X 2012 ... and wins.
Joe is announced at 280 pounds; which if true puts Aries at about a lean 45 pounds. Joe strikes first with a hard shoulderblock, and Aries rolls out to the floor. Back in, Aries gets a headlock on Joe, but Joe shrugs it off and flattens him with another shoulderblock. Tenay covers a lot of the career parallels this guys have had, including noting Joe’s 22 month World Title reign in ROH that was ended at the hands of Aries. Joe headbutts Aries to the mat, chops, kicks, and drops a knee. Joe pounds Aries down, and facewashes him with the boot. Aries takes a powder to avoid a Joe onslaught, and goes for the figure four on the ringpost. Instead, Joe pulls him back towards the ringpost, and takes to the floor where he chops Aries so hard it sends him over the guardrail. Joe gives Aries a right hook, and sends him flying into the ringsteps hard. They head back in, but Joe is dropkicked while re-entering the ropes, and Aries jerks the leg of Joe while it’s hung up. Aries gives Joe some payback with a facewash. With the leg ginger, Aries drops a series of knees across Joe’s thigh. He snaps back on the leg, drops an elbow, and applies a kneebar. Joe pounds loose with his meathooks, but off the ropes Aries dropkicks the leg and gets 2. Aries dives across the ring with Joe’s leg in hand. The thigh is draped across the ring in the corner, and Aries kicks at it. He wrenches it on the ropes, but the referee forces a break. Dragon screw sets up the Figure Four, and he manages to apply it on the massive legs. Joe uses his size to reverse, and Aries fights to the ropes to break. Aries rushes Joe, but he’s backdropped and hits the apron with his chin. Joe goes for tope suicida, but can’t finish because of his limp legs and he trips himself up. Aries is still fresh, and HE hits tope suicida successfully, giving himself a victory lap for the hit! Back in, Joe is barely able to stand, and Aries hits the missile dropkick. Joe snaps to his feet in anger, and explodes with a roaring clothesline that turns Aries inside out! Joe starts pounding on Aries, and kicks him square in the face. Senton hits HARD, and Joe gets 2. Snap slam gets 2. Fans chant for Joe, and he delivers with a powerbomb for 2, moving it into an STF right away. Aries is bleeding from the ear. Aries bites Joe’s hand to release, and they trade shots. Aries dives at the bad leg, but Joe puts on the Rear Naked choke. Aries is hooked tight, but he’s not far from the rope. He manages a break when the referee checks consciousness, but he looks done. Joe misses a charge, and Aries throws his weight behind a forearm shot. Dropkick hits Joe in the face, and Aries wants a brainbuster. Joe reverses with a front suplex, and goes to clothesline – but Aries reverses to a crucifix slam! Kick to the head knocks Joe cold, and goes for the pin but takes too long, getting only 2. Aries goes up to finish, but misses the 450. Joe FLATTENS him with an STO, and goes for the Muscle Buster, but Aries rolls through the move and pushes with everything he has to score the pin at 18:22!! These guys get it. Joe might have slowed with carrying too much weight for too many years, but he still knows how to work a match and make you believe he’s fighting with everything he’s got. ****
Aries celebrates, and we’re off the air in a hurry. And despite a slow start, TNA comes through with some quality matches at the top of the card. This was a perfectly acceptable WWE alternative, and well worth your $15 investment. TNA might be on to something with their mini-PPVs.

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So I just browsed the recap and didn't read it fully, but did I miss it or was there no Aces & Eights involvement at all? That just seems pretty odd to me. I know it's a "themed" PPV, but still.
Boudin rouge

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Rubix!!! I miss that guy.

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    Originally posted by Hokienautic
    So I just browsed the recap and didn't read it fully, but did I miss it or was there no Aces & Eights involvement at all? That just seems pretty odd to me. I know it's a "themed" PPV, but still.
They're involved in the other themed PPVs. It just doesn't make sense to involve them in this one.

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This wasn't the show Waltman tore his anus on right?

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    Originally posted by texasranger9
    This wasn't the show Waltman tore his anus on right?
Nope, that was a Indy show that he wrestled in. That was Jerry Lynn's last match. Waltman is under a WWE legends contract.

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    Originally posted by graves9
      Originally posted by texasranger9
      This wasn't the show Waltman tore his anus on right?
    Nope, that was a Indy show that he wrestled in. That was Jerry Lynn's last match. Waltman is under a WWE legends contract.
This was the anus show:

"Northern Illinois posted its best defensive effort in seven seasons allowing just 42 points on Saturday afternoon, but it came in a losing effort as the Huskies fell to Eastern Michigan, 42-25, at the EMU Convocation Center. "

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Taz as usual was unbearable on commentary. I will say Taz calling Jimmy Rave, Todd Kennely was mildly amusing. Rvd and Lynn have had three Tna matches and I only liked their match at Destination X. Bad Influence vs Petey and Dutt was tons of fun. Glad Petey is back. Aries vs Joe was really good but not as good as their match at Slamiversary or their matches in roh. rest of the card was meh. will check out their next themed ppv. Love me some of Rubix. sign him TnA.
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Lince Dorado works all around Florida & I think is pretty great. It's probably been discussed here before but for a refresher, Rashad Cameron is Black Jeez (formerly known as Sabian) from CZW, Mason Andrews is Scorpio Sky from California, and Rubix is Jigsaw from CHIKARA. If TNA creative was competent enough to utilize these guys well ( & pay them ), I'd be all for any or all of them getting regular spots & kicking most of the dead weight that is Aces & Eights to the curb.

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