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The W - Pro Wrestling - TNA iMPACT wORKRATE rEPORT 1/4/07
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-Mexican Street Fight!!!! Its a Mexican Street fight with no Mexicans. Spike and Homicide are two of the top five guys in this fed and this had some giant sick bumps and nice strikes (I really liked the really violent Dusty elbow that Spike threw). It was way too short. Too short to even be the tercera caida of a EMLL main event. For some reason they have Konan distract the ref. Isnt this a No-DQ match? Why do you need to distract the ref? In last weeks nightstick on the pole match no one needed to distract the ref from the outside interference. But you need to distract the ref in a no-DQ Mexican Street Fight? This sets up LAX vs. Dudleys. Unfortunately Spike wont be in that match, so far less appealing. Some indy fed that gives matches time needs to book the rematch.

-Hey this week it took three minutes for Brooks to come back to ring looking disheveled. Eric Young is building stamina. Way to go Eric!

And we're back to the SUCKAGE.

-They tape these shows two at a time. Last week the second match ended in a top rope German suplex, when the big spot in the main event was a top rope superplex. This week they book Homicide and Spike in a violent street fight and then have Angle and Samoa Joe work a W*NG arena tour brawl. They are killing their main events. I mean for a W*NG arena tour brawl Samoa Joe v Angle was better than most Kuroda arena tour brawls, but not as good as the average Hido or Leatherface one. How hard would it have been to have the street fight last week and the Roode v Hoyt match this week? I mean this was a nothing arena tour but at least it would have some sense of novelty if there hadn't already been a street fight on the same show. So these two guys tear arena apart brawling and this leads to them booking an Iron Man match for the PPV. The payoff to two guys who want to rip each other apart is an Iron man match? Is this going to be an actual iron statue of a man on top of a pole match? Winner is first to bust opponent open with the iron statue? Cause otherwise this is stupid. Oh yeah Sting and Angle clear the ring of the heels at end of show, so I was right in predicting that Angle would be back to being face. He's heel only on the odd shows? The first hour of taping?

-Cornette also books Tomko to be banned from ringside for the PPV three way when only reason I'd want to see it is for the Tomko flying around stuff. Tomko is this ridiculously game guy for a real heavyweight. The one guy in the WWE who would always take a released dragon from Benoit. Meltzer would write about Benoit spot where Benoit shoot headbutts to draw blood that it was a spot Benoit only did with people he trusted. Those people seemed to be Regal, Eddy, Jericho, and Tomko. In the WWE does X division spot fests to build to the 2005 Money in the Bank Ladder match, Tomko consistently took the biggest bumps in every match. Matches with bumpers Christian, Benoit, Edge, and Shelton Benjamin. Tomko wasn't even a participant in most of those matches, still would take the nuttiest bumps. He's totally willing to be Adam Gooch in Tracy Smothers/Bobby Eaton street fight. ( Tomko isn't as good a singles wrestler as Adam Gooch but no one in the three way title match is. Removing Tomko will really bring down the match quality. So two Cornette as match maker match making decisions that hurt the PPV. The Tomko one at least is defendable from a storytelling perspective (although has Tomkos interference actually ever lead to Christian winning in TNA?). The rest of the time Cornette is still playing flustered comedy authority figure. Really if youre going to book authority figure as inept bumbling figure they should go back to Zbysco. Cornette even when playing bumbling figure attempts to make his decisions sound reasonable. Zbysco said fuck it and was perfectly fine coming off arbitrary. Zbysco can actually do the type of inept Mr Furley trying to collect rent authority that Russo is writing for. And well TNA needs a Mr. Furley trying to deduce whats going on in all the Russo mystery angles after mishearing Abyss and Tomko putting up a shower curtain. At least Samoa Joe had the decency to keep his pants on when harrasing Cornette.

-Why is Jeremy Borash on my TV? They already have a semi-competent backstage interviewer in Leticia. Do they really need two backstage interviewers? Eric Young is apparently so oblivious that he goes to Jeremy Borash for sex advice, Borash is always helping girls shop he must know a lot about women:
Eric Young [I] needs our help, your help, youre the love doctor
Jeremy Borash: Heres what you do Eric. Stick your finger in her butt and stimulate her prostate
Three minutes Erics doubling his time week to week. He doesnt need any advice. Traci Brooks comes over and tells Eric he has a week to find a condom. So he was only getting blown these last two weeks? That kills my prediction of a pregnancy angle. Unless its not condom he needs to get. He has a week to get some anal lube? Aww he was doing so well, he aint gonna last half a minute.

-Sting is a guy who has been wrestling for about twenty years at this point. Heavily pushed charismatic babyface for most of that time. But never really a guy known for his mic work. I cant think of a single angle he was in, in all that time where he was asked to carry the bulk of the mic work. Heel Sting had Missy and Eddie Gilbert to carry the mic work. Surfer Sting could get over youthful enthusiasm on the mic and would cup his hands around his mouth and do a war whoop. Crow Sting was all about him being silent. So its really odd to watch how great Born Again Sting is at presenting conviction on the mic. Really Sting is single handedly carrying this Abyss storyline. Its pretty clear that hes writing his own stuff as his mic work is on such a different level from everyone else in this angle. For some reason this show had God awful James Mitchell sketch but no Sting mic work. Mitchell abuses Abyss infront of prison untill Abyss strikes back. Really hokey.

James Storm tried to save the backstage Tenay/ Gail Kim interview. But no go. And what's with the tribal drums? Is Tenay scheduling his interviews when the Impact Zone is still the Universal Jungle Adventure show? Oh speaking of Tenay he was in rare form explaining the angles that the audience was watching. My favorite being when the Voodoo Kin Mafia announced thay were "going to Michael Hickenbottom's home town of San Antone". Tenay: "San Antone, that's what they call San Antonio where Michael Hickenbottom is from". Does the audience really need to be told that San Antone is San Antonio??

-and then there was the Voodoo Kin Mafia. Remember when the Voodoo Kin Mafia came out weeks ago, "shot"on "DX"and the crowd started a "DX Sucks chant"? Tonight the crowd is indifferent and the promotion had to edit in crowd noise. The crowd wants to chant hatefull shit about the WWE but this angle is about portraying TNA as fools and the crowd meets it with nothing.

Mike Tenay What more do they[Voodoo Kin Mafia] need to do? [to get Mcmahons attention]. Couple weeks back BG James talked about the Millionaire Ted skits and the shots at Jane Fonda as tasteless but you dont like it [Vince]when the shoe is on the other foot Have the James Gang taken any shots that felt below the belt? Things that you go ooh thats got to smart? Anything? The Billionaire Ted skits to whatever degree they worked, worked because they were preaching to the choir (WWE fans who felt like their favorite brand was in jeopardy) and because they were tasteless (the WWE choir went ooh thats gotta hurt Ted to hear that). The kind of tasteless booking used to be Russos bread and butter. Its not like its hard to book tasteless angle that takes shots at McMahon family.

Have Dutch Mantell lead a stable of brawling cowboy bounty hunters. I think Randy Culley has passed and dont know if Black Bart still works but still plenty of veterans and youngsters who can work southern brawling rudo( Bunkhouse Buck, Todd Morton, Scotty Blaze, Mike Booth, Frank Parker, Otto Schwantz, Rob Mcbride, Doug Gilbert, Mack Truck Gary Stevens,Ryan Boz maybe Brad Attitude,etc.).

Dutch and 2 members of his gang attack the James Gang. Dutch gets on the mic and announces that We are Stephanies Filthy Dirty Rotten Posse and Stephanie has sent us to invade TNA to find the real father of her child. We all know that Paul is too filled with roids to be the father and so were here to get some of your blood BG..and she thinks she may need some of your blood too Kip, she's got a whole list of possible fathers but we've come to get blood out of both of you. This allows Kip and BG to make a lot of cracks about how it could be just about anyone. Allows Kip to lead crowd in "Stephanie's Posse Stinks" chants. Run lots of tag brawls and just when the James Gang have defeated two member of Mantells group they get blind sided by another threeleading Don West to exclaim Damnit theres another member in Stephs Filthy Posse? Just how damn big is her Posse? Tenay: Damn her foul Posse.
West: Just when you think weve seen the last member to infest her disease ridden Posse, another three show up.

Its a one joke gimmick but I have confidence that Mantell, West, BG and Kip can stretch the joke out for at least five months. I mean there are a ton of things you can do with it.

Bring in Robert Fuller for a one shot appearance as biggest member in Stephs Posse.

Dutch Mantell compliments Jay Lethals wrestling says "You're real good, we'd love to have you help understand of course you'd only be helping. You can't be in Steph's Rotten Posse. Her husband won't let black members in her Posse."
Lethal: "What?
Dutch: Im sorry boy, she says that she wont have a colored man in her posse"
Lethal attacks
Don West: "Stephany wouldn't have a black man in her Posse. And now he's tearing right through it;
He's just nailing her Posse with stiff rapid fire chops.
Man look at the welts Lethal has left on Steph's Posse".
Next week Mantell introduces Necro Butcher to deal with Lethal:
Dutch: This is Dylan; the most dangerous, filthy, diseased, deformed member to ever be in Stephs Dirty Posse.
Put Lethal and Necro in a PPV singles match set up that way and you would make Lethal.

Kip James: Stephanie's Rotten Posse makes me sick.
Kurt Angle: Yeah that happened to me too. A little penicilin clears it right up.
By the end of six months you probably have completely run through the Angle v. Joe stuff and still need a couple more months to work out Karelin's visa issues, its fine place to side drain Angle. As six mans with James Gang against quality brawlers would be a good way to keep from exposing Angle.
Dutch: We need blood samples from you too. Always figured there was a reason you wouldn't submit to the tests. I mean you don't do drugs there must have been something else you were hiding.
Angle : I have plenty of experiece making Steph's Posse submit.
West: Angle has beaten her Posse into submission.
Tenay:Angle and the James Gang have left Stephanie's Rotten Posse a bloody mess.

Pretty much with the right group of Southern rudos you can mix anyone in.
Shark Boy: Well see I was working a dark match up north andit happened. Leaving the arena this sea hag snatched me by my fin...and well the smell of chum was too much to resist. But still not my baby. I used protection. I wouldn't let my shark babies swim in anything that poluted.
Mike Tenay:I want to talk about a true hero. Whatever you think of Shark Boys adolescent behavior in the past. I think we can say today that he is no SharkBoy but instead a real Sharkman".
Backstage Kip James: Wow knew she was a slut. But she went after the lil shark?
Angle: She loves animals
Christian: Jericho always worried about her puppy.

I mean you probably want to be careful with the bestiality jokes, as think the secret is to keep it simple. No Russo swerve, Hemme does not announce that shes a hermaphrodite and might be the father or anything like that. Need to tell Russo no transexuals and no incest...yeah you probably don't do the bestiality joke either. Key is to hammer home the slut/whore premise and not get distracted with other fetishes.

By years end you have Mantells stable reach full on N.W. O. size (Bart, Frank Parker, Jimmy Golden, Tracy Smothers, Eddie Golden, Todd Morton, Mike Barton, Mike Booth, Scotty Blaze, Beau James, Rob Mcbride,Frank Murdoch, Ryan Boz, Otto Schwantz, Jack Victory, Scotty McKeever, George Hines, Mitch Ryder, Jerry Stubbs, Gary Stevens, Scott Powers, Chris Steele, KC Thunder, Briscoes, Dennis Stamp, etc.)
Don West: Thats a whole lot of talent in Stephs filthy Posse
Tenay Her Posse must be stretched to capacity.
West Biggest Posse in all of wrestling.

I'm not a fan of this type of one joke angle, I got tired of the puns while writting this and at the point you bring in "Tulsa Tornado" Dennis Stamp the joke really has more than run its course. But you can mix anyone into it, it can go anywhere on the card and the angle gives you a ton of good matches that allow you to stretch the one joke out for a long time.

Most importantly the premise of the tasteless joke accomplishes several things: (1) The premise that TNA is being attacked by bounty hunters sent by WWE establishes that TNA is on the established fed (WWE)'s radar ; (2) The premise that Stephany is a slut/whore preaches to the choir of TNA fans ( as well if there is one thing I've learned in the years I've been following the sheets and the internet is that you can't do wrong appealing to wrestling fans misogyny), it even gives the TNA fans a hatefull thing about WWE to chant "Stephany's Pussy stinks!"; and (3) the premise of the joke is that Mcmahon's grandchild is a bastard of questionable parentage, that Helmsley is cuckolded, and that Stephany has a stinky snatch--it is a premise that feels tasteless enough that the audience will think ooh thats below the belt (I doubt McMahon would be offended, but Helmsley is known to be overly sensitive, and Stephany is infamous for deciding to get breast enhancement after seing a audience poster that said she had "saggy" breasts).

Instead TNA has run an angle where (1) theyve portrayed themselves as being so insignificant that they are beneath the established fed (WWE)s radar. (2) Instead of preaching to the choir they have portrayed themselves as such buffoons that in tonights segment they had to pump in crowd noise. They had to pump in crowd noise in iMPACT zONE. The people in the iMPACT zONE will chant and cheer for anything and they were clearly forced to edit in crowd chants. And (3) not done anything tasteless enough for crowd to believe that WWE would be offended.

Mike Tenay What more do they need to do? [to get Mcmahons attention]. BG James its been four weeks and no response. Vince you cannot solve a problem by simply ignoring it. Stop ignoring us. We are not to be ignored. God these guys come across as sad and ineffectual. Tenay asks what more do they need to do?, I ask what have they actually done?. What exactly have BG James and Kip James done that would constitute a problem? Vincent McMahon is working a feud with Donald Trump, why should he care about these two goofs. Forget why should the real Vincent McMahon care about these two goofs? question and think Why should storyline Vincent McMahon care about these two storyline goofs?. What have they done that would bother him storyline wise? Theyve advertised WWE house shows, and egged a Target. Theyre surprised that there has been no response ? By the iMPACT zONEs silence its clear that the fans arent surprised at the lack of response. The crowd is as indiffferent as Vince McMahon. Shitty booking.

I don't particularly care for "shoot angles where you make fun of the opposition in an effort to create fan loyalty. But that's the goal of this angle, and it fails horribly. The James Gang aren't the most talented guys out there but damn this really feels like a waste of their talents. They deserve better.

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    Originally posted by tomk
    So these two guys tear arena apart brawling and this leads to them booking an Iron Man match for the PPV. The payoff to two guys who want to rip each other apart is an Iron man match? Is this going to be an actual iron statue of a man on top of a pole match? Winner is first to bust opponent open with the iron statue? Cause otherwise this is stupid.
How long is an Iron Man match under Vince Russo 2K7? Ten minutes? Fifteen? AND: will there be more falls than minutes?


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    Originally posted by CRZ
    How long is an Iron Man match under Vince Russo 2K7? Ten minutes? Fifteen? AND: will there be more falls than minutes?
30, and quite possibly.

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I think my record on one of the Raw vs Smackdown games was in the mid 40s. Let's see if they can beat that.

Ken Kennedy debuted a new finisher: Jeff Hardy fans will insist on calling it the Swanton Bomb, but it looks WAY more devastating when not performed by a 180-pound fruitcake.
-Rick Scaia 06.12.2006

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15 minute iron man match with 40 falls all by DQ might redeam this angle.
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    Originally posted by tomk
    Spike and Homicide are two of the top five guys in this fed
Sometimes I'm just not sure where you're coming from.


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Top five in terms of in ring workers. Not top five in terms of how the promotion is pushing them.

Roster page is here:

Top five in ring workers whould probably be Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Homicide, and Spike.

Who else would be a top five contender?: Low Ki really hasn't shown me much since the name change. James Storm and Chase Stevens are guys who I could see floating around 5 but I'd say top ten not top 5. Austin Aries, Christian Cage, Jay Lethal and Alex Shelly are guys who would be top ten candidates.If solely based on TNA work and nothing outside than really Lethal and Cage would be only ones I could see someone arguing for as being possible top five contenders...

Still real comfortable saying that Samoa Joe, Jarrett, AJ Styles, Hmicide and Spike are top five in ring workers.

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Wow, no Daniels? And I think I'd put Sabin over Lethal and Stevens, at least.

Not to get into a "let's rank the top 50" or anything, but there are plenty of others I'd rather watch than Runt, especially in a match where no one plunges to their doom (which, admittedly, is why I like Runt matches, 'cause he always plunges to his doom).

I dunno. I guess you're just seeing things in Runt that I'm not.


Last 5 movies seen: Crank ** - Quinceanera ***1/2 - The Illusionist ***1/2 - Idiocracy *** - The Syrian Bride ***

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Spike Dudley's a pretty top-notch performer. I'm not sure that I'd personally put him in my top five, but he doesn't just work the big bump style, he really knows when to come in with the big bump. The rest of the time, he sells stuff like it kills him without flying around the ring. His offence is credible, especially the way he tailors his moveset to take advantage of his small size. He's dynamite on the mic, way better than anyone else who's ever been called a Dudley. So, yeah, pretty great.
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Worth noting a story from Mick Foley's book, talking about Jake Roberts. This has gotta be from the late 80's at the absolute earliest because he was working for Bill Watts' Mid-South promotion...
- Flash, Special Guest Refs (2002)
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