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The W - Pro Wrestling - TNA IMPACT - LIVE For The First Time 3/27/2008
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The Vile1
Lap cheong

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The show wasn't as unwatchable and bad as it usually is, so it gets that much.

Why was the tag team match a mixed tag match? Khan and Salinas barely got involved at all. No more so than ring girls usually do in regular tag matches. They NEVER even tagged in and had any sort of real sequence. Pointless.

Right after LAX wins the match, Steiner and Khan are about to punish Williams and put a hood over his head, then they cut straight away from it. And then there's no mention of Williams' fate or what happens to Williams at all.

The Dutt/Machismo skit was retarded as was the Karen Angle sit down interview.

I liked Joe's training video, pretty good stuff. I'm sort of excited about the match and Joe possibly winning this time. TNA has simply alienated so much that I don't want to let myself get really excited about because I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's good that they totally haven't written Joe off Impact and have kept his presence on TV at least. Good they followed up the video with a satellite interview segment, but that was regrettably weak. Joe seemed to be grasping a bit there. In his ROH promos Joe and his early TNA stuff he comes off as a lot more composed. This interview he sounded a little nervous.

Women's title match was good. But the KO are facing a problem like the X division when it was just Daniels/Joe/AJ. They weren't building up any other possible title contenders and then after those guys the division had NOTHING left. The KO's need to start showcasing people other than Kong, ODB, and Kim.

The other matches were nothing special. What is the point of taking commercial breaks for 5 minute matches? Give the matches some time and stop trying to cram a ton of shitty promos in.

The production on the show looked terrible. They definitely didn't step up and bring the A game for this show when they really needed to. TNA makes a boatload of production mistakes on taped shows. On this live Impact they made even more.

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Big Bad

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From: Dorchester, Ontario

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How long until the Highlander is fired for being shown in the audience of a competing company's show?

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Karlos the Jackal
Lap cheong

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    Originally posted by Big Bad
    How long until the Highlander is fired for being shown in the audience of a competing company's show?
Heh, I wondered the same thing. He looked like he was trying to hide his face while trying to not look like he was hiding his face.

Show was alright.

I agree with Vile about the mixed tag -- especially since it was Khan's in-ring debut -- they could've built up to that instead of wasting it on a match where she barely did anything.

On the other hand, the post-match thing, Vile, they've been doing for the last few weeks -- we know what happens -- Petey gets tortured and we'll get to see how next week.

LAX is awesome. I hope they're actually going to get a push because they are so great. Hernandez has great stuff -- that half-nelson flipping suplex is sweet. Homicide has a new finisher -- a bridging T-bone suplex -- for those times when no one wants to take the Gringo Killa. Salinas is unfortunately an incredibly weak link -- I liked Ariel in ECW, but Salinas is just annoying me.

The Kurt Angle sparring session (against Tomko and Styles) was interesting -- I want to know much they were really sparring. Almost immediately, Angle punched Tomko in the face and cut him open over his eye.

Knockout match was pretty good. ODB wrestled in shorts and a short top -- 100 times better than her embarrassingly short dress. ODB got some moves in, including a dropkick or two and the Breasz Press, but Kong was never in any real danger. Kong put ODB away with the backfist and the Awesome Bomb.

Apparently at Lockdown it'll be a tag match between ODB & Gail Kim and Kong & Raisha Saeed (!). Long term, I think Kim will take the belt at the PPV after this -- and then there are several heel knockout that could challenge in fresh new matchups, like Saeed, Khan, or Payton Banks.

Main event was fine, I guess. James Storm showed up afterward and clocked Sting with a beer bottle -- I was hoping that Sting would feud with Storm after Lockdown, but since they've got a match next week, it probably won't turn out that way.


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Big Brother

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This was the first episode of iMPACT! I've watched from beginning to end in.....forever. Because I'm not subjected to all the bullshit from week to week, that probably helped in me thinking it was an okay show. I guess I had lowered expectations; I was expecting a run-in to cause every match to end in a DQ. Instead, we got pretty straight finishes all night, with James Storm only showing up AFTER the main event had been decided.

Some lousy direction and inexplicable camera malfunctions, but that's live television for ya.

The "interactive" hook was a nice way to make use of the liveness and maybe keep people interested.

Too bad about Tomko getting potato'd...I think he bled more than Roode did. They sure caught a bad break there, having trained the fans to vote for the First Blood match. (Of course, Booker could still have gotten Roode's blood in the OTHER two match types, and maybe even given out a BIGGER beating because the match wouldn't have stopped for blood, but I don't reckon TNA fans are big on nuance.)


Since: 2.6.03
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#5 Posted on
I only watch TNA on occasion, but I think Awesome Kong is pretty great. She needs to wrestle Angle NOW! My roommate seemed to think the name Awesome Kong was just a bit racist, but I assume that TNA didn't give it to her and it was something she picked up in Japan. Where they wouldn't give her a name like that to make fun of them (like McMahon, i.e. Sapphire) but because she's really, really BIG.

ODB sure grabbed her awkward looking breasts a lot pre-match and then got them knife-edged chopped by Kong a bunch too. Weird. But I guess the chops on the boobs are inevitable if they are pushed up to your chin because of your bra. Yikes!

I'll give props to the roommate for also pointing out that Kevin Nash going for the Kris Kristofferson look is pretty sweet. Maybe he wants to be in Blade 4 or are they on 5 now?

Also, I tuned in at 10pm and it looked like all the ex-ROH stars save for Styles already had their lower card matches which was sad. I need me some Alex Shelley!

Edit - Just saw CRZ's (CRZ'?) post about the fans and I think it was pretty nuts how into Sting the crowd was. Am I the only one that noticed MULTIPLE drinks being flung into the air because they were just THAT excited. You'd have thought Ric Flair had just made his TNA debut, thus screwing the WM 24

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.00
    Originally posted by Karlos the Jackal
      Originally posted by Big Bad
      How long until the Highlander is fired for being shown in the audience of a competing company's show?
    Heh, I wondered the same thing. He looked like he was trying to hide his face while trying to not look like he was hiding his face.

Heh, he does:
It's False

Since: 20.6.02
From: I am the Tag Team Champions!

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.88
    Originally posted by Big Bad
    How long until the Highlander is fired for being shown in the audience of a competing company's show?

Oh noes! Does this mean he won't get to play a Scottish stereotype on Heat anymore? How will he ever survive?

Awesome Kong is still amazing to watch, even after all these months. That Awesome Bomb on ODB was great stuff. Kong needs a Moolah-like title reign, because once she loses that title, her mystique's gone for good.

Speaking of mystique, you gotta love that they built up Sting's mystique leading into his reappearance only to leave him laid out at the end of the show. It's sad to see that Sting seemingly came back just to get dragged into the James Storm Alcoholic Circus, but I'm personally hoping there's a quick blowoff match next week where Sting squashes him like a bug before the PPV.

The buildup for the next round of Angle/Joe is roughly 1000% better than the buildup for any of their previous matches. Angle's sparring sessions in particular looked brutal and I'm wondering if they should have found another pair of sacrificial lambs other than Styles and Tomko, because those two just got worked. The sit-down interview with Karen Angle has me worried, though. I won't be the only one pissed off if we get all of this incredibly cool UFC-style buildup only to have the big match decided by a Karen Angle run-in.

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.76
I have a similar sense of dread regarding Karen and the title match at Lockdown. But how could she really do a run in in a cage match? Surely they remember how she ruined the last Joe-Angle title match. Surely.

Overall, I liked the extra energy the live broadcast seemed to give the show.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.25
    Originally posted by Big Bad
    How long until the Highlander is fired for being shown in the audience of a competing company's show?

It may not be fired, but it's close:

"WWE's Robbie McAllister told fans in Orlando today that he was being sent home by WWE. He claimed he was on his way to the airport and would not be part of WrestleMania 24. The company was not actually advertising him for a specific match."

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.33
I liked the Angle/Joe video...even though they kinda stole the Gatorade neon coloured body fluid, only this time for blood instead of sweat.

TNA iMPACT this week wasn't really any different than it is any other week. If the talking heads on camera hadn't mentioned it so often, or if the Spike logo at the corner of the screen hadn't mentioned it, I would never have guessed it was live.

Match of the night was easily ODB vs. Kong. I'm loving the Knockouts division moreso than anything else in TNA.

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