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The W - Pro Wrestling - TNA Impact 7.2.09 - "Double J Takes Control"
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The Recap for TNA Impact 7.2.09 from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL.

- We open this show like so many others before it with the Main Event Mafia walking down to the ring. No Matt Morgan with them, though. West re-iterates that Angle is now the Godfather. Angle says that while Sting is at home licking his wounds, he should know that the attack last week was strictly business. He wants Foley to come out and face him like a man. The Hardcore Leopard heads down with his security, and the ring is probably about to collapse with the collective weight of everyone in there. Angle says Foley's sin is that he booked a 3D/Beer Money match at Victory Road, and bitches about how Booker and Steiner have to go through a #1 contender's match. Foley just wants to be left alone. Who does he think he is, Raven? Foley wants Angle at Victory Road, but Angle is more interested in quoting lines from Rocky: "If you wanna dance, you gotta pay the band. It's time to pay the band." Steiner destroys Rocco and Sally with the lead pipe and Angle gives Foley a choice of "doors" to pick which Mafia member kicks his ass. Door#1 turns out to be Angle himself and he does the honors. JJ heads to the ring with a guitar in hand, so the Mafia beat a hasty retreat. EL KABONG~ to Foley! Angle is clearly chuffed, so Jarrett stares him down as well. End segment. Mafia looked strong, Foley looked like a chump. Oh well, can't have everything.

- Foley refuses medical attention backstage. Security keeps Foley and Jarrett separated as Jarrett screams that it would never work out between them. Well, then.

- We get a Mike Tenay interview with Nash from earlier in the day. He talks about how he didn't make a lot of money at WWF champ in 1994 ("barely seven figures") and so he jumped to WCW in 96 because he stood to get double the money for half the dates. He says he's here for the money, plain and simple. Well, at least he's honest. He says he wants to beat AJ Styles for two reasons: 1. People will be talking about AJ 20 years from now and Nash wants to be able to say that he beat him and 2. Having the belt adds 3-4 grand per autograph session. Good logic. Nash is real good at coming off like a condescending prick. Or maybe he is a condescending prick, who knows?

- Abyss is backstage going nuts on poor garbage cans, looking for Dr. Stevie. He freaks out Lauren in the process, who tries unsuccessfully to calm him down. He snaps off our second Rocky reference (albeit from Rocky II, methinks): "I've never asked you to stop being a woman, don't ask me to stop being a monster." Lauren tries to convince him that he's a man (as opposed to a monster, lay your dirty minds to rest), but to no avail. He says he'll come back to her once he's taken care of Stevie.

Match 1: Amazing Red over Cody Deaner via Red Eye in about 5 minutes. Maybe a bit too long for Deaner to be involved, but it's always fun to watch Red go. Decent action, going about ** on the PES.

- Abyss is still wreaking havoc backstage, so he gets confronted by TNA security carrying baseball bats. One security guy (I presume) tells him that "this will not happen in my house." We get a TNA-Cross The Line video with Booker T promising that "I will become." Become what? I generally don't report these videos, but this one threw me off.

- Jeff Jarrett is getting his gear out of his locker as JB and the MEM arrive. MEM give him an ovation and then ask him to sit down and have a chat. Poor Joe gets to hold Angle's title. Angle says they need to settle their differences, so he offers Jarrett "an olive branch." He says with JJ's power, they could rule the business for ten years. JJ wants none of it, though. Jarrett accuses him of abusing his power, and announces a huge main event tonight: Angle/Joe v JJ/AJ, where if someone pins Angle, they're the new champ.

- Jenna Morasca is with Lauren backstage to further this god-forsaken feud. Jenna says all Sharmelle has ever done is to wag her finger in people's faces. Sojourner Bolt takes offense with this for some reason, saying that she will personally make sure that Sharmelle will be ready to face Morasca at Victory Road. Whew, that lays all my worries to rest.

- JB is with Kurt Angle to get his reaction. Angle says the usual, Jarrett has just signed his death certificate, blah blah blah. Angle says he's always wondered how it would be to be partners with Joe. I think he makes a reference to their reign as TNA Tag Champs in 2007, which would mean that he has a better memory than the entire TNA writing staff combined. I certainly don't remember it, either. Angle goes off, so Booker sends Sharmelle to fetch Matt Morgan and she is less than pleased.

Match 2: Eric Young over Rhino via rollup with tights after accidental Jesse Neal distraction in 4 minutes. Young going out and beating the tar out of Neal when he was in control was epic! I like the continuing trend of Neal accidentally costing Rhino, which I'm sure will eventually lead to a heel turn, but at least it's an effort to invest in the character, which is cool. Match was just out there, so let's go * on the PES.

- Matt Morgan is backstage on a cellphone when Sharmelle finds him. She tells him that Angle wants to see him, which makes him think he's in the Mafia. He spins her around in joy and they rush off to see Angle.

- We get a part of the Angle/Morgan negotiations. Morgan wants to talk money, but Angle says they're merely "considering him" and wants to cover the bases. He wants Morgan to ensure that Chris Daniels doesn't get near the ring today. Morgan says he'll do it, but his patience is running short.

Match 3: Awesome Kong and Tara over The Beautiful People when Kong pinned Sky with the Implant Buster in about 5 minutes. Best match of the night so far. **1/2 on the PES. Postmatch, Tara takes out her Taratula and places it on Velvet Sky's tummy. Love and Rayne get the hell outta dodge and Kong is just standing there going, 'wtf, mate?'

- Backstage, Lauren is with Angelina Love, who is not in the right state of mind after that close encounter. When asked about Sky, she says, "it could've been me!" Good girl. Lauren asks her what's on her shoulder, causing her to split a wig. Lauren gets in the punch line, "What goes around, comes around!" CONTINUITY~! I loved the hell out of this match/segment. Awesome.

- More Cross The Line. Now it's Team 3D, and they also "will become." What, goddamiit? That's such a dumb slogan.

#1 Contendership Match: Booker T and Scott Steiner over Team 3D when Booker pinned Ray after a Brutus Magnus briefcase shot in about 7 minutes. Beer Money were on commentary, and I thought Roode did a particularly nice job. Eventually, Kiyoshi and Sheik Bashir came out, so Beer Money fought them out to the back. British Invasion then interfered, which cost 3D the match (along with a Sharmelle distraction) after they hit the 3D on Booker. Match was quite alright, but the ref looks real stupid. The finish does not help matters, but the crowd was way into it. Lets go **1/2 again.

Jethro Holliday v Jay Lethal: They are supposed to have a match and Jethro is out, but Abyss is killing Lethal backstage. Creed goes to help, but gets tossed into a fence as a result. Abyss comes out to the ring and destroys Holliday with a Black Hole Slam before telling Dr. Stevie that he was done with his treatment, that he doesn't need it anymore. Abyss plans to snap Stevie like a twig, but Stevie has a backup plan and has managed to abduct Lauren. Stevie says he's been treating Abyss for ten years, which would mean that that was his side business while he was leading the RTC. Stevie says he knows Abyss, and that Abyss will come to him for treatment. Stevie calls Lauren a "worthless piece of meat" (ouch!) and says that if Abyss is not there for the next session, bad things will happen to Lauren. Stevie was appropriately evil here, so I like it. There are enough logical holes here to drive anyone nuts, but if you go along with it, it almost works.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Tag Match: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe v Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles: The early fast pace is appreciated by fans as both JJ and Angle try their trademarks unsuccessfully. West actually rips Jarrett for having too many monikers! Awesome! Eventually Joe gains control, working over AJ's leg. Then we hit the finishing stretch, which sees teh Coquina Clutch, the Pele, the Pedigree(!), and a SUPER Stroke. AJ wipes out the ref in the most obvious ref bump you will see. JJ has the guitar, but Slick Johnson puts a stop to that, allowing Angle to grab an Ankle Lock on him. Joe takes out Styles, but Jarrett just won't die. I think he's approaching the Shawn Michaels record for staying in the Ankle Lock for the longest time, but after about a minute or so, he fades, and the match goes to Joe and Angle via submission in about 13 minutes. Excellent main event despite the silly ref bump, going ***1/2 on the PES.

- Postmatch, AJ chases off the Mafia with a Legends Belt, before Joe turns the tables on him, leading to a beatdown. Backstage, Matt Morgan is wiping the floor with Daniels. Suicide Sting makes the save! Baseball bat shots to everyone! Sting poses with the title and then it's lights out and he's gone!

- End Show.

Wrestling Counter: 34 minutes.

--> Thank god for the wrestling-oriented second half, because after the first half my patience was wearing thin due to the lack of action. If we can extend the "Impact Special" trademark to the whole show instead of just a match, this would be it. It's a middling show, nothing too offensive, nothing too memorable. A bit too much talk for my liking, but again I like the direction all Mafia-related storylines. The episodic build of Foley/Angle/Jarrett has tons of potential, and when they tie the stories to the in-ring action, they do manage a show that seems very cohesive. However, the finishes to both the big matches sucked, with the refs looking like absolute chumps, which does take away from the overall impressions I had. Let's go **1/4 on the PES.

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Nice to see Joe playing second-fiddle already, left to being the guy who holds Angle's belt during his promos.
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    Originally posted by used2bcool
    Abyss is still wreaking havoc backstage, so he gets confronted by TNA security carrying baseball bats. One security guy (I presume) tells him that "this will not happen in my house."

Don West mentioned that the old guy is "head of security" Mike Davis -- no idea who he is, but he was almost as tall as Abyss, so maybe he's an ex-wrestler? Googling "mike davis wrestler" gets me a guy who died a few years ago, so it's probably not him. ***EDIT: Googling for Michael Davis, on the other hand, gets me to Bugsy McGraw -- Click Here ( -- what do you think? Is this him? (If so, they should've kept the name "Bugsy McGraw.")

Now, the other security guy with a speaking part -- the young one with the bat who went toe-to-toe with Abyss -- that's Mikael Judas, I think -- Click Here ( I didn't recognize the rest of the security dudes, but I assume there's going to be some sort of angle with the security crew.


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It IS Bugsy McGraw, but TNA just didn't want to use that name. - luchablog

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I haven't watched in a while - not a bad show. I was suprised to see Victoria/Tara in the women's match? When did she join TNA?

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    Originally posted by djp
    I haven't watched in a while - not a bad show. I was suprised to see Victoria/Tara in the women's match? When did she join TNA?
Just a few weeks ago. Showed up at the end of May, I think, and had her first match a couple of weeks later.


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