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The W - Pro Wrestling - TNA Impact 4.16.09 - "Jeff Jarrett's Dilemma"
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Recap for TNA Impact 4.16.2009 from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Fl.

- The show opens with AJ Styles! Gotta say, it's a welcome change from the Obligatory MEM promo we get every week. He says JJ actually cost him the match last week, but he's ok with that. What he's not ok with is the rumours floating around backstage about JJ's loyalty. JJ is out to address those fears, but berates Styles a bit. He says AJ implied that JJ will turn of them, which offends him. He promises that everyone will find out just what kind of leader he is when he unveils the mystery tema member tonight. However, Angle and the MEM come down to address the situation. Angle says that Nash can't wrestle tonight, and asks if he can take Nash's place. Styles calls bullshit, saying if Nash can't wrestle, it's a forfeit. Angle wonders if JJ or Styles are in charge. That coaxes Jarrett into allowing Angle to wrestle in the Lockdown Advantage Series tonight. Styles is less than pleased.

- Lauren is with Sheik Abdul Bashir backstage, wondering about his plans to start an Anti-American faction. He says Kiyoshi and No Limit joined him because they're sick of being victimized in the States. He says people will take him seriously when he brings pain, violence, and blood in the X-Scape Match at Lockdown. What is he, Arabic Joe? Sore Arabic leads us into...

Three Way: Homicide over Chris Sabin and Naito when he pinned Naito with the Second-Rope 187 in 5 minutes. Impact special, extended by about a minute. Check it out on Youtube. **3/4.

- Balls Mahoney and Brother Runt arrive backstage. INTRIGUE~!

- Abyss is with Cornette and says he wants a match to get Dr. Stevie out of his head. ODB complains about having to wrestle in a cage withuot any practice. He tells each of them to find a partner of the opposite sex to have a mixed tag tonight! Will it be the long-awaited debut of Deaner?

- Tenay conducts a sit-down with JJ, which is fast becoming another Impact tradition. JJ says he is proud to have Foley in the TNA fold but he can never be sure if Mick Foley's going to show up or Cactus Jack is going to show up. He says he and Steiner were gerat buddies for 20 years, but business got in the way. JJ says he realizes that at the end of the day he has to look out for himself, since no one else is going to look after his girls. Well, Uncle Kurt will, if no one else.

- Angle guarantees a win tonight, because he's money and he knows what's on the line.

6-Girl Tag: Taylor Wilde, Awesome Kong, and Raisha Saeed over The Beautiful People when Kong pinned Love with the Implant Buster in 1 minute. Meaningless.
- Postmatch, Kong threatens to cut some BP hair, but the other BP save. They wipe out the rest of Kong's team, but Kong makes the brief comeback before succumbing to numbers and getting some of her hair cut. If this was supposed to be a big deal, the commentary team, particularly West, failed miserably to get it over as such.

- Rough Cuts on Team 3D.

- Lauren is backstage with Team 3D. Balls and Runt make their cameo, talking about how great it is to be wrestling in Philly. They run through a list of ECW wrestlers, which leaves Ray wondering, "What about Heyman?"

Mixed Tag: Abyss and Daffney over ODB and Cody Deaner when Abyss pinned Deaner with the Black Hole Slam in 4 minutes. Deaner reminds me of a less subtle Jamie Noble, and he has some charisma. That was a HUGE Black Hole Slam. The match was nothing, so it's about * on the PES for the finish. Postmatch, Matt Morgan attacks Abyss.

- Backstage, JB is with Steiner, but he refuses to reveal anything regarding Jarrett, saying his actions will speak for him as the night goes on.

- Mick Foley heads to the ring to interview Cactus Jack. What a novel idea. This is so much like the Gollum exchanges in Lord of the Rings. The idea is that Jack calls the shots and he won't let Foley have his moment in the sun when locked inside the cage. I, for one (and I might be the only one), enjoyed that. Sting cuts it off, however, to ask him if this was some mindgame. Sting says mindgames and weapons don't matter to him, but the MEM music cuts him off. He is distracted, so Jack attacks him from behind, explaining that he can have any music played because he runs the place. He calls for Curry Man's music, then Shark Boy's music, and then Sting's music. He threatens Sting with the barbwire baseball bat, and promises to tear him apart at Lockdown. "Have a nice day!" FANTASTIC PROMO.

- Beer Money beat the living hell out of Balls and Runt, who are bloody messes. In the ring, they lay waste to them and 3D Runt through a table. 3D make the save (THE HELL WERE THEY ALL THIS TIME?) but the damage is done. 3D inform Beer Money that it'll be a Philadelphia Street Fight at the PPV. Not sure whether that is any different from a regular streetfight.

- Backstage, Styles is still not sure of JJ's intentions. But it's time for the big announcement, and it is CHRISTOPHER DANIELS! YES! Me like. That leads to...

Lethal Lockdown Advantage Series: Kurt Angle over Christopher Daniels via Jarrett Decision Overturn in 11 minutes. The original match ended with a rollup in favor of Daniels. Angle grabs the ref, but Cornette is out to tell him to get his hands off the ref. The final decision is somehow left up to Jarrett and the replay shows that Daniels had both shoulders down, but Angle got one up. JJ reverses the decision, because it's obvious. The Frontline are less than pleased, but they have no real point. Cornette is pissed, because he's said time and time again that the ref's decision is final, but can't do anything about it. Match was good stuff, like a nice little appetizer for what is to come. ***1/2.

- End show.

Wrestling Counter: 21 minutes.

--> The second half of this show did a fantastic job of setting up the PPV, with Foley's promo and the strong main event. Jarrett made the obvious decision, and his promo earlier still leaves room for him to turn if he has to. I don't think he will, anyway, but the tease has been well-planned. The first half needed more wrestling, but that's a gripe I've had with TNA for a LONG time now. I'm stoked about Daniels' return, as I'm sure Karlos will be as well. He looked good in the long-ish match, and it has me looking forward to catching Lockdown (for free, of course, yay for living in India!).

--> PES: ***.

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    Originally posted by used2bcool
    I'm stoked about Daniels' return, as I'm sure Karlos will be as well.
Yeah! And he did look good, including kicking out of the Angle Slam (!).

The ending to that match was the best thing they could have done -- Daniels won, keeping him strong in his re-debut, but the decision was reversed, giving the heels the man-up advantage at Lethal Lockdown.

In addition, it casts more doubt on Jeff Jarrett's loyalties. My prediction is that it's a red herring non-swerve swerve -- that is, Jeff remains face -- but it'd be nice if JJ went heel or at least somehow dropped out of the angle, forcing/allowing the Originals to fend for themselves -- Styles, Joe, and Daniels plus LAX or Lethal Consequences vs. Jarrett, Angle, Booker, Steiner, and Nash could be pretty good!

One thing I'm wondering -- let's assume that the return of Daniels means that Kaz will be back as Suicide. Would this be the first time that a character has been played by two different people while holding a title belt?

I liked the Naito vs. Chris Sabin vs. Homicide match -- especially that spot where Hoicide hit the somersault dive on No Limit and he kept going, right over the guard rail and face-first into the wall. Ouch!

That women's match was, um, really short. I notice that the Beautiful People stuck to cutting only Kong's blonde hair -- are those extensions?

Cody Deaner is "100% ready to GIV'R" -- which means that his gimmick is FUBARed. He's got a great face and it's perfect that he wrestled with his fanny pack on.
    Originally posted by used2bcool
    That was a HUGE Black Hole Slam.
OMG it was gigantic. I'm not sure what they do with Deaner now that they've firmly established that he's not a wrestler -- I was expecting them to announce that, to their surprise, Deaner is actually a trained wrestler! -- I predict some HILARIOUS videos of Deaner getting trained by ODB.

Nice to see Daffney again. Her nascent stable (or should I say unstable) with Abyss and Dr. Stevie could be awesome. They maybe need one more nutbar for Stevie to control -- bring back Slash!

Man, Beer Money KILLED Balls and Runt.


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The build-up to Sting/Foley has been pretty great. I just wish it wasn't for the title. The individual episodes have been fairly strong recently, but the complete collapse and failure of the MEM Vs. Frontline feud is just depressing.

And I still can't get over that we're supposed to buy the Jarrett would consider an alliance with the guys who've openly professed to want to drive his pride and joy into the ground. AND with a guy who disparaged his dead wife and made creepy comments about his children before trying to end his career.

"And here...we...go."

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    Originally posted by used2bcool
    The Frontline are less than pleased, but they have no real point. Cornette is pissed, because he's said time and time again that the ref's decision is final, but can't do anything about it.

I think I am seeing the Russo Swerve here. Cornette will turn on the company and join the MEM because '...if you can't beat them, join them.' Foley is matchmaking and taking 'power' away from Cornette. Jarrett is rehiring people who got fired, which also takes away Cornette's authority. The only option he seems to have is to grasp on to the older guys because then he can have some say so again, I guess.

I would love a 30-40 minute match with Angle and Daniels... but I still miss Curry Man. Atleast we got to hear his music tonight.

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Oh, good. They haven't already done enough to make the tag belts seem completely irrelevant, so let's kill off the "Super Stacy" gimmick, which wasn't exactly earthshattering but at least ensured a decent pop.
- Peter The Hegemon, RAW 8/22/05 (2005)
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