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21.4.18 0303
The W - Pro Wrestling - Title Question
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Since: 1.4.03
From: Dale City, Virginia

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Now first off, everyone complains about how long HHH has held the WCW Cham...Raw World Ti...World Heavyweight Title and how he got it (me too).

And some people are getting pissed that Jeff Jarrett has held the NWA Title for a while.

Both cases can be made, and have been made, that they got the titles thanks to either their girlfriend or dad.

So anyway, I don't get XPW in my area, so I sometimes stop by their website to see whats going on. And every damn day I see that Shane Douglas still has the XPW World TItle.

I like Shane but how long has he held the XPW title? And if he ahs held for a long time like I think he has, and I know he is XPW's head booker, why doesn't someone complain about him holding the title for so long like they do HHH and Jarrett?

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Since: 5.10.02
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1. Shane Douglas is the closest thing to a "star" XPW has. Unlike WWE or TNA where there are plenty of other guys who could be champions.
2. No one likes XPW.

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Shane Douglas has held the XPW Heavyweight Title since July 20, 2002.

Big deal, if you ask me. It's not like anyone watches XPW.

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Since: 4.4.03
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XPWho? Only heard of them, never seen a match...I guess I could care less. As far as holding championships. HHH could stand to drop it more. Jarrett represents the NWA well. I mean the NWA techincally has more prestiege if you don't link it to the WCW chaos. Infact look at past Five champions...

Shin'ya Hashimoto
Dan Severn
Ken Shamrock
Ron Killings
Jeff Jarrett

Four out of the last five were on a national level with the WWF/E So I can't really complain at how the NWA title is used due to the broken history with it in the 90's

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I just hope that the title does not become an NWATNA exclusive commodity. One of the things that I liked about the NWA title during the 90's was that while it did not have the panache about it that the WCW and WWF titles had, it was in fact defended around the world.

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I think it still is except your going to see less changes off of the television screen.

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Since: 6.1.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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Personally I think long title reigns is a GOOD thing. Shane and Jarrett are probably both the best choice for holding the World Title in their federations. Maybe Jarrett did get it because of his dad but even if his dad wasn't there then he would be atleast a contender for the World Title for a good majority of the time. As for Triple H, maybe there are other people who would be as good a champion as him but like I said before I like long title reigns, so I don't mind.

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Didn't ol man Jarrett run USWA along with Hales? I only think baby Jarrett had that title like 4 time. Lawler had it 30 odd times. Maybe not the best of comparisons, but Jeff Jarrett is probably the best man for the job right now, as he is the most over and well known. We will see, depends on how long it lasts.

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Hey, someone redesigned A couple more clicks to get to something if you know where it is to start, but I supposes it makes finding new things easier? It looks nicer.

Jerry and Randy Hales did run USWA...

Jerry Lawler was a 26 Time Unified Champion, 6 time tag team champion, 2 time Southern Champion.

Jeff Jarrett was a 3 time Unified Champion, 13 time tag team champion, 10 time Southern Champion. He was pretty much done with USWA 5 years before Lawler was.

With the infrequnecy XPW actually does shows, it probbaly shouldn't be a surprise that Shane holds it forever.

Since: 27.8.02
From: The OC

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With the number of shows they've cancelled recently, the checks they've bounced, and the FBI's raiding of their porn parent-company, eXtreme Associates, Shane might be the last XPW champion.

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Since: 10.10.02
From: New Hampshire

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Bruno held the WWWF belt for 7.5 years during his first run, didn't he? And four more years on his second?

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Since: 4.1.02
From: Dorchester, Ontario

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Well, the obvious answer is to give Benoit the belt and let him hold it for 15 years. Right? Right?

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Since: 24.3.02
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    Originally posted by Dexley's Midnight Jogger
    Bruno held the WWWF belt for 7.5 years during his first run, didn't he? And four more years on his second?

Moolah had the Women's title for 10 years straight the first time and was either the current champion or the most recent champion for almost 32 years. That has to be some kind of record.

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Since: 3.1.02

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I think long title reigns with a heel are nails in any promotions' coffin. The longer the heel has the belt the less interest there is in watching the program. The fans get pissed, because he beats certain faces that are over. Another case is that a long title run is supposed to make a weak champ look strong, I don't so.

Case in point, Kurt's first run with the title saw a number of people job to get him over, Rock, Taker, HHH, Austin and Jericho during PPVs or heavily hyped matches on Raw. Jericho and Taker at that time should have beaten him, because Kurt wasn't ready. I did like the fact that Kurt was the only underdog champion, but it doesn't work for a heel, because everyone knows he'll find a way to cheat to win. From my perspective too, I saw a number of fans leave over Kurt being champ, because he wasn't ready for it. If you look at the ratings when he beat Rock for the title there is a decrease till Rock got the title back at No Way Out.

The fans want a face to have a long title run, Rock is the only face to have the title for longer then two months and that was in 2000. Every face has dropped in one month or less. The fans want someone like Brock to have the belt for awhile like they wanted Austin to have the belt forever in 1998-99. Remember when business is good is when a face has the belt for a long time. If you want a clear indication go to the Raw after any face wins the belt you can see a large pop in the ratings. When the heel wins there is a decrease or no change. Fans want long face title runs not long heel title runs.

I do concede that if your dad or girlfriend or you book and you get the title then you are using your position to get yourself over. Jarrett is not a household name, I'm sorry he is a mid-carder for life. TNA's best champion has been Ron Killings, because he was fresh and new as was the company. There is about ten guys right now on TNA including Raven, D-Low, AJ styles, Killings, Kid Kash, Jerry Lynn who would make for better champions, yet Jeff is still the champ. I feel the pain for the TNA guys, because when Jarrett first came in it looked like he would not be possessed by the allure of a title belt, but he has gone straight Gollum since he got it.

A Fan- If want more proof like at Raw's ratings since HHH has been champ. I rest my case.

Since: 6.1.02
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Please! Ron Killings, AJ Styles, Kid Kash and Jerry Lynn are better champions than Jeff Jarrett? That is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a while. Even D'Lo is a stretch in my opinion. Jeff Jarrett carried WCW on his back for the last year atleast and before you say look where that got the WCW, it wasn't his fault that they had nobody else for him to wrestle. He wrestled multiple times a night on many occasions, was willing to job (Booker T would still be a mid carder if he didn't), and he had the most entertaining interviews and feuds. Truth is he was a more fitting champion in WCW than Booker T was, and still would be a better champion in WWE than Booker T or RVD which everybody wants. If anything he's ABOVE the TNA Title.

Don't get me wrong i'm not saying Jarrett should be champion for life, I don't mind AJ, Killings and the others getting a run with the title, but to say any of them are better than Jarrett is just ludicrous.

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History shows that face champions draw better...

The NWA went with a heel Flair as the world champion all those years while the WWF had Hogan, which do you think the fans perferred???

Heels don't draw as well... look at Triple H....

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Since: 25.2.03
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    Originally posted by LionJeetSingh
    History shows that face champions draw better...

    The NWA went with a heel Flair as the world champion all those years while the WWF had Hogan, which do you think the fans perferred???

    Heels don't draw as well... look at Triple H....

And the NWA (and later JCP) was a totally different market than the WWF.

The NWA ran mainly in a different area of the country in smaller stadiums, used less revenue to promote its product, and built itself as 'wrestlers' instead of 'superstars'.

The NWA did not try to change the way it promoted until 1990, when all its regionals were bought out or had died. Jim Herd decided that the company should gear itself towards the kids.

Heels can draw well.

Flair didn't average nearly as many people in the seats, but did pretty well with what he was given (it wasn't until he was booked horribly that the attendance started dropping and dropping fast).

Other than Flair, here are some of the guys that did big box office as heels: Johnny Valentine, The Sheik, Gorgeous George, Fred Blassie, Bruiser Brody, etc.

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Since: 4.4.03
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Expect Jarret to be Champion in Jun due to a build up a WWA vs NWA champion match in June pitting Jarret vs Sting.

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