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21.5.18 0613
The W - Pro Wrestling - Title belt turmoil...
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OK, this is strange. For awhile after Survivor Series, the WWF seemed content to try and forget that Tajiri's WCW World Cruiserweight Title ever existed.

Then all of a sudden, Tajiri started defending it again and carrying it around on television-- as the WWF World Cruiserweight Title.

I don't really care where Sean Waltman is, but the question has to be asked-- where is he? And what, exactly, is the status of the WWF Light Heavyweight Title?

And if he does come back, does the WWF have room for two lightweight belts? My guess is no, leading me to believe that the Cruiserweight Title would be abandoned or there would be a unification match in the future-- in which the Cruiserweight Title belt would eventually-- again-- be forgotten about.

Damn the man, anyway. You know who I'm talking about.

Another question--

I'm not complaining, but I'm curious as to how much longer the WCW World Title belt will be on television. I hope it's here to stay, and it eventually replaces the WWF Title belt-- I've always liked the design of the WCW belt better, anyway. Plus, it hails its holder as not just the federation champion, but as the “World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion”. Just how cool is that, anyway.

The WWF's belt design is a little too '90s for my taste. I prefer the classic design of the WCW belt. Comments?

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I don't really care where Sean Waltman is, but the question has to be asked-- where is he? And what, exactly, is the status of the WWF Light Heavyweight Title?

Waltman has been hurt I believe since Summerslam, maybe a little less long ago. I don't know about the status of his title, but I think the Ross Report said he would be returning soon.

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JR also said that with some key additions the cruiser weight division could be brought in soon..
Now I don't care to whom he is referring I just hope they are serious this time.
I expect X-Pac to return in that case and job the belt to either Tajiri so we have unified it OR job it to one of the new people being brought in (could be folks from the minors, could be Ron Mysterio, whatever..) so we can then have a TRUE cruiser weight over the top 20 finishers and 19 kick outs title match...
Wouldn't it be sweet to see Tajiri vs Supercrazy for the title?

And as for the WCW heavyweight title..I guess it all depends on the plans by the WWF.
Split? Both 'feds' get one title.
No-split? Expect to see the belts for a while, Jericho being as cocky as he is will keep both around his arms..the next champ might retire one.
And I agree, the 13 pounds of gold looks much better than the WWF title. Then again, the eagle and the globe do have its charms..

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THIS! is your WWF Light Heavyweight/Crusierweight contunity update!

In an off-camera happening prior to Survivor Series, Comm. Regal and Comm. Foley agreed to include the LH/Cruiser champions in the surviving federation, as they did for all the other champions. Furthermore, since X-Pac was MIA (and on the DL - Foley wasn't aware or didn't care), any unification effort would have to be put off till he returned, but Tajiri would be allowed to keep his belt no matter who won.

So when the WWF did win, Tajiri was announced (by the commentators, but not the ring announcers) as "Cruiserweight Champion", akin to Rock being called "World Champion." Tajiri did not bring the belt with him, as he was getting the WCW logos replaced with WWF logos. This all occured on Heat and Jakked.

Eventually, the belt was "fixed" and Tajiri started to bring it out (sometimes - when he wasn't going to job?) and was listed and announced as "WWF Cruiserweight Champion."

Somewhere in here, X-Pac showed up on Heat, still with his WWF LH belt, and was interviewed. He brought up his neck injury, and spent most of his time talking about Undertaker's turn and how he was right in doing that. Also, bad comedy. At any rate, it brought the LH belt back into meaning.

At some point in the future (maybe Rumble? Maybe split night? Maybe just after? X-Pac's rehab schedule puts him right around that time, so it's more up to them), they'll probably do the unification match - if they're serious about doing a LH/Cruiser division (hahahahahahahahahahaha) that'd be a decent first angle. But as soon as they can get Tajiri and X-Pac in the same place at the same time, they'll probably take care of it.

I just like talking about this because despite involving belts, it's barely been touched on the A shows so it doesn't matter in the slightest.

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i love how "Tie-jery" is the WWF cruiserweight champ when you can see the WCW logo's on the belt...whenever x-pac gets over his like 6th neck injury, i'd love to see a 4 or 6 man elimination match for unifying the belts...

you know the matchs i'm talking about, those killer hot lucha matches they used to have to open Nitro...

oh well...just a pipe dream i guess...

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I'd like to see a cruiser unification tournament on RAW for a few weeks, which would culminate with three matches at a PPV. It could include all sorts of great talent including X-Pac, Tajiri, Funaki, Crash, Kidman, Scotty, Spike, REYREY, JUVENTUD and others.

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Don't listen to anyone that says that Crash isn't a good wrestler.

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Everytime I hear the words "Crusierweight Title", I have hope that it actually works. I loved watching all those crazy Lucha's and the Japanese workers back in WCW. But the WWF has one serious shot against them, they've never been able to make it work. And though Russo wasn't that great a booker, he did give us the "Crusierweight Countdown" Match...which IMO totally kicked ass!

So I'll just sit here and cross my fingers, hoping it works this time. Jerry Lynn(back from injury), Tajiri, Kaz, Knoble, Mysterio, Taka (maybe for a little while), Crash, Funaki, Hurricane, and Shannon Moore. Sound like fun to me! Just hope the fans will give it a chance.

And I'll second the "I like the WCW world title better" remark. There's just something magic about that belt. Must better than the WWF title.

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I'd LOVE to see a tournament with all great cool people but I think I'm more likely to have a million dollars given to me in apperciation of Jakked reports.

The way they've promised and promised and promised and rarely delivered shows how futile it is to spend even a second thinking about it.

They could bring in X rising indy cruiserweight or Y ex-WCW guy who had some great matches or refocus Z guys who have been buried in the past. But they don't.

If the WWF really wanted to do something with it, they could do it today. Or yesterday. But they don't. They don't really want to - they just want to string you along.

Please, don't get your hopes up.


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the belt's been ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The most entertaining part of the cruiserweight division is JR putting himself over in his report acting as if he is the Cruiserweight saviour that is held back by the Evil Heavyweights.

January 4th 1999 - The day WCW injected itself with 10 gallons of Liquid Anthrax...AKA...The day Hogan "Defeated" Nash to win the WCW title in front of 40,000.

Since: 12.1.02
From: Indianapolis, IN; now residing in Suffolk, VA

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Yeah, D, I've always found that amusing.

JR: “I hope we can do something to make our cruiserweight division something special.”

Me: “You're a liar; you're only saying that to make me feel better. You're the WWF vice-president of talent relations, for godsakes-- if you really wanted the cruiserweight division to get a push, it would have gotten one already. But no, your company had to go and grab Hall/Nash/Hogan, who will cause you problems in the future, when you could have gotten Rey Mysterio Jr. and Juventud Guerrera, two relatively low-risk, high-upside cruiserweight wrestlers. I wipe a monkey's testicle with your lies.”

...Damn. I really am a bitter old man, aren't I? And I'm all of 19 years old, for that matter.

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Since: 8.1.02
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You didn't throw in the fact that he could have gotten Rey and Juvi and more for less than the deals Hogan/Nash/Hall will sign. I'm going to be 19 in 12 days... And I'm bitter too.

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I wish Vince would pluck the Radicalz 2.0 from TNA. MCMG, Daniels, Wolfe, all deserve better than this. They should take Daffney when they leave too since the Divas division is now less stupid than the Knockouts booking.
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