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24.6.18 1512
The W - Pro Wrestling - WORST Themes of all time (Page 2)
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From: New York City, NY

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    Originally posted by HomerJFong

    -Isaac Yankem's drill

Was this used on Katie Vick?

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    Originally posted by Sinister Evil
    I'd add "Assman" for Billy Gunn as well as Rey Mysterio's.

How can you not like Assman? They play that on my local radio station almost every morning for background music during calls.
Sinister Evil

Since: 28.6.02
From: Staten Island, NY

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"I'm an Assman" was just stupid. It actually would've made more sense to use it during his gay angle.

Rey Mysterio's current theme is musically a load o' crap. I like some rap, but that "tune" is god awful.


Since: 20.10.02
From: Toronto

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See, I tend to think that anything that has an actual title can't really be called "bad".

I mean, "Steinerline" is indeed one of the insanely silly theme songs ever. (Particularly the part where "they don't do drugs." Uh huh.) But it's distinctive, and crowds recognized it instantly and knew that the Steiners were coming out so they could cheer them, which is really the point of theme songs in the first place. Even the annoying theme songs like "Assman" or Isaac Yankem's drill can serve as identifiers.

The REAL offenders, to my mind, are the three billion generic metal guitar riff things that the WWE just tosses out to any guy they don't really care that much about.

You know, like Randy Orton's "Bum BA bum bum BA BA bum bum ba BUM." Or Tommy Dreamer's "DADADA dum dum dum DADADA dum dum dum." Or Batista's "BUM BUM BUM BUM ba BUM BUM BUM BUM ba BUM." That sort of thing. It just kills crowd heat, because 99 percent of those songs are sucktastic and boring. (I don't for the life of me understand why they don't give Brock Lesnar some distinctive theme music.)

Those crappy songs are ten thousand times worse than "Steinerline." I mean, years after the fact, I still get a grin thinking about "Steinerline", and all the stupid little things about it (like Rich using it as his theme music after Scott turned on him, and coming out to "Here's the story of two brothers, Rick and Scott..."). Are you seriously going to remember John Cena's current theme in two months, let alone five years?

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Since: 8.6.02
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When they took Big John Studd's music, and added Jim Duggan's HO to it, I wanted to hang myself. I pretty much hate indivudalized songs. Most songs about a wrestler are queer. Bushwhackers was awful. Earthquakes...If you can call that a song. And that Godwinn's heel tune, played on the fiddle? Shudder. I really hated Test's old song.
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Since: 4.11.02
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the worst theme song of all time was Girls in Cars by Jimmy Hart. I think the Young Stallions used it?

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let's see...first, the obvious ones:

The theme song for Mae Young and Moolah
Pretty much ANY x-pac theme
Goldust's theme
Test's theme
Chyna's Theme (don't treat her like a women, Cause she's a MAN, baby!)

...and a few others that just got on my nerves...

I hate rap- Curt Hennig(Yeah, I hate rap, too. But hick music is almost as bad, and this poorly done one is even WORSE.)
Rey Mysterio's new music(a sure-fire way to find the mute button)
Konnan's old theme
Trish Stratus new theme
Austin's Disturbed Theme
K-Kwik's theme
D'Lo Brown's theme (can we PLEASE get him a new one?)


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    Originally posted by VanillaSky
    the worst theme song of all time was Girls in Cars by Jimmy Hart. I think the Young Stallions used it?

I believe that was the theme for Strike Force (Tito Santana & Rick Martel). Robbie Dupree sang it originally; Hart sang it for the Slammys.


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Since: 4.11.02
From: Winchester, VA

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You may be right. I seem to remember a feud where the Rougeaus had just sang "All American Boys" for their new theme (a certain classic) and the Rockers thought they could do better and had a horrid song for their new theme. Pretty soon they went back to the old song. Does anyone else remember this?
Swordsman Yen

Since: 16.2.02
From: Shaolin

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From the desk of Swordsman Yen

    Originally posted by albert44
    An entrance music that i could not stand
    was Owen Hart's theme during his "Black Hart"
    phase just before he joined the Nation in early
    '98.It's the one that started off with a police

It wasn't as bad as the disco/Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" ripoff that he first came out to, and I think the new theme improved when they later took out the siren and put Owen's soundbite of "Enough is enough and it's time for a change!" in place of it.

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Since: 22.10.02
From: Oztraya

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Trishs music is absolutely shithouse!
so was her music when she was with McMahon.
Rey's is poor except the start, with the masks.

But the all time worst (even worse then boogers because it was supposed to be good)....

SEXUAL CHOCOLATE.... i wanted to murder my TV everytime that played.

And Kurt Angles stint for two weeks where they gave him a revamped theme with a badass motif but it just sounded like they sped it up and distorted it to buggery.

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Potato korv

Since: 21.9.02
From: Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada

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#32 Posted on
Big Bertha Faye.
Diesel's original one before he got the blues song.
Steve Blackman (the one with all the drums).
Rocky Maivia's initial theme song.
King Mabel.

Super Shane Spear

Since: 2.1.02
From: Sector 7 Slums

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How in the world did this thread get this far with a mention of ICP's version of the Oddities theme?

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K-Kwick's music, tag and solo versions....

the VERY FIRST version of the solo music was great until they remix'ed it

oh yeah, i hated Too Much's music too...

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I'm not a huge hip hop fan but listening to Trish new song it's pretty good on it's own. I just don't think it makes a good entrance theme either. IT has no kick!... Trish old music was disturbing because I can't get an image of Vince gyrating his hipes to her music in the beginning of Trish/ Rock v. Vince/Angle. But the look on both Trish and Angle's faces were pretty priceless at that sight. (lol)

I heard Chris Benoit's old theme in a promo once. I didn't actually see it but I was flipping up passing by the scrambled channels (to get to normal channels I swear) and I heard Benoit's song and I thought "WTF there's no WCW PPV this weekend?". Then I heard the sounds of fake orgasms which freaked me out. But then again if it was during the Russo WCW era it could very well be a WCW PPV (lol)

Right now whenever I hear HBK's music it just seems so out of date to me.

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#36 Posted on
The Johnny B. Badd song. That was terrible.

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Since: 23.10.02
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#37 Posted on
I hated PN news
as a young rap and wrestling fan he was an embarrasment and was one of the first faces i cheered against
Wolfram J. Paulovich

Since: 11.11.02
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"The pancakes are living inside you"? Hilarious! And here I thought they were just saying, "Hupp dopp, andem libem n-side you! Hupp dopp anthum to hide you."

I actually kind of liked that theme.

I hated Sexay's "Turn it up!" piece o' poop. Was that his? It was some awful jobber's music. Thank God Sexay got arrested.

Jericho's new music sounds like it's trying to be the acoustical equivalent of anemia. I can't imagine anyone being excited to hear this music. They need to go back to his original WWF music and video.

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How can you not mention the irritating noise (can't really consider it music) of the RTC, Right To Censor? God they had a terrible angle, a bad leader, and annoying music to complete the package.

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#40 Posted on
I actually enjoyed most of the themes mentioned in this thread.

A recent theme that seriously bites is the Undertaker's. It kind of sounded okay on television since I couldn't understand the lyrics, but it was horrid when I heard it on Anthology. It makes him seem really old, so I guess it fits. His previous theme was a lot better.
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