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25.6.18 0301
The W - Pro Wrestling - Shut up and Wrestle
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Since: 7.8.02
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#1 Posted on

One of the more interesting pieces of "commentary" I've seen on their site.

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Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

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A good example of the message in that commentary is this year's Summerslam, no doubt.


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"Meanwhile, over on RAW, they still haven't quite figured out the formula. I mean, do we really need another 20-minute Triple H promo? Don't get me wrong, I think he's great-one of the greatest of all time in fact. But "the Game" should definitely be spending less time soliloquizing endlessly on the stick and more time doing what he does best: kicking people's teeth down their throat."

This is something I would never expected to see from the WWF. Ripping HHH??? Did Steph break up with him or something??? Is everyone finally tired of his act???

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VK Wallstreet

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Heh -- "Shut Up and Wrestle" was WCW's post-"Where the Big Boys Play" slogan, after they started getting annihilated in the ratings by the WWF but before they got really desperate and brought in Russo.

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Lap cheong

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I wholeheartedly agree with the author of the article.

It would be nice if this was the start of a change in Raw. They don't have to emulate the Smackdown formula entirely but they need to do a better job of keeping people interested in the product and characters.

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Oh my! An article on that didn't A) annoy the hell out of me or B) A complete shill job or C) a&b

I know they want to make two distinct shows but the problem is that one is very good (SD) and the other is very bad (raw)... The problem is that there are people on the bad show that I really like and want them to be part of a good show as well.

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Lap cheong

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#7 Posted on
That guy is so fired....

Craig Reade
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I'm shocked as hell that an article like that even made it on I'd bet that it may not stay there too long though. But I'm hoping that some people take it to heart. A HHH diatribe about how good he is, for that 1,000th time, isn't going to boost ratings on that side. Let him do it. I agree with Brian Solomon.

Watching long ass promo's gives the WWE a new meaning:

We'll Wrestle Eventually...

Let us remember that the 'W' is wrestling and comes before the 'E' in Entertainment. Therefore, if you wrestle, I will be entertained. (Okay, that was silly, but you get the jest).

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Since: 20.3.02
From: California

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I think that's about as radical of an article as you will ever get out of WWE. It was pretty well put and basically stated what makes SMACKDOWN! a much better show than RAW lately. Of course, in order for RAW to be that good, they need some Kurt Angles and Rey Misterios. They have Jericho & RVD, but it's just not the same.

What I found funny was that in order to say that we need to get rid of the 20-minute HHH interviews, he has to spend two paragraphs kissing the guy's ass. It's like the typical WWE promo where someone like Buh Buh Ray has to say "HHH, you're the greatest wrestler of all time, you can beat me and everybody else, but... I think you should stop being so damn great for a second to give us all some time, too."
A Fan

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Great article, but I disagree with some points. I like Smackdown, but Raw has the storylines. Storylines is mainly why I watch. I like the wrestling aspect, but to me too many net people want there to be too much wrestling. Like the author of the article said, "If it was all wrestling all the time, it would be boring." I agree, if I don't know how these guys are and have a sense of identity with them why should I care who wins or loses. I want epic story telling and sometimes that means mor talking and less fighting. To be honest, thats the way it should be for Raw and Smackdown. They should be used as talking pieces and the PPVs should be all wrestling which they are. Its a nice formula.

Raw does need HHH cutting 20 minute promos, because thats what he is good as a heel. It gives whoever comes out to shut him up a huge pop. Plus, the audience becomes interested in what the other guy has to say. As much as I like the Raw roster having HHH there kills them. There is no arch-enemy for HHH. When HHH was at his best there was either Rock, Foley or Austin to counter him. So far, RVD has been doing an ok job, but his character lacks a certain intensity that is needed to stop HHH. Granted the storyline now seems to be that the entire Raw locker room wants a piece of him, but it doesn't look like any of them has a chance one-on-one. Booker T and Kane are the only ones close to the intensity needed for this, but they are probably stuck with the Anti-American storyline for awhile.

The Anti-American thing brings up another point, where is Smackdown's great storyline that involves at least more than four people on the show? The gay storyline is over and now Raw has to send their new up-coming tag team to fight Smackdown's. Edge has been MIA since Hogan left or worse stuck in tag team matches with Rikishi or Kidman as his partners. Instead of bringing Taker, they should have pushed Edge.

Smackdown does have the better wrestling matches, I'll agree there, but man it seems so uninteresting unless Rey, Edge, Angel or Benoit is fighitng. Which sucks cause Angel/Benoit are fueding with each other and can't elevuate anyone else. Smackdown maybe getting the better ratings and running smoothly as a show, but for some reason I can't understand why people watch it. Maybe it is the wrestling is better which is a nice sign for the Federation. Of course, this would lead to mainly the typical one month fueds which get boring after awhile. I just can't see that many fans staying with a show that has musical chairs as their matches.

Perhaps the split gives the viewer a choice on what they want to see. Do fans want epic storylines or just better matches, time so far tells it is the matches.

A Fan- I do think part of the problem with Raw is that is too much fluff and not enough action.
It's False

Since: 20.6.02
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I won't be surprised if we never hear from this guy again. He's already committed an unforgivable (at least in Titanland) sin of bashing Triple H, but he's also bashing Raw's style.

Let's not forget that as much as we and the rest of the world may hate it, Vince McMahon apparently LOVES it, so we'll have a lot more of this crap to come. Let's look at the chain:

-Brian Gerwitz is head writer of Raw. He's NOT a good writer and knows almost jack about actual WRESTLING, but he won't be fired because of...

-Stephanie McMahon is the boss's daughter and has just about the final say on everything. Don't kid yourselves. Yes, Vince has the final word, but he'll never say no to Daddy's Little Girl.

-Triple H is banging Stephanie McMahon, so that's why he gets 20-minute promos, appearances in just about every segment, gets to squash anybody he wants, and gets handed world titles.

-Vince McMahon is the big cheese on top and he always will be. He likes Raw the way it is, so if we don't like it, TOUGH NOOGIES!!

And there you go. So this guy who's writing that commentary will have his words duly noted, but I highly doubt anyone on top will take him seriously.

"That's right! You suckas better FIND somewhere to run! 'cause it's me - Booker T - not only am I the Scorpion King, but I'm the five-time WCW Champion - and I got a sword, too! Now can U dig THAT - SUCKAAAAAS"

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First off, I thought the article was great and dead-on. The fact that it's on is a pleasant surprise, but I tend to think its presence is as calculated as anything else we get from the WWE.

I find it highly unlikely that the author will be fired. I would imagine at least a few editor-types read it before it was posted (i.e. I assume the WWE website doesn't just let joe-writer post whatever he wants whenever he wants to) and gave the go-ahead for it to be put up for public consumption. While not everybody will be happy about the article I would imagine it will be accepted for what it is, namely honest and well-conceived constructive criticism from someone who is familiar with both sides of the business (i.e. the fan's perspective vs. the boys'/office perspective).

As for the conspiracy theories that continue to abound about the ``Unholy Triumvirate of HHH/Stephanie/Vince.'' When somebody who actually has some hope in hell of giving me anywhere near authoratative evidence of any of the shit people are always whining about, I might listen. Maybe. Right now Smackdown entertains me and RAW doesn't; I find it hard to believe that's because one is mismanaged and stomped on by the same people who are directly responsible for the other's success.

The WWE is working on different formulae for RAW and Smackdown. One formula is working, the other is not. The ultimate goal, I'd imagine, is to have two distinct brands, each of which pulls in a slightly skewed subset of the target demographic.

If nothing else they are on the right track by putting out two shows that are different enough that they can be compared and contrasted in many of the same ways that 1990s WWF and WCW were, thus bringing them one step closer to the 8.0 combined rating that was proven to be possible during that era. The fact that you're seeing ``official'' comparisons and contrasts just means they're confident enough in both their products to start playing such games.


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Bizzle Izzle

Since: 26.6.02
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#13 Posted on
Before we speculate as to whether or not Brian Soloman will be fired, does anyone know who the guy really is? Is he someone with any clout or is he at the very bottom of the totem pole? Or is it possible Brian Soloman is a pen name for someone else in the WWF?

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Since: 18.9.02
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#14 Posted on

    Originally posted by Simba

    One of the more interesting pieces of "commentary" I've seen on their site.

Very interesting article. Wonder how long before the guy is fired or demoted?

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Since: 3.1.02
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#15 Posted on
Opinions have been sanitized for your sanity...

    Originally posted by Bizzle Izzle
    Before we speculate as to whether or not Brian Soloman will be fired, does anyone know who the guy really is? Is he someone with any clout or is he at the very bottom of the totem pole? Or is it possible Brian Soloman is a pen name for someone else in the WWF?

Well, kids, SHANE-O MAC is the head of New Media (Internet) for the WWF, so if it's online...he's okayed it. Hell, he might've even written it! How cool would that be?

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#16 Posted on

    Originally posted by It's False
    -Triple H is banging Stephanie McMahon, so that's why he gets 20-minute promos, appearances in just about every segment, gets to squash anybody he wants, and gets handed world titles. that mean that when Rock used to do his 20 minute promos, that HE was banging Steph? Or...Austin? Or Undertaker? She really gets around...

Does that mean that when Rock and Mankind got their "This Is Your Life" segment by banging the lead booker...Wait...Vince Russo...I don't want to think about it...

Hey. Shane is screwing Marissa Mazolla, but that doesn't mean that she's the women's champion, you know?

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Boudin blanc

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This reminds me of the article on a few years ago that stated that Chris Benoit was the greatest wrestler alive today and that Hogan & Goldberg were ducking him because they knew he'd make them look bad in the ring. If I remember correctly, the author of that article wasn't fired. He was simply ignored. I'm sure that's what will happen in this case as well, seeing as how I doubt any commentary on the site has any affect other than JR's. If the WWE was really trying to hide from negative feedback, they wouldn't bother putting up negative answers on their polls.


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#18 Posted on

    Originally posted by Pool-Boy
    That guy is so fired....
I betcha it's Paul Bearer using someone elses name...because Lord knows he's on his way out! :-)

Anyhow, my two cents...very true words, indeed.

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Tom Dean

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You know, the writing on has gotten weird lately. It seems very opinionated... and usually hyping or disparaging either Raw or Smackdown specifically. I think maybe it's alluding to a "total split" angle in the future where there is no crossover at all between the two brands and we get separate PPVs for each brand. I don't see why else they would encourage fans to like Raw at the expense of Smackdown or vice versa. The way the in-ring storylines are going (the GMs can't stand each other or even agree on who the champ is) also suggests this to me.

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