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24.6.18 1929
The W - Pro Wrestling - SmackDown 2/22/08 [Live Spoilers!]
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Open with Edge & his boys out for a promo about facing Undertaker at WM. Bong. Lights out & Undertaker appears mid-ring. Taker deals with the boys & Edge bails out in heelish cowardice.

MITB qualifying match: Shelton Benjamin ("Ain't no stoppin..." He's learned volume, too! Woo-hoo. And second match tonight for Shelton for the live audience.) vs. Jimmy Wang Yang: This was a much better match than the MITB no-brainers on Raw. Shelton gave Jimmy a little too much offence, & I thought Shelton was working more "WWE main event style" than I personally like. But if that's what it takes, so be it.

Some blonde lures Teddy into the GM office.

Jesse & Festus vs. Deuce & Domino: Absolutely as expected. Crowd slightly into Festus, but mostly was quite nailed to the perch. Perked up a smidge toward the end, but nothing novel. Festus tosses Jesse onto Domino (I think) for the pinfall.

Shannon Moore jobs to Big Daddy V. Huge props to Shannon for 1) enthusiastically trying to make this into something resembling a match, & 2) not dying when V was standing on top of him. Striker working hard on the outside to generate some heel heat. BDV should go back to pajamas; the "suspenders as a bra" look does not work.

MVP vs. Batista: MVP takes a timeout before they even get started to stretch out his back. I've got to say I still don't get the love (heelishly speaking) for MVP. I don't buy most his offence even one little bit -- his punches & kicks look so weak to me. Batista working very hard, but MVP is just not doing a thing for me. At one point Batista came down very hard on the back of his head, & spent the rest of the match shaking that off. That's going to be Excedrin Headache #871. (I also wasn't too impressed with MVP's inability to give Dave an adequate chance to get recollected, IMO.) Eventually, Batista hits a series of 3 spinebusters & a Batista Bomb for the win. Dave continues to hold his head -- way more than just selling -- I'm convinced he was legitimately still hurting.

"Former WBC champion Eric Morales" can't be bothered to stand up & wave for the camera & audience.

Khali (solo) vs. Kane: Pathetic Khali kicks, as Kane valiantly tries to drag something out of Khali. The Vulcan Death Grip is more plausibly fought off by Kane than most anybody else I've seen. So Khali goes to the "I'm crrrushing your head" move. In a very clever, novel defence, Kane dumps himself & Khali backwards. Khali doesn't think to let go of Kane's head, & doesn't realise this means his shoulders are down. Three count for the Kane win! There was a little confusion that maybe the ref was recalling that, but no, that was how it stood. Ref then goes about first trying to get Khali to let go of Kane, & then communicating with Khali that he lost. That was all pretty entertaining without Singh there to translate. He was not a happy Punjabi giant. :-) (That's about the most entertainment I recall getting from Khali. Congratulations Kane!)

In the new HD set arrangement, SD is back to having a stage & a ramp. So they set up a temporary "up" ramp, so Palumbo can ride his motorcycle up onto the stage, to come back down the main ramp. So far, so good. And when did the chickie-litas show up in the front row, all wearing matching Chuck Palumbo T-shirts? Anyway, Chuck squashes a local jobber (Matt Jackson). Now with extra heelishness, pulling the guy up at the 2-count to beat on him some more. Oh, & a couple of outside ring post spots, trying really hard to get his entourage on camera. Much squashiness.

Mysterio-Mania starts to rustle as we get toward the end of the show. Rey's entrance was a little more shrill than a Hogan entrance, but just about as loud. This is San Diego's own son, injured & valiant. He worked all the little kids in masks down the ramp & along the wall. Crowd totally apeshit. Posing on all the corners, showing the "619" tattoo on his forearm. "I've got some bad news for you..." He has to have surgery this weekend & won't be competing at WM. Excellent speech, & you could tell it was one of those heartfelt, shoot ones. Vickie is rolled out by Teddy: "I know you're hurt, but I don't give a damn." She does a great pissed-off bitch. "You have no choice but to compete tonight." And so we've got a match between Chavo & the very damaged Rey. (Conveniently suspending the classical "don't have medical clearance to wrestle" story.) Loco, but a whole lotta corazon.

Rey worked as much air attack as he possibly could. I'd usually say "tons of selling the arm"; in this case, too legit to be "selling". Did the 619, which has got to be hell with the ripped up arm. Chavo was in super-evil heel mode, including the 3 Amigos. Finally Rey gets Chavo with a Hurricanrana-type takedown. And the crowd goes insane.

... for just a minute, til Vickie interrupts again: "Stop this ridiculous celebration ... my turn to hurt you ..." And, the Big Show appears. Well, no doubt now who's supposed to be the heel in the Show/Mayweather interaction. Holds Rey up in the chokeslam position while he poses to all 4 sides of the ring, then slams him. The crowd is not happy, Show glowers into the camera from the ring. Show promos "this is Floyd Mayweather..." while the refs haul off Rey's carcass. Crowd didn't even get a chance for a farewell cheer.


OK, we can't let the crowd go home this way! Edge & his boys come out, saying something about the 3 on 3 main event match we'd been promised, now will have to be a handicap match. Or not, as Kane, Batista & Undertaker come out. (Dave still has a headache, but he's here to work.) Wildly fun match, with Edge hiding behind the boys, bailing off the ring apron to avoid a tag, all that good chikenshit stuff. Taker, Batista & Kane all take turns, but it's Kane who gets stuck having to let the boys get some offence. Edge gets more interested in coming in, once they've made some headway keeping Kane from tagging out. With Edge in, Kane finally gets the tag to Taker, who signals the chokeslam. The boys rush in to help Edge, Taker grabs both as for double chokeslam, then signals Kane & Batista in to handle the boys, while Taker handles Edge. Tombstone to Edge for the win for the good guys. Taker & Kane leave together, stop at the top of the ramp, & do the "right fist in the air" spot together. Batista is still obviously hurting, but does his best to pose & work the perimeter.

Overall, a really entertaining & very good live show. (I'm a little concerned that it won't read as well on TV, with just the SD part separated from the strong Flair opener on ECW, & without the happy ending.) Excellent job making sure the fans went home on an up ending, rather than bummed about Rey. Huge thanks to the 4 big names for hanging around til the very end so we could have that! Extra-especially with Batista hurting. Sending the crowd happy is a good thing.
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Finally we get a guide to just how big Great Khali's feet are.
Just imagine a typewriter.

Michael Cole - As random as anyone can possibly get.

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Man, Edge LOST at Wrestlemania JUST LAST YEAR. I hope they don't push the 'unbeaten vs. unbeaten' angle too hard since it's just blatantly untrue.

“How is it that I am a good actor? What I do is I... pretend to be the person I’m portraying. You’re confused. Case in point: in Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson comes to me and says ‘I would like you to be Gandalf the Wizard,’ and I said ‘You are aware that I am not really a wizard?’ and Peter Jackson said ‘I would like you to use your acting skills to portray a wizard for the duration of the show.’ So I said ‘Okay’ and then I said to myself ‘Mmm.. How do I do that?’ And this is what I did: I imagined that I was a wizard, and then I pretended, and acted, in that way on the stage. How did I know what to say? The words were written down for me in a script. How did I know where to stand? People told me where to stand." -- Sir Ian McKellen, Extras

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The Benjamin/Yang match was the most enjoyable one for me because when you hear that it's a MIB qual. match and Sheldon is involved, you KNOW he is going to win. But there were times in this match when I thought Jimmy was actually going to get a three count. Great match with the quasi-belly-to-belly off the top rope being the biggest highlight.

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    Originally posted by Big Bad
    Man, Edge LOST at Wrestlemania JUST LAST YEAR.

OK, then, "undefeated in singles competition".

I'm Charlie Owens, good night, and good luck.

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    Originally posted by CEOIII
      Originally posted by Big Bad
      Man, Edge LOST at Wrestlemania JUST LAST YEAR.

    OK, then, "undefeated in singles competition".

"Undefeated at Wrestlemania" sounds more impressive than "beat Booker T and Mick Foley" at Wrestlemania 1-on-1; as long as it's not insulting (like showing clips of last year's MitB), I'm not going to begrudge WWE for sacrificing continuity for the sake of Mania buys.

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    Originally posted by CEOIII
      Originally posted by Big Bad
      Man, Edge LOST at Wrestlemania JUST LAST YEAR.

    OK, then, "undefeated in singles competition".

I'm right there with ya on that one. You don't lose a MIB just WIN. It's not the same as a singles match at the Mania. EDGE HAS NEVER LOST IN SINGLES COMP AT THE MANIA.

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Wasn't he "removed due to injury"?

They can go that route...

Similarly, I'm undefeated in the octagon.

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i think more people should come through the floor...and they should shoot spike dudley out of a cannon
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