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The W - CRZ's World - ECW #9 8.8.6
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LAST WEEK: Look, if you really need to know what happened in the "Extreme Rules" tag team match, I just GAVE you the link to last week's report. Suffice to say that the EXTREME SPANKING was cut short by the intervention of Heyman and his men in black...and, just maybe, you shouldn't be introducing barbed wire into your match when it's most likely that YOU will be the one going through it at the hands of Test.

LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR - yep, there's oodles of CM Punk spliced into the reel this week - and why not? After all, this kid is #1 THE BEST AND THE FUTURE OF THIS BUSINESS AS WE KNOW IT

Comin' atcher TV-14-DLSV - CC - SAP transmitido en espanol - this is ECW on SciFi #9, LIVE from the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, TN 8.8.6!

TONIGHT: #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Sabu vs. Kurt Angle! While you and I try to figure out where the missing apostrophe belongs in this graphic, and ALSO what Heyman is doing letting Sabu be involved in a match to decide the #1 Contender, let's move on to the opening contest...

MIKE KNOX (Phoenix, AZ - 260 pounds - with Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly) v. TOMMY DREAMER (Yonkers, NY - 265 pounds) - Tommy limps and carries more than a few bandages. Don't worry, friends - this match is apparently not being held under Extreme Rules. As far as I know. Surely we'll figure it out later. Knox strikes before Dreamer makes it through the ropes - these are many forearms, and those are many knees. Dreamer shot into the ropes, head down, swinging neckbreaker by Dreamer. Off the ropes...clothesline Knox AND himself out of the ring! Knox sent into the STEEL steps. It's all he rolls back in to argue with the referee Mike Posey. Let's take our first ECW Replay of the night, of the shoulder to the steps by Knox. As Dreamer brings Knox in, Knox headbutts him through the ropes. Tries again but meets a knee from Dreamer. Strung across the second rope - Dreamer to the corner - elbowdrop from the second rope to take Knox back to the canvas. Dreamer with the yell and crucifix pose! Dreamer winding up...but here's REV. HEYMAN coming out, just in time to draw away the attention from the official so he doesn't notice that behind HIM were the MEN FROM CHiPS. Dreamer with a gutshot on Knox, Knox reverses, Dreamer ducks the clothesline attempt, ANOTHER gutshot, and HITS the DDT - and Knox does a Venis-esque headstand sell. FINALLY the security pull Dreamer out of the ring and put the boots and nightsticks to 'im. Knox probably wishes they'd shown up just a touch earlier. Dreamer rolled back in to Knox, who is STILL dizzy from the DDT. Got him up - inverted facelock - there's his move! I think we decided it was like a Roll of the Dice, right? Well, after that it's all over but the 1, 2, 3. (2:34) Kelly seems happy. Heyman seems...not done. He's on the apron - and so are the men with the nightsticks. Is he gonna kiss him again? Everybody just kinda stands over him...very slowly...almost as if someone's supposed to run in. Oh - make that walk in from wayyyyyy up top. It's THE SANDMAN. Everybody in the ring points to Sandman, and you get the feeling that his walk to the ring is going to take just about as long as this

AD BREAK: Sneaux
"Ultimate Avengers 2"
"Accepted" starting August 18th
Geico (Charo)
SciFi image spot
(local) Subway
(local) Amica insurance
SciFi's "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" (what is this treachery?)
SciFi Original Movie "Savage Planet"

When we come back, Sandman is in one corner, bleeding (presumably from a self-inflicted canning) while Heyman and company are in the opposite corner. Posey's in the middle. Don't like his chances or maintaining order here. Heyman has THE STICK: "Whoa, whoa, whoa - Sandman - now listen to me. I know that you're upset about Tommy, and...Sandman, I'm upset about Tommy, too. I mean, that man - that man right there is a disciple of mine. I love him. I love Tommy Dreamer like he were my own son. Now...I was - I was gonna order a return match from last week tonight, but I can't in good conscience put Tommy Dreamer in a match - look - look at the condition he's in, referees, referees, take Mr. Dreamer and get him some medical attention right now." Henson and Armstrong help Dreamer towards the back. "He needs medical attention. Now, now Sandman - ECW promised these people a match tonight know ECW always lives up to its promises and they're gonna get a great one - because tonight, you're not only gonna take Tommy Dreamer's place because tonight, it will be The Sandman against Mike Know AND Test in a handicap match - now, don't worry, don't worry, this WON'T be under Extreme Rules, which means of course the Singapore cane is not legal. RING THE BELL, THAT MATCH IS ON!

SANDMAN v. MIKE KNOX & TEST - I know, I know, we ARE lucky that Knox is pulling double duty tonight! Presumably Test will show up soon. Presumably also, Kelly is still hanging around somewhere, being an exhibitionist (but not really). Sandman hasn't surrendered his kendo stick just yet. Knox stays clear for now. Meanwhile, Test has appeared - and delivers the Wotsitolla Boot to Dreamer on the outside! Test and Knox are in opposite corners now with Sandman in the middle - he finally decides to try to take a swing at Knox, misses, turns and east a clothesline from Test and loses the stick in the process. Doubleteam ensues - hmm, this is a funny way to have a handicap match! Sandman in the corner. Right by Knox, right by Test, right by Knox, upcoming ECW events ticker, right by Test, into the opposite corner, Test misses a clothesline - Sandman out with an alleged dropkick to Knox! Right hand for Sandman, right, climbs the corner but Knox is quickly back up and forearming Sandman in the back. Test directs traffic - bodyslam by Knox, Test setting him up, and dropping an elbow. KNOX drops an elbow. Test up top - but the Savage elbow MISSES! Sandman rolls towards his weapon, Knox leaps across the ring to stop him, has him, Sandman kicks him away,

HAS the cane...and there's our DQ as Test gets the first WHACK. (DQ 2:02) Shot for Knox, shot for Test, shot for Knox, everybody's cleared the ring as Sandman yells - play his crappy music! Hey I think I saw the bottoms of Kelly's butt cheeks - Sandman goes to all four corners for a posing routine.

Here's a Special Video Look at Sabu - he does a lot of fancy moves, but get this...he also *points to the ceiling*

Let Us Take You Back 2 Weeks Ago where Sabu ran in and dropkicked a chair into a chair and Show bled so much that even THIS show needed to go to black and white

Let Us Take You Back to Last Week, where Big Show fell through the timekeeper's table

"I'm Sabu - I've been demanding a title shot against the Big Show. He's been avoiding me. Kurt Angle, after I beat you, I'll get what I want."


SummerSlam promo - it's the biggest party of the hnar

AD BREAK: "Night Stalker" on SciFi
"Stargate Atlantis" on SciFi
"Deadrising" for Xbox 360
Sneaux (again)
"Girls Gone Wild: Ultimate Rush" and "Girls Gone Wild: First Timers" (there go the search engine hits again!)
GlaxoSmithKline's Coreg carvedilol (what demographic brought on THIS choice?)
"Snakes on a Plane" opening 18 August

"WWE Diva Search Finals" airs next Wednesday on USA - I will not be recapping this, either

"My name is BALLS MAHONEY and I LOVE being in ECW. Everything here is just a little more extreme - balls to the wall, you might say. And best of all, I'M the one dishing out all the punishment. So you see, this way I can still stay handsome...then again, maybe NOT. Hahahahahahahaha..."

There's a moon out tonight, I don't know if it's cloudy or bright - wait, it looks pretty cloudy actually. And there's the lovely exterior of the Gaylord Entertainment Center (make your own Gay Lord joke here) Of course, we have to go from a full moon to

KEVIN THORN (270 pounds - with Areolae) v. AL SNOW (Lima, OH - 238 pounds) - Ariel is wearing a shorter skirt this week, and helpfully hangs from the top rope upside down to show everyone her snatch - except for perhaps the cameraman taking the shot you and I have). Sadly, we are spared a crowd reaction shot containing any small children. Oh, she's acting like a BAT. GET IT? I suppose this match isn't being held under Extreme Rules. Snow no longer has Head, alas. As he climbs the steps to get in the ring, Ariel is on the apron, crawling around. I think Snow is trying to decide whether he should find this seductive and sexy or not. I know I've already come to my own conclusions on that front. Thron tries to take advantage of the distraction, but Snow meets him with a right, right, comes in the ring, Scott Armstrong rings the bell, Snow right, right, waistlock into a forward leg sweep, turns and covers for BARELY 1. Right by Snow, right, kick by Thorn, right, right, Snow right, Thron right, Snow right, both men right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, Snow decides simultaneous punching helps nobody and knees Thorn in the gut - into the opposite corner is reversed with Thorn almost tripping Snow in the process, and Thron comes into the corner and connects with a big clothesline. Has him on the shoulder - and Thorn drops to his knees. I guess it's a gutbuster using the shoulder, but that looks like it'd hurt Thorn more than Snow. That spear, however, looks like it'd hurt Snow. Boot by Thorn. Stomp. ECW Replay of the spear. Scoop...and Thorn slams Snow down. Ariel on the apron - I think they're gonna...nothing. Snow with a gutshot, right, right, right, Thorn kicks, kick, elbow, elbow, kick, right, into the opposite corner, catches Snow coming out with a fireman's carry - now placing his feet on the top rope and this is the neckbreaker we saw him do the LAST time. Let's see if he uses that for the finisher this week...guess not. Hey, am I crazy, or did Ariel not have fangs before? I suppose I could have been distracted by her enormous knockers every other time - well, they're crawling around again - yeah they're making out (maybe)! This is what all the kids are into, huh? Ariel back on the floor, Thorn back over to Snow - boot to the head. Right. Boot to the head. Yep, those hooters are large. Crucifix bomb coming up - I have a hunch that's it. Turns him over, 1, 2, 3. (2:51) Ariel back in and there's another cooch display. That's just nasty. I mean, I still like girls, but this is just creepy - and probably not in the way they want it portrayed...?

Here's a Special Video Look at Kurt Angle. He's wrestling in the main event, you may have heard?

Joey cues a little early and has to stop talking because the graphic ain't here yet. Instead, it's this: "Suicidal...homicidal...genocidal. I've heard a lot about Sabu. But tonight, for the first time in his life, Sabu's gonna find out that the only thing TRULY suicidal is stepping in the ring with the Wrestling Machine."


Experience ECW live in Elmira on the 12th, White Plains on the 13th, Salisbury on the 14th, Boston for

SummerSlam on the 20th, and in Altoona on the 21st at the Jaffa Mosque. A MOSQUE? Really? This *is* a new breed unleased!

AD BREAK: SciFi's "Stargate SG-1"
"Savage Planet" (again)
"Inside Man" available today on DVD
Lotrimin Ultra
Sneaux (3)
Burger King chicken fries (chicken changer)
"Ultimate Avengers 2" on DVD (again)

You know, I can't quite put my finger on it, but this guy looks familiar...yet different, somehow... "Good evening. I'm RENE DUPREE. Bon vivant, boulevardier, raconteur - and soon to be the most extreme athlete in the history of ECW." If your French is better than mine, please feel free to correct me. (I see Wade, Scherer, and Todd Martin didn't even bother to TRY.)

WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW - in a big suit. Well, a jacket and some highwaters, anyway. His hands DO make that belt look tiny, I must admit. I believe he's smiling in a way as if to say "don't I look good?" Ha, even TAZZ made the "champ's expectin' high water" crack. "Now I know what you're thinkin''re thinkin' 'Hoo! The ECW champion has never looked so good!'" Well holy cow. "And you're right! You see, normally when you think about ECW, you think about blood, guts and the derelicts of society. See I'm here to CHANGE that. I'm here to add a little dignity, a little class to the ECW brand. See I'm the most dominant champion in ECW history. And if anyone has a problem with that, they better just face reality: there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Now as far as Kurt Angle goes, the Olympic medalist Kurt Angle...Kurt Angle, if you get in my path, I will crush your spine like I crush crackers for my soup. And Sabu...Sabu, the homicidal, genocidal, suicidal Sabu - Sabu, if you step in my path, that's exactly what you're gonna do: commit suicide. I mean, let's face it - there's only one Extreme Truth in this world." "Sabu" chant from the crowd. "Angle" chant from the crowd in there as well! "Okay, like I said...there's only one Extreme Truth in this world...NO ONE can beat me. And I mean NO ONE." WELLL....geez, he's not even smiling anymore.


SummerSlam spot: Cena vs. Edge hyped

"Pulse" opening Friday
Lotrimin Ultra (again)
Net"Ultimate Avengers 2" (3)
"Pulse" (again)
SciFi image spot
(local) Time Warner Cable's HBO On Demand (the funny thing is Comcast has already taken us over but we still get to see these ads - okay, funny TO ME)
(local) HOM Furniture

I hear there'll be some sort of confrontation involving dX and the McMahons Monday on RAW - thanks, ad for RAW! I would NOT have guessed that!

Let Us Take You Back to Last Week, where C.M. Punk had the most unbelievably mind-bogglingly OUTSTANDING debut match ANY wrestling fan has EVER had the good fortune to witness - no thanks to that shitty Justin Credible

"Last week, I was welcomed into the ECW family...far greater than I was ever welcomed into my own. And for that, to the fans, I thank you. All my years of training, all the sparring, the hoping, the wanting, the craving - for me to get my one opportunity, my one shot, all came to a head. All the years of struggle and sacrifice...well, a very wise man once said 'the longer we dwell on our misfortune, the greater their power is to harm us' so from here on out, it's no longer about the price I've paid to get here - it's about the future and what it holds. Next week, right here on ECW, I get to wrestle for the second time. I WILL make the most of it. I have to. It's my nature. MY name is C.M. PUNK." Two things about this: 1) the cameraman moves the picture around a lot but never manages to get his entire head into the shot and 2) I'm starting to notice that he punctuates ALL his sentences by jamming his tongue against his lip ring, and that's...kinda annoying. Wait, did I say annoying, because I meant TOTALLY AWESOME AND THE FUTURE OF THIS BUSINESS AND I AM BUILDING A WEBPAGE THAT WILL SHOW THE COUNTDOWN UNTIL HIS NEXT MATCH SO WE WILL ALWAYS KNOW

KURT ANGLE v. SABU to become ECW World Championship #1 Contender - of COURSE, Angle has the "ECW" mouthpiece in!

Your official is Mickey Jenson. We have some time to kill here, so let's go ahead and hold off on JUSTIN JASON JOCKO ROBERTS' intros until both men are in the ring. Okay, go: "The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is to determine the #1 Contender for the ECW world title. Introducing first: he is the only gold medalist in the history of ECW - Kurt Angle! And his opponent. He is the suicidal, homicidal, genocial, death-defying Sabu!" So neither of these men has a hometown OR weight. HERE WE GO: Sabu shoots and misses. Angle manages to take him down rather easily, though. A few paintbrushes for good measure. Headlock applied - Sabu gets a foot on the rope but Henson takes a while to notice. Everybody's back up. Lockup, Angle with a side headlock takeover and holding it. Crowd chanting for Sabu. Sabu back up - powering out off the ropes but Angle connects with a shoulderblock. Up and over - but Angle falls into a drop toehold by Sabu - Sabu floating over into a headlock. SABU WRESTLES!! Angle grabs both legs and drives Sabu into the corner, that'll break that. Angle with a Euro uppercut. Kick. Another gutshot. Head taken to the adjacent corner. Into the opposite corner - Angle rushes in - but Sabu sidesteps and Angle rams his shoulder into the post! Sabu points to the ceiling and decides to strike - kick, right, right, right, there was an ECW replay in here, kick, into the ropes is reversed by Angle but Sabu holds on - Angle charges and Sabu dumps him to the outside! Wait, a man's outside? Surely that means we'll be right back after this

AD BREAK: "Pulse" (3)
"Deadrising" (again)
"Ultimate Avengers 2" (FOUR!)
Geico (Burt Bacharach)
SciFi image spot
(local) MENARDS (save big money with my nards!)
"Who Wants to Be A Superhero?" is NEXT - there will be treachery of some sort, but we are not sure as to what it is
"Night Stalker" on SciFi (again)
...and one last SciFi ID, why not

Presumably, they just stood there doing nothing for the entire commercial break. When we come back, Sabu is fighting out of a chinlock - on his feet - elbowing out, elbow, forearm by Angle. Angle whips Sabu into the ropes, Sabu ducks, second rope, and off with a delayed DDT! Both men are down - Sabu over to cover - 1, 2, no. ECW replay of the DDT as Sabu goes to ...I'll say "armbar" but we don't get a good look. Angle counters with a headscissor, but Sabu puts a foot on the bottom rope real quick. Sabu over, stomp, stomp, stomp, blatant chokery, Angle to the eyes to break it at 4. Saub with a right. And another. Right, right, choke in the corner, right. Sabu back over to Angle - and, yes, a right - I think a spot was called rather audibly here - whip is reversed, Angle catches Sabu - belly-to-belly suplex! Angle stokes the crowd. Field goal kick - it's good! Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Angle stands on the neck for 4. Angle kicks Sabu out of the ring. And now HE'S out after him. Fireman's carry takeover right onto the mat! Angle staying on him - Sabu put back in at 4 - Angle in, cover, 2. Another cover, another 2. Rear chinlock - sorry, "choke" - and adding a body scissors to boot. Sabu won't tap here, but he WILL flail his legs a bit to keep the crowd interested. Angle switches to grinding his forearm in Sabu's face. Sabu comes back with a back elbow, another back elbow, and Angle snaps back - but comes right back to the rear choke. Sabu back to his feet - Angle with a knee to the face that takes Sabu back, and back to the mat. Angle with a Euro. Irish whip into the opposite corner, Angle comes in but Sabu sidesteps it - Sabu off the second rope with a flying kick! Sabu out - back in over the top with the somersault guillotine - 1, 2, no! Give that an ECW replay (we can even ignore Sabu landing on his ass and then gently placing his legs across Angle's sternum) while Sabu punches in the corner - opposite corner whip - but runs into a boot from Angle. Angle back in control - Euro, into the ropes, reversed, flying leg lariat by Sabu and both men are down once again. Leg is hooked - 1, 2, Angle kicks out! Sabu with a front face - lets him go for a right - whip is reversed, Angle ducks a clothesline counter and grabs the waistlock - German suplex - holding on, but releasing him after a second throw. 1, 2, but Sabu's foot was always hooked under the bottom rope. DOWN COME THE STRAPS! Angle slam - NO, countered into an arm drag by Sabu! Angle runs into a dropkick! Sabu from the second rope - twists into ANOTHER leg lariat to the seated Angle! Cover - 1, 2, NO! CAMEL CLUTCH noo we don't get past the chinlock stage - Angle has his arms under the legs and trips him forward - and counters into the ANGLELOCK! But almost unbelievably, Sabu rolls forward and powers out, sending Angle to the floor in the process! Henson puts on a count - you kinda wonder if he'll get to ten this time. We take an ECW Replay

but all concerns of a countout are quickly countered as Sabu FLIES out of the ring with a somersault over the top rope and (almost) landing on Angle! Henson out to ask if both men are all right - then back in to count. Sabu up first and puts Angle in at 4. Sabu up to the top - spinning in midair into a top rope splash! 1, 2, NO!! Sabu to the jujigatame (TAZZ SAID "JUJIGATAME!") but that ankle is just too available - ANGLELOCK!! Oh oh, ROB VAN DAM is off suspension, and out - here, catch this chair - VAN DAMINANOOOOOOO that was the WORST whiff I've seen in a LONG while. Angle, ever the professional, pretends Van Dam just kicked the chair and snaps back to the mat. Henson is also too much of a professional and fails to call for the bell, so Van Dam grabs the chair again and double legdrops it onto the prone Angle. NOW Henson calls for the bell (DQ 14:05) and would we be right in thinking he just cost Sabu his title shot? You wouldn't know it from looking at Sabu - he's smiling and giving a "thumbs up" to Van Dam, who points to the ceiling. Then again, if he IS a savage, maybe he just doesn't quite understand the vagaries of the rules of ... oh, wait, now Van Dam is dropkicking the chair into SABU in the corner. VAN DAM POINTED TO HIMSELF!! Wisely, the replay avoids the whiff, opting for the legdrop to Angle, then the dropkick to Sabu. Play "Theme from ECW" 'cause maybe NOBODY won!

We're out on the long side of 10:02.

Can a 4-way for SummerSlam be far behind?

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hahaha Areolae

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I wonder how happy Sabu was that RVD made up for his mighty whiff on Angle with and extra strong dropkicked chair into his own head?

I'm okay with a four way here, there's a lot of different styles meaning great ECW maddness or a great train wreck.
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Am I correct in understanding that NONE of this week's matches were held under "Extreme Rules"?

Did the "E" go back to standing for "Eastern" when no one was looking?
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    Originally posted by CRZ
    Shot for Knox, shot for Test, shot for Knox, everybody's cleared the ring as Sandman yells - play his crappy music!

I dunno, for some reason, Sandman's new music is kinda growin' on me ...

(edited by Alessandro on 10.8.06 1132)

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They should still shell out the extra cash for "Enter Sandman". Charge each fan an extra $.25 for their tickets and get it done. Hell, I'll throw in five bucks; twenty people are on me.

The last two ECW shows have probably been the best of them. (Which isn't really saying much, but at least we got an ECW main event this week, instead of Big Show defending against The WWE Guy We Most Want You To Care About This Week).

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    Originally posted by SEADAWG
    hahaha Areolae

If you have seen her nude pix you know that really is a good name for her. Those things are huge!


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My understanding of French isn't as good as it once was, but I'll give it a shot.

    Originally posted by CRZ
    Bon vivant, boulevardier, raconteur - and soon to be the most extreme athlete in the history of ECW." If your French is better than mine, please feel free to correct me. (I see Wade, Scherer, and Todd Martin didn't even bother to TRY.)
To translate Rene...

BON VIVANT: someone who enjoys the good life, like cafes, and such.

BOULEVARDIER: trendy, stylish, current

RACONTEUR: a storyteller.

So...Rene is a trendy storyteller who enjoys the good life. Um....yeah.

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    Originally posted by Oliver
    My understanding of French isn't as good as it once was, but I'll give it a shot.

      Originally posted by CRZ
      Bon vivant, boulevardier, raconteur - and soon to be the most extreme athlete in the history of ECW." If your French is better than mine, please feel free to correct me. (I see Wade, Scherer, and Todd Martin didn't even bother to TRY.)
    To translate Rene...

    BON VIVANT: someone who enjoys the good life, like cafes, and such.

    BOULEVARDIER: trendy, stylish, current

    RACONTEUR: a storyteller.

    So...Rene is a trendy storyteller who enjoys the good life. Um....yeah.

No, see, what I meant was I was guessing at those words, so they might be totally wrong. (I STILL haven't seen anyone else even take a stab at it, but I haven't looked very hard, either.)

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