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11.8.20 0828
The W - CRZ's World - ECW #4 4.7.6
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Big Brother

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OLD BUSINESS: Well, now I've finally learned why this show has had an unbroken string of shows where the former WWE ref getting all the main events on the ECW show - by next week, the ECW refs will be GOONNEE. Damn... just when I'd remembered which one was Jim Molineaux and which one was Mike Kehner!

MORE OLD BUSINESS: More than one of you was quick to note that even after the lovely speech Styles gave on RAW about "superstars" vs. "wrestlers," the website was pretty quick to put a label on the ECW crew: "Rebels." Yes, THAT lasted all of a week and suddenly everyone was grouped under the label of "extremists." This goes to show that it's best to do the trademark search AFTER making the decision, yet BEFORE *executing* on the decision.

RATINGS BUSINESS: All the quarters have been inserted into the first three reports - and if the usual sources are good enough to continue the trend, you'll be able to come back to THIS report later and get THOSE as well. Let me share with you this week's built-in excuse for the ever lower ratings: duh, it was the fourth of July, dummy!

NEW BUSINESS: By now, you've probably heard that Rob van Dam and Sabu had a bit of a tussle with the law over a bit of fragrant plant material and a few magic beans. Any speculation as to whether this might affect Rob's title run(s) should pretty much have been put to rest after they decided to have a title change hands on "free" TV, but tonight should remove all doubt...

UPCOMING BUSINESS: Next week I'm there LIVE when Kim and I attend the Smackdown taping at the Target Center. By then, there should just about be no ECW talent left on the ECW roster. OH I KID

THE CRZ FAN: Cubs will occasionally IM me when he knows I'm not at the laptop - I think it's his way of reminding me that I'm recapping this show and he's not and he so seldom gets a chance to rub in a fact like that. Here was tonight's message:

Tuesday, July 4, 2006
CbsFan12: It's really rude of SciFi to force WWE to do a 1:05 show when they only have :05 of plot they want to get across.

See Our Zed (Autoreply) HAPPY AMERICA, AMERICA

What could he possibly have meant? Let's find out together. PUSH THE BUTTON


We open up with a bald man bowing his head to show off his ECW baseball cap - available now at WWE SHOP! - apparently backstage, in a dressing room lined with the shirts of Sabu, Sandman and Rob van Dam (buy them while they're still in the company and you're still idealistic enough about "ECW" to spend money on the product - available now at WWE SHOP!) - and here we go: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is PAUL HEYMAN. And yes, unforunately it is true. Last night on Monday Night RAW, Rob van Dam DID lose the WWE title in a most controversial fashion. But please be rest assured, (TV-14-DLSV-CC) Rob van Dam is STILL your ECW World Heavyweight Champion - a champion, I might add, that has subjected himself to a schedule that no titleholder before him has ever had to endure. Last week, for example, Rob van Dam on three consecutive nights stepped in the ring with Edge, John Cena, and Kurt Angle. Last night on Monday Night RAW, van Dam stepped in the ring with Edge and Cena at the same time! This champion - YOUR ECW champion - has displayed more pride, more passion, and more ambition that any champion that's ever come before him, and tonight on ECW, we're gonna proudly acknowledge Rob van Dam's accomplishments, because--" with the sound of a noisy door opening, Paul stops short and bugs his eyes out as The Big Show appears 'fore him. "Paulie. You SAID that if I made the jump to ECW, I would get a title match." "...and you will! You will get your title match but, but Show, here at ECW, the priority has always been...ECW. And right now our champion Rob van Dam needs our support." Show puts a hock on his shoulder. "Paulie, understand me. I'm not askin', I'm demanding a title match. And I'm demanding my title match tonight." And Show walks off. Paul's look lingers...

LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR (after smokin' a joint) - something's got to give? Something's ALREADY given...

WE ARE LIVE from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA 4.7.6 - THIS is ECW episode #4 airing on SciFi and transmitido en espanol SAP - your hosts are living the dream and they are JOEY STYLES and TAZZ (NOT TAZ). Styles repeats everything Show just said in case we missed it thirty seconds ago, or forgot, or are baked.

KELLY'S EXPOSE: SALUTE TO AMERICA: I now think ring announcer JUSTIN JASON JONAH ROBERTS is calling her "Kelly Kelly" on purpose. Amidst a backdrop of bunting and flags, Kelly wears a folded flag (which would have gotten you arrested a few decades ago - seriously, that's a violation of the Flag Code!) over her top and nothing over her bottom, thigh high stockings and black high heels. This is the level of detail you DEMAND from me, and I'm only too happy to deliver, because I am not on medication. It's the Pussycat Dolls! The Pussycat Dolls! Not the Sugababes! Entirely different! I guess she can only "strip" to that one song. Even then, you get the idea that the reason there's a chair up there is that a strong breeze might waft between her ears and compromise her sense of balance, which is being sorely tested by...okay, enough. We are spared any bra fumbling by the fact that her boobs (and pasties) have been painted blue with white stars. Of course, you could probably predict that MIKE KNOX comes out to put a stop to this a few minutes before you'd like, and a few minutes after what might make sense if he's really so jealous as they're trying to get across what he's supposed to be. But then, I've been accused of overthinking before. HEY! Didn't we see a segment SHOCKINGLY similar to this LAST WEEK? Both commentators now say "Kelly Kelly." Is that her name now? Let me consult the ECW website.....well, nothing new there. By the way, has anybody updated ANYTHING on besides changing "Wrestlers" to "Rebels" to "Extremists?"

Back to the commentators - never mind

LITTLE GUIDO MARITATO (Rocklin County, NY - 170 pounds - one half of the Full Blooded Italians, but with nobody - ready for action) v. MIKE KNOX (Phoe--) Know grabs the mic before his intro can be finished for the benefit of all the anal-retentive recappers who obsess over hometowns and weighins. "Now I hate ..." Crowd: "you suck dick" - relevant! "I hate to come out here and ruin everybody's Independence Day celebration. I do. But that is MY girlfriend." Crowd: "shut the fuck up!" NBC-Universal censor: "Hey maybe you should mute that." Knox: "--have the right to look at her like I do. She is MINE - she is ALL - MINE--" Guido's had enough and decides maybe some wrestling might work - kicking from behind and away we go. Repeated kicks until Knox is on a knee - kicks the back of the leg - off the ropes with a dropkick to the head. Now climbing up - but misses the next one. Knox takes over - forearm in the back. Elbow in the back. Into the opposite corner, picked up - sidewalk slam, sorry that's a backbreaker. Leg is hooked - only 2. Knox appears to be limping. Right hand. Guido tries a right, but Knox forearms him back down. "You can't wrestle" chant. Kneedrop, knee in the box, spun over, only 2. Looks like a hamstring problem for Knox. Kidney punch, another, Guido tries a right, another forearm by Knox. Scoop...and a slam. And here's another bodyslam. He doesn't seem to want to move too much. Let's call that a third bodyslam. And...yippee, a fourth bodyslam! Knox puts the badmouth on him. Off the ropes - kneedrop MISSES! Here comes Guido, going for the hamstring, kick, kick, kick, kick, Knox shoves him away. Pump kick finds the mark! Knox is limping some more - I mean, "selling Guido's attack" - and here's what the consensus call is "form of a Downward Spiral" for the 1, 2, 3. "Let's Go Guido" chant is JUST a bit too late. (1:16) Replays. Knox limps off. HEY! Didn't we see a segment SHOCKINGLY similar to this LAST WEEK?

Let Us Take You Back to Last Night on RAW Where Rob Van Dam, John Cena and Edge had a Triple Threat match...and you KNOW it's punishment when the champ loses his title AND actually gets pinned

Backstage, van Dam storms in on Paul. "Tell me what happened." "Nothing happened, it's all under contr--" "Did Big Show come in here and challenge me? Paul - I heard that he tried to bully you! Man, screw that! Make the match for tonight for the championship." "Rob, we've been together on this whole concept of ECW-" "Right." "We've been--" "Yes." "--friends for ten years--" "Yes, and you know that there is no way that I'm gonna let THIS turn into a place where the bigger guys get the top spots whether they've earned it or not...Paul. Set the match up. If he can beat me, then fine, he's top dog. Make the match." "Rob, you've been running yourself into the ground. I, I can't make this--" "Do it! Paul. If you don't want to, I'll go down there, I'll accept his challenge face to face." "Rob, please don't make me do this. I'm begging you. Please." "Fine. Thanks Paul, I got this." "Rob, please!"

AD BREAK: Subway
"My Super Ex-Girlfriend" opening July 21st
GEICO Motorcycle insurance
SciFi image spot
(local) Select Heartland Chevy

Capzasin patch
Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion
SciFi's "Who Wants to be a Superhero?"

TEST vignette - he'll debut later tonight - and probably be the subject of an unfunny chant

Commentators remind us that Test will make his debut later tonight. Then they remnind us that Test will make his debut later tonight! Cameraman gets bored and decides to pan over to the guy with the priest collar who just jumped the railing, grabbing a conveniently placed microphone from the commentator table. "This is my first time seeing an ECW show! And I have to tell each and every one of you, I am disgusted! The sex - the violence - and the language! I cannot believe that you people would spend your hard-earned money to come watch this filth! That's right - filth! This program is deplorable, and it should not be on TV! And as far as I can - am concerned, this form of entertainment should not even exist. So for all of you people here tonight, and for everybody watching at home - you should all be ashamed of yourselves! And as far as I am concerned, if you all enjoy ECW, then you are all SINNERS! That's right, sinners! You guys are sinners also! And each and every one of you will BURN - IN - HELL! By the way...I'm not a man of the cloth. I just use this so I could express my feelings to all of you." What do you call that, a priest tab? Anyway, it's off. I guess having Sandman pretend to cane an actual PRIEST is even too much for Philadelphia. (Who would have guessed?) For some reason, Sandman still hasn't come out - instead security is arguing with this guy to go back to his seat. Didn't they usually beat up people who jumped the railing? Am I overthinking this? Anyway, if you forced me to guess I'd say it was Tony DeVito, but he's already been Macho Libre and really, shouldn't they put out a different guy to take cane shots every week? Also, the commentators should have recognised him. Crowd chants "you suck dick" - finally, the sounds of a song that is not Metallica's "Enter Sandman" fill the arena as THE GUY WHO CANES THE GIMMICKS comes out poses at all four corners. Seen on message boards 5 July: "That fake priest was HILARIOUS! BRING HIM BACK EVERY WEEK!" Sandman to the barrier - oh, he's leaving! Well that was fun - oh, no, wait, he's calling his shot. Sandman over to the guy, who shows off his ticket - Sandman pulls him back over the railing, slaps the back of his head. "You wanna say something about ECW?" Slap. Cane at the ready - thumbs up? THUMBS DOWN! It's his Batista impersonation! (Batista returns Friday on Smackdown) CANE! Cane, cane, cane. Big windup....and one more cane to the ass as ht climbs back over the railing. Sandman laughs like this is the funniest thing in the world. Maybe it IS - the fact that he gets paid to "work" for thirty seconds each TV would probably make me laugh like that if I could get that gig too. Have a beer! And he takes it to his head enough times to reopen the cut. HEY! Didn't we see a segment SHOCKINGLY similar to this LAST WEEK?

Back in the locker room, van Dam has found Show. "Hey Show! Are you challengin' me tonight for the title?" "That's exactly what I'm doing." "I like that!" And he SLAPS him one. "I accept!" Show quivers - then smiles...

Catch ECW while you can - July 8th in Racine is sold out, July 9th it's Green Bay; July 16th, Huntsville; July 17th, Austin; and July 22nd, Muskegon! I'm pretty sure Superstar Steve Austin won't attack Sandman from behind as Woman looks on, but let's keep airing that clip anyway

AD BREAK: SciFi's "Eureka"
Gamefly (shoo fly)
Verizon Wireless
"You, Me & Dupree" in theatres July 14th
Burger King's BK Stacker
"Girls Gone Wild" Ultimate Rush & First Timers (you know what's sad? THAT and Kelly got all the referrals for last week's report)

"The Rise and Fall of ECW" book ad

Backstage, Rob van Dam - IS - WALKING! (Who had #4 in the pool?) And now Heyman's caught up to him. "Maybe - MAYBE right now you could tell me where your head's at." "Hey! Where's YOUR head at? Huh? Where're you at? ECW's my way around all this...crap, Paul. To show what I've got. To prove I'm the best. And if you ask me, I'm not doin' too bad of a job. I'm on top of the world, Paul. Where are you - I'm here because WE stuck by our guns. WE are ECW, right? That means we go all out. Listen, to be ECW Champion, I HAVE to beat Big Show. You with me?" "...yeah." "All right." "'cause I was wrong. And you're 100% right." "Thank you." "And I'm proud to have you as ECW champion." "You get it." "And the match is on." "YES" "And the title's on the line." "YES" "And it's extreme rules." "That's what I'm talking about!" "Go get 'em." "Let's do it!"

TEST (Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 285 pounds) v. AL SNOW (Lima, OH - 238 pounds) - Al has Head but Head gets no intro, although Styles tells us all about how the New Rocker went crazy and started talking to a mannequin head - oh, is THAT how the story goes. Test bulls Snow into the corner, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, kick, kick, kick, kick, right, right, right, right, right, kick, kick, kick, finally referee "Who Dat" pulls him off.

Freight train clothesline in the corner. "You take steroids" chant. Double feature of the clothesline as in the live picture, Test runs into a back elbow and Snow tries to come back - right, right, right, Test is absorbing them and asking for more. Slap by Snow, kicks the knee, off the ropes - right into a MAYBE chest high kick by Test. Crowd wants Head - crowd should be used to not getting what it wants by now. There's a swinging fireman's carry into a diamond cutter and there's a 1, 2, 3. (1:04) While Snow is busy making sure he can still wiggle all ten of his fingers, Test grabs Head...then kicks a field goal putting Head about four rows back into the crowd. OMG IT'S SYMBOLICALLYLIKE remember when Steve Austin killed the clown?

Vignette: "I'm suicidal." (clip of Sabu going through Cena and the RAW table) "I'm homicidal." (clip of DDT of Rey Mysterio through table from One Night Stand) "I'm genocidal." (montage of quick clips so you can't recognise any of them too quickly) "I'm Sabu." Wait - Sabu SPEAKS ENGLISH?!? Also, shouldn't he have added "I'm herbicidal?"

UP NEXT: Extreme Rules - ECW Championship - RVD - VS. - BIG SHOW

AD BREAK: SciFi Pictures presents "Slayer"
Bravo's "Project Runway"
"My Super Ex-Girlfriend" (each ad break must contain ONE Wilson)
Select Comfort's Sleep Number bed - good enough for the Bionic Woman

Great American Bash ad - as far as I know, no ECW extremists are scheduled to appear - yet

Outside the Wachovia Center, the vampire stares at you - then spits red stuff all over the camera lens! Kids today have NO concept of the value of private property!

Here's a look at an arm with...a Pepsi logo on it? "Don't let these tattoos fool you - I'm straight-edge. I'm a man of great discipline. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs - MY addiction is wrestling. My obsession is competition. Discipline. MY name is C. M. Punk." OH MY GOD I CAN CERTAINLY SEE FROM THOSE 30 SECONDS WHY PEOPLE WET THEIR PANTS OVER THIS GUY

MAIN EVENT COMIN' DOWN: Roberts gets to do intros after both men enter the ring, so let's take some time to note the graphic reminding us of next week's taping in Minneapolis - I'll be walking around desperately trying to be recognised, so stop by and bring something for me to autograph (or ask me to sell you something that I can autograph!) van Dam is going to slap hands with the entire front row before getting in the ring, looks like. "ECW Championship" graphic! Both commentators pick RVD which should further cement his dooooooom. If you guessed the official for this match would be Mike Posey, you might also wonder if I could paste in "HEY! Didn't we see a segment SHOCKINGLY similar to this LAST WEEK?" one more time. Okay, take it away, Justin: "The following contest, scheduled for one fall, will be held under EXTREME RULES, and it is for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. Standing at seven feet tall, weighing 507 pounds, THE BIG SHOW! And his opponent: from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing 237 pounds, he is the current ECW World Heavyweight Champion, ROB VAN DAM!" As Posey displays the belt, Styles tells us we'll be right back

AD BREAK: SciFi's "Stargate: Atlantis"
Tinactin (again) everyone is claymation except John Madden - and that's just weird
Gamefly (again)
Hydroxycut weight-loss formula
"Girls Gone Wild" (again)
Subway (again)
SciFi image spot
(local) Time Warner Cable
(local) Road Runner high-speed online from Time Warner Cable

When we come back, the match STILL hasn't started. Maybe it DOES take that long to pat down Show!

ROB VAN DAM v. BIG SHOW for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship under EXTREME Rules - "RVD" chant.

No lockup yet. van Dam is dancing, Show advances, van Dam scoots out. STILL no contact. Maybe we'll get a tieup - no, van Dam kicks his hand away. Dueling "Marijuana" / "Show sucks dick" chants. Lockup, no, van Dam escapes, kicks the back of the leg, kick, right, right, right, off the ropes - and into a clothesline from show. van Dam actually PUNCHED? Show headbutts van Dam out of the ring, then climbs over the top rope and outside after him. "You can't wrestle" chant - well, it's extreme rules, guys - van Dam up on the shoulder - but van Dam frees himself and runs SHOW inot the post! Right, right, right, jumps onto the barrier, but Show hits the ankle and crotches him - then clotheslines him into the front row. SHOW over the barrier and after him. Well it's a big right. van Dam all over the front row patrons. Show yells out "ECW" and slaps van Dam's chest. Well it's a big right. They're ALMOST all the way across the section's front row. Well it's another big right. van Dam finally elbows back, elbow, elbow, right, right, well it's a big headbutt stops van Dam's momentum. FINALLY back over the barrier involuntarily, and Show follows. But before Show can come over, van Dam climbs the barrier and kicks him in the head. Show hung out to dry. van Dam on the ring apron - point to self - and the spinning legdrop! Both men are down on the hey, let's take an ad break. Why not?

Verizon Wireless (again)
Burger King (again)
SciFi image spot
(local) HOM Furniture
SciFi Pictures' "Slayer" (again)
"Dark Angel" on SciFi

When we finally come back, everybody's in the ring and Show is standing over van Dam. Choke on the swecond rope. During the break, Show put up a big boot. Into the opposite corner, Show charges but HE eats a boot. van Dam from the second rope with a side kick to the head. van Dam climbs up top - well it's a big headbutt and van Dam crotches himself on the top. Double Feature replay of Show doing a good job of taking that kick. BOTH men on the second rope now. Well it's a big headbutt. Could it be? WELL IT'S A BIG SUPERPLEX!! The ring does NOT break. Crowd manages a "holy shit" chant for the man who can't wrestle. Give THAT a replay. Finally Show is over to drape an arm on van Dam - 1, 2, NO! Show grabs a handful of hair - has him up - Final Cut, but using the leg instead of the arm - 1, 2, NO! Styles says Show might be the first guy to be WCW, WWE *and* ECW Champion. Off the ropes, well it's a big boot to the head. Show standing on van Dam but using the ropes, at least. "Marijuana" chant won't help you now, van Dam. Well it's a big bodyslam. Well it's a big elbowdrop. Well it's ANOTHER big elbowdrop. 1, 2, NO! Show experiences frustration with the cadence. Show back over to van Dam - pulling him up by the hair - and here's the big, big bearhug. Crowd boos this. van Dam only managing a bridge to keep from being counted down. van Dam tries elbowing the exposed cranium - Show DOES break the sleeper, but picks him up and puts him down in backbreaker over the knee - then holding him in the bent position over his knee for good measure. Crowd is not exactly digging this match. I'm not minding. Crowd finally coming alive with an "RVD" chant - six or seven knees to the head force Show to break it. van Dam off the ropes with an elbow to the head. Off the ropes, ducks Show's clothesline, then chops him down with a low dropkick. Off the ropes - caught in the choke - but van Dam counters the chokeslam attempt into a HUGE DDT on Show! van Dam slowly pulls himself back up - off the ropes - bodypress! Dropkick! Off the ropes - Rolling Thunder! Cover - 1, 2, Show presses him away with ease. Show in the corner - van Dam tries a Super Kwang and connects! Up to the top - but Show catches the kick (high cradle style) and throws him out of the the ring to the floor! We'll take a replay of that as Show goes outside after him. Show with the STEEL steps - but van Dam manages a drop toehold and Show's head goes down and onto the steps! van Dam quickly back in - top rope - flying press - CAUGHT AGAIN - and shoved spine first into the ring apron. Show shoves van Dam back into the ring. As he lumbers back in, we'll take another replay to distract you.

van Dam is out the opposite side of the ring, but Show has his hair again - van Dam with a right - now dropping to the floor (well, the second try at least) and throating Show on the top rope in the process! van Dam decides it's time for the hardware - but coming back in, Show swats the chair away - and it's the CHOKESLAAAAAM! 1, 2, NO!!!!! Show's had it with Posey and cobra clutch spins him out of the ring. Back over to van Dam - powerbomb coming up - but van Dam brings the chair up with him and WHACKS show on his way up! Show down. "ECW" chant. van Dam covers, but there's no ref, and Show shoves him off anyway. While we take the replay, somehow van Dam manages a van Daminator on Show! To the top - FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! STILL no ref! PAUL HEYMAN runs out...remember One Night Stand? 1, 2, -- he pulls up?! van Dam is perplexed. Heyman flashes a grin and rolls out of the ring. "You sold out" chant from the crowd. Heyman's gone - but Show isn't - WHACK. Heyman runs back in and commands Show to chokeslam van Dam on the chair - and he does. Heyman counts a deliberate 1, 2, 3 - ladies and gentlemen, we have a new ECW World Heavyweight Champion. (18:01) Cue the trash from the fans. Heyman and Show shake hands - and Heyman raises Show's. Styles: "Paul Heyman, you son of a bitch." Replay of the frog splash...and the 2. Show stands amidst the trash and slaps the belt on his shoulder. Replay of the chokeslam on the chair...and the 3. Again, Heyman raises Show's arm. Oh yeah, I guess he managed him when he managed Lesnar, Angle and Show to three consecutive WWE Championship title reigns - not that that made a whole lotta sense back THEN, either. Not that anybody's expected to remember that NOW. Or are we? How DOES this make sense? I'd say tune in next week, but that might come across as overly optimistic....well, it was a big show. It was a big bad show tonight. It's 10:05, the WWE copyright notice is on screen... and how apropos that the next sound you will hear is the unforgettable refrain of the theme from the original Twilight Zone.

(edited by CRZ on 6.7.06 0020)

(edited by CRZ on 6.7.06 1103)

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Jim Smith

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From: Bloomington, IL

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Nuts. I was really hoping CRZ would point out the "WELCOME TO ECW THUNDER" sign during the fake priest segment.
Big Brother

Since: 9.12.01
From: ミネアポリス

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    Originally posted by Jim Smith
    Nuts. I was really hoping CRZ would point out the "WELCOME TO ECW THUNDER" sign during the fake priest segment.
You know, I THOUGHT I saw that, and then I got so wrapped up in transcription I forgot to go back and make sure I'd actually SEEN it. I'm VERY LAZY. Sorry. :)

Six Degrees of Me

Since: 21.2.02

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Ratings per Scherer:

This week's edition of ECW on Sci Fi did a 1.4 cable rating, with a 3 share.

While it was down from last week's 2.2, I was told that network and WWE sources were happy with the number since it aired on the holiday and they were expecting a far greater drop off than what they ended up getting.

The show did consistent quarter hours, starting with a 1.3, going to a 1.4, another 1.4, then doing a 1.5 in the last quarter. The overrun was the high point, doing a 1.9.


Demonstrations are a drag. Besides, we're much too high
Peter The Hegemon
Lap cheong

Since: 11.2.03
From: Hackettstown, NJ

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.91
While it's certainly true that a holiday--particularly one associated with popular out-of-the-home evening activities--hurts the ratings, you'd think the fact that everyone and his brother knew a title change on this show was likely would have offset at least some of that.

Hey, why did Paul have to promise Big Show a title shot to come to ECW, when Big Show was drafted? Or, as some wise person recently asked, am I overthinking this? B^)

Since: 10.12.01
From: Aurora, IL

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He wasn't drafted; he turned on the WWE and joined ECW on the WWE vs ECW special. (His actions there might almost make sense now!) - CMLLBlog

Since: 24.7.02

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.44
    Originally posted by RYDER FAKIN
    Ratings per Scherer:

    This week's edition of ECW on Sci Fi did a 1.4 cable rating, with a 3 share.

    While it was down from last week's 2.2, I was told that network and WWE sources were happy with the number since it aired on the holiday and they were expecting a far greater drop off than what they ended up getting.

    The show did consistent quarter hours, starting with a 1.3, going to a 1.4, another 1.4, then doing a 1.5 in the last quarter. The overrun was the high point, doing a 1.9.


I'm biased.
So, this rating did approximately what the old ECW on TNN did for the title changes between Awesome and Tanaka on X-Mas and New Years Eve '99. It is going to be real interesting to see what occurs now that ECW appears to no longer be the 3rd hour of RAW.
Future excuses:
7/11: Baseball All-Star Game plus people getting free slurpees at 7-11. Also, the always possible 7-11 war between Pakistan and India could start.
7/18: No known excuse, thus no competition is the excuse.
7/25: X-Mas in July.

And, I was slightly disappointed with the ECW crowd during the Test match. No 'You Suck Testicles' or 'Where is Stacy' chanting?
Also, tough to compare this to Thunder, as Thunder would generally have at least 1 cruiser match.
Has the NewBreed moniker bit the dust, as it didn't seem to be repeated every 43 seconds by Styles or Tazz this week.

(edited by redsoxnation on 6.7.06 1842)
Toast Jr

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.23
    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    And, I was slightly disappointed with the ECW crowd during the Test match. No 'You Suck Testicles' or 'Where is Stacy' chanting?

I was actually quite proud of the crowd. "Knox sucks Cocks" was inspired! I mean, that RHYMES!
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