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The W - Pro Wrestling - WrestleMania 21: Discuss (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.49
I'd say last year's was better as far as match importance and main events go. But since this year the show was shorter, its probably one of the best WM undercards of all time...just that the main events were weak.

JBL/Cena was very weak, short, and anticlimactic. I think I heard some boring chants.

HHH/Batista was as good as it was going to be. Decent but not great. I think Batista sold WAY too much for HHH. They should've kept the match shorter and tighter so Batista was less exposed.

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#22 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.47
Undertaker beat Orton? This can't be! What about that Orton T-shirt with Undertaker's name on it?!

Stupid zombie...

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#23 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.49
    Originally posted by The Great Thomas
    Undertaker beat Orton? This can't be! What about that Orton T-shirt with Undertaker's name on it?!

I'm really disappointed that I can't buy that t-shirt. I'd enjoy it on so many levels: spite, pettiness, kitsch. Plus, I'd wear it with the same pride as a "2004 New York Yankees American League Champs" shirt.

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#24 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.80
Eddy/Rey: I thought it was okay, but all it really did was make me want to pull out some old WCW tapes of the two.
Money in the Bank: Shelton and Benoit both looked great. Shelton running up the ladder was one of the highlights of the night. Would've liked to see anybody but Edge win, but since all he'll do is end up jobbing, it's all good...
Eugene: Too bad Hassan and Daivari didn't get to kill the guy before Hogan came out. Eugene meeting Hogan would've made a good end for the segment, but whatever...
Orton/Underfaker: Was a lot better than I'd expected. Don't know when the last time I saw an UT match where he was actually motivated like that. The chokeslam into the RKO was a highlight of the night...
Trish/Christy: A waste of Trish's time, but at least she didn't get crippled by a blown spot..probably because Lita really hasn't been training Christy...
Angle/Michaels: Started slow but the last ten minutes were pretty hot. Was great seeing HBK tap...
Piper's Pit: Was it just me or did the crowd not get into it at all? The whole "What?" thing doesn't count because they do that all the time anyway. Piper was entertaining when he goofed on the chants. Carlito saved the segment. Too bad he had to look like a clown to put over two non-wrestlers...
King Kong Big Show/Akebono: Complete waste of time. Don't try and convince me there's only a ten pound difference between the two. Big show looked pretty damn small...if only he could team with Akebono, maybe JR could convince us that Big Show has lost weight...
Cena/JBL: Great intro with the money from the ceiling. Not a great match. Pretty damn weak ending. Maybe I would've cared if I cared about Cena, but he hasn't been entertaining in ages. It's a shame because he showed so much potential back when I'd watch him at the Galaxy Theatre...
Batista/Cripple H: A few decent bits. I would've preferred to see Batista just kill HHH in like three minutes though. The entrance during Motorhead's song was spiffy...

It was a decent show overall, but it didn't feel like WM to me. Maybe it was the crowd, maybe it was the fact that I didn't see all thebelts defended. I don't know. Either way, I'm glad I didn't pay for it...

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.36
    Originally posted by Mattitude
    I don't care what anyone says about Hogan, I was marking out like I was ten years old again when Real American fired up.
I will admit I had goosebumps. Oh to be back in 1985 again. I would not have recognised Paul ''General Patton'' Orndorff if he walked in off the street.Gee time stands still for no man.

The matches were ok..well I cant comment on the womesn title I was doing what they were doing..having a crap

Eddie -Rey --didnt have a lot and seemed flat.

MITB-- Way too early in the program. But still a top sick match. Ladders and Benoit in the same ring should be outlawed. I said to my mate as he go to the top as he prepared to dive. '' Someone will get killed one of these days''

Undertaker -Orton -- Not a bad match and the right finish.

HBK -Angle -- Yep match of the night without doubt.

Pipers Pit -- whoever said Roddy hasnt aged is a liar or needs glasses. He looked ''medicated'' but still gave a good account. ''WHAT'' I have been waiting for someone to react to that chant and he did it well. Falling off the chair laughing.

JBL-Cena.-- What its finished? Poor finish really. Would have killed some momentum

HHH- Batista-- Actually not too bad HHH bled like a pig and no matter what you say about him he gives good television, and does the job...when required)

Big Show- Akebono-- Well being in Hollywood we had our Star Wars tribute... 2 moons over Tattoine ugly ugly ugly..too much skin

And yes I like most knew as soon as Hassan came out that he would be followed by Hogan..still didnt lessen the impact of the goosebumps..oh and where was Eugene after the beatdown. I expected Hogan to offer Eugene the leg drop.

Overall not too bad 7.5/10 but seemed the crowd really were a Hollywood crowd and not a wrestling crowd

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#26 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.63
I watched it live, and then FFed through most of it again when my girlfriend came home and wanted to see what we missed.

First, the Shelton Benjamin Stairway to Heaven spot had me cheering out loud, at home, by myself. Sad, but true. Great match.

Rey v Eddie was still good despite the attire problems (Girlfriend says "You think they would have had him try that mask on first before he went out on a PPV with it") Nice spots, some really crisp moves when they werent hampered by Rey messing with his mask.

I thought the Womens title match wasnt half bad. Hemme did herself proud, especially considering it was her first match. I think she handled herself well. Trish carried her, sure, and was talking her through the entire match, step by step, but, she did an acceptable job with it.

Taker v Orton. I swore if Orton went over, I would stop watching. GREAT final four or five minutes to the match. Orton didnt blow the thing, and it went very well. Long live the Underskater.

Any time I see Davari on my TV I smile. He is so entertaining to me, I love to see him on the screen. Plus, he was PIMPED Out tonight with that white outfit.

Piper's Pit seemed okay. Is Austin coming back? He has new merchendise on the website. Was in the last wrestlemania commercial spot, looked to be in okay shape, and cut a nice promo.
Best part was Piper saying "you people cant understand me?" classic Piper.

Cena v JBL, asgain, my girlfriend summed it up best "Three months of buildup and THATS how the match ends? This shit is stupid!"
I dont like Cena, I prefer JBL, and I hate having to think of Cena with some tricked out belt.

Batista v HHH was good, but Dave looked spent early. Good match though.

Match of the night? Angle v HBK. Now, I have said before I think Angle v Benoit is the late 90s version of Flair v Steamboat. Great matches, always entertaining, and always exciting, showing off the best both talents had to offer. This matchup is Flair v Sting. Both great in thier own right, and put on good matches together.

HBK doing the mat wrestling was brilliant. I wish he would have stayed with that.
The table spot was great, too bad it didnt break.
Angle takes SCM and looks to be legit knocked loopy. Whenever both lay there, and the ref is talkign to them for more than ten seconds, something is amiss.
Finish was awesome, and I was glad the match ended like it did.

Overall, good show.
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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.78
Piper was in classic form tonight no doubt. Great show. Thats really all that needs to be said...except two SD! matches. I'll let yall geuss which two.

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.19
I must be crazy, but did I happen to see David Arquette sitting next to Hogan's kids?!

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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.63
Yeah, he was one of the "many celebrities" on hand.

Suprised that Lawler acknowledged him. More suprised JR didnt call him by his proper title "FORMER WCW CHAMPION"

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#30 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.48
Wrestlemania 21 is over, and Triple H and Shawn Michaels each put their respective opponents over clean, thus fulfilling their annual quota.

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#31 Posted on
Read some notes and apparently the Battle Royal did occur, though untelevised just prior to the PPV with Booker T winning. Good for him as I was a little miffed he didn't make the card. The match will be on the WM 21 DVD.

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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.86
Bah. The local bar has apparently stopped running PPVs, so I missed the show.

Damn shame. I really wanted to see Angle vs. HBK, and from the sound of things, I missed out.
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#33 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.40
I'm probably not going to say anything that wasn't already said...

First of all, the presentation was completely awesome. That marquee especially was so freakin cool.

This is the first WM since X-Seven that I watched live on TV. Of course, nothing could possibly beat attending a WM live, but I will say this, at the risk of making a rush judgment...WM 21 is the first one since X-Seven that I could watch on tape all the way through, with no ffwd-ing.

Eddie-Rey was very good, but, as some ppl already said.

Ladder match was so good. The spots were so gratuitous, but I loved it. I'll reiterate others' remarks - Benjamin's climbing the ladder ramp was fucking unbelievable.

I love Hogan.

Taker-Orton was great. For the second consecutive WM, Orton hits a totally awesome RKO out of NOWHERE. Wow. Taker's WM entrances are becoming derivative of past entrances. The "conveyor belt" effect was great though. Did they blow that last Last Ride spot? Ace's cast was definitely a mark-out moment.

HBK-Angle...what can you say?

EDIT: Actually, I want to say one thing...Angle puts the straps up, just to take them down again. Awesome.

So, look at all the "evidence" that Edge was going to take his match at the end of the night (well, just 2 pieces of evidence): the ladder match going on very early, to give Edge time to recover, and Earl Hebner not reffing the main event. I thought Edge was going to drag Hebner to the ring to start his match. What was up with Hebner not reffing? Everything about HHH-Batista was excellent, IMO.

The end-of-show video was so always.

I'm just gushing compliments right now with no real arguments, I know, but I'm still high on this show.

EDIT: That crowd was incredible. Almost as good as us last year. :-)

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#34 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.99

The show seemed more like a good Summerslam. HBK and Angle was the only Wrestlemania quality match.

I liked the main event, especially the breaking the pedigree spot at the end. Very nice.

JBL/Cena was hard to watch, fitting that it represented the "best" of what Smackdown had to offer.

Money in the bank stuff was okay. But when you have the other TLC stuff to compare it to, it didn't stand out. Did Sheldon screw up his leg after getting hung up in the ropes?

I have never rooted for Undertaker harder. It was probably the best these two could give us.

Can't believe they had the gall to put that women's match on a WrestleMania card.

The filler was hit and miss. Hall of Fame was okay. As was the Hogan/Hassan stuff. Sumo match was inexplicable. At least it took awhile.

The Piper's Pit was incredibly tedious, waiting for Roddy to stammer out his lines and Austin to make an awkward reply. Most of the show seemed like that.. just kind of draining. I was glad that Bautista won and I liked the main, but I was also glad that the show was over, too. It certainly had none of the emotion of last year's finish.

Mostly, I just thought about how they won't hire the future Rey Mysterios of the world, under their stupid height policy and how HHH will be in the exact same position, come next year's show.

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#35 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.81
My only comment to add:

HBK appeared to have purchased the homemade bling kit from


I liked the show and was happy with my purchase, even though the two mains made me sleepy.

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#36 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.23
And now...

It's False reports LIVE from Wrestlemania 21

Working as a Staples Center candy vendor, here's what I noticed from a live perspective.


The battle royal was the perfect way to get the crowd going. They looked rabid for action. They were behind Booker all the way. They booed Snitsky's elimination, either because they didn't want to see him go or because he couldn't do the catapult spot properly.


The Austin Gladiator spot got a HUGE pop!

Rey and Eddie was a great opener. The crowd was divided, leaning towards Eddie. Good match, with the crowd reacting positively to Rey's win.

Crowd for popped for Triple H and Flair during their run in with JBL and Orlando. Flair's WOO went over huge, as the crowd had been WOO-ing randomly the whole night to that point.

Everyone was entertained by the Money in the Bank match. Shelton is a lot more over than I thought he was, especially after the T-bone off the ladder spot. Crowd really got into the spot where everyone fought from atop the ladder. Smart fans were indeed chanting "You screwed Matt" at Edge.

Eugene got a lukewarm pop, but Hassan and Daivari's interruption got major heat. It should be noted that I was working the section with an Arab fan during this time and he didn't take kindly to Hassan's character, looking offended. Gee, I wonder why? Hulk Hogan then gets the pop to end all pops! Everyone ate his act up with a spoon and wanted more Hogan.

Undertaker also got a big pop, right behind Hogan. His entrance was something to behold. Orton got decent heat, but not as much as you'd expect. Big boos for Cowboy Bob's run-in. Note: Points to a guy who yelled out "Holy crap! His injury still hasn't healed!" Orton did a great selljob on the tombstone, not moving for LONG after the match was over.

Women's match was a bathroom break, as expected. I took this time to refill the candy tray.

HBK and Angle was a classic in every sense of the word. I completely stopped working for the ending sequence as EVERY SINGLE FAN was on the edge of their seat, waiting to see if Shawn would tap. It should be noted that the crowd was BITTERLY divided during this match, with literally half the arena going for HBK and the other half going for Angle.

Roddy Piper got a good pop, but the second biggest pop of the night came right after with Austin. Crowd really ate up the interaction between Piper and Austin while Carlito really helped make that segment. Crowd popped for the first Stunner, but this wasn't a dumb crowd by any means. They all KNEW Piper would get his Stunner shortly after.

Crowd gave Akebono a decent reaction. No audible boring chants for the sumo match and, surprisingly, not really a bathroom break match. People did watch it attentatively and were actually pretty disappointed to see Show lose.

Despite reports to the contrary, Cena got a big pop. Although that fizzled shortly after the match started. The JBL era FINALLY ends, not with a bang, but with a total whimper, which is exactly how it should be. No way did BRADSHAW deserve to hold a title of ANY KIND, much less the WWE Title, for 9 whole months! Crowd REALLY didn't know what to make of the sudden finish.

Crowd went nuts for Batista and Triple H, but once the bell rang, they were behind DAVE all the way. His title win got the reaction that Cena's should have.

1. Hogan
2. Austin
3. Undertaker
4. Batista
5. Eddie

1. Hassan and Daivari
2. JBL
3. Carlito
4. Randy Orton
5. Edge

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#37 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.52
My mother and I went to International Buffet at Centerville and Kempsville in Virginia Beach for lunch around 12:30. On our way out we saw a marquee saying that the nearby Baker Street cafe would be showing WrestleMania. Immediately I got excited, and when I got home I called them. No cover charge, but they were asking a minimum $10 purchase per customer, which was more than reasonable when you consider that they're broadcasting a $50 pay-per-view.

Figuring it'd be much better to pay $10 and be around people who enjoy wrestling than pay $50 and watch it at home by myself, I biked there.

So I watched the show at Baker Street Cafe, a couple miles from my house. The place was packed. When I first got there there were four people heading out, and when I asked them they said they hadn't been able to find seats. I immediately started worrying that neither would I.

Good thing I came alone. The lady behind the front counter said yes, I could come in, but they only had room for me in the bar area-- and there were no open seats. As it turned out, I'd arrived just in time to see Rey Mysterio make his entrance.

A few minutes into Mysterio/Guerrero, a seat opened up, and I snatched it immediately. And for the next four hours, I had the most fun watching a wrestling show that I ever have, short of actually being at the event itself.

Made quick friends with four other guys, and we shared predictions and thoughts on the matches as the night rolled on. And I'll tell you, the people in this restaurant were wrestling fans, guys. They popped hardest for Hogan's appearance, Undertaker's win and Batista's title victory, but they popped for everybody in some way, shape or form-- even Carlito was well-received by this audience. I'm not saying that to denigrate Carlito (far from it, I assure you), I'm simply saying that casual fans would've been like, "Who the fuck's this guy?"

I ended up getting about a bazillion Cokes (thank God for free refills, 'cuz when I got home I had to use the restroom, seriously, five times in the next three hours), bacon and cheddar skins, and I got a plate of french fries during the main event. Grand total came to $10.78, plus a five-dollar tip for the hard work our bartender had put in. I'm telling you, some people were treating her like shit, but I made it a point not to do that. Guess I have a better understanding than some assholes that customer service ain't easy.

The atmosphere of the place made every match seem important and awesome, so keeping that in mind (and keeping in mind that other than the live broadcast, I haven't seen WM21 since, and won't until I get the DVD), here are my thoughts on the event:

Rey Mysterio/Eddie Guerrero:

I actually didn't notice Rey's continuing wardrobe malfunctions, because I was simply too excited about "Hey, this is WRESTLEMANIA, BABY!" to notice. I don't think the match was all that flat, though. I loved when they brought the technical wrestling, and when Eddie reversed the West Coast Pop into a powerbomb. I fully expected Eddie to turn heel and attack Rey after the match, but I imagine they're probably gonna do that when their titles change hands.

I'd predicted Rey in the other thread, although I didn't get a chance to share that prediction with my new friends, but that's 1 for 1.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

Holy shit. Shelton Benjamin is absolutely out of his fucking mind. But bless him for really stepping it up (even above and beyond his current level of brilliance) at the Grandest Stage of Them All. It's been well-documented, but that running-up-the-ladder clothesline made me, and everyone else in the restaurant go, "HOLY SHIT!"

The only person whose victory would've pissed me off would've been Kane, so I'm glad he didn't. Edge's win really adds intrigue to the coming days, weeks and months ahead, though, because theoretically he could demand his title shot at any time, so if Batista's ever laid out, he'd better watch it!

My new friends were split between Benjamin and Kane in terms of predicting a winner. I personally had predicted Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho to my friends, "but I'd love to see Shelton win", which was what I predicted in the thread. I said Kane might win, and Christian wouldn't win, because he never wins anything, it seems. But Edge's victory makes me 1 for 2 thus far.

Eugene, Hassan, Daivari, Hogan segment

People in the bar were kinda pleased to see Eugene, I guess, but the booing started in earnest when Hassan and Daivari came out. I heard all of what Eugene said, but the only thing I can remember Hassan saying was that he was going to "make his own WrestleMania moment," which was when he attacked Eugene. While Eugene was being attacked, people around me were asking for either Austin or Hogan, and the Hulkster rose to the occasion. Hogan making the save got a tremendous pop from the audience, and from me as well. Hell, I sang "Real American", so if anybody wants to take my smark card, you're welcome to it.

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

Wow, what a great match. It exceeded my expectations in a big way. Of course 'Taker's entrance was awesome. I laughed at Orton trying to play it safe and stay away from 'Taker at the start-- and when he slapped 'Taker, I said, "Shouldna done that, Randy!" There were several occasions in which it looked like Orton would win-- from Cowboy Bob hitting 'Taker with the cast to Orton reversing the chokeslam into an RKO in a brilliant spot-- but when Orton made the ill-advised attempt to tombstone 'Taker, we all knew it'd be reversed, and of course it was.

13-0, 'Taker, and thank God they didn't allow the legendary streak to come to an end at the hands of that idiot Orton. Two of my friends predicted (and wanted to see) Orton win the thing, but one of my friends predicted a 'Taker victory and the fourth guy hadn't arrived yet.

I predicted 'Taker both in the restaurant and in the thread, so I'm 2 for 3 thus far.

Women's Title: Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme

Oh, Trish was acting like such a bitch, but she was being so cute about it! I don't remember much about the match itself, but definitely the right woman went over here. I'm still upset that Christy got this opportunity and Molly Holly or Victoria didn't (and don't even get me started on Gail Kim, Jazz or Nidia), but Christy had some spunk. She just needs to keep her feet on the ground, reach for the stars, and in three or four years she might be as good as Trish.

One of my friends predicted Christy Hemme would win, no shenanigans. The other one I asked predicted a Trish victory, after which Christy would turn on Lita, which would've been shocking, no question. I personally predicted a Christy win after the typical cheating Lita shenanigans (and predicted her to win in the thread as well), so I'm relieved that this match lowered my percentage to 50%, 2 of 4.

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

Those two put on a match that will be talked about for a looooong time to come. I smiled and joined in when the restaurant did the "YOU SUCK!" chant for Angle, later explaining to one of my compadrés that I was doing it becuase I liked Kurt. He actually seemed to understand.

Brilliant contest. Can't wait to see it again on DVD, especially considering the fact that, well... I actually missed the tap-out. One of my buddies, see, started talking to this girl I was sitting next to (to whom I'd paid zero attention the entire time-- not that I'm that great with the ladies even when I'm not watching an exciting WrestleMania). So I tapped him on the shoulder and told him I'd be more than happy to switch seats with him, which he was quite grateful for later on. Don't know if he got the girl's number, though. Mumbled something later about "her baby daddy" showing up. Eh.

So while this was going on, Shawn was tapping out, and if there was a replay, I didn't see that, either. But I knew what'd happened, because the place erupted with cheers and applause as Kurt Angle's music played. I'm telling you, dudes, this was the greatest place I could've been tonight.

My friends both predicted an HBK victory (in fact, one of them was so adamant about it that he was willing to put $20 on both an HBK victory and a HHH victory-- which, unfortunately, I declined), but I predicted Angle would win. Did so in the thread, too, so that makes me 3 for 5.

Piper's Pit Featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin

Wow, I guess the atmosphere must've added a lot to the show. That, or none of you know what the heck you're talking about, because everyone in that restaurant, including me, were hanging on Piper and Austin's every word. Piper made me crack up at least ten times. "What, are you deaf?" "You can't understand him, either?" Hee!

Also loved Piper's reaction to being slapped (after he started it by slapping Austin). He kinda laughed, smiled that famous smile and said, "Well, now that we've got that out of the way..." Hahaha!

I loved when Carlito came out. He's very entertaining, and I'm glad WWE's catching onto that by allowing him in there with a Hall of Famer and a future Hall of Famer. Another big laugh for Piper spitting half the apple into Carlito's face.

We all knew Carlito was gonna eat a Stunner, and knew that after they drank some beer, Piper'd be next. Yup. Actually kinda glad Austin knocked him out, 'cuz Piper looked like he'd had three or four too many. Roddy's nuts enough without running around drunk on the streets of Hollywood.

Sumo Match: Akebono vs. Big Show

Having seen a few sumo wrestling matches during a slow night on ESPN a year or so back, I knew that odds were the entrances would take longer than the match itself. Yup. I guess the match was OK for what it was, but are you telling me WWE couldn't find a way to squeeze the battle royal onto it-- or even onto Heat?

All of my friends, and I, predicted that Akebono would win the match. But everyone other than me was expecting Show to chokeslam Akebono through the ring-- although God knew how long it'd take to get that repaired. In any event, that makes me 4 for 6 thus far. And yup, Big Show's still the anti-Taker when it comes to WrestleMania, where he's still winless.

WWE Championship Match: JBL (C) vs. John Cena

I guess I can live with Cena winning the championship, especially since I don't watch SmackDown! regularly anyway, but if they bling up the WWE Championship belt, I'm gonna scream bloody murder. Hell, even my friends (all of whom wanted Cena to win) said that they'd turn on Cena instantly if he got a spinner title belt.

The match was boring as hell, and the atmosphere of the restaurant finally got a bit subdued. Hell, I took a restroom braek just as the match was getting underway. People were happy to see Cena win, but they weren't screaming about it or anything.

I predicted JBL, and frankly wanted JBL to retain, but Cena's victory made me 4 for 7.

Hall of Fame Introductions

Nice that unlike last year, each man got their own entrance music played as they came out. The crowd didn't seem to care for it much, but the restaurant patrons appreciated each man.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H (C) vs. Batista

The match was very exciting to me, especially when Batista started kicking the hell out of HHH, which I've been wanting to see for a loooong time. Trips got me worried when he had that Pedigree cinched in and even began the motion of delivering it, but I was shocked when, well... nothing happened.

Even though the match was pretty one-sided in favor of Batista (I even commented during the match that this was the way Sting/Hogan at Starrcade '97 should have been), the right guy went over, and the match was still very exciting. One of my buddies predicted that HHH would win, even though he was wearing a Batista T-shirt and wanted Batista to win.

I came into the night favoring Batista in terms of an actual prediction (which was reflected in the thread), but when Cena won the WWE Championship I figured they wouldn't want both titles to change hands on the same night. I was wrong, and I'm glad I was wrong... because Batista's victory produced the biggest mark-out moment of the match.

I finished 5-3 overall, which I thought was pretty good, as unpredictable as the night ended up being.

And I'm definitely going to Baker Street Cafe for the next WWE pay-per-view they show. Whether that'll be Backlash 2005 or WrestleMania XXII, I don't know yet. (And thanks for returning to the Roman numerals-- just make up your fucking minds, WWE! Oh, and you can do better than just re-using the WM21 logo, can't you?)

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I told ya FREAK BITCHES that you was a damn fool if you thought Undertaker and Orton were going to have a bad match. The entirety of that OnlineDonslaught preview was like "oh Orton is so bad that it makes my vagina hurt," and then he goes out and has a really good match with one shoulder *and* doesn't even make you suffer the indignity of his beating the Undertaker's fake streak. Three cheers for Randy Orton, hip hop hooray.

I can paste my thoughts from Delphi!

Eddie/Rey, what happened, you guys? Eddie worked like it was a house show and Rey made me uncomfortable by fixing his mask after every spot. I don't know if they were nervous or what, but it's unfortunate, because they had the crowd. 12 minutes is also not enough to give them but in this case we really weren't robbed of anything, unless they were saving everything for a secret last 3 minutes that did not end up occurring. I feel pretty bad for them because I imagine going in they were thinking OMG we best friends on the biggest stage ever, let's do this up and steal the show and have a classic. And then they ... didn't. ***

Money in the Bank was outstanding. Benoit is the greatest seller ever. Anything else I can say would just be listing spots and the boners they gave me. Best was Shelton running up the ladder. Also when all the ladders were on fire. ****1/2

Midgets are awesome. I was pleased with this because it was the best possible use of Hogan and I approve of him being given the cartoon foreign heel. But I expected Eugene to do 'tard posing with Hogan and instead he vanished so Hogan could soak it all up.

Taker and Orton delivered. Occassionally slow Undertaker-fightin', but turned into a good match and then got super with Orton Classic putting the cast back on, Randy hitting the RKO out of the chokeslam~~~~, and finally Orton going for the Tombstone. ***1/2

Baha Trish did the Christy dance. 1/2*

Michaels and Angle: yes. All we could've asked for. They didn't do the Angle Slam escape into superkick but they did everything else. First moonsault since when (did he do one in the 60 minute Lesnar match)? ****3/4 - this and the ladder match could decrease 1/4* on rewatches but we'll see.

Piper's Pit was a little weird, but pleasant, and the fact that it was Carlito~~~~~~ fraternizing with Austin instead of Hassan delights me more than you'll never know.

Akebono and Show were scantily clad and super fat. This was so worth it.

Hey Cena and JBL, just because you were booked in all those singles matches after Smackdown tapings doesn't mean you were supposed to do the exact same match at Mania. In their defense, neither guy is good and they got noooooo help to speak of. Even if you're saving the blood for one match, for them to not do Cabinet run-ins, ref bumps, and false finishes to create fake drama is inexcusable. A JBL guarantee finally not coming through is the right way to do it, but nothing else is because you didn't do a JBL match! It should've looked like he was going to cheat and get lucky and win again! But it never did and there was no heat and Cena's win could not have gotten less over. Shame on all of you. *1/4

I was like "holy crap Nikolai Volkoff's daughter is hot, he's Anna Kournikova's dad" and then I realized that was Michelle. I can't believe Maria Kanellis gets a PPV payoff and Booker T doesn't.

Batista/Hunter was at least eight minutes too long and I was very bored at first, but it picked up immensely once they actually started doing stuff and got the crowd involved. **3/4
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Thanks for a great season, Pick of the Week fans...see you this fall at Planet Magic in Denmark, WI!

    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    Any time I see Davari on my TV I smile. He is so entertaining to me, I love to see him on the screen. Plus, he was PIMPED Out tonight with that white outfit.

You were smiling? It wasn't long ago the dude was wrestling for us, and there we are, in the bar that just hosted our latest show this past Friday, watching a spot with Hulk f'n goddamn WRESTLEMANIA. Awesome.

(BTW, want you some more Daivari, check out ACW-NWA WI's online store...)

And my WrestleMania moment: it was warm enough here in Titletown today for my first motorcycle ride of the I rode to The Bar to watch the PPV. OWNED!

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This was the first PPV that I had ordered in over a year and afterwards I had no regrets. Good show overall.
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I like Joey Ryan, but I was unimpressed with him last night. He seemed a step slow and was sloppy. He seemed very nervous which is understandable.
- graves9, Impact Wrestling 5-24-12 (2012)
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