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21.1.19 1212
The W - Pro Wrestling - Raw 1-26-04
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Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

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FOOTAGE! from last night - it's Mick Foley, beating-down Randy.

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, because it is time to WAKE UP! It's Raw, live from Hershey, PA...and a Fashion Report, too! And here's to another in a series of meetings between me and my new arch-nemesis, Closed-Captioning (made possible by World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.)

Jericho, to his WWE Originals tuen, in open shiny black/red/pink "Jericho" shirt and silhoutte tights, speaks. Jericho wants to use his Survivor Series favor to get a title shot tonight. Yeah! (as he parodys the Dean bit) Bisch, in grey sportscoat, black slacks and mustard-gray shirt, to book that match. But he also books Trish vs. Kane (because Bisch is upset Jericho couldn't win the Rumble for Raw). Then Bisch books Jericho and Rob vs. Evolution (not HHH).

Jericho and Rob, in black "RVD" singlet with perched dracolich and spine, vs. Evolution - Randy in red "Orton" undies with hip scrawling, wearing the IC Title, Batista, in black undies with arcing hip flames, wearing the Tag Title, and Flair, in purple sequined "Nature Boy" robe with black "RF" undies, wearing the Tag Title. Hebner is the referee. The faces are in control until Batista powerbombs Jericho on the floor. It becomes 3-on-1, but Adbreak runs-in for good measure.

Cont. Rob is holdin on while Jericho is tended to on the outside. Evolution beats on Rob for a few minutes (focusing on the arm) as Jericho slowly makes his way back to his corner, so he can get the hot tag. Theh Walls are locked in, and Randy goes for the RKO - blowing it. Rnady tries again and hits it for the pin. A nice match (except for some minor gaffes, and the blown finish).

In Bisch's Room of Fun, an enraged Randy demands participation to beat-up Mick, should he arrive. Austin appears to confirm that Mick will be there tonight.

Meanwhile, in Jericho's lockerroom, Trish arrives to thank him. Oh no - "friends"! Then Christian! butts-in to end the love (platonic), upsetting Jericho. Trish leaves and the guys argue.

Victoria, in white/black shirt, white lace-up bra and white pants, with Stevie, in black "Stevie Night Heat" fullcuts, and Lita, in black winged tanktop, green hotpants, and red armwrap, vs. Molly, in floral top and black pants, carrying the Womens' Title, and Jazz, in sleeveless/legless/backless black one-piece with silver bead belt, with Teddy, in grey sportscoat and black slacks. I love Victoria's very vocal offense (grunting means effort). Victoria with a rollup -> pin on Molly. A nice match.

In the back, HHH walks.

HHH, bandaged, in black suita nd grey turtleneck, carrying the Heavyweight Title, is out to speak. Shawn, in black "The Source of Strength" tshirt and blue jeans, is out to add a few words of his own. Then Austin, in sleeveless black "F0CK FEAR" tshirt and blue jeans, rides down, says a few words, and calls-out Chris Benoit. So Benoit comes down to the ring, in red tights and black slashes. The crowd chants his name, and he speaks. Well, the WW has gone and done it - Benoit will wrestle for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania.

JR, in grey sportscoat, black shirt, and black hat, and Lawler, in black/white vertical stripes with gold trim, commentate.

Kane, under the towell, in black tights with red stripes, with FOOTAGE! of his elimination from the Rumble, vs. Bubba, bandaged, in black "Dudleyville 3D" jersey and gold/black camo shorts. Mike Chioda is the referee. Kane hits Bubba with the steps, for a DQ. Poor (short) match. Post-match DVon tries to make the save, but gets tombstoned for his trouble. Gong, gong - the lights go out and we get a fast-cutting video montage.

In his Room of Fun, Bisch has Heyman on speakerphone. Heyman claims he'll sue Bisch ('s ass) over the Benoit situation. Coach chooses the bad time to crack wise, so Bisch books Coach vs. Goldberg - no DQ.

Conway, in black La Resistance undies, with Rene, in same, with French Flag, vs. Rico, in black/blue singlet, with Jackie, in white strapless bra and black pants. Jack Doan is the ref. Rico as a comedy undercard face is okay in small doses. Jackie "distracts" Conway, allowing Rico to get the pin. An average match. Post-match Stacie, in black shirt and layered yellow/black skirt comes out (because...?).

In the back, Mick walks.

Coach, in black tshirt, warmups with vertical white stripes, and backwards cap, on the mic, pleads for Bisch to cancel his match. Mark Henry, in blue "MH" singlet with gold trim, and Teddy, come down to offer their aid to a brotha'.

Coach and Mark vs. Goldberg, in black fullcuts with white trim and barbedwire butt. Mike Chioda is the official. Actually, the match turns out to be Mark vs. Goldberg, with Coach and Teddy watching on. Spear, Jackhammer, foot-on-chest pin on Coach. Goldberg, please lose the beard. Post-match, Goldberg says he's hunting Brock's ass (um - that and the bushy beard make me wonder).

Mick, in the flanell, black "WW" tshirt and black sweatpants, comes to the ring. Mick goes about explaining where he's at in his life and how they relate to his actions on 12-15-03. Mick calls-out Randy, who complys, still in his ring gear. Mick bleeds himself, and then he beats on Randy. Flair and Batista come to the ring and they beat Mick, who then gets a steel chair and gets THEM.

Overall: A very solid show. Lawler was pretty annoying at some times (but some times he was alright, too). I'd have to say the first hour was better. And the final segment was particularly lackluster and should not have been the last segment. As to Benoit crossing brands - I don't like it (especially if they also bring over Undertaker, as it looks like they'll do); I guess some guys will have to head over to SD!

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.60
There could be another possibility for Wrestlemania, it becomes a triple threat match for the title: Benoit vs. HBK vs. Triple H. Triple H or HBK win the match, and then Benoit gets the rematch at Backlash in Edmonton and wins it there...

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Texas Kelly
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All that's left for Mick is a certain black and yellow T-shirt. And I will be marking out like crazy when he finally shows it.

If the WWF decided to use a Super Mario Brothers gimmick...

"Mah gawd, King! Garrison Cade just bounced a fireball toward Rene Dupree!"
"And look, Mark Jindrak just jumped on top of Conway's head! I think he's out cold, JR!"
"What're they up to now..where did that huge pipe come from?!"
"They're going down in the pipe! They're..they're gone!"
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"Oh my god, JR. Cade just shrunk after he was hit by that chair!"
"Here comes RVD, King. What's that he has in that bag?"
"Are those Mushrooms, JR?"
"Cade's eating the Mushrooms. BAH GAWD, KING! Cade just grew twice his size!"
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Since: 22.1.02
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Wow. Foley may be the only man alive that can get the crowd to shut up for 5 minutes and make them listen to an intelligent promo. No catch phrases, either. He's doing the verbal equivalent of carrying a broomstick through a complex, emotional story.

That man should be booking the whole show. He's playing chess while the rest of RAW is still on tic-tac-dough.

Edit - Oh god, please not a three way between Benoit, Shawn and Hunter. They wouldn't fuck it up like that, would they?

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Since: 2.1.02

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.79
Mick Foley went berzerk in an awesome display of madness that only Mick can do. He busted himself open beautifully as well, making the blood drip as if he were crying tears of blood. That was something else.
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Since: 14.7.03
From: Uglyville

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
Mick is still the king of promos. Orton look like he was gonna piss himself when Mick started yelling at him and calling him a bastard and a bitch. It was great.

Nice to see more nipple slips from Jackie, although Stacey coming out there was completely pointless. At least she could of flashed her ass or something to make it memorable.

Since: 9.7.02
From: Sleep (That's where I'm a viking)

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.06
    Originally posted by me, somewhere else
    1. I will never, EVER say anything good about Triple H ever again.

    2. Curse WWE for planting Jackie/Stacy ideas when it's gonna turn out to be Torrie/Sable!

    3. Foley is NUTS. It looked like he was crying blood; that was AWESOME.

    VERY good show, depsite the imminent death of Benoit's career.

Damn that Triple H; damn him straight to Hell!

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Lima Time

Since: 2.1.02

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.25
Wow, did you just say that final segment was lackluster?

That was awesome! If you watched Mick Foley's career and just listened to him tell the story and see the mind games he was playing on Orton. I honestly had goosebumps when he got in Orton's face and challenged him to spit on him again.

There is no one in the history of the business that can sell a story like Mick Foley. Let me tell you what, I haven't ordered a WWE PPV in years but if they add Foley vs Orton Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania, not only will I buy it but I guarn damn tee it would steal the show.

Since: 2.6.03
From: Detroit area

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.00
That has to be the best wrestling promo I've ever heard/seen. The blood trickling down made my jaw drop.
Potato korv

Since: 29.4.02
From: Jax, FL

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.47
When I saw Mick punching himself and the blood started to pour down, all I could think to myself was, "Why yes, Foley is God." The promo he cut was very nice as well, and all in all I didn't have any real problems with tonights RAW. Victoria was looking good too, might I add.

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Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.53
The final segment was a letdown, considering that the curtain-jerker was such an exciting match. In fact, the whole second hour just seemed so much less than the first hour. If the Foley bit were done at the mid-point of the show, I think it would have been much hotter to me. (So the segment was fine, but I didn't really like the spot it had, and the pacing leading up to it.)

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Since: 4.4.03
From: Nitro WV

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.64
I can say I really enjoyed tonights RAW. Just about the right mix off matches and backstage stuff. Jerchio still tweening. Gosh, I remember back when it was UnCooked, UnCencored, it's Monday Night Raw. Shesh, Miss Jackie, talk about distractions. I'm also jumping on the bandwagon for the Foley interview. Awesome.

Overall: 4 Star show.

    Originally posted by Ringmistress
    Oh come on, the real MVP of Raw last night - ROSCOE P. COALTRAIN!

If the Dukes of Hazard was a WWE gimmick.

Since: 7.1.02
From: Franklin, Wisconsin

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.91
    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    The final segment was a letdown, considering that the curtain-jerker was such an exciting match. In fact, the whole second hour just seemed so much less than the first hour. If the Foley bit were done at the mid-point of the show, I think it would have been much hotter to me. (So the segment was fine, but I didn't really like the spot it had, and the pacing leading up to it.)

Fine, but described as lackluster and boring? The hell with that. Foley delivered the goods like he always does and got me interested in Randy Orton 2 hours after I thought "God, Randy Orton sucks." when he air balled the RKO in the opening match. Great friggin' show.

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[He chuckles, and there is an awkward silence at the table.]
Caped Boy: Anyone? Alexa!
[Alexa gives him a withering glare.]
Caped Boy: Maybe you would like to join in? We do need a druid, and you have definitely cast a level 5 charm spell on me.
Alexa: In your dreams, douche-bag!
Caped Boy: Douche-bags are hygienic products, I take that as a compliment. Thank you.
[Keith walks off]
Alexa: Ewww!

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Since: 17.6.02
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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.49
This show can be broken down in three categories:

The Good: Foley's promo and busting himself open.

The Bad: The fucked up RKO attempt on Jericho.

The Ugly: Foley asking the cameraman to zoom in on Randy's spit.

Oh yeah, there was some good stuff in between, too.

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Since: 5.10.02

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#15 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.00
yes, Raw did indeed Kick. My God..Foley is god..

And did anyone mark hard for the Taker gongs and the very fast and kind of creepy videomontage they had for taker? I thought the static video tape idea was VERY cool along with the snakes, the little girls and his "thrown"

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
How long til the Jackie Nipple Slip #2 pics are out?

I miss the GWF.
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Dear god, before that promo I honestly thought I'd never again see anything like the shrieking psycho Mankind of old. As it was, Foley seemed like he was about two seconds away from breaking out the mask

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Wow, this doesn't happen often, but I'm in full agreement with Lima Time.

They just don't make 'em like Foley anymore. That was Foley at his Cactus Jack-like best, and if he's going to be on the show every week from now on, I would encourage everybody to watch every single minute Foley is on TV, especially if you haven't been able to see Foley back in his ECW days. Orton was excellent as well, but Foley is so great, you almost wonder if Orton was just acting naturally. Orton had the look on his face like he had absolutely no idea what he started with Foley - like he has no idea what Foley has been through and what he's capable of. If YOU made fun of a guy for weeks and when he confronted you, he asked you to spit in his face, then bludgeoned himself with rights until the blood came pouring down his face, what would YOU do? I think it'd scare ANYBODY shitless. What do you say about a guy who pounds himself in the face (and that's exactly what he did after watching the punches in slow motion) until he bleeds while screaming at you? Absolutely fantastic stuff. SO many could learn SO much about the psychological side of wrestling just by watching that promo. Faaaan-tastic.

(edited by BrewGuy on 26.1.04 2329)

I think somebody needs a Mattitude adjustment.
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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.00
Say it ain't so, Benoit!

Nuts. Matt Hardy to RAW, Chris Benoit to RAW, makes me think...

Since the brand split started, have more people jumped to Raw than to Smackdown?

I hope they'll trade someone to fill in those gaps on Smackdown soon. With my luck, it'll be Goldberg...oh well.


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From: Canada

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.18
    Originally posted by Texas Kelly
    All that's left for Mick is a certain black and yellow T-shirt. And I will be marking out like crazy when he finally shows it.

Foley's joining Evolution?

*I'm joking, before someone corrects me*.

Good show. Foley's promo was awesome. Spit was disgusting, stuff like that and the constant bleeding is why wrestling will never be truly mainstream. Jericho jobbed out again to talentless clowns...YAY! Oh well, still a good match. Lot of boring stuff in the middle there.

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I wanted to post this here, but the thread was closed. I still wanted to share this tidbit from Figure Four Weekly Newsletter & FwF & W365: "Just when I think We’ve heard the best story ever, something tops it....
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