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The W - Pro Wrestling - Old Lucha Watching - The Best of Rey Misterio Jr vs. Juventud Guerrera
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1. Psicosis/Juventud & Fuerza Guerrera vs. Transformer & Rey Misterio Sr/Jr. (taped 4/2/95)

First Fall: A little bit of everything in this fall. Rudo brawling, comedy spots from Juvy & Transformer, quick counter wrestling from Rey Jr & Juventud, and an insane highspot that see Psicosis come off the top rope with a senton onto Transformer, who was on the floor. The rudos get DQ'd for throwing Transformer out of the ring onto his partners. Transformer does a stretcher job after that one.

Second Fall: As they are trying to carry Transformer out, Fuerza runs over and sentons the prone tecnico. That's just dickishly evil. Juvy does a frog splash early on in this fall. A cute comedy spot sees Rey Sr with a submission on Psicosis. Fuerza goes in to break it up, winding up for the punch like in a cartoon, only for Rey Sr to pop him in the face. As the tecnicos comeback, Rey Sr and Rey Jr do a doomsday device clothesline on. This one ends as Fuerza presses Rey Jr up, but on the way down, the tecnico catches Psicosis and plants him with a rana for 3. Rey then takes out Fuerza with a somersault tope to the floor, and in the ring Rey Sr powerbombs Juvy for a straight falls win.

A questionable inclusion, but still pretty good to whet one's whistle for what is to come. 81. Supposedly, Transformer ended up with 4 broken ribs off the senton.

2. Rey Misterio Sr/Jr vs. Fuerza & Juventud Guerrera (taped 4/9/95)

The Misterios are in matching outfits, except Rey Sr is unmasked.

First Fall: Fuerza & Rey Sr embrace and shake hands before the first fall, prior to starting their chain wrestling segment. Low impact stuff, but entertaining. Rey Jr/Juvy's segment has more kicks and pinfall attempts, but it isn't like matches today that have counters every half-second. It ends with Juvy bailing out to the floor, and Rey doing some sort of highspot off the ring barrier that the cameras don't catch. Rey Sr & Fuerza work in some throws into their next segment, before they cut for a commercial. When they come back, it is Rey Jr & Juvy. Their second segment starts off as more of a basic US style, with mainly clotheslines. Back to the elder statesmen, and Rey takes down Fuerza and gets a submission via a tapitia, and Rey gives the first "HOLY SHIT" spot, as he springboards off Fuerza into a rana on Juventud for the pin.

Second Fall: Rudo brawling fall. The only thing of note is a superbomb by Fuerza on Rey Jr. Interestingly, instead of doing Pitbulls/Dudley style where the victim holds onto the powerbomber's neck, Juventud holds up Rey's back. The tecnicos turn the tide as Fuerza runs into a clothesline from Rey Sr. As it comes down to juvy & Rey Jr, Juvy is thrown to the ropes, but instead of bouncing off, nails an INSANER THAN INSANE tope on Rey Sr that knocks Misterio into the first row and sees Juvy land 3 rows deep behind the barricade. That is it for those two, as they get counted out. Rey charges at Fuerza with a clothesline, but gets taken down by the arm, and backslid for 3 and the falls are even.

Third Fall: Rey Sr is still selling the tope of death from Juventud, leaving Junior 2-on-1 in the opening minutes. Rey Sr comes, and it goes bank and forth with the two teams, but no real pinning predicaments. Seeing Fuerza pose ala The Karate Kid, before missing a top-rope senton onto Rey Jr. Fuerza does come back with a pendulum swing, which Rey counters into a nearfall. We get a dive sequence at the end. Somersault tope by Rey jr onto Fuerza. Juvy springboards onto the both of them, and then Rey Sr cross-bodies all three. This one ends as Rey Sr looks to press slam Jr on top of Fuerza, only for Juvy to get in a dropkick Rey Sr. Rey Jr gets dropped, crotching himself on the top rope and falling to the floor, where he got counted out. From there, Rey Sr gets double teamed, and polished off with a Juvy frog spash.

94. Really good. But it loses a few points for the cameras missing the highspot during the first fall. Got about 40 minutes of TV time as well.

3. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera (taped 5/28/95)

The first of 4 singles matches between these two on this tape. This is for the WWA lightweight title. Juvy is the champion. Octagon and Psicosis are the seconds.

First Fall: A quick start, highlighted by Juvy briging on a fallaway slam for a pinning combination. From there, it is a Boston crab from Juvy, which Rey escapes and turns into a figure-4. After that, Juvy starts acting like a nice dickish rudo, up unti the point his frog splash misses. They return to the chain wrestling with some quick takedowns. Just basic stuff, proving they don't have to kill themselves to entertain. Strangest moment = Rey doing a 619 early on, but Juvy blocking it, only for Da Juice to get heaadscissored. A couple quick falls after a rana and a powerbomb for Rey, but he'll get three after a back-bridging electric chair.

Second Fall: Juvy starts off brawling, but makes an error a couple minutes later, turning his back to yell out at the crowd, which allows Rey to tope him into the first row. Juvy takes back over in the ring, though, giving Rey a Splash Mountain, then a senton off the top. Rey tries to fight back, but is hit with a springboard dropkick, then polished off with an Alabama Slam. We're even at 1.

Third Fall: Lots of jockeying for moves, Rey gets a Tirantes-delayed 2 count off a Victory Roll, and the fans are a wee bit upset at this point. Rey tries for a superplex, but Juvy knocks him down and susnet flips Rey for 2. Also 2 off a Magistral. Rey kicks Juvy outside, and knocks him over the barricade. Rey to the top rope, and a springboard plancha into the crown. HOLY SHIT! They are both mush at this point, and neither man can beat the 20-count. Juvy retains.

97. Great spots mixed in with wrestling. Still not their best singles match though.

4. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera (taped 7/30/95)

The title is on the line once again.

First Fall: Juvy is walking around posing, so Rey planchas him, only to get a face-full of belt. Juvy then gets a couple near falls off a splash mountain and a bridging fallaway slam. Top-rope legdrop from Juvy, then a frog splash, and Juvy gets the first fall quickly.

Second Fall: Some chain wrestling more suited for a first fall opens up the second fall. Tirantes is his slow-counting best. Rey plants Juvy with a powerbomb, gets a slow count, so he hits a pair of frog splashes, and we are tied.

Third Fall: Lots of kicks, lots of flips as the final fall begins. Big spots include a top-rope rana from Rey, and a tope con hilo from Juvy that sees the rudo hit but land right on his head on the floor, a superbomb from Juvy to counter a Rey rana. The two start trading blows on the apron, but Juvy misses and hits the post, followed by Juvy wiping out Rey with a plancha from the top. But the ending is quite unspectacular. Juvy misses a clothesline, and Rey catches him in an abdominal stretch for a submission to win the match, and the title.

100. More of Juvy acting like a rudo puts it over the first one. The ending may have been low-impact, but it played in perfectly with the psychology of Tirantes as the rudo referee. My favourite match between these two.

5. Rey Misterio Jr/Juventud Guerrera vs. El Picudo/El Hijo de Perro Aguayo (parejas increible)

Perro is in his late teens at this point, although I've seen reports saying he was a young as 16 when this took place. Picudo wears a black/Union Jack mask combo. Parejas increible = the strange bedfellows Raw Roulette match. The bonus here is the losing tandem face off in a mask vs. mask or mask vs. hair match.

This starts off with some mat stuff from Rey & Picudo. Quite low impact, with mainly Picudo working the arm. Perro & Juvy's is a little faster, but there still isn't anything spectacular. Same thing from the rudo/rudo and tecnico/tecnico pairings, really not having much passion for something that has their masks or hair on the line. The closest thing to a big spot is Juvy hitting Perro Jr with a tornado DDT and that ends the match.

6. El Picudo vs. Perro Aguayo Jr. (Mask vs. Hair)

Perro wins after a Magistral cradle. Juvy & Rey acted as seconds, and there wasn't much worth writing home about there either. Picudo unmasks as Arturo Hernandez Herrera. He's from Mexico City, and had been wrestling for 8 years.

74. Solid, but more angle-based than anything. The Shocker/Niebla vs. Vilano 3/Atlantis smokes this one. There's hate there, but you never really got that vibe in this one.

7. Rey Misterio vs. Juventud Guerrera (Cage match - escape only)

It is clipped forward a few minutes as Juventud lays in the boots and follows up with a urunage. There is a chair in the ring, and Rey follows up a near escape by Juvy by taking down the rudo with a DDT on the chair. Rey's mask is torn at this point, and for the next few minutes, it is Juvy brawling. A neat brawling spot sees Juventud open a chair around Rey's neck, and then whip Rey to the cage. Rey will fight nack and do the same to Juvy, who juices after his trip to the cage. Rey tapes Guerrera to the ropes, and they recreate the Dreamer/Raven "chairshot heard round the world". Spots as they continue include top-rope legdrop, a Harlem Hangover and a superbomb from Juvy, and a moonsault off the chair from Rey. As it continues, we see a Dragon suplex from Juventud. The two eventually start clibing the cage together, both ending up straddling the top. The stand on the top, and as Damien 666 shakes the cage, they both fall crotching themselves on the top, and collapse into the ring. Tirantes enters the cage, and puts the count on them. Neither gets to their feet, so it

A good brawl, with great spots thrown in as well. I didn't like the ending, but the match was super. 99. This was probably my favourite of their less traditional matches, since it was the best at showing the hate these two had and mixed that with spotfest elements.

8. Rey Misterio Jr vs. Juventud Guerrera (car match)

The rules are simple, one fall, and the winner gets the loser's car.

It is a spotfest, and one can see the ECW influence. I'll just list the spots. Somersault of the buckles by Rey to the floor. Ropeflip moonsault by Rey. Baseball slide and Asai moonsault from Juvy. Top-rope rana from Rey. Splash mountain from Juvy. A second one is turned to a rana. Somersault tope from Rey. Powerbomb by the entrance way. Back in the ring, a top rope legdrop and powerbomb from Juvy. Juvy gets front suplexed to the floor and somesaulted.

Now, we get the run-in. Pierroth & Mosco de la Merced tie up Rey Jr with chains, and Juvy canes him. Then Killer comes in with Born in the U.S.A. blaring. The rudos allow Killer to join in the fun, but he pulls off the hood, revealing that it was actually Konnan. Konnan cleans house, revives the referee, just as Rey Victory Rolls Juvy off the top for the three and the win.

89. Great spotfest. But got overbooked like nuts at the end, and that hurts the rating. Still seems like a squash on Wrestling Challenge in terms of overbooking in comparison to AAA today. And, in comparison to the previous match, this didn't have the hate that someone could pick up that hadn't seen lucha before.

It can be ordered through Wrestleholics, or through Highspots. The latter has a fifth singles match from early 1995 to start the tape. Definitely a must-see, and easily better matchwise than the 619 DVD, since you see Rey before his various knee surgeries.

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"bridging fallaway slam"= blockbuster/blizzard suplex.
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