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22.4.18 1719
The W - Pro Wrestling - This has GOT to be a joke. (Page 2)
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You know the sad thing is this is something Bret could do in private if he really felt it was necissary. There really doesn't seem to be a need to drag THIS out in the public too.

What's the deal with the whole tape deal thing? Was that offered to him? I can't imagine Vince giving that away.

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Bret has been hounding McMahon about the tapes for years (he whined and whined that he wanted to put a picture or two of him from the WWF in his book, but he couldn't because he didn't own the rights to them). Basically, he wanted all the rights to his likeness and gimmick and whatnot.

Finally (according to Bret), Vince offered to hand over most of the stuff to Bret at Owen's funeral. Vince says that he vaguely recalls such a conversation, but that he never told Bret outright that he'd hand over the tapes and pictures. Just that he and Bret would talk it over. Bret stuck with his story, Vince stuck with his, and they never talked.

Apparently, Vince finally decided to cave and hand over the tapes if Bret would make a Mania appearence. Bret said no, because Vince should have given him the tapes in the first place.

If the tapes were THAT important to him, he'd have shown up at WrestleMania and been done with it.

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Two points:

It was my understanding that, as far as Wrestlemania X-8, Vince offered to let Bret appear, and Bret counter-offered with appearing if he got his tapes and rights. I inferred that from that interview Vince did with the Canadian (Toronto?) newspaper right around Wrestlemania time. Just so I know, what sources is everyone using to confirm that Vince offered the tape library if Bret appeared at WM?

Also - Bret, Bret, Bret... WTF, y'all?? I can't say anything that hasn't already been said at least as well as I could have put it. Even the fact that I've really lost respect for Bret from this has already been well-expressed by posters.

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I think the source everyone is using that confirms that Vince offered the tape library is Bret Hart's own newspaper column, which he stated that is what happened.

I figure that this psychic (if it is the same one I'm thinking about, the dude with the TV series) is so popular because he tells everyone what they want to hear. Even if it not the same guy, I figure that is kind of how it works. So I would expect some Vince bashing.
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    Originally posted by ges7184
    I figure that this psychic (if it is the same one I'm thinking about, the dude with the TV series)

It's a different psychic. The guy with the syndicated TV series is John Edward. It sounds like the same act, though.

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Dr Unlikely

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You're all nuts. Bret is awesome and this show is going to be even more awesome. How can this not be one of the most entertaining things ever put on TV?

I think it's cool that there's a psychic who only talks to famous dead people. That's how I'd be if I had the ability to speak the dead. I'd get the spirit of Sam Elliot's character from Road House to be my psychic bouncer and set up a psychic velvet rope and only let the cool and famous dead people talk to me and I'd have a TV show where me and the famous dead people would hang out and drink martinis (and psychic martinis, I guess). I might try to work out some dead celebrity psychic boxing, too.

And you just know Bret is going to do something cool like cry or hit the guy with a chair and then smirk at the camera. They should make a show where it's Bret Hart talking to famous dead people and then attacking them at the end every week.

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Should we start running a "How long will it take Bret to show up on Crossing Over with John Edward?" pool now?

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#28 Posted on
A better question would be:

"How long will it take Bret to show up in a straitjacket?"


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It's not John Edward. The guy's name is George Anderson.

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Explain how this is unlucky and not horrible judgement on Bret's part?

Sorry, I was referring to everything else that's happened to Bret. This is nothing but bad judgement, yer right.

Big Bad

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This is so sad...the Hitman was my favourite wrestler as a kid. It's really unfortunate to see him reduced to this.

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It's really sad that it looks like *we* have more respect for the memory of Owen. I have no clue how this isn't one of the saddest things I've ever seen. I don't get it is he a media whore or not?

I was going to say something clever and say Vince should pay off that George Anderson guy and say "Return to the WWF" but honestly I could care less and even pushing more to not wanting to see him anymore (and I'm a freakin Canadian)

Since: 11.1.02
From: st louis

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At one time i would have loved to see him as part of the WWF. But now.... it appears like he's lost his mind. What does the family feel about this? I mean sheesh... first he rails on the wwf for trying to capitalize and now this? I mean even if he believes in this stuff keep it private and personal.

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Bret, IMO, has been on that line from sanity to insanity for years least since the Survivor Series screwjob, but probably as far back as Wrestlemania XII. This just proves, as Hank Hill would say: "That boy ain't right.". Bret Hart needs to seek some professional help and try to get his mind back in order.

With that said, I will probably watch with the same interest that one does looking at a car crash.

Boudin rouge

Since: 22.3.02
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Hey maybe bret will talk to owen and owen will tell bret to stop being a bitch and go back to the WWF. That way we can all be happy. YAY!

Guru Zim
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I dunno, I'm still sticking with the theory that this is Bret's attempt to save face and get back with the WWF... he will get "a tremendous sense of closure" out of this, and finally be "inspired by Owen's spirit" to get back with Vince.

That way he can stop being a baby without ever admitting he was being a baby.

All he has to do is stick with his story and the people that want to back Hart will back him... No one questions a believer.

I love it when a plan comes together

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#37 Posted on

    Originally posted by Guru Zim
    I dunno, I'm still sticking with the theory that this is Bret's attempt to save face and get back with the WWF... he will get "a tremendous sense of closure" out of this, and finally be "inspired by Owen's spirit" to get back with Vince.

    That way he can stop being a baby without ever admitting he was being a baby.

    All he has to do is stick with his story and the people that want to back Hart will back him... No one questions a believer.

Can I be the first then to start the "Bret Hart" is going to come back and lead the NWO" rumors?

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#38 Posted on

I'd love to get Vince's reaction when he heard about this (and you know he has), just for curiosity's sake. Here's a guy who was directly and indirectly responsible for a lot of the bad stuff that's happened to Bret over the years, and thus has, to some extent caused Bret to take this amazing(ly misguided) step.

Heck, I'd like to hear Jeff Jarret and the Hart family's response too.

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Bret better stay away from the WWF. He's taken his stance on the issue for so long that to return to being an employee of Vince McMahon would be selling out, no matter how much I'd like to see it. I was always impressed by Bret's willingness to stand up to McMahon, no matter the concequences, but damn. This whole thing with the talking to his dead brother is just OUT THERE! If I were Vince, I'd be very wary about hiring Bret back now. He cold-cocked Vince when he was relatively mentally stable. In his current mental state, the voices may command Bret to disembowel Vince Hannibal Lecter-style.

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That boy needs therapy.

Bret is definitely messed up. I never really got the chance to see him when he was with the WWF, but I've seen a number of tapes. I had respect for the guy and what he's been through, but now I dont know.

Maybe this is all a work, and Bret is just going to plug WWA (he's still with them, right?) like hell. That would be really screwed up.

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