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21.5.18 2143
The W - Pro Wrestling - The split: one month old
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Mr. Boffo

Since: 24.3.02
From: Oshkosh, WI

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#1 Posted on
Well, we're at about a month AS (after the split), and I realized it's really obvious now to tell who is getting pushed. So I compiled a list of what shows each wrestler has appeared on in the last month. The more pushed wrestlers would appear on the better shows (Raw or Smackdown). I am only taking matches into account on this, so there is room for some leeway.

Primarily Raw Wrestlers: Big Show and the rest of the NWO, Booker T, Bradshaw, Brock Lesnar, Bubba Ray Dudley, Eddie Guerrero, Goldust, Hardy Boys, Kane, Molly Holly, Mr. Perfect, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Stasiak, Spike Dudley, Steve Austin, Trish Stratus, Undertaker, William Regal.
NOTES: Goldust has only been on Raw since he started teaming with Booker T; Kane, Kevin Nash, and Lita are currently hurt; Big Show didn't become major part of Raw until injuries happened; Mr. Perfect is the Raw jobber (maybe along with Shawn Stasiak) (it is open for debate whether that makes them better than Heat winners)

Primarily Heat Wrestlers: Big Boss Man, Crash, Justin Credible, Tommy Dreamer

Unsure Talent: D'Lo Brown (only one match), Jacqueline, Raven, Shawn Stasiak, Steven Richards (bumped down to heat?)

Non-Wrestlers: Terri

Primarily Smackdown Wrestlers: Al Snow, Albert, Billy & Chuck, Billy Kidman, Chris Jericho, Edge, Hardcore Holly, Kurt Angle, Maven, Rikishi, The Rock, Tajiri, Scotty 2 Hotty, Hollywood Hogan, Triple H

Primarily Jakked Wrestlers: The Big Valbowski, Faarooq, Funaki, Godfather, Ivory (she's Jazz's B*#CH), Lance Storm

Unsure Talent: Christian, Diamond Dallas Page (is currently hurt), D-Von (no matches yet) The Hurricane, Mark Henry (only one match), Test (only two matches), Jazz (women's champion obviously, but only 1 match out of 4 on Raw or Smackdown?)

Injured/Non-Wrestlers: Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Tazz

Big Winners: Kane and Bradshaw both had a good chance to move up. Kane is hurt, and I'm not sure how Bradshaw is doing. Al Snow and Maven have gotten a push thanks to being the only other tag team on Smackdown.

Big Losers: Ivory, Jazz, Faarooq, D-Von (maybe), Christian (maybe).

Anyone want to debate the undecided talent, or disagree on winners and losers?
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Since: 21.2.02

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#2 Posted on
I think WWF booking is getting more and more random. Its a safe bet that pushes are short and often stop with no real reason. Storylines only matter for a few weeks, anyway, and they generally don't end in any good payoffs but just on random whims, probably influenced on how the crowd reacted at the last two shows.

In short, don't put much effort into thinking about WWF storylines because they sure as hell don't.

Since: 19.1.02
From: Minnesota

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#3 Posted on
I love the spit. A hell of alot of people who were not getting air time before the split are getting air and mic time now. Not everybody, but alot of people.

Among them:


Bradshaw (Entertaining in APA, however now used as a semi-main event singles wrestler)
Brock Lesner (Called up just before the split and making the most of it)
Raven (Utilized very well as a commentator and getting some good pops too judging from Heat)
RVD (Getting lost in the shuffle as IC champ, now in a month long feud with the returning Eddie Guerro)
Eddie (Who was part of the WWA until the spilt occured)
nWo (Who are RAW's main event staple and percieved a bit more as threats on this roster)
Booker T (Given a new gimmick and an entertaining Odd Couple tag team with GoldDust)
GoldDust (Finally entertaining after returning at the Rumble)
Sean Stasiak (Yes his gimmick is silly, but he's got mic time and a roster spot which is way more than he had pre split)
Steve Austin (Who's paranoia gimmick with Flair may or may not ammount to anything, but he's the primary RAW wrestler again)
Undertaker (Who is the OTHER primary RAW wrestler, though he does more talking than wrestling)
Buh Buh Dudley (Who has finally become more than a tag guy)
Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer (Constantly showing up during Hardcore title matches, and now staples of Heat)
Trish and Molly (both involved in an actual women's feud not around the title, though the title is involved)
Spike Dudley (From jobber to Euro Champion)

On Smackdown:

Kidman (Not brought over post/Alliance, now part of an ongoing feud with Tajiri for Torrie and the CW title)
Tajiri (Part of above feud, getting mic time (!) and more TV time than he's had since he was with Regal)
Maven (Part of the everyday working WWF roster instead of random appearances here and there for the sake of Undertaker/Jericho storylines)
Mark Henry (in OVW or not wrestling until the split, now has his own Smackdown segment)
D-Von Dudley (Part of a stale heel team, now in an iffy gimmick but with LOTS of mic time)
Kurt Angle (One of the top heels for his show, formerly under Taker, excuse the pun, and the nWo)
Chris Jericho (see above)
Edge (Went from mid-card face to Smackdown main event material)
Albert (Going nowhere teaming with Scotty, now after the split he's pretty over as a monster heel)
Rikishi (Barely noticible pre-split, now active on Smackdown in a feud with Albert)
Hardcore Holly (unused before the split, now a lackey of Vince)
Al Snow (not on TV to part of a tag title feud)

So, I think that there are alot of guys listed up there who are really benifiting from the split, and will only continue to do so as long as the WWF keeps this up.

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Since: 18.4.02
From: Minneapolis, MN

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#4 Posted on
I totally agree. This split is the best thing to happen to the WWF in a LONG time. We've seen many people elevated, as well as many others on the way too, as well as the developmentals FINALLY really being utilized for more than punishment/rehab.
So, what will/should happen next? I say turn Excess into the Smackdown! crews' B-Show. Sunday Night Heat is already gone from a recap show that was only marginally good as a PPV opener, to the B-Show for Raw. This could make for even more utilization of Superstars. Also, I also believe that eventually, the PPV's should be seperate, and alternate each month, with just 2-4 PPV's being interpromotional.(This probably won't happen, though).
Of course, this crossover with HGH and Old Man Walking, left a bad taste in my mouth, almost as though the WWF isn't that confident in the split, but I'll wait and see...
Also, what do you guys think about having this whole draft every year, like the major sports? I still liked that whole draft storyline, and I would like to see it more often. It makes a lot of the Superstars seem very important.

Lap cheong

Since: 7.2.02
From: New York, NY

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
No complaints here. The split has been surprisingly well managed. Developmental guys are being moved up and given TV time. Wrestlers that were given small amounts of TV time are being given the opportunity to shine. The storylines seem much more focused. Even the B shows show much more focus on the product.

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Polska kielbasa

Since: 19.3.02
From: Ireland

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#6 Posted on

    Originally posted by Mixxer
    I say turn Excess into the Smackdown! crews' B-Show. Sunday Night Heat is already gone from a recap show that was only marginally good as a PPV opener, to the B-Show for Raw. This could make for even more utilization of Superstars.

They have started doing feuds and stuff on Jakked/Metal so i guess that gets promoted to B show for Smackdown

Since: 18.4.02
From: Minneapolis, MN

Since last post: 5833 days
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#7 Posted on
I forgot about that show. I didn't even know they still made it. I think it's on at like 10:30 on Sunday night or something here...
I still think Excess would be better, it is seen in more stations, and not all over the place at different times. But, oh well, I'll have to find Jakked/Metal and check it out(I NEVER thought I'd hear myself say that. Tell me, I just didn't say that...)

Net Hack Slasher

Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

Since last post: 4896 days
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#8 Posted on
I was thinking of a split review, I guess here is a great place to place it


-RVD - legit entertaining segment every time out.
-Women (Trish/Molly/Jazz) - Again I have to say the women especially Trish and Molly stepped up big time since the split, and they are not just deserving a segment or two but actually on many shows been one of the highlights of ths shows, and not just by me but even by internet snobs/hacks online.
-Booker/Goldust - I like this duo, don't know how long it will last. I like Booker (like most online) and Goldust has always been a guilty pleasure.
-Undertaker - Still not crazy about him but I don't hate him as much as I did pre-WrestleMania.
-nWo -they got my vote for biggest mistake of the year. Nash injured, Hall looks week, and week in and week out of X-pac, and now Big show... errrrrr
-Austin - I'm an Austin mark, but the "what" thing is really just now wearing thin on me (hey I liked it longer then the rest of you), and it seems like he's playing down to his opponents, and his opponents. And while it looks like his biggest foes are nWo he's really playing down
-Bradshaw - I hate him, this is without a doubth the hardest push for me to watch, can't stand him/
-Kane - not the biggest fan his, but I'd choose him over Bradshaw any day, come back soon Kane.
-Eddie - really happy he was picked up by Raw, adds a lot
-Team Extreme- a Year ago I thought of them as future stars, now I look at them as filler.
-Announcers - actually I think the Heat team of Raven and Coach is better then SD team. Ross and Lawler is still the best
-Lilian factor - something very important to me is the Lilian factor, I will always support a show that she's on. i luv her

As a whole I thought the Raw crew has done a decent job, the draft it looked like they had the worse hand then the SD crew but the Raw crew really picked up and at times were even more entertaining. But now it really shows, there main eventers are in a word pathetic, Bradshaw/Xpack/ now bigshow as main eventers will be painful. The mid-cards will work hard and be decent, and Molly/Trish feud if done correctly could be a nice long feud and Raw TV worthy. The B-show (heat) is really weak


-Edge- I was never a big Edge supporter, but to be honest, this guy really stepped up since the split. HIs matches with Jericho and Angle were great. But then again if you don't have a good match with Angle then he's in big trouble
-Angle- Fantastic, week in week out the true total package
-Jericho- Another guy I thought really stepped up, after his brutal last month Title reign. He seems to be back on track.
-Mark Henry- He's strong. I get it
-Billy/Chuck - the main guys in the real brutal tag division. The division that is less interesting then the women division
-women- Stacy looks like is being set up as a star... Torrie looks usless, and if she hooks up with Kidman both of them would be as annoying as Lita/Matt (without the overness)...Ivory, poor Ivory why is she stuck here.
-D-von -maybe the collor bothers me, not digging it at all.
-Albert/Rikishi - They could have a decent big man fued. I did like what they did last week in there tag match. Don't know how much staying power they have for me in the long run.
-Tajiri- getting rid of the heat vacum that is nameed Torrie, Can he regain his popularity when he debuted?
-Christian/Storm/DDP/Val/Test/Farooq - All enjoy watching Henry do strong stuff. Someone should subscribe them to ESPN2. Those strong man shows are on there all the time. All of those guys are talented and making Jakked/Metal a watchable B-SHow
-Announcers- pathetic, god-awful. It's a joke that, that Cole and Tazz is on a supposed A show, they still dont' seem to click. The real sad thing is that Coach and Raven seemed to have more chemistry then Cole and Tazz.

Actually I think this show under-utilises it's talent. It without a doubt has an awesome main event group. you coulc put any of the top names (Jericho,Trips, Angle,champ, rock (when he shows up) heck even Edge) and you would have great stuff with star power. The mid-card is where my troubles lays. I'm annoyed already with the Henry and D-von stuff. Anything tag in Smackdown is sub-par, the mainevent stuff I do like is the lightweights (and it's mostly Tajiri and not Kidman that has my interest). Cole and Tazz actually brings the show down IMO.

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Since: 18.4.02
From: Minneapolis, MN

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#9 Posted on
Damn right, Mitchell Cole SUCKS.
Toss some decent money to Joey Styles, and put him with ANYONE, or even by himself.
Cole should be stuck to felating Pat Patterson, IMHO..

Wild Pegasus

Since: 24.4.02

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#10 Posted on
The split, in my opinion is good for wrestling fans. Not necesarily WWF fans, but wrestling fans. WWF fans might only watch one show to see their favorites, but fans of the sport get more, and usually better wrestling. Even Heat now has good matches regularly.

Wild Pegasus

Since: 18.4.02
From: Minneapolis, MN

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#11 Posted on
Now, as long as the WWF doesn't take the latest ratings hit too hard, and reset everything, it will be a GOOD THING..

El Nastio

Since: 14.1.02
From: Ottawa Ontario, by way of Walkerton

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#12 Posted on
I agree, the B Shows are getting much better, and some people are getting better chances. Theoritccly, with less time to advance storylines, the creativity should be getting better too.

Albiet, in theory, communism works.

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Hey this Saturday Houston gets to see a WWF superstar in action in the ring. No, it is not the Undertaker, it is not Stone Cold, it is not Booker T, it is ...Jerry The King Lawler!!! I might actually go to this one.
- dskillz, Houston Wrestling Action (2002)
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