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19.4.18 1058
The W - Pro Wrestling - The Real Problem with RAW
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Since: 8.5.02
From: San Diego, CA

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Has anyone really broken down the RAW roster? It's sad. No wonder they only used 11 guys for 3/4 of the show! Here's my opinion and who should go.

BIG BOSS MAN – stick a fork in him. Hell, I didn’t even know he was still around! Cut.
BIG SHOW – always liked Show. Too bad JR finds it necessary to rip the guy every week, but potential can only take you so far. He's borderline in my book.
BOOKER T – best performer on the show right now. This wither says a lot about Booker or the state of RAW.
BRADSHAW – I bet he regrets the flight now!!!
BROCK LESNAR – the next big thing. I hope he learns how to talk soon.
BUBBA RAY DUDLEY – misused. He could be a great singles wrestler if they let him rip on the mic.
CHRIS BENOIT – rusty, but still the best wrestler on this side.
CHRIS NOWINSKI – green, but I think he’s ahead of Maven at this point of his career.
CRASH – who? Oh yeah, Bob’s cousin. Cut.
D'LO BROWN – he went from IC champ to Heat color guy in 18 months. Sucks to be him. Cut.
EDDIE GUERRERO – just awesome. Glad to see he beat the demons.
GOLDUST -- He and Book have been the best thing on that show for six weeks. Comeback player of the year.
JACKIE GAYDA – OVW is calling you!!! A hot tub made this girl's career.
JACQUELINE – Who? Diva??? Trainer??? Ref??? Nowhere to be seen. Cut.
JAZZ – injured. Best of the women on this show by far.
JEFF HARDY – Rainbow Bright. Still doesn’t impress me, but I'd like to see where the WWF is headed with him. He's seemed much more comfortable on camera without his brother around.
JUSTIN CREDIBLE – wasn’t this guy good once? Cut.
KANE – injured. They need him back in the worst way. Kane was just becoming the performer Vince wanted.
KEVIN NASH – injured. Waste of money and space. I hope Vince is happy that 2/3 of the "poison" is gone.
LINDA MILES – OVW for you too
LITA – injured, and honestly, I was tired of her long before the injury.
MATT HARDY – You… mean… I… have to… talk? Cut.
MOLLY – 2nd best woman on the show. And she doesn’t have a big ass.
ROB VAN DAM – the whole f’n show.
RAVEN – misused. But his character lost steam about four years ago. Cut.
SHAWN MICHAELS – good to have HBK back, but he won’t be in a ring for a long time.
SHAWN STASIAK – Meat sucks. Cut.
SPIKE DUDLEY – a bumping machine.
STEVEN RICHARDS – worthless. Cut.
TERRI – worthless. Cut.
TOMMY DREAMER – he’s good, but he’s too injured to be a major player. Cut.
TRISH STRATUS – she’s improved a ton. Those matches against Jazz helped.
WILLIAM REGAL – best faces in the business. I like his style, but I think he’s more suited to the commissioner role he had before.
X-PAC – What haven’t we said about this guy. Cut.

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Look at that list to see how many people are being used. Include Kane, cause he will be used upon his return from injury. Same for Jazz. Don't count Terri, Richards, Stasiak, Raven, Lita, Credible, Jaqueline, D'lo, Crash or Bossman because Terri's just a interviewer and the others (except Lita who won't be back from injury for a long time) are Heat exclusive and/or not really used on RAW. That means they are using 24 people regularly, and even then you have Matt Hardy, Linda, HBK and Nash who either don't wrestle or are only used ocassionly, so the number is down to 20. That may seem like a lot, but consider that X-Pac and Big Show are basically one person, Goldust is only around when Booker T is, Spike is just Bubba's sidekick and now that I think of it Dreamer is in the
Matt Hardy/Linda Miles mold of being used only when needed. So now you have 17. Actually 18, because I realized Ric Flair wasn't on you list. Now say RAW has 7 matches, two of which are tag matches. Sounds about right. That's 18 people, and you barely have enough extras to do run-ins and such. It's not just a problem of too many bad performers (Jackie) but too small a crew.

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Since: 8.5.02
From: San Diego, CA

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#3 Posted on
Damn, forgot the Nature Boy, but there isn't much there. It's probably time to end this failure known as the split.

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Since: 9.7.02
From: San Diego, CA

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I don't know, dude... of that 18 man crew, how many do the fans give a damn about? End the split, weed out the garbage, then run wild with a star-studded 18 man crew. Simple.

Since: 2.1.02
From: Houston, TX

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I prefer to look at it this way. With Austin gone, and Undertaker floating on both shows, RAW needs a new breakout main eventer, in fact, probably more than one, both faces and heels.

Enter Booker, RVD, Benoit, and Geurrero, four guys that lots of fans from all over the place have been wanting to see make it big. Here's their chance.

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Since: 28.4.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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#6 Posted on
If it wasn't for the split, Booker T would not be getting a push. RVD would not be getting a push. Edge would not be getting a push. Brock Lesnar would not be getting a push. Hurricane Helms would not be getting a push. Tajiri would not be getting a push. The entire cruiserweight division would not be getting a push. The actual womens wrestlers would not be getting a push. Lance Storm would not be getting a push. Randy Orton, Jamie Noble, Christopher Nowinski, Nidia, Rob Conway, John Cena, Shawn O'Haire and Johnny the Bull would not even have jobs. And you can probably add Eddy Guerrero, Rey Mysterio Jr. and D'Lo Brown to that list as well.

Every show would be main-evented by some combination of HHH, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, The Rock, Chris Jericho and Ric Flair. Maybe throw in someone like Van Dam or Booker to job every once in a while.

Trust me, if they stopped the split now, the extremely negative Internet crew would realize how good things really are.

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Since: 9.7.02
From: San Diego, CA

Since last post: 4979 days
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#7 Posted on
you have a point, fuzzy... but the split isn't entirely the reason for those people being pushed. RVD was gonna get the push because the crowd loves the guy, even when he was a WCW Invasion heel. Austin's "departure" hurt. Rock out making movies hurt. HHH's injuries hurt. Benoit and Rhyno being out hurt. I think these people being out is more of the reason behind the WWF pushing Booker and company. The sheer crowd reactions that Booker, RVD, and Lesnar get have to affect their pushes as well.
Tajiri doesn't seem to be getting a push to me. He had more heat when he first arrived! Then they paired him with Torrie, and it was all downhill from there.

Since: 2.1.02
From: Edison, New Jersey, America

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I think the split was good in the way it allowed new people, especially Booker T and RVD, to get pushed for more TV time and/or up the card. Hell, you think we would have had Stevie Richards pick a fight against Ric Flair without it? Seriously, proof that anything can happen in the WWF! However, I also think it's starting to wear out it's welcome (I'm being generous with that term) and the WWF would do well to slowly end the split because even with the split, some people can't get over. Plus, we'd get to see how these newly pushed people with people they haven't wrestled against for the past few months. I want to see how big an Edge-Guerrero fued could be, now that they are upper-carders. I want to see what a RVD-Jericho main event would yield. I'm interested in seeing those types of encounters come about.

Then again, as long as the product is good, I could really care less if there is a split.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Philly Suburbs

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Keep the split. Add in guys like O'Haire, Shelton Benjamin (both doing Raw house shows), Kanyon, maybe Johnny the Bull, and maybe Mike Awesome. Give them pushes (in varying degrees - don't need to be Goldberg/Brock pushes).

That's 5 fresh faces, all or most pretty young & athletic. Use Kanyon & maybe Awesome to flesh out the IC Division, and give the other guys maybe Euro pushes (I know, the title is useless, but you can build it up) to see how the crowd reacts.

Use veterans like Flair, Arn, Fit Finley, Johnny Ace, UT o teach the younger guys the little things like selling & psychology, which can only better the product. Make the matches longer, cut down on the promo/talking a bit. It's not rocket science.

(edited by Spaceman Spiff on 9.7.02 1709)

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Since: 4.1.02
From: Dorchester, Ontario

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#10 Posted on
I think wholesale cuts aren't the answer. The answer (as usual) is to get a new writer, since Brian Gewertz just isn't cutting it. Heyman in ECW and even Vince Russo showed that anyone can get over with a gimmick/hook to their character that a) makes them interesting to the fans and b) hides or obscures any flaws that they might have.

A guy like Matt Hardy, for example, shouldn't be cut just because he's below average on the mic. Hell, Hardy is one of the better workers in the entire company; guys like him should be pushed, not released. Get him a manager or make his interviews tightly scripted and terse.

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Since: 3.1.02
From: C-Bus, Ohio

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#11 Posted on

    Originally posted by Big Bad
    A guy like Matt Hardy, for example, shouldn't be cut just because he's below average on the mic. Hell, Hardy is one of the better workers in the entire company; guys like him should be pushed, not released. Get him a manager or make his interviews tightly scripted and terse.

One of the better workers in the entire company? I haven't seen anything to put him in that category. He's bland and seems to have a limited number of moves. He also seems to really struggle with ring psychology. I'm not saying he should be cut or anything, but I wouldn't even put him in the Top 20 workers.

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Since: 2.1.02

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#12 Posted on
So, uh, Mountin Man #44...

How is one supposed to book a show with so few people? The one this past Monday was a real disapointment, and I think it was mainly because we saw the same people as much as three times in one night.

Is there anything else the WWE could do with these people that would be more productive then simply cutting them?

I, personally, can't think of anything... and I think that's the WWE's biggest problem right now. They've done everything... what else is there to do? There's really nothing new they can show, and thus people get bored.

Maybe if they come up with some good characters for these underrated wrestlers... something good can come out of them afterall.

Since: 17.3.02

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#13 Posted on
Well, Matt Hardy is one of the better workers on Raw at any rate. Though he and Lita should both start taking acting lessons on their days off. And bring Steph with them.

Since: 8.5.02
From: San Diego, CA

Since last post: 2525 days
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#14 Posted on
The split needs to go away. The second the WWF had Vince beat Flair, on free TV no less, they should have ended the "brand extension". To quote the debut promo of one Chris Jericho, "What was once a captivating, trendsetting program, has nowdeteriorated into a cliched - let's be honest - BORING SNOOZEFEST... Television ratings - downward spiral. Pay-per-view buyrates - plummeting. Mainstream acceptance - nonexistent. And reactions of the live crowd - complete and utter silence!" Silence reigned supreme during the "Daddy said" fest of Booker T. I could hear a pin drop when HBK was talking about HHH. Even Paul Heyman couldn't get the usual ECW pop from Philly. The loudest reactions I heard were for Flair's entrance and the boos for that incredibly HORRIBLE mixed tag match. Losing Austin has absolutely killed RAW. He's their most identifiable guy, and the WWF's biggest remaining star.
Admittedly, the writing has been horrific. After a couple of strong weeks, it disintegrated once Gewertz and company figured out Russo wasn't going to be there. What they have been giving us on Mondays has not close to entertaining. Is there a quick fix? No, but there is a place to start. Ditch the current writing staff. Cut the dead weight from both shows and end the split. It has been, in a word, disastrous. And if I'm wrong, look not at the ratings, but the all too familiar, dark WCW upper sections.

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Since: 9.7.02
From: San Diego, CA

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does Vince have the grapefruits to fire "Daddy's Little Girl" from the writing staff? The boys just don't have anything good to work with... it is harder to come up with fresh ideas, but I know it can be done. Before the WCW Invasion was official, that little ECW reformation was a great storyline that surprised the hell out of me! I want more stuff like that... who was in charge of the writing back then?
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