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The W - Pro Wrestling - The RAW Thread (08/05 Spoilers inside). (Page 2)
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It's False

Since: 20.6.02
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#21 Posted on
This show was a mixed bag. There was some good moments, but also a lot of bad ones.

-Jericho's opening promo had me falling out of my chair. His reaction to RVD's interruption was priceless!

-Not all midget segments suck as Booker T and Goldust proved tonight. And I know you were all just WAITING for Goldust to react to "Goldmember". Admit it!!

-The tag match with Booker T and Goldust/Regal and Harvard was good, too. With the Un-Americans now on Raw, I guess Booker and Goldust can chase the tag titles now. I wouldn't mind seeing that at Summerslam.

-The Island Boyz impress me with their high-impact moves. Lilian Garcia is a hell of a team player.

-The payoff to the "Who attacked HBK?" mystery was AWFUL!! Triple H even pointed out at the beginning of the show that he was in the ring when HBK was attacked. HOW COULD HE DO IT?!?! Is there an evil twin we don't know about? That whole thing made no sense. What an unsatisfying payoff! And DON'T get me started on the infamous main event interview!

-I like the Island Boyz as much as the next guy, but is there a POINT to any of this?! Who the hell cares that they attack Moolah and Mae Young or Lilian Garcia? If the WWE wants to get them over based on their high-impact power moves, then why not take the same route they took with Brock when HE debuted and have them beat the living crap out of wrestlers?

-The tables match was not good. Thank God they ended that feud NOW so Bubba can move on to bigger and better things.

-So much for Jeff Hardy's push. Didn't hear about his ladder match or supposed "rub" at all, did you? Back to midcard hell for you, Rainbow Brite!

Oh, and this may be my inner smark talking, but...did anybody read reports today on management wanting to bury Matt Hardy? And did anybody notice that he got whacked with a chain by Undertaker for no particular reason? POLITICS!!!

"That's right! You suckas better FIND somewhere to run! 'cause it's me - Booker T - not only am I the Scorpion King, but I'm the five-time WCW Champion - and I got a sword, too! Now can U dig THAT - SUCKAAAAAS"
-Booker T, Hollywood's next big superstar!

And that's the bottom line, because it's false! It's DAMN false!

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#22 Posted on
The only thing I would say about the HHH thing and whether he could have done what he did is that no one said exactly when HBK was attacked. He could have been lying out in the parking lot for many minutes while HHH wandered up to the ring and did his interview. At least I don't believe they did. When HHH's interview was interrupted it just said HBK had been attacked, not any time frame.

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Mr Heel II
Lap cheong

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#23 Posted on
My favorite bits of the night were actually the two Rock/Lesnar promos for Summer Slam, as well as the Kane teaser. Those were really well done.

RVD's "what YOU'RE smoking" line was great, as was the fact that Jericho got his promo interrupted by Triple H and ACTUALLY KEPT GOING after H left. Crack me up.

That whole "who attacked Michaels" bit at the end with the "digitally enhanced" camera stuff was just silly. It ultimately worked somehow, but it was just silly.

Quoting JR..."Booker T and Goldust are undefeated as a team!" When else have they WRESTLED as a team? They're the tag team of backstage shenanigans! Yes, they've wrestled as a tag team before, but rarely. It's been months of tease, at least on television.

Bradshaw jobs to DREAMER and doesn't get to cut a promo. Worth the whole show alone.

The Anti-Americans are soooo evil that all they can do is pick on Slaughter? Then act all terrified in the same room as Triple H?!?

So what the hell is the big deal about de-flowering a virgin? Do guys think a woman with no experience will thus be fooled into thinking the sex was actually GOOD as opposed to anybody with experience?

Is Nowinski morphing into Ator from "Cave Dwellers"?

I'm not going to call it a stellar effort, but it was a good show. Bischoff still does little more than annoy me though.

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Since: 1.2.02
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#24 Posted on
Somebody remind me again about how Jericho's chairshot on Flair last week was supposed to shoot him into the uppercard. You know ... Monster Heel City, and all that...?

let's see ...

His opening promo was interrupted by, of course, HHH, who proceeded to verbally punk out Jericho to the point where it was embarassing.

Then Jericho had to stand there and take it while Van Dam also interrupted him and got some verbal shots in.

(Now correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these the situations where residents of Monster Heel City are supposed to drop the mike and start busting heads?)

Y2J wound up his evening of mid-card burial by getting pinned by RVD and taking a retaliatory chairshot from a 50-year old man.

You call this career advancement?

Since: 17.3.02

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#25 Posted on

    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    Booker T and Goldust are undefeated as a team!"

Hmm... I recall them teaming up just a few weeks ago to take on Big Show and X-Pac. They lost when Show chokeslammed Goldy, so they're hardly undefeated.
Nate The Snake

Since: 9.1.02
From: Wichita, Ks

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#26 Posted on

    Originally posted by shea
    Somebody remind me again about how Jericho's chairshot on Flair last week was supposed to shoot him into the uppercard. You know ... Monster Heel City, and all that...?

    let's see ...

    His opening promo was interrupted by, of course, HHH, who proceeded to verbally punk out Jericho to the point where it was embarassing.

    Then Jericho had to stand there and take it while Van Dam also interrupted him and got some verbal shots in.

    (Now correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these the situations where residents of Monster Heel City are supposed to drop the mike and start busting heads?)

    Y2J wound up his evening of mid-card burial by getting pinned by RVD and taking a retaliatory chairshot from a 50-year old man.

    You call this career advancement?

I don't know what bizarro-world wrestling you've been watching, but Jericho is NOT a monster heel. Matter of fact, I don't recall anyone even coming close to saying he was. Hell, Texas Kelly could tell you he ain't a monster heel, and he's probably the biggest Y2J fan on the board. Vader was a monster heel in WCW. Sid was a monster heel. Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Kane... THEY were/are monster heels. Expecting Chris Jericho, whose character is a COWARDLY heel in the Ric Flair/HBK mode, to go all 'roid rage when he gets "verbally punked out" is so unrealistic that I have to assume that you're just looking for a reason to bitch.

Let's see. Who got the last shot in, during that opening segment?

Why, Chris Jericho!

Who wrestled in the main event match?

Ohhh yeah. Y2J.

Did the match get big heat? Sure did!

Did Flair get a big pop for coming out and nailing Jericho with a chair? Yes sir, I think he did!

Yep. That Jericho. He's sooo buried.

Christ. Give people a gem and they bitch because it's too shiny.

Kansas-born and deeply ashamed
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#27 Posted on
Mini-Dust,Quit humping the Booker!

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#28 Posted on
This Triple H conspiracy theory crap is getting out of hand. Get over it, he's a main eventer, it won't change.

Jericho was the shit tonight. I mean that in a good way.

Really, it was an average RAW compared to what we've seen, but to be honest, it's better than the last four months of programming. Period.

Also, I'm giving props to Regal. The guy is just one of those people who has improved recently, also, I thik tag's, like Hogan, WORK with Regal. His moveset and slow demeanor work better in that type of situation. And his work itself was, how you say, Malenkoesque? Props to Goldust on the selling.

Will we see Booker on the pay per view? It seems like RAW has too much going on, for Smackdown to get any ppv time. I mean we know it won't happen, but I'll be interested to see who and how they get on.

Jericho/Flair. I can't wait for this match and I couldn't even tell you why.

Rock/Brock's SS vignette's are the best I've seen. Bar none. I'm so pumped for Brock versus Rock I can't wait!

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Tom Dean

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#29 Posted on
RVD's "what YOU'RE smoking" line was great, as was the fact that Jericho got his promo interrupted by Triple H and ACTUALLY KEPT GOING after H left. Crack me up.

My favorite part was when Jericho bailed out of the ring against RVD and did the ALI SHUFFLE~! Good mic work by Jericho, it's been a while.

Is Nowinski morphing into Ator from "Cave Dwellers"?
"Thong, the fish is ready!"

I have no idea whatsoever what you actually meant by your comment, but, good job anyway.

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Fuzzy Logic
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#30 Posted on
I shall comment about the Meatballs/Porky's/Revenge of the Nerds-esque backstage segment. I love Chris Nowinski's character because he's just like one of the eeeevil frat boys from Revenge of the Nerds.. and Regal makes the best damned faces. Yes he does. I love brits.

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#31 Posted on
    Originally posted by Teppan-Yaki
    Who needed to suspect any neanderthal pose when it was a neanderthal booking that was already done with SCSA... I mean, come on -- we all read that it's going to be HHH/HBK at SummerSlam; why not have this to advance the feud? *yawn*

Yes, WE all read it, but 90% of their viewing audience probably didn't. If they start booking based on what we read, they should just not have Raw or Smackdown and just have the pay-per-views, since we read the card in advance. I'm STILL going to blindly guess that over 50% of the people who watched Raw were surprised that it was Triple H.

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#32 Posted on
Well, they needed to find a way to make it a cold-blooded streetfight between HBK and HHH because Shawn probably can't wrestle as well as he used to be able to. They don't want to build people's expectations up that it's going to be a wrestling classic. Having said that, I still can't wait to see ole HBK back in the ring - he is my fav. wrestler of all time, and I have no doubts he'll still be lots of fun to watch.

The first hour kind of bored me. (except for the Jericho/HHH/RVD promo, which was awesome). I enjoyed the second hour for the most part, but I felt that last weeks show was better.

Still pretty good, though. Enough to keep me happy.

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Net Hack Slasher

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#33 Posted on
Oh my did I hate so much of this show. Last two weeks, I came here and praised it, maybe it felt so bad because the last two weeks were so good. But it boring and just awful on many parts. The first hour was as boring an hour of wrestling I've ever seen

-Jericho interview- pretty good ego stuff until HGH shows up. And I'll be honest first thing I think of is "I'm not crazy about these two on the same show let alone in the same ring. Jericho needs to refuse to do anything with this assclown". Best part was when H waddles back Jericho continues his interview, that was classic. Then RVD came out and a decent confrontation, the yelling of Y2J/RVD between the two, became kind of stupid after the second round. Like the last cheap quick shot by the heel and taking off "I won this round bay-bee"

-Bubba v. BigShow- Oh was this match s-l-o-w. I guess Molly/Trish were the workhorses last week in the entertaining mixed match. the Table with the leg up shot to show could have been dangerous. Decent ending with the 2 other people Show put his hand son came in to help with the setup of the final table shot.

-Dreamer v. Bradshaw- I guess it was okay. Again hardcore matches I can quickly get my fill of it fast. To be honest I dont' like Bradshaw I don't like him on TV. But the match was okay. Why is the belt still have the texASS sticker

-Test v. Slaughter- The point is?

-Bookdust v. Regal/Nowinski- Wow was Goldust in there for a long time, and sold his arm the entire match. The kid is officially over, Regal sucks have been replaced by Harvard Sucks.

-Victoria v. Trish- Oh there was a match, by the announcing I wouldn't know. Fans started with the puppy chant in the beginning. Not surprising that Trish seemed to have her name changed to Puppies by lawler. Nice dickish errr pussy heel move by Victoria and got the crowd into the match and not the chant. Decent mat wrestling with some cool reversals. Nice double suplex by Vicki, Good lookin victory roll by Trish. Nice match not as good as there Heat match. Maybe they were playing it safe as it is Vickie's first live TV match... lawler what can I add, he's a piece of shit. I love the hypocrisy when the girls mess up he's the first one to say "that match was ugly" when they do well he ignores it. FUCK YOU lawler.

-Hardyz v. Lance/Christian- I guess the whole "we have to make it on our own" talk is over. You know this match was the shortest of the night. (excluding test/slaughter if that was even a match). Didn't really get into it. Cheap getting DQed on purpose finish... Taker stealing cop cycles. urh lame

-LILIAN/Fink interview - I actually figured it out what was going to happen during Trish's entrance (lol) a couple of segments back. The clip was short (thank god). Hey I *heart* Lilian. So seeing her involved with something is always cool. Because TSN feels the need to protect me I didn't see what happened to Lilian, I heard it was some impressive bumps. Hope she's not gone for too long =(

-RVD v. Y2J- I guess the show wasn't a complete a total waste. Great match by these two. great educated feet by both guys. Crowd was into it. It felt like a main event feel to it(of course we can't have that). Not looking forward to Flair v. Jericho. I do like Flair but the man just doesn't have it anymore.

-HHH interview- OVER 10 MINUTES. me liking H ended in 2 weeks. HE was boring, he was repetitive. H talking about how Shawn won't be able to satisfy his wife. HOW LAME. And then someone screaming "hurry up" and the crowd not giving a flying fuck about it and saying "what" not to pick on someone (ala Angle)but in complete and total bordom. Hell freakin Lilian/Fink verbal jabbing seem to have more of the crowd caring and not "whating" them like H/Hbk... Of course this has to be the ending overrun segment. Because this story is SO IMPORTANT and H is the franchise. Give me a Phukin break.

other stuff - The Lance Storm promo was disgusting, did I read it wrong or did he pretty much said "at 9/11 you got what you deserve" I dont' care about either of these 3 guys which I used to care a lot. And I'M CANADIAN... Bookdust goldmember was pretty funny, I liked it... I love Lil but I totally dug Fink turning on "announcer voice" whenever reading something (lol)... Big Show backstage in the "gorilla position" wait for Trish to come back after her match was a little surreal. And H was talking to him for a few moments. Why didn't we see Trish, Molly or Victoria walk by

Line of the night: Lilian "Talking about sailors I hear you have a hard time getting your sail up". That's going to be her last words for a while, I'm going to miss her. so she wins my line of the night.

Sign of the night "they took my sign" not much to choose from

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#34 Posted on says:

Welcome to the HHH Show. Bye bye ratings.

In the ring w/Jericho!
Backstage w/BookerDust!
Backstage w/Team Canada!
Backstage w/Big Show!
In the ring w/Bischoff!

6 segments? He really is a McMahon now.

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#35 Posted on
I -think- tonight was a good show...but I'll be damned if that closing segment didn't just about suck all the joy out of it. I'll probably mix up the order, but that's what you get for reviewing the show five hours later.

Opening Interview - God, I love Y2J. That King of the World bit kills me every time. He did a great job of responding to HHH's intimidation attempt, and his interacting with RVD was great (You don't talk! Get out of here!), especially his "I got you!" dancing celebration after his spinning heel kick.

Big Show/Dudley - Ending made this match. I do so love it when a plan comes together.
Mini-Dust rules

Hardcore Havoc - Eh, all the Hardcore matches are cookie cutter anymore. They've just got to shake this up somehow. I love Tommy Dreamer, but Bradshaw or Farrooq need to defect so we can have the aPa back. GIVE ME RAVEN!!!!!!!

I'm no patriot, but that 9/11 crack was REALLY low, and Lance should've known better. You could actually lose viewers with things like that. Some things are be used as fodder for cheap heat.

Slaughter/Test - Wasted time in terms of the match, but I marked out for "Maggot!" and the G.I. Joe references. Yes, I'm a dork.

Victoria/Trish - I actually watched this match with mute on. Lawler just needs to be fucking slapped. I read an interview where he said outright that he didn't think women should wrestle, that they were only entertaining to him as eye candy. Well, then why don't you go the fuck backstage and/or shut-up as a protest when they try to put on a match, you Victorian dickweed? The match itself was decent, and I always love a good playin' possum schtick. Victoria doesn't look half-bad, and she's got a good size/look. Hell, I'm just glad to have a new player in the women's division. I love Trish and Molly, but I can only watch them wrestle on another so many times.

Bookdust vs. RegalHarvard - Damn fine match. Goldust's selling was GREAT. I was legitimately worried for a minute or two, and the atomic drop into the axe kick isn't a bad tag finisher.

UnAmericans vs Hardyz - Nobody looked particularly interested in this one, although I always enjoy Christian on my TV. I still don't get what the big deal is about Lance Storm, though.

Three Minutes segment - I really enjoy this bit for some reason. It gives Bisch a chance to really shine as a smarmy, disingenuous asshole, makes the Island Boyz into brutal, merciless monsters, and tonight, it gave the Fink a chance to act like a weasel.
Y2J/RVD - Great match, these guys are gold together. Flair's run-in was predictable, but I can't wait for a Flair/Jericho feud anyway, so fine with me. Flair's strutting was classic.

And, of course, the Main Event, interview. What a pile of tripe that was. Do I want to see the match? Yes. Did this accomplish ANYTHING that the Pedigree two weeks ago wouldn't have done fine on it's own? No. Useless, masturbatory, self-absorbed, and just plain bad writing. I've stood up for HHH many a time, but this just sucked.

I was out of the room for the Kane teaser. DAMMIT!!!!!! I WANT KANE!!!!!!!

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#36 Posted on
Random Raw Thoughts:

MiniDust was funny.

Looks like HHH vs. Booker T next month.

Y2J's getting a big beard.

Lawler was annoying last night during the women's match. Also Molly didn't do a good job guest commentating.

During the Victoria-Trish match, when Victoria faked her injury, that was similar to what Rob Conway did against Randy Orton, on a Velocity match, a few weeks ago.

Flair dancing was pretty funny.

That HHH-Michaels segment was actually pretty good, I mean Michaels was pretty good. Triple H was boring as usual.

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#37 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00

    Originally posted by tomvejada
    Random Raw Thoughts:

    During the Victoria-Trish match, when Victoria faked her injury, that was similar to what Rob Conway did against Randy Orton, on a Velocity match, a few weeks ago.

OMG, someone else remembered that match!!!

That was such a cool spot.

Great match between Trish and Victoria. It is a shame the pedophile had to ruin it.

Does anyone care about a HHH-HBK match?

Odds are HBK puts HHH over because HHH puts people over as often as X-Pac.

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#38 Posted on
Quick question about the Molly/Harvard angle. If Regal was dating Molly, then didnt Senor Harvard just tell Regal he was going to nail his girlfriend? I am happy though that Nowinski is doing the whole Animal House/frat boy thing. Preppy frat boys seem to piss people off, so that should get him some heat.

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#39 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.42

    Originally posted by Nate The Snake
    Who wrestled in the main event match?

    Ohhh yeah. Y2J.

    Did the match get big heat? Sure did!

1)The final match was indeed Jericho's but it wasn't the main event.
2)I didn't think the audience really was into it.

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#40 Posted on
I thought it was an OK episode, but I fast forwarded through all the stuff I wasn't interested in.

Team Canada, yeah the 9/11 thing was kind of too much. These guys need some more fleshing out, more to them than just "America sucks please give me cheap heat".

I think Victoria looked good, but Trish seems to have stalled out on her growth as a wrestler. She still appears to have wacky timing or something.

I actually thought Goldust injured his arm legit til I came to this board.

Seems like RVD and Y2J are the future of WWE... I'd love to see them get into a long, looong feud starting now.

The Island boyz.. fans don't know what to do - two years ago they cheered the dudleys for putting women through tables and attacking them. Now the WWE is trying to play it like it's a bad thing and the fans are just kinda confused about it. And.. Rosie? What was wrong with Ekmo or whatever his name was before? I dunno, these two remind me alot of the samoan gangsters from ECW, and that's not a good thing.

If I could make one prediction for summerslam, it'd be that hhh goes over hbk. Why would they put hbk over when he's only wrestling this one time? I don't think hhh winning would do anything for him, he's as over as he can get IMO. At this point they need to get someone as over to oppose HHH. But I don't see hbk winning that one. I'd have rather seen hbk wrestle jericho or rvd, give those fellas a nice, big win, would have been a great feather in their cap as well as a kind of 'passing of the torch'.

Oh and.. The mighty Ator needs two swords to fight?

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