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The W - Pro Wrestling - The Raw Main Event (Page 2)
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Potato korv

Since: 17.6.02
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#21 Posted on
I was in a TNM IRC room the time of the match, and EVERYONE thought Jeff was about to win. It was great, we were all wrapped up in the match, and we're cynical bastards

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Since: 10.4.02
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#22 Posted on
I liked this match. After that nasty Bradshaw-esque chairshot, I thought they were actually going to hotshot the belt onto Jeff. I was pretty pumped until seconds later JR screamed, "we're gonna have a new champion King!" And I knew immeditely Taker was going over. People accuse Undertaker of being washed up, but JR is the has been--he took all the heat off of the finish. He's completely lost his fastball.

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You know, I have this feeling that Hogan and Taker are trying to make ammends or something...Maybe trying to polish their image before hanging up the boots for good. Because these last few weeks have seemed like a turn around from what you would normally expect from Taker and Hogan...

Since: 2.1.02

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#24 Posted on
Ross actually pulled some damn fine commentary out of his ass for that match. That sounded like a J.R. of yonder. He really helped the match.

I thought the ladder match was very good. It was WAY better than it had any right being. Taker has days when I don't think he's going to make it down the ramp during a run-in, but he looked good here. This match reminded me of the Taker/HBK matches. Where Shawn bounced around and Taker bumped when he needed.

This match could have easily been a train wreck.

Lap cheong

Since: 24.2.02

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#25 Posted on
Maybe Vince could send Jeff over to Smackdown in excahnge for Benoit, and he could become a thorn in Kurt Angle's side or something? That could be entertaining.
VK Wallstreet

Since: 18.6.02
From: New York, NY, USA

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#26 Posted on
Geez, I don't know -- I seem to be in the minority, but I thought that match was really bad. Definitely the worst ladder match I've ever seen. As far as the story, yeah, I thought Jeff might pull it off, too, but I only perked up toward the end.

There was a big stretch there where my mind started wandering -- I think toward the beginning when they were doing the endless into-the-ladder spots -- then I snapped to it a few minutes later and thought, "Oh, I forgot about the match!" That's never a good sign.

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Since: 12.2.02
From: Cleveland, Ohio

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#27 Posted on
Hell of a main event. I was seriously marking out for Jeff Hardy to take the chair and continue to *OBLITERATE* UT. Like all Rocky on Mankind chairshot destrucity. But no dice. I was actually quite P.O.'d when Taker "chokeslammed" Jeff, I was hoping for the "grab the belt on the way down" thing as well. Again, no go. It just feels like such a let down after all that buildup, to have the same old, same old afterwards. I mean really, I would have been up for another hour afterwards just buzzing if Jeff had won, and I'm not even a big Hardy mark.

I also am left wondering where they go from here. Jeff was challenging for the *title* here, what bigger fish are there to fry? It's the same feeling I have about Benoit toying with the Dudleyz - the "Come on, he's above this" feeling. They've gone and given him this rub before with HHH, what can they possibly do to build on this?

Since: 28.1.02
From: Louisville, KY

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#28 Posted on

    Originally posted by whatever
    Hell of a main event.

    They've gone and given him this rub before with HHH, what can they possibly do to build on this?

Taker does the mutual respect thing now two times within a week to two people. Maybe Taker's going for a stable.

Yeah. Prototype and Jeff Hardy. There's a stable.

what the hell am I THINKING.

Can this elevate Jeff? Does he have the stuff to go it alone - who do they send him after? Or maybe, maybe, next week Taker comes out with one arm painted green and ....

what the hell am I THINKING?

I dunno. Fun show last night. Does Regal rock, or what?

This is the greatest post in the history of all great posts.

Since: 4.1.02

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#29 Posted on
I finally saw a decent Regal match last night. I'm shocked. As smeone who's "wanted" (by wanted, I mean the guys promos are off the page, he's got a particularly sick moveset, he's just...hell, I can't explain it) to like Regal for a long time I could only wish this to continue.

Now, onto some stuff...

"And, in the Undertaker's match against Randy Orton, that kid didn't look good at all, did he? Nope--UT plowed right through him, you better believe it. Didn't sell either--that's right, UT NEVER SELLS!!!!!! He's an old man who's competing past his prime and doesn't make anyone look good anymore. Yup, Orton looked like a big ol' pile of shit in that match--not a move to be had."

You can use the argument that he doesn't do it for everybody, but Taker sells. If not for anybody else, Taker sells for RVD. He oversells for RVD. Hell, if Taker did what he's done in his last two outings with RVD for every wrestler, everyone'd be putting him over. Personally, I aplaud last night's effort. And really enjoyed the main event. Sure, it wasn't the greatest ladder match, but there's was just too much suspense. That's what made it great. I just didn't think it'd be Jeff. I actually look forward to Jeff matches and promos now. And I'm utterly shocked.

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Lap cheong

Since: 3.1.02

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#30 Posted on
The match itself wasn't all that good considering the fact that Undertaker is Undertaker and all Jeff Hardy can do is bump like crazy. But seriously, guys... storytelling-wise, that match was the best match they've done in ages. The last great story-match the Fed did prior to last night was the Hunter Killer tag match last year where it all started to go wrong for the Federation.

Think about it... throughout the show, Undertaker swears up and down that he's not only going to beat Jeff in the match, but that Jeff isn't going to be able to stand when he's through, exuding overconfidence all the way. Jeff, on the other hand, exudes his own brand of confidence leading up, and while Undertaker destroys him throughout the match, Jeff takes it all and comes back for more and more and even has the guts to tell him off at the end, once Undertaker's thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Jeff and Jeff is still standing. Considering what Undertaker's character stands for - respect - it wouldn't have made sense for UT to *not* shake Jeff's hand after that display of what Mick Foley called *testicular fortitude*.

I sincerely hope they follow this stellar effort up by giving Jeff a title, preferably the European one (since Regal's doing absolutely nothing with it), because he's earned it after doing some of the best well-rounded work of his career last night.

Thumbs up to Undertaker, Jeff and the Federation for delivering on their promises last night in a way they couldn't have possibly imagined.

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Since: 24.6.02
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#31 Posted on
Two thoughts:

- For people thinking what that did for Hardy: It gave him credibility. I figured UT would retain, but Jeff's stock jumped with that one 'Shit! They may actually put the belt on him' moment after that last chairshot.

- Did anyone else think that the pre-match promo was the best of Jeff's career?
Lap cheong

Since: 2.1.02
From: Blacksburg VA

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#32 Posted on
You know, it's too bad they did the Hardy split already, because this would be a GREAT opportunity to really do it up well. I could see it turning into Jeff looking down at Matt for not being as extreme as him, for not having his guts. UT could possibly be in his ear a bit telling him how impressive he was, that unlike his brother he has his respect ... or just have him go off on his own talking about how he's been trying to step up, but it's harder when you have dead weight holding you down.

Wonder if Jeff'll do a cross-brand run-in on Thursday to keep the title on Taker?

Since: 2.7.02

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#33 Posted on
Been lurking for awhile, decided it was time to join in! This board takes on a whole new feeling when you register, eh?

You can't realistically expect Taker to move around like he's HBK or Guerrero - or anybody else who's been in a WWF ladder match for that matter. The physical aspect was set way high and were impossible to live up to - but the emotional aspect of the match far surpassed the RVD/Guerrero ladder match.

After Jeff's chairshot, everybody that I watch with - including myself - thought he would take it.

Really good build up throughout the show and a strong ending that only makes Jeff look stronger. Storytelling at it's finest, IMHO - And that's what the WWE needs more than anything at this point.


Since: 22.1.02
From: Texas

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#34 Posted on
I dug JR's call of the main event...

"Grab the belt, kid!! Make yourself famous!!"

And while the match had problems, I'll admit that my friends and I were yelling for Jeff to grab the belt. Fun, yet dissapointing at the end. Let's hope that Jeff can use this as a springboard to something bigger, not just the express train back to Heat.

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Since: 20.6.02

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#35 Posted on

    Originally posted by rosty69
    Oh, dear, the Undertaker's holding down new stars? Whatever shall we do (puts hand to forehead)?

I don't really think that his recent feud against Jeff Hardy would be considered holding him down. It gave the world a chance to see a side of them that never was seen in his tag career. In all actuality, Taker sold a good number of Jeff's moves and had me (and my sweetheart) on the edge of our seats for a good part of the match.

And what of the finish? Taker raising Jeff's hand? If that's the end of the feud, that's a great way to end it. With his "support" of John Cena and "respect" of Hardy, there might be hope for the Undertaker...

I can't help but respect Taker for the end, though. A change of heart in the future? Here's hoping.

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#36 Posted on
This was the first time in weeks that I've actually rushed home to watch RAW because of the main event. At work, I couldn't shut up about the match because I WAS ACTUALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT.

This is what the WWF has to do: BUILD THE MATCHES. The match was good, because it got built up! And even though Jeff Hardy *is* broken down, he can still wrestle if he must.

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He'll be a good manager who can tag occasionally. I hate what he stands for too and i'll be happy to boo him.
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