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18.6.18 1625
The W - Pro Wrestling - The official Summer Slam was AWESOME thread (Page 3)
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Since: 8.5.02
From: Northern Ireland

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Pretty muched loved the show from top to bottom. Rey v Angle was a fantastic opener, and you really got the feeling Rey might pull it off.

Flair v Jericho, I love them both so I didn't know who I wanted to win, especially as they've both jobbed a lot recently. Glad Flair got the win but Jericho better win at Unforgiven, I don't care who he wrestles.

Edge v Eddie was a great match with some good psychology, although there were a couple of spots where Edge used his arm as if there was nothing wrong with it, then it was suddenly sore again. Adrenaline maybe? My favourite bit was when Eddie hit the frog splash to the shoulder and Tazz just goes, "Jesus!" Tazz rules.

Tag match was good, Booker was over huge. I'm pretty sure Patrick saw Test though. Maybe he remembers Test has immunity and didn't want his ass kicked by him. Shame no one else remembers that.

RVD v Benoit. Disappointing, but I hope RVD goes to Smackdown and they continue the feud for another month, because it took a couple of goes for RVD and Eddie to get it right on PPV. For all the build up the commentators did about how if Benoit got RVD in the crossface it would be over, they really didn't play up the importance of RVD getting out of it, especially when he powered his way out. Loved the way RVD did his points to self(credit CRZ) when he was flat on his back at the end of the match.

Taker v Test was better than I expected. Taker hits the Tombstone? Nuff said.

HHH v HBK. I only really started watching wrestling in early 2000, so I hadn't seen HBK wrestle before now. If this is what he does with a broken back, I HAVE to get tapes of his early-mid 90s matches. The guy was flat out awesome. The thing that really set him apart from a lot of other high flyers is his in ring psychology. I was worried that the match would be a disappointment, but it was utterly fantastic. The first ever PPV I saw was Royal Rumble 2000, with HHH v Cactus Jack in a street fight. It was awesome. This was better. I haven't rooted that much for someone to win in months. I actually cheered when he won. Then when HHH hit him with the sledgehammer I shouted out "You bastard!". I was completely drawn into the storyline, it took me a minute to realise that it WAS only a storyline. And the look on HHH's face on his way up the aisle was priceless. I really hope HBK comes back for another match or two, I'd say he definitely has it in him, based on that performance.

Then we got to see Trish. And that's not a bad thing, that's a good thing. (Was DDP a lot more over than he seemd in his WWF run, coz that catchphrase just won't go away.)

Finally, the main event. I've loved the build up to this, and the match didn't disappoint. And all you people complaining about the crowd booing the Rock, that's what he gets for mocking the happy dance(credit CRZ). And what sort of champ leaves his belt lying on the ground at the entrance anyway? Was glad to see Tazz and Cole call this match, especially after 4 matches of King and JR. And I NEVER thought I'd be saying that. Was glad to see Brock go over clean, but then, that's what the Rock was there to do, ever since he won the belt. Not sure who they're gonna feud him with now, hopefully they'll keep him heel though.

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The Psycho Pirate

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Did anyone else notice, in the Flair-Jericho match, that Flair would peek around to see what Y2J was doing before the move came? He did it twice when he was in the ropes.

A little nitpick.

I'm still amazed by what Michaels did.

You're all so WONDERFUL. Why did they ever have to remove you from the continuity? You'd have made for MARVELOUS stories. You WILL make marvelous stories. And the FIRST story of the new world will be a story of REVENGE! -- The Psycho Pirate, Animal Man 23, May 1990.

Since: 11.7.02
From: New Jersey

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I loved it all. I'd call it the best PPV of the year, Yes even better than Mania. HBK/Triple H gets my vote for match of the year, when I expected RVD/Benoit to get it. I liked almost everything. Triple H did a great job, and I'm a Triple H hater, but I have to give him a ton of credit. The HBK bump on the chair was Foley-esque.

I liked the crowd. They were loudly into most matches. They got behind RVD/Booker/Brock. And were totally into HBK, who is still the showstopper. The ICON that can still go.

-Brian Popkin

Since: 26.8.02
From: Bossier City Louisiana

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Was it my imagination, or was every match except Angle/Misterio and Undertaker/Test a real return to old school wrestling? Benoit and Guerrero in particular looked like they had stolen a page from the Arn Anderson Playbook. Even though Angle and Misterio was a bit spot intensive, at least Angle worked toward the ankle lock from the opening minutes of the bout. Angle can have a **** match with a broom. Forget HHH, Angle is the "New Man". The Psychology in the HHH/HBK match was classic. All cruiserweights should be made to watch and study that match. Say what you will about both participants personally or politically - but know this, they know how to tell a story in the ring. I will take that over an X-Division spot fest anytime!I have been a wrestling (not sports entertainment) fan for 40 years. If you get the crowd involved in the emotion of the match, rather than simply amazing them with acrobatics they will beg for more! Here is hoping that Summerslam is the beginning of a trend toward a more traditional style.

Since: 8.5.02
From: San Diego, CA

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#45 Posted on
Just a great f'ing show overall. I was shocked to see Angle/Rey start the show, but it set the tone for the rest of the night. Even Taker/Test had it's moments, although I think Taker kicking the crap out of all three Un-Americans makes their gimmick useless. I could have lived without seeing the Trish/Lilian/Fink thing. It almost killed the crowd.

Rest in Peace, Chick.
Lap cheong

Since: 15.1.02
From: Philly

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#46 Posted on
Well, everyone, I think I'm not alone when I say that it feels great to be a (dare I say it?) WWE fan today! Summerslam was really great and I've seen many of them. It had less B.S. than any past ones I can remember. HBK/HHH really had me going so hard I nearly lost my voice, and King Brock is simply great too. Angle was his usual fantastic self, but ditch the peppermint stripes, it makes your ass even BIGGER! As for my North Carolina state quarter predictions, it was right with the Unamericans, Brock, HBK, and Test, while it was wrong when Flair, Edge, and RVD won. Four out of seven ain't bad, considering I'm now fighting laryngitis. Thanks WWE, and thank you HHH and HBK. I had a feeling you two would prove us smarks wrong. Consider yourselves forgiven.


Heel HHH rules!

Since: 12.2.02
From: Cleveland, Ohio

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Awesome, well worth the $$ PPV. Glad I taped it!

HHH/HBK = best match of the night. I loved the story, loved the "I must be F'n nuts" finger twirl before smashing Trips & the table, loved the back and forth, loved the slams on the chair, loved the ending. Completely understood the afterwards, as HBK is done and ended on a highest of highs, while giving props to Trips, who I really, really hope keeps up the badass role I was digging pre-injury. Just completely awesome.

Surprised not too many people mention the botched Flair flip in Jericho/Flair. I was disappointed by that. Almost seemed like Flair was a step behind (and don't get me wrong, I *like* Flair and was looking forward to the match).

Overall, the best PPV I've seen (starting from Summerslam '98).

I drove the Hummer. Sorry 'bout that.

Since: 1.2.02
From: Brooklyn NY

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Great show ... now let's nitpick --

I agree with MountinMan that Taker killing 3 Un-Americans by himself buries their gimmick. That was a perfect spot for Hogan to run in and help out.

Shawn wearing one of his trademark spangly chaps-and-vest outfits OVER jeans and t-shirt looked ridiculous.

Sorry, but Flair-Jericho was awful. Sloppy, obvious calling of spots (which were then messed up anyway) .... proof positive that it's past time for Flair to retire. The match made Y2J look even more foolish than he already was.

Note to Brock: Lose the bearhug.

PS -- Anybody else notice Test "framing" Taker in the corner, a la Kevin Nash?
Pickled pork

Since: 16.1.02
From: Calgary Alberta Canada

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#49 Posted on
I rarely watch PPVs, and hardly ever watch Summerslam, but I watched this one and thought it was pretty good.

I thought Benoit carried RVD, and that the match suffered from (a) not enough salesmanship by RVD and (b) somthing going on in the crowd. Hurts Benoit a bit to have RVD kick out of or escape from a headbutt, 3 Rolling Northerns and 2 crossfaces. Then to fall to a single Frogsplash (albeit preceded by what turned out to be a superslam.

Eddie/Edge and Angle/Mysterio were both great. Hard to follow for the later matches, too. Is it just me or is Smackdown the place with the better talent (especially with RVD going)? At Raw the only guys left are sluggers, give or take a couple Unamericans and Booker.

The tag match wasn't great. Booker needs a new move to replace his axe kick. It just requires his oppenent (or in this case, opponents) to wait too long bent over - it's not realistic.

Flair/Jericho and Test/Taker were the weakest singles matches and that means this PPV was good. I just wasn't bvery interested in either angle and the matches lacked the psychology of the others.

I was afraid of the HHH/HBK match as far as quality was concerned, and I was really worried when HBK barely cleared HHH in a leapfrog off the bat. But I must say I was impressed (and I'm not a fan of either guy). I thought it was going too long midway through, but the ending was great.

I respected the Rock for giving up the Rock Bottom to a rookie like Brock, but I don't really like kickouts from finishers. From now on the Rock can't beat Brock with a single Rock Bottom, can he? Brock sells very well for a rookie, without losing a lot of heat.

Last question from Tazz "who can stop Brock?" Man, I wish it was going to be Benoit, Angle or, to a lesser extent, Edge or Booker. But I smell Taker, HHH, Kane or even, God forbid, Goldberg.

Since: 2.1.02
From: nWo Country

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#50 Posted on
"Great show ... now let's nitpick"

Wow, what a positive attitude.

Molly, Goddess Amongst Mediocrity, The Only TRUE Diva! I Worship At Your Big-Assed Altar!


Since: 19.7.02
From: Trenton, NJ, USA

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Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

SummerSlam kicked it and hard last night. I was glued to the couch, leaving a pizza to get cold and a Pepsi to get hot. From top to bottom, it rocked in many ways.

Angle & Mysterio was amazing. After that match, I'm gunning for Angle to take on Brock. Mysterio sold the ankle lock, like a Champ. Angle was on, as always, and against a great oppenent like Mysterio, you get awesome matches like this. Did he say "Aye friggin' Carumba"??

Jericho and Flair was fine with me. I wish Jericho had gotten the win, that he truly needs. But I was still into this match. Jericho, personally, reminds me more of the Flair character, than anyone else, personally. So, it would have been cool to have Jericho win.

Eddy and Edge put on a great match. Working on Edge's bad shoulder was great psychology. Edge was pretty limber when Eddy had his arm pressed all the way back, over his shoulder. I was cringing. They kept me into this match.

UT vs. Test was much better than I expected. Seeing the Tombstone return after a long time was nice. Good way to turn UT face. I just didn't like him squashing the Un-Americans when two guys (Goldust and Booker T) couldn't handle them. It made them seem weak.

The tag match was all right, although I'm not a fan of keeping one guy from his corner, then him powering up to do ONE move that knocks him and his opponent down, yet he still can't get to his corner to make the tag. That annoys me. But it was a good solid match and did its job at helping the heels get more heat, despite UT stealing it later.

RVD and Benoit gave me what I wanted and I was in bliss over this match. I don't want RVD to leave RAW, and take the title with him. I don't want RVD to leave RAW at all. But... that's how things are.

Rock Vs. Brock served its purpose. The crowd had me perplexed, but that's a whole different thread. I am now convinced that Brock is a worthy Champion. Rock put him over, but he didn't need all that much help. Who here didn't mark out when they both did that backspring move, as the same time, to get to their feet? If you say you didn't, I bet it's a lie. Ditto on losing the bear hug, but that F5 is solid. Just when you thought it was just a function key on your keyboard.

The best for last... I knew this match was going to be great. I knew that HBK's back wasn't as frail as implied. I'm not ashamed to admit that I had tears welling up in my eyes, as he stood atop that ladder and professed his love for his fans. It made me proud to have been able to see this man give his body for this career. Hanging onto the edge of my seat everytime he'd had the mat hard only for him to jump up and countermove was amazing. HHH, despite my personal feelings about him, just let HBK have his way with him and control the match.

Since: 24.4.02
From: Amherst, Massachusetts

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Great show last night. The first ppv i have ordered since Backlash(ugh), and it totally lived up to my expectations. even the stuff i didnt like(jericho losing what, his 5th ppv match in a row?, the Undertaker defeating 3 guys, when Booker and dust, couldnt take them on) was ok. i really liked the little stuff about this show, the double kip-up in the ME, Shawn's saying "i love each and every one of you" on top of the ladder, the cool little spot in the tag match where Booker had to race back to his corner to try, with Goldust being pulled back into the ring as he lunges for the tag.

Eat Fresh

Since: 26.8.02
From: Pensacola

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Quick comment on Shawn/ Triple

A split second before Shawn got nailed with the sledgehammer, he mouthed "thank the lord" That made him getting laid out even more special
When he was on top of the ladder, and he turned to the fans and mouthed "I love each and every one of you"
Little things that made that the Match of the Year

Since: 1.2.02
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#54 Posted on

    Originally posted by oldschoolhero
    "Great show ... now let's nitpick"

    Wow, what a positive attitude.

hey, I thought that WAS a positive attitude ...

Besides, does the thread need yet another weiner orgasm over the show?


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On Undertaker / Test:

I kept thinking - Holy shit, this is the guy that I wanted to retire last year (just about 1 year ago exactly) when it was Kronik / Kane & Taker.

Test makes EVERYBODY look good!

Even though the outcome was not what I wanted, this was a very good big-man match. Test was manhandling Taker several times during this match. When he stops making cruiserweights look amazing just because he can, he'll be GOLD. GOLD, I tell you...GOLD! :)

The Sham

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Why isn't there a seperate thread about just THAT!

Incredible night of wrestling. People complain about the crowd, but I say, blame it on the fire marshall. The lack of pyro (except sparklers) definitely hurts.

RVD/Benoit//Edge/Eddy: As "Smarks" (God, I hate that term) we cannot fault the crowd for how they reacted to those matches. While both matches were technically sound, they were not the style of match that WWE has trained fans to enjoy. There were very few spots that called for loud pops. The guys I was watching with were not interested in the matches at all. WE know the matches were great, but don't blame the "Marks" for not understanding how to cheer them.

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#57 Posted on

    Originally posted by The Sham

    Why isn't there a seperate thread about just THAT!

I almost thought his whole leg was gonna come off ala Diesel ripping off Mad Dog Vachon's leg and using it as a weapon against Shawn Mic at Good Friends,Better Enemies.

Don't Tread On Me,
Whalebony Express
Pickled pork

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#58 Posted on
"Who here didn't mark out when they both did that backspring move, as the same time, to get to their feet? If you say you didn't, I bet it's a lie."

Actually, that was the one point in that match that earned an eye-roll from me. I thought it was too contrived.
Boudin rouge

Since: 18.2.02
From: Laurel, MD, USA

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#59 Posted on

    Originally posted by The Sham




"Nothing remains interesting where anything may happen." -H.G. Wells


Since: 27.8.02
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#60 Posted on
It's False wrote:
THE LONG ISLAND CROWD: The crowd seemed dead for Flair/Jericho and Edge/Eddie, which doesn't surprise me considering the way that these people can just sit on their hands for just about anything. But what killed me the most was the main event and how they IMMEDIATELY turned on Rocky! I've never seen so many rebellious marks in one place (other than Toronto) and now they've single-handedly created a HUGE shade of grey. Rock was legitimately pissed and why wouldn't he be? I have one word for that entire building of marks:


-- Alright, I'm not from LI but I was there at Summerslam and I have to say that you really got it wrong. I don't know how it came out on TV, but we were into the whole night....we were wooing the whole flair match...we are not jealous of "The Rock" either. We hate the bastard for ditching a company that needs him, and we cheered Brock cause he's not a corny, washed up, predictable fool who's about to leave. See the thread I started a few days ago for my tirade on that one. By the way, the reason we were quiet during the Eddy/Benoit matches is not cause we didn't like me, if we wanted to show how much we hate a match, we would have chanted "Boring". We were quiet because those matches were very technical and didn't call for huge cheers at most times. I'm supposed to jump up and scream during an Eddie Guerrero armbar? Come on, now. (BTW - I was loud during most of these matches that sounded dead on TV....I'm defending those who you're bashing). Why does everybody hate the crowd so much? We were jacked for the event and especially in the Shawn match. There were moments of silence? Of course, there's always moments of silence even in the greatest matches; we're catching our breath. It's ok to quiet down when Trips is searching the ring for 30 seconds looking for a sledgehammer. Jeez. Don't hate on the crowd just because you don't agree with who we cheer and boo. The Rock is gone, and we gave him a proper send-off.

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I think JR's even hinted at that Frosty. However, he's also said he's not leaving anytime soon. As for JR, I don't think he has a lot to do with the creative part of the company, so I don't really blame him for this stuff.
- BobHollySTILLRules, Time to Put Jim Ross out of our Misery (2002)
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