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21.5.18 1559
The W - Pro Wrestling - "The Main Event" Week 1
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Since: 27.3.03
From: Montauk, New York

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Hello Folks, I am new here. I am going to post a column every week here (well I will try anyway). I hope you enjoy it and please send me your responses, I appreciate them. Here you go...

Let me dive right in to this topic. In my honest opinion, the NWA:TNA has far superior matches right now when it comes to quality. Next week they will have a match-up between two terrific wrestlers for their Main Event, D'lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett. The two of them are two of the most charismatic workers in the industry today. But this is were the WWE continues to falter time and time again, they continuously tend to over look talent for big name pre formers that are way past their prime and have absolutely no selling skills.
Don't get me wrong here, the preformers they bring in will provide a few good weeks of entertainment but after that they wind up becoming step-stools for younger preformers and tremendous wastes of money that could be well spent on quality preformers (E.G. Scott Stiener, Hulk Hogan, Big Show). When will the WWE notice that they may have to take a slight hit on their ratings to develop some good story lines only to have the ratings jump higher than ever due to good, quality wrestling? Never, as long as the Ego-Maniac Vince McMahon is running the show the WWE will continue it's decline in the eyes of their most dedicated fans.
A perfect example is just a month and a half ago they cut D'Lo Brown, D'Lo was always a tough worker for Vince and put on good matches every time out. D'Lo was one of the best charismatically and always earned his paycheck at the end of the night. Rather then keep a promising talent like D'Lo around, they choose to re-new the contract of Mark Henry. Why did they make this decision? Who knows.. D'Lo has now made his mark in NWA:TNA and is finally getting his much deserved World Championship push. The list goes on of former WWE talent gone gold in other federations, Jeff Jarret, Raven, so on so forth. Saturn in the eyes of many wrestling anylists has one of the best arsenals today. His charisma was never anything spectacular, but when he was in that ring he always preformed a super-high level. WWE decided the best story line available for this wrestler was to make him retarted and to talk to a mop, the list goes on folks.
Raven is one of the more intriguing wrestlers of this era. His deranged character is a draw every where he wrestles, except WWE. In WWE he was used a ladder, losing matches to everyone that Vince wanted to push and than they dumped Raven after never really ever using him in a story. Raven too has become one of the best wrestlers in NWA:TNA because not only can the man carry a good story, he can wrestle, and he can do it real well. In the WWE, you have top class preformers. If I were to run down a Top 10 list of WWE preformers, 5 out of the 10 highest quality ring workers are not nearly getting the push they should be. Lance Storm, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit... all of these wrestlers are Main Event Material. In my opinion, going into Wrestlemania 19 there is one match that should be excellent and nothing much even close to it. Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle should be awesome, they are two of the highest quality preformers in the industry. But even this is hampered due to the neck injury of Kurt Angle.
We already know that after Wrestlemania Kurt will be getting neck surgery and will be out for one entire year after that. So don't expect this to be the best preformance ever for Kurt, even though this is the biggest stage in professional wrestling. As for everything else on the card, Triple H vs. Booker T should be good. But not knock your socks off good. They are both highly proficient when it comes to in-ring preformance but Booker tends to wear down in the long matches and it will be tough for Hunter to carry him. Rock vs. Steve Austin? Lot of hype, but I am not convinced Steve Austin can wrestle much anymore. Sure he can throw around a Hurricane or Maven. But I think that Rocky will have to blow us all away with a huge preformance for this match to be a high quality one.
I don't see Chris Benoit wrestling solo, I see Chris Jericho having to wrestle in the mid-card... what a joke. The guy is the most charismatic (aside from The Rock) worker in the industry, and not only that.. Jericho can wrestler with the best of them. HE should be wrestling Triple H for the Undisputed Title, HE should be in the major story lines every week on RAW! Heading into Wrestlemania 19, this is the most pessimistic I have ever been when it comes to World Wrestling Entertainment. I hope for all of us WWE fans that Vince will notice he can't run this show on his own, he needs to let Paul Heyman assume a higher role when it comes writing for WWE. He needs to notice that what Chris Benoit needs is a charismatic manager to speak for him so that he can begin his push towards the World Championship scene. All right, I am spent. If you have any feedback for me...

Email: cmontemarano@ross.rog
AIM: Iverson3Alomar

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Since: 26.3.03
From: Glendale, Cali

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err...i'm kinda new here too but just wanted to point out a few things to you,

1.) I think there's a forum specifically just for columns.

2.) You might want to acquaint yourself with the enter key and put some paragraphs in there, bud.


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Lap cheong

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Also, it wouldn't hurt to put it through a spell-check. Sorry to say, but if you want to be taken seriously you've gotta look the part.

You're welcome to your opinion, of course, but I don't think you'll find many people who will agree with you that a D-Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett match is all that.

Since: 27.3.03
From: Montauk, New York

Since last post: 2988 days
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Sorry about that, spell-checked and paragraphed but it got kind of funny looking when I added the paragraphs. I actually wrote it on wordpad, but when I copy and pasted that paragraphs disolved into one big mush. As far as the D'Lo vs Jeff Jarrett being a pooras match, you really have to order NWA this week. Watch these guys, they are what wrestling is all about. Every week they put on great in-ring preformances, and they are two of the better characters today. Do yourself a favor, watch NWA:TNA next Wenesday.

"Keep On Keepin' On." - Joe Dirt
Potato korv

Since: 21.1.02
From: Saginaw, MI

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Hey, nice name! Not a lot of us out there, so I'm always excited to meet another one. That's all.

--Monte N

Since: 25.11.02
From: Jersey

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in order to keep people reading a new column every week, you need to offer a fresh viewpoint and a good deal of original thought. i don't really feel that either of those are present in your essay; even ignoring the spelling mistakes ("preformer" and "retarted" stand out for me), it seems to be generally just a rehash of some of the prevailing IRC opinions. and even those opinions are not really strengthened by facts, just presented as truths in and of themselves. you need to present reasons for your beliefs.. for example, you call vince mcmahon an "egomaniac" for keeping hulk hogan and big show around. why does that make him an egomaniac?

you also state that "[d'lo brown and jeff jarrett] are two of the most charismatic workers in the industry today." you should present some concrete evidence of their being such charismatic workers, instead of assuming that everyone will automatically agree with you. if they do, fine; if they don't, your article is not going to convince them otherwise, and it certainly won't convince them to check out TNA, which i'm assuming is part of the goal of your column.

also, you ignore the fact that the very thing you praise TNA for is the same thing you condemn the WWE for. instead of concentrating on signing new stars, TNA ends up just taking castoffs from the WWE and old has-beens. d'lo, ron killings, and jarrett being examples of the former, and vader, nikita koloff, and dusty rhodes being examples of the latter.

i don't mean to be an asshole -- i'm certainly not trying to discourage you -- just saying, maybe instead of trying to force yourself to churn out a new column every single week, wait until you have something new and different to say. also, check the Guest Columns section of the wienerboard for some examples of effective essay-writing.

edit: spelling. yeah, i know..

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Mild Mannered Madman

Since: 1.3.02
From: Westminster, CA

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Fact checking would be recommended as well.

WWE did not re-sign Mark Henry. Henry has a 10 year contract that won't expire until 2006.

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shouldn't this be under the "guest column thread"?


Since: 25.11.02
From: Jersey

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you have to be approved for "guest contributor status" before you can post in that section.

Since: 23.5.02
From: NYC, baby!

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Yay! Another slash newbie gets ripped apart when trying to write a column! Thank goodness it wasn't just me. Man, if you want to read some classic newbie madness, then check out these columns (note that some didn't actually make it to slash, so they had to be posted elsewhere):

Regardless of what people thought of them (or whether or not anybody even read them), I am still very proud of myself and stand by them firmly.

Thus, MY advice to you, Monte, is that you should keep writing columns and say "who really cares if they have spelling errors, opinion treated as fact, unsubstantiated claims, and they don't really cover new ground." I say that you will eventually get better at all those things and then slowly but sure win a following, to the point where you are writing as good as the Contributors themselves. Heck, *I* enjoyed reading your piece, flaws and all. And I didn't even notice the spelling errors anyway.

soce, the elemental wizard

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I thought I remember an incident like this just a few months back where WCW was listed on ticketmaster. People on the 'net were buzzing, and it turned out to just be a mistake on someone's part.
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