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21.5.18 1952
The W - Pro Wrestling - The Great Thomas SmackDown! Report 11/14/02
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The Great Thomas

Since: 17.6.02
From: Miami, Florida

Since last post: 4682 days
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#1 Posted on
3 days until the Survivor Series! It's time for The Great Thomas SmackDown! Report!

Heyman et Loyd: So Brock's broken rib IS part of the storyline, and he WILL defend the title at Survivor Series!

Edge vs. Guerrero: Counters galore! Edge wins via Edgecution.

Mysterio et Loyd: Mysterio is wearing a Spider Man mask. Hey! Brock showed up! Rey-Rey is actually showing concern for Brock's rib, so it's official. He's a tweener now.

Mr. Wilson et Dawn Marie: I wish for this angle to be over, please.

WWE Anthology: It's Chyna. PFFFFT!

Hardy V.1/Cena vs. Rikishi/Tajiri: Matt loves guacamole. Cena wears used Hogan tights. WHOA, Tajiri's a FACE now?! Nippon Ichi! Hardy wins via God knows what.

Benoit et Angle: Watching these two is better than watching The Three Stooges!

Heyman et Big Show: Dammit, Show! ANDRE was the biggest champion!

Los Guerreros et Edge et Mysterio: Watching Eddie and Chavo is better than watching Cheech and Chong!

Guerrero vs. Mysterio: You should listen to Tazz plug the "Shut Your Mouth" video game. "619" to the referee! Edge & Chavo interfere, then are dragged to the back by officials! Now we go to commercial break!

WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth: Click Here for the Shut Your Mouth roster thread.

Guerrero vs. Mysterio (cont.): Eddie can get a ***** match out of a ball of lint if given the opportunity. Moonsault to Guerrero. OMG REY-REY WITH A HILO OFF THE TOP ROPE! Eddie counters the West Coast Pop and wins via El Paso Lasso.

Noble vs. Kidman: OMG NOBLE TIGERBOMBS KIDMAN! Can you do that? Kidman wins via... superplex from Noble.

Dawn Marie et Mr. Wilson: She called him BABY?! BLECCHH!

Tazz: He plugs "Shut Your Mouth" some more. Buy it. BUY IT DAMN YOU!!!

The Main Event: Angle comes out and cuts a promo. The other teams come out and insult him, so he invites them to pull up a chair and watch the match. We now go to commercial break!

Hogan's Book: Will anyone read this and tell me if it's any good?

The Main Event (cont.): BENOIT AND ANGLE MATCH! HUZZAH! Those fans must be as happy as Hell to have Edge and Rey-Rey sitting in front of them! Suplexes galore! Angle reverses the Crossface into the Anklelock! And now he does the El Paso Lasso, and all 6 men start brawling! MADNESS! Angle and Benoit share a hug afterwards. AWWWWWWW! The look on Benoit's face is GOLD!

The New TNN: I hate you, Jesse.

Lesnar et Big Show: Lesnar calls out Show, Show comes out, and Brock takes several chairshots and the belt to Show's head. That's all, folks!

That's all for this week. Until then, Good Night, take care of yourselves, and coming up next, the last Tough Enough before Survivor Series!

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The Sham

Since: 20.1.02
From: Hamden, CT

Since last post: 3031 days
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#2 Posted on
Forget the chair shot and blade job... what the hell happened to Big Show's right arm when he hit the stairs? Something swelled up pretty fast (or maybe I missd it earlier). Of course, I haven't read about any injuries, so I assume he's all right. That knot just looked nasty.

"Cram it with walnuts, ugly!"- Mr. Homer Simpson

Since: 4.1.02

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10
Holy shit! With all the spoilers and "news sites" I didn't see anyone report that TWO HUGE CHUNKS were ripped out of Big Show's arm. That looked SICK!

Bubbles? Oh come on Sharon! Iím Ozzy Osbourne the Prince of Fucking Darkness. Evil, evil, more fucking evil not a boatload of fucking bubbles man.

Since: 26.8.02

Since last post: 5003 days
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#4 Posted on
Tiger Driver, not Tiger Bomb.

Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

Since last post: 2055 days
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#5 Posted on
And a fashion report, too!

Edge, in black trenchcoat, blue/silver sunburst "Edge" trunks, and wearing the title, vs. Chavo, in black/red phoenix trunks. Wowie - a nice opener.

Backstage, Mark Lloyd gets stiffed in his interview attempts.

Dawn and Torrie's Dad. We know where this is going - Dawn will screw over Dad just to get at Torrie.

Paul and Brocky. Paul is the parent, Brocky the brash youth. Please, drag out this storyline - it's really good.

Matt (the Fear Factor champ) in "V1" shirt and purple/yellow pants and Cena, in red/yellow "Hoganesque" getup, vs. EvilAssMan, in yellow dragon-star skirt, and Tajiri, in black/white dragon pants. Cheap heel win.

Ben-wan and Kurt have a friendly heart to heart. "I have more teeth than you!" I hope these guys stay together, 'cuz their interaction is great.

Scottie still wears his chainmail coif.

Paul visits Show. Man, Show's lockerroom is HUGE! And he's got it all to himself! Man, Show's hair is cut short!

Edge, Rey, Eddy, and Chavo backstage. Eddy gets all verbose. My shame for having studied German.

Eddy, in green "Latino" trunks, vs. Rey, in spiderman/white wings mask, red trunks, carrying the belt. SWEET! Sell the knee!

Torrie/Dad. SHe's "Vintage."

Redneck Messiah, in cutoffs and wearing the belt, and Nidia, vs. Billy (Kidman), in Survivor Series T and purple/black full-cut briefs. That was fast. Billy sells the elbow.

Dawn/Dad. She sinks those fangs deeper (figuratively). Succubus!

Paul and Brocky (II). Me like.

Kurt, in half-gold/half-flag singlet, cuts a heel promo, chats with Edge, Rey, Chavo, AND Eddy, vs. Ad Break, vs. Ben-wa, in blue/silver bones trunks. Good match, lame DQ, and ANOTHER effective clusterfrick. A hug? Awesomely played by Ben-wa.

Brocky beats up Show. Did you see that cut on Show's forearm? Nasty! He must've hit right on the edge of the STEEL steps. Or maybe it was a TOTAL BOTCH of the (otherwise sweet) blade job.

Overall - top notch stuff. I can't think of any segment that was boring, although three segments of Dawn/Dad stuff and three backstage Brocky/Paul/Show seemed a bit repetitive to me.

My Survivor Series predictions: Kurt/Ben-wa win the titles back, Noble retains, Brocky retains (and Paul does NOT turn...yet).

Until Monday, fap fap fap.

Fashion Reporter Extraordinare

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And, of course, the masturbation.


Since: 11.11.02

Since last post: 4969 days
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#6 Posted on
My mark out moment for the night, as I shouted out:


Holy Fuck- he just powerbombed Kidman....

(yes I realize it wasn't an actual powerbomb, but it's the principle of the thing...)
The 5th Horseman

Since: 23.10.02
From: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Since last post: 4310 days
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#7 Posted on
Big Show's arm did look sickening after he was thrown into the steps. It looked like the skin was all lumped up in one spot.

Kurt Angle, as usual, was pure GOLD!! I LMAO when Kurt slapped on the Lasso from El Paso and while applying the hold, turned to Eddy and shouted, "This move SUCKS!!"

About Hogan's book, I heard that Vince McMahon demanded the chance to proofread the book before it was released, in exchange for promoting the book. If that's true, that probably eliminates some of the juicy stuff from the book. Then again, Vince has allowed negative stuff about him on his shows so, who knows? Personally, I don't care enough to read Hogan's book.

Since: 18.3.02
From: Hartland, WI

Since last post: 67 days
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#8 Posted on
Papa Murphy's Deeper Dish Pizza...$6.99

6 pack of Coke...$2.49

The look on Benoit's face when Angle's huggin him...PRICELESS

Very, very nice Smackdown. The three way tag title match has now been built up better than either "main" event, and it's what I'm looking forward to.

I see others noticed Big Show's arm too? WTF? Did he do that on the stair shot? Just absolutely sick looking, some of those chair shots looked unbelievably stiff too!

One more good note...I'm glad to see Chavo getting some decent TV time, I've loved to watch him since WCW.

8-1 Bring on the Vikings!


Since: 4.1.02

Since last post: 3296 days
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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10
I wish I could check the tape. These days I tend to watch Smackdown and tape RAW just in case anything good happens. Maybe I should do it the other way around. Anyway, it looked like there was about a 4x4 inch square of skin off his elbow (with Show it is hard to judge) and a equally large canyon sized chunk taken out of his forearm.

I guess we will see Show with the taped arm vs. Lesner with the face DDP taped ribs at Survivor Series.
Let's just hope Brock doesn't wear the tape for 2 years.

Bubbles? Oh come on Sharon! Iím Ozzy Osbourne the Prince of Fucking Darkness. Evil, evil, more fucking evil not a boatload of fucking bubbles man.
Net Hack Slasher

Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

Since last post: 4896 days
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#10 Posted on
-Edge v. Chavo- Good opener. I'm sorry I can't remember much I kept getting distracted by the busty girl in a the tight white "I *heart* Edge" T-shirt. Even Smackdown Fans are hotter (for matches and looks) then Raw's...LOL... Smackdown gets all the advantages =)

-OhhYeah-Matt Hardy/Cena v. OhhNo-Rikishi/Tajiri- The match wasn't awful atleast Matt got some offesne. But WHAT'S with that ending. A simple move like that putting knocking Tajiri out! I like the idea of a cheap fluke win but one move to knock out Tajiri. come ON!

-Eddie v. Mysterio- Another amazing 15 mintue match on SD. Many OMG moments from the sick santon from the inside to outside. And the when Rey was standing on the ropes and Eddie pushed him off and he did a front flip (wow). Great selling of the knee by Rey It fooled me. Loving the 619 move. I enjoyed this match so much.

-Kidman v. Noble- Okay match. Didn't really make me want to see these guys again on PPV or anthing.

-Angle v. Benoit- Angle again great cutting his promos. Guerrero were great as well, so were Rey/Edge. Liked Rey's cheesy wave "hello kurt" who looked like an annoying little brat (lol). Love the interplay between Kurt and Benoit and the outside players. Kurt was so annoying (in a good way) looking at the Guerreros and showing off. Benoit was great in setting up Angle and throwing him at Edge/Rey. I didn't mind the No Finish at all... now the HUG. I've can't believe I'm saying this but did he outshine Angle in facials/ comedy aspect at that moment. Benoit was okay with a handshake but no way I'm not hugging you and Angle forced himself on him and the look on Benoit's face was priceless. I was LEGIT LAUGH OUT LOUD at it. Major props also to TAZZ. When he noticed he touched on it and said "Look at Benoit's face! He just wants this guy to get off him please" Not the exact quote but close. Tazz picked up on it perfectly.

-Brock/Bigshow- Liked the interplay between the 3 all night. Paul is a real good actor (imo) I like the over hyper Paul turning inot calm reasonable Paul depending on the circumstance... That cut on Show's arm was ultra nasty so were the chair shots.

-other stuff- I know I should feel sorry for Torrie (I guess) but I don't... Guerreros/ Edge/ Rey exchange backstage had me smiling... Benoit/Angle backstage was good but nothing compared to the HUG... NO Stephanie What the heck!... IF you want ot sell me a CD you could pick something better then Chyna's confused gender song

Line of the night: Cole "We will be in Hartford Next week"
Tazz "Oh that's where the Whalers play"
Cole "The Whalers left a long time ago to the Carolinas
Tazz "Ohh sorry I dont' follow soccer
I know it's dumb. But I get a chuckle out of it

Oh they have the internet on computers now!

Since: 2.1.02

Since last post: 5380 days
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#11 Posted on
Random Smackdown Thoughts:

Good opening match between Chavo and Edge.

That Angle-Benoit segment was funny. "I have more teeth than you."

Eddy saved that promo with Edge.

Very good match between Eddie and Rey Mysterio.

No Steph, tonight. Good.

Angle-Benoit was good as well. Their shengians afterward were hilarious.

Overall, Another very good Smackdown, thanks to the Smackdown Six.

(edited by tomvejada on 15.11.02 0557)

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

Kurt Angle

Since: 11.7.02
From: New Jersey

Since last post: 3716 days
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#12 Posted on
The chair shots on the Big Show looked stiff as hell especially the second one to the head.

While the stair bump orininally messed up his arm, It looked like the Show tried to block the last two chairshots with his right elbow. That looked pretty messed up.

See if the Big Show stiffs Brock back on Sunday. I may be crazy, but I say Big Show would win in a shoot hands down.

Since: 26.8.02
From: Bossier City Louisiana

Since last post: 3939 days
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#13 Posted on
Great selling of the knee by Rey It fooled me. Loving the 619 move. I enjoyed this match so much.
Rey aint selling the knee. He HAS no knees. Worse than Muta from what I hear. He may need a replacement before he is 35. It amazes me that he is able to perform at this level with those bad wheels. What an athlete!

Since: 24.2.02

Since last post: 5596 days
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#14 Posted on
Maybe the color on my TV is a little off-kilter, but Cena's colors looked to be kinda purple and gold. Like those of the University of Michigan. I can't think of a better way to get (cheap) heel heat from the Ohio-State-heavy crowd in Columbus, Ohio.

Since: 22.4.02
From: Outside of Boston

Since last post: 36 days
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#15 Posted on

    Originally posted by Net Hack Slasher
    Line of the night: Cole "We will be in Hartford Next week"
    Tazz "Oh that's where the Whalers play"
    Cole "The Whalers left a long time ago to the Carolinas
    Tazz "Ohh sorry I dont' follow soccer
    I know it's dumb. But I get a chuckle out of it


(brandishes his game-used... Andrew Cassels? stick... whoever it was got traded before the end of the season)

Oh, and I'm probably only going to take note of the dark matches... you're gonna have to go elsewhere for your spoilers. Sowwy.

Today's Out-Of-Context Quote, Courtesy of Punkinhead:

"I'm gonna go dig up a date!"
Pickled pork

Since: 16.1.02
From: Calgary Alberta Canada

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#16 Posted on
It looked to me like there was a bump going outward from Show's arm. I thought (until he seemed to be able to move it OK) that he had a compound fracture.
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I say lets do another gimmick battle royal. Just leave the Iron Shiek out of it this time. I liked the last one, I just hated the booking of it and the way it ended in like 3 mins.
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