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26.4.18 0106
The W - Pro Wrestling - The debacle that was RAW...
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Super Shane Spear

Since: 2.1.02
From: Sector 7 Slums

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.08
I don't even know where to start.

- One of the most action packed segment on RAW in weeks, and it happened during the damn commercial break. But we are treated to a replay and nearly TWO MINUTES of the Dudley Boyz laying on the mat. I know I'm not a technical genius like Kevin Dunn, but how about you show the ACTION live, and then show the part where nobody moves in a replay? Is it that fucking hard? I mean you wrote the segment, it's not like it was a surprise that they were attacking!!!

- You BUILD BUILD BUILD BUILD BUILD BUILD Victoria to be the female version of Brock, and then you job her out for a hometown pop? Then you feed her to Steiner. I'm no Victoria fan by a longshot, but you just wasted four fucking months of work geniuses. Good job.

- HHH won. Shocker! But I'm not as upset at that as I was at the above.

- Hurricane is Dave Food. Have I said "Fuck You WWE" recently?

Seriously. When the only enjoyment I got from that show was a blooper from Al Roker, and some glances that Ross gave fans chanting "OU Sucks," it's about time to give up.

This does not look good for Homestar Runner
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The 5th Horseman

Since: 23.10.02
From: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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#2 Posted on
I agree with everything you said except for the Hurricane stuff. I think Hurricane was "Dave Food" because of his connection to Kane. But, I did wish to see a little more offense and fight from Hurricane.

I will also add these complaints about the show:

- I didn't like Chief Morley turning a perfectly good singles match into a tag team match. That's so stupid, IMHO. Plus, if they were going to make it a tag team match, it should have been non title with a Booker T/Golddust win to set up future matches.

- I really hate to even bring this up because any supposed negative comments about HHH often sets off some people but, it's my opinion. When's the last time a heel won a match with the ref working against him. That's not supposed to happen in wrestling. How much of that had to do with HHH, I can't know but, I think it's pretty stupid and makes RVD look worse.

Since: 23.10.02
From: Tarheel State

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#3 Posted on
My problem is he stops the singles match... yet doesnt stop the interfering in the tag match

Since: 17.11.02

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#4 Posted on
I disagree about Victoria/Jacqueline feuding. Victoria was acting like a bully, and what was needed is someone like Jacqueline who made a career out of taking care of bullies. I would hazard to guess that Jacqueline will function as an enforcer in case any of the other divas get too out of line. If anything, it was added in-between main event matches so the the fans won't riot over Bookdust and RVD losing. Ok, feeding Victoria to Steiner was dubious.

The production was way off tonight. Disjointed camera shot, the best run-in all year during a commercial break. Now they are make it like HHH burying Randy Orton, in addition to

Since: 23.5.02
From: Nashville,TN

Since last post: 3156 days
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#5 Posted on
Man it was really boring tonight and you could see the finish of the RVD-Triple H match 150 miles away but I was to busy noticing that guy holding up a football jersey to care.

The show was dragging from the very start and was bland the rest of the night.

And Stephanie is now whoring(Sp?) herself to get talent. Great.

I'm a Testicle

Since: 12.10.02
From: Canada

Since last post: 4542 days
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#6 Posted on
Let's see, Booker T was insanely over and once again he jobs in Texas. Why couldn't have Goldust taken the pin? That's what he's there for.

RVD came off like the biggest chump in the world. He's got the referee fast counting and trying to help him win. Triple H has the deck stacked against him and he still wins.

To top it all off, the fans were DEAD for Michaels and HHH's little brawl at the end. Can it be any clearer that the fans are rejecting the Triple H super push?
Lap cheong

Since: 7.1.02
From: Birmingham, AL

Since last post: 15 days
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#7 Posted on
I don't usually let booking decisions effect my enjoyment of the show, and I'm not saying it did here, but SSS, I totally agree with you on the first two points.

Of course, I think the first point is more of a production error, though I have no idea how that could occur. But they should get that action good, non-action bad.

And I'm just miffed about Jackie going over. Surprised the hell out of me, that's for sure. I'm not sure they should have even done that, but if you are going to, and if you are going to have the win come out of nowhere, shouldn't the match ended with a rollup or inside cradle or something. You know, really put over that the win was a complete fluke. As it was, it look quite legitimate. Makes Victoria look bad, and also doesn't exactly make Trish look good either.

I mean, that's what there going for, right? A fluke? Surely Victoria is going to squash Jackie next Monday, right?

Since: 20.9.02

Since last post: 5381 days
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#8 Posted on
Hurricane being Dave food because of his connection to Kane would be good if he still had that connection to Kane, but they've been tagging with other partners lately.

It sort of peeves me that they bring Hurricane to Raw, away from the cruiserweight division, so he can tag with Kane, and that lasts for all of two weeks. I really like Hurricane, I like him more when he's wrestling against cruisers and there's some doubt as to the outcome. Now he's turning into a jobber for Test, Batista and the like, and he's a really good jobber, with the bumping and the selling and the LAVEN but it doesn't really entertain me.

Also, it sucks that the HHH/RVD main event was so predictable. I don't care why HHH is booked this way, I just care that he is, that it takes the drama out of things, and that he just plain bores me during both his promos and his matches.

Hey, what happened to Bischoff kissing Steph?

Hey, what happened to Kane dancing with Mrs. Satan?
The King of Keith
Lap cheong

Since: 4.11.02
From: Winchester, VA

Since last post: 1231 days
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#9 Posted on
Man, that tag match tonight was killa! Goldy looked as good as I've ever seen him in the WWE and the match was spot on. I think they are building to a four team elimination match at the PPV between Jeri-Christian, Book-Gold, 3MW, and the Dudleys. I guess they could throw in Regal-Storm as well too. Maybe it will be one of those tag team gauntlet matches. Haven't seen one of those in a while!

Austin Bradshaw vs NWO 59

Since: 26.6.02

Since last post: 4985 days
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#10 Posted on
Raw was just "there" tonight. It was kinda just "hey, were still on tv". I thought they were about to do a whole "DX-pushes-chainsaw-charlie-and-Mick-Foley-over-stage-in dumpster-and-waste-30-minutes-covering-it" when the duds got attacked. Something feels so missing these days.

I never understood the point of Chief Morely, but I do know.
I think he might be a parody of "internet smarks" that belch "he interfeared in the match!" and "but his shoulders were down!" etc etc. I don't think it's going to work though.

Flair: "Tonight, it's gonna be Austin, Bradshaw, taking on the NWO!

(Next Monday...)

Flair: I'm not trying to screw you Austin. Tonight, to show that I'm legit, I'll referre your match tonight when you and bradshaw take on the n..w..o!

(Next monday...)

Flair: You thought that was funny Austin? No one screws with the nature boy! tonight, it's gonna be you and bradshaw taking on X-pac and Big Show!

(Next Monday...)

Flair:That's it, you have pissed of the nature boy WHOOO for the very last time Austin!! Tonight I throwing your ass in a special tag match against the NWO. And your partner is gonna be.........Bradshaw!
Lap cheong

Since: 24.2.02

Since last post: 303 days
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#11 Posted on
I'd love to see a Tag Team Turmoil match with Smackdown and Raw teams! I'd pay to see that, even!
Lap cheong

Since: 1.8.02
From: Huntington Beach, CA

Since last post: 2596 days
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#12 Posted on
I actually turned off Raw after the stunning commercial break action (Jericho did the job to the commercial break? and HHH can hold them up?). I was bored to tears... sounds like I did not miss much after that...
I guess maybe turning it off is a way bigger statement than bitching about it here. Ah hell, I will just do both...


Well- my ass still hurts, but lets see what happens this week...

Since: 2.1.02
From: Michigan

Since last post: 4799 days
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#13 Posted on
I'm with Vanilla Sky, but man did they ever blow it and just kill the rest of the show by not having Book and Goldust win. Here are two guys, one who was too sick for tv last week, and the other who got stuck in the Raw Death Slot at 20 to the hour, and they were so massively over tonight. The crowd was into that more than any other Raw match in recent history aside from the RVD/Eddy ladder match months ago.

I was really really into it, actually caring about Book and Dust for the first time in a while, and then they just got the air taken out of them, and with the goddamn belt shot finish again. I know that they strive to make fans care, to build up the chase, but I don't think they'll have another magic spur-of-the-moment type event in their blood again for a while- it took so long just to get this one.

And you get commemorative POGS!
It's False

Since: 20.6.02
From: I am the Tag Team Champions!

Since last post: 36 days
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#14 Posted on
Oh man...Raw fell flat all over tonight, didn't it? Let's have a look.

-Booker/Jericho: A perfectly good singles match that showed just who should REALLY be headlining Raw. It was only soured by the ending, but it lead to...

-Bookerdust/Canadian Chris Connection 2.0: A great tag match that SHOULD have been saved for a PPV. I mean, let's think logically. They were in had the hometown heroes fighting the champs. You're telling me they couldn't have gone over in their home state in a non-title match to set up a rematch for Armageddon. I guess that requires thought.

-Scott Steiner: Behold his awesome magnetism! Logically, this should set up an insta-feud between Scott Steiner and either Triple H (Stephanie's ex) or Brock (Stephanie's current foe). Let's hope it's the latter, because a feud against Triple H can only end in one outcome.

-Women's Matches: Trish and Ivory started off nice enough, but quickly went downhill. Jackie gets no pop anymore, not even in Texas. That's a problem and she's wasted space at this point. Victoria gave it a go, but the power of idiotic booking took over as the dominant women's heel gets made to look like a chump.

-The Opener: Remember when we were actually EXCITED about seeing the Island Boyz debut? Did Vince look at them a few years ago and say "They're good...but they don't wrestle WWF style", so he waited until they deteriorated into two fat goofs before putting them on TV? It's seriously the only explanation I can come up with. Oh, and remember when Rico went over Ric Flair CLEANLY?

-Holy Hurri-Squash!: Poor Hurricane. It's like anytime he shows signs of getting over, he gets buried. This one boggles my mind, considering Comic Book Guy Gerwitz is writing. Why he would make his pet project repeatedly look bad completely baffles me!

-The Main Event: Rob Who??

What a depressing Raw. What saddens me more than anything is that when ratings eventually go below a 3, Vince's solution will be...

"Ratings are going down because there isn't enough Triple H!"

"Oh, but you're wrong, Bubba. Because you IS the Triple H Show! Why don't you ask that pothead I just buried if you don't believe me?"

Since: 19.1.02
From: Minnesota

Since last post: 752 days
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#15 Posted on

Allow me to be the one guy who liked the show again.

-I didn't mind the "Commericial Break Attack" because it was unexpected. When they came back from commercial, I sure as hell didn't expect to see the Dudleyz laid out. So when they were, I was like "Well...Why" and then they showed me. That's attention grabbing. Kinda like when they started Nitro off awhile back halfway through a promo. The only difference is, I think the WWE knows better than to do this EVERY week on RAW.

-On Booker/Dust winning the Tag Titles. Why? Because they were in Texas? Give me a break. The feud is three ways and the Dudleyz/Vitamin-C feud is being well built. Why hotshot out of that angle? And of course there's the fact that Booker and Goldust have rarely tagged together in the past few months. Oh, and the fact that as a team the Dudleyz are more over and deserving of the title. So I'm not exactly sure why Booker/Dust should have gotten the the titles except for the fact that they deserved a run six months ago.

-Eh...The women were nothing to write home about.

-Scott Steiner was pretty good.

-I like what they're doing with Bautista and couldn't give two shits about what they're doing with Hurricane. Oh, hey look, what this segment needs is more Kane!

-I didn't have a chance to see much of the main event but what I saw was good. I'll take the smarking with a truckload of salt because I trust almost no one's opinions on this subject any more. Oh, Robbie V got jobbed out. To HHH even. Boo Fuckin' Hoo. I like the guy, but even I would have jobbed him out there. Your top heel like him or not is HHH. If RAW gets another big name heel, I'll let you know. No, not Chris Jericho.

Whew. Thank God I didn't waste My two hours.

Since everyone else is doing it (ok, not EVERYONE, but...)

Vikings (3-8) - I didn't see the game, so, uh, no comment.
Badgers (7-6) - Being from Minnesota, qualifying for a bowl, winning at home. Oh, sweet victory.
Buffy 7.9 Earns 8 points. The plot for this season is awesome. I want to have Joss Whedon's children. Well...Not really, but the plot IS awesome. (Should I be waiting for the Marti Noxon sledgehammer of plot screwjob at the end?)
Net Hack Slasher

Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

Since last post: 4870 days
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#16 Posted on
Of course not ExCal, Jericho just been the best worker in the last 2 or 3 months on Raw, getting tag titles that were a complete joke just a few months ago over enough that people care about them, having the fans hot and horny for his opponents to beat him for the last 2 weeks and there for making his opponents more over. Of course he can't compare to HHH as a wrestler who's a shell of his former self, being on top and killing ratings, and whoever faces him loses popularity almost instantly. Your right Triple H is the man and lets see if we can break under 3.0. What do I know, I also guess all the fans that were hot as hell for the tag match tonight and cold for the main event don't know nothing either.

-Dudlezy v. 3Minutes- Well I'll give 3MW some credit they didn't screw up anything tonight. This match was actually really good. Might have been 3MW best match to date... Didn't like the beat down during the break. The beatdown was vicious and great. One of the best beatdowns I've seen in a long time, but why not do it live. I mean that is the one thing Raw keeps pimping themselves as. We push slugs but we are LIVE buh-gawd!

-Trish v. Ivory- Well it would be hard to match up with the Trish/ Victoria matches of the past few months and it didn't. But it was decent anyways with nice chain wrestling. I think Trish needed a win on TV after getting beaten by Victoria (and especially after what happens later on... Piece of crap Lawler is calling Trish, Puppies again. God I hate him so much.

-Storm/Regal v. Jeff Hardy/Dreamer- Boy did Jeff start the match on a bad note by taking the 30 second walk around to hit his crappy move, atleast it hit this time. Dreamer was in there the entire time! This match was just as lame as 2 weeks ago, which they had pretty much the same match.

-Batista v. Hurricane- Squash! Hey I like Batista so I don't mind it too much but poor Hurricane, how cool would it be seeing him v. Mattitude instead WWE thinks THIS is a better use for him

-Jericho(Christian) v. Book(Dust)- Wow this match saved the show, Man was the crowd into it. They totally bit on the Dust near fall on Jericho after he crashed into Christians 'general'. This jaded smark marked out on numerous occasions even as a Vitamin C fan I was freaking out on "Who didn't BookDust win that one"... 2 weeks 2 great tag title matches, that's what makes good heel champs, they make you believe every week someone has a legit chance of beating them. Not the other way around.

-Jacqueline v. Victoria- As much of a ladies fan that I am, 2 matches might be pushing it but if it's just a once in a while thing I'm okay with it. Different type of match then the other girls match, this one was less tech and more stiffness... The result shocked the hell out of me and I was upset at first but then I thougth of it that they probably want to give a simi-push to another face and Trish is back on a winning streak so it wasn't that bad, but it would have been nice for Victoria to have Stevie mess up interfersnce for causing her to lose (so it's not a clean pin on Victoria) and she could beat on him up afterwards.

-Steiner interview- THe rolodex of catchphrases continue, can this guy hold a real conversation? One Stephanie McMahon = 10 Girls. Someones sure full of herself.

-HHH v. RVD- surprise surprise surprise. Triple H wins and is in the main event picture for the PPV. OH great. Shawn actually saved this match with his little antics during it. But the Great H overcame all obstacles and defeated RVD like all superfaces do! oh wait he's not a face. Oh well "screw the rules!" right. He doesn't have to follow any of the rules that was expected for main eventer in the last 7 years (you know draw money, good matches, make your opponent look good, make people interested) why should he follow rules of being a heel... Oh by the way the matched was underwhelming.

other stuff: Is Batista a jacked up version of Raven?... I like Victoria in the back still having Trish's hat. I like Victoira period!... I liked that both RVD and Bischoff just popped in during HBK's interview... THE BEST was Jericho/ Christian having there bags chain locked in there lockers. That IS funny LOL

Oh and poor Jerry "the ring" Lawler is upset that he got his name mispronounced. This is the same guy who changed Trish's names to Puppy. Well Jerry "the ring" Lawler consider yourself lucky they didn't call you Jerry "Statutory" Lawler

sign of the night "OU Sucks"

(edited by Net Hack Slasher on 3.12.02 0637)

Oh they have the internet on computers now!

Since: 28.1.02
From: Louisville, KY

Since last post: 11 days
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#17 Posted on
I gotta admit that for the most part, I enjoyed Raw last night. I was studying, so I was often distracted, but it was OK.

Duds Vs. 3MW - OK. I liked the way they ran the 3D spot at the end. Kind of a double.

Trish/Ivory - eh. I don't really pay much attention to women's matches. Trish can bump though.

Who was next. Oh yeah. Monster Dave Vs. Hurricane. Yikes, the big guy is BIG. Mrs. AWA says "Lookit those veins in his arm - is that supposed to be that way? How tall is he" I dunno, honey, but he sure put a whuppin' on Mrs. Helms little boy. Apparently, you CAN powerbomb Hurricane.

Was the Singles/Tag match next? Man, I so thought they'd have the Bookerman go over. He looked good, hit his spots, Chris J was excellent as always (even though I don't always like his schtick). But then the tag match. Why can't, just once, Christian Job to booker? Huh?

Another women's match. Eh

Another HHH match. Stunners. Was OK, but nothing special. I liked the part where the refs and agents came to the ring and the Kliq banded together to fight them off so they could continue to beat on each other.

Good show. Plenty of time for me to completed a little finals studying while the women's matches were on.

We'll be back as soon as order is restored.....
Ten Millionth Hit

Since: 19.3.02
From: Ontario, Canada

Since last post: 3955 days
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#18 Posted on

    Originally posted by Excalibur05

    Allow me to be the one guy who liked the show again.

Actually, I enjoyed the show as well. I didn't enjoy the booking very much in some of the matches, especially Victoria/Jacqueline, but the in-ring work was above what I expected for RAW. If they perform well, it's hard for me to really hate this week's installment.


Since: 2.1.02

Since last post: 5354 days
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#19 Posted on
Random Raw Thoughts:

Match of the night- Y2J vs. Booker T.

Hey, they got rid of that new Saliva song.

I enjoyed the Batista squash on Hurricane. I don't like Flair calling him "Dave", though.

I don't know about Steiner going to Smackdown.

I miss Austin.

HHH interrupts RNN. Figures.

Main event was eh. I hope they put RVD in the main event and change it to a triple-threat match. I'm not holding my breath though.

Overall, another so-so Raw.

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

Kurt Angle

Since: 19.7.02
From: Trenton, NJ, USA

Since last post: 4076 days
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#20 Posted on
Add me to the list of people who actually liked the show as well. Without overstating the good, I'll just say that I've come to expect that something will go wrong with RAW these days, but any sign of improvement is better than none at all. I completely enjoyed 3 matches: Jericho Vs. Booker which led to the tag match, Dudleys Vs. 3MW, and Trish Vs. Ivory. Other matches, I liked, but maybe moreso because of a spot here or a spot there.

Sorry to say, but Steiner does nothing for me and I would have still liked RAW whether he was on it or not. I'm not a fan of his and I'm not interested in this angle. Sorry, but the 'Roided Up Freak' just doesn't peak my interest.

Whatever happened to people liking that 'Old Fashioned' concept of Bad Guy who people want to cheer needing to beat up on Good Guy who fans like so said Bad Guy can get fans to boo him. Example I have read within the IWC "(Name here) needs to get a win over (another name here) to get him some heel heat". As soon as Bautista does it over Hurricane, it's a cardinal sin of some sort. Oh well...

IF I am to gripe about something, it would be that I'm finding that most people don't care about HBK Vs. HHH, myself included, and seeing them in promo after backstage segment after promo just really gets my goat.

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Bummer. I'm a big fan of his columns.
- mountinman44, Sports guy is moving on... (2002)
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