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25.5.18 0805
The W - Pro Wrestling - The Big Ol' Survivor Series Preview/Prediction Thread
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The big day is tomorrow, so I thought I'd start up the monthly prediction thread. Here goes.

Elimination Chamber World Title Match: TripleH/BookerT/HBK/Jericho/RVD/Kane
This is what they're selling the PPV on, so I hope it works. It certainly sounds like it could. I like the fact that the promo emphasized that they're using steel girders and such for the Chamber. I honestly don't care if we see a "big" bump. I'd much rather see 6 guys go out and bust ass, while busting each other up and open, like the HITC match last month. And please don't let this be another HHH strokejob. Or HBK. If there is *any* justice, BookerT will pull it out, possibly even pinning TripleH. Then let HBK and TripleH feud until WM. They can have their time while the World title actually takes on meaning with the Book at the helm.

WWE Championship: Brock vs. Big Show
Don't look for this one to be a 5 star classic, but it will be brutal, and Brock will come out of it looking even better than before. I doubt he'll whip out his SSP due to his cracked rib, and I don't think we'll see an F5, either. I'd settle for a body slam, ala Hogan and Andre. Or several body slams. Anyhow, Brock's walking out with the belt and hanging onto it until Angle takes it off of him at Wrestlemania.

WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Elimination match: Angle/Benoit vs. Rey/Edge vs. Chavo/Eddie
Simply put, this will steal the show. No doubt about it. If it's even as half as good as any of their previous matches, it'll steal the show. Still not sure why they didn't just call it a 3 way dance, but maybe that's too ECW-ish for Vince. Thursday's Smackdown was the *perfect* way to set this match up(well, along with SuperTuesday). Angle and Benoit feuding, but agreeing to work together. Los Guerrerros causing all kinds of trouble. Edge and Rey being the super cool, super popular tag champs after busting ass for the past 2 months. All of these guys have singles issues and they all have tag team issues. This is how you build the tag team division up, as well as building *every* single one of the competitors.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Jamie Noble vs. Kidman
Is it just me, or is Kidman a *total* dead ringer for a smaller Bret Hart? I'd like to see Noble retain due to Nidia's interference(as usual). Then Kidman can go to Torrie and ask for her help. Let them even smooch or whatever. It's working for Test and Stacy on Raw! Kidman would be super over, and he could have a rematch at Armageddon with Torrie firmly in his corner. So expect Noble to pull this one out.

WWE Women's Championship Hardcore Match: Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
Ok, so the storyline sucks. Victoria saying that Trish burned her in the past, blah blah blah. What ever happened to "She's got the belt, she sucks, *I* want the belt!"? Oh, that's right, we need soap opera storylines. Whatever. This feud didn't need promos. It's been sold on Victoria kicking Trish's ass from here to next month, all month long. Everyone wants to see Trish shut Victoria up once and for all, and that's what's gonna happen. Did I mention it's hardcore rules? IF there's any women willing to take some lumps and bumps, it's Trish. You mean she used to be a manager? Whatever. She's 100% ass kicker now. *This* is a true diva.

6 man Table Match: Three Minute Warning and Rico vs. Dudleys 2.0 and Jeff Hardy
For being thrown together quickly, this one sure does have some backstory. Jeff was one of the first to get laid out by TMW back when Bischoff thought he was going to jump to Smackdown. That was what, 3 months ago, at least? Bubba and Spike have been fighting them almost as long, too. So it leads to this. I really wish they'd just let Rico cut loose and show everyone what he can do in the ring. *sigh* I hope(as I've hoped with every table match since the Rumble '00) that there are *no* rules and no tag format. Just like the *first* Table Match between the Hardyz and Dudleyz. This one should be wicked, with everyone being able to take big bumps. There's so many ways to book this, that any one of them should be cool. I'm sure it'll end with Jeff hitting the Swanton on either Rico or Jamal to get the win, though.

Impromptu Tag Match: Goldust and Hurricane vs. William Regal and Lance Storm
Total filler, but it should be fun. Lance should be up there with Booker T, but he's stuck in the midcard. Goldust is always fun to watch, as is Hurricane. So it'll be fun filler.

Looks like a pretty solid show, but I'm not sure how they're going to place the matches. The Six Man Table match should be first, followed by the Cruiserweight match, I think. I hope they don't put he WWE Title match in the middle, but I bet they will. Elimination Chamber has to be the ME.....ooooo...maybe have the tag titles, then the Women's Match, then the WWE Title Match, and then the Chamber. Have the Filler Raw Tag Match first, then the Cruiserweight match, and then the Six Man Table match. There we go. Factor in Mr. Steiner possibly showing up(but not getting involved, yet) and you've got yourself a damn fine PPV on paper.

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Potato korv

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Chamber Match--RVD
3-Way Dance--Los Guerreros
Women's Title--Victoria
CW Title--Noble
Tables Match--3MW & Rico
HurriDust vs. Storm/Regal--HurriDust


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Elimination Chamber World Title Match:
-We're gonna really see how that 3.1 effected Vince. It should have told him HHH and HBK are not the people to be building the show around. Will Vince get the message? I don't think so. I pick Shawn to win. What will be fitting is that he won't get the big face response, he'll get booed out of the building by the MSG crowd.

WWE Championship: Brock vs. Big Show
-The cracked rib has me worried but I think the whispers of Show winning are just that, whispers. A last ditch attempt to get some people to think Show might win. Brock retains.

WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Elimination match:
-Los Guerreros eliminate Angle/Benoit but Edge & Rey retain setting up the Guerreros taking the straps next month while Angle & Benoit feud with each other.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Jamie Noble vs. Kidman
-Why would they have this match or feud unless Kidman was getting the title? I pick Kidman to win.

WWE Women's Championship Hardcore Match: Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
-Victoria takes the title after Trish takes some crazy bump.

6 man Table Match: Three Minute Warning and Rico vs. Dudleys 2.0 and Jeff Hardy
-Jeff said on Byte This that he's looking to recreate the Rumble 2000 balcony dive. I'm not impressed with Rosey/Jamal so this could turn out to be a cluster. I pick Dudleys & Jeff to win.

Goldust and Hurricane vs. William Regal and Lance Storm
-Both Goldust & Hurricane are pretty over with the crowd, atleast their trademark spots are. Should be a good mix of comedy and wrestling. I pick Regal & Storm.

Overall: The Chamber & Three Way are gonna make or break this show.
Boudin rouge

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#4 Posted on
"Oh yeah...!"
TEC"Can you dig that Booker's champ...Suckaaaaaaaaaaa!
Brock/Show-"F-5! F-5! F-5!"
3-way Dance-Los Guerros!
Victoria/Trish- Victoria
Hurridust/Real Man's Storm- Real Man's Storm

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Shin Strife has Mattitude...
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Elimination Chamber World Title Match: The NecropHHHiliac vs. HBK vs. 4 Other Guys
-I agree with fuelinjected. I remember in '96 when MSG completely turned on Shawn Michaels and rooted for SID of all people!! The crowd will likely be behind RVD, but this isn't his time. He's not a HOSS and he's not banging the boss's daughter. Trust me, this is the time for Triple H to get the SummerSlam job back.

WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Slug
-I still think it makes absolutely no sense to have Brock drop the belt to Big Show when Big Show's the one who fucked up! You're basically rewarding the guy for fucking up the guy you've worked so hard to build up! BUT...I've mellowed out a bit and realized that Big Slug may STILL be useful, which I'll go more in depth on in another thread. So...

WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Elimination match: Los Guerreros vs. Can-Am Connection 2.0 vs. Edge/Rey Rey
-This will make the show! As I said in another thread, this will segue into an Edge/Benoit feud and give Rey some time off while Angle makes some other lucky bastard famous. That leaves...

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Jamie Noble Boy (w/ Nidia) vs. That Lucky Bastard Billy Kidman
-I think they were building up Noble to eventually get knocked off by Rey Mysterio, but since Rey Rey got more over than anyone imagined, he's been at the top of Smackdown and, as a result, the Cruiserweight division has sputtered along. I think Noble retains here and remains strong until another contender gets built up...or possibly, brought in from Raw (**cough**JEFF HARDY**cough**)

WWE Women's Championship Hardcore Match: Trish "The Dish" Stratus vs. Victoria, Godfather's ex-ho
-This could be fun! Victoria's shown she can take bumps (remember when Goodfather powerbombed the piss out of her through a table?) and Trish is one of the hardest working women in wrestling today. Ok, the buildup's been kinda laughable with Victoria's bad acting, but this could be a very good match. I look forward to it. With Jazz getting ready to make her triumphant return, I think it's safe to say the Victoria threat gets laid to rest.

6 man Table Match: 3 Minute Warning and Rico vs. Dudley Boyz 2.0 and Jeff Hardy
-Remember when Rico beat RIC FLAIR cleanly? Remember when Bubba Ray Dudley was being built as a world title contender? All cynicisms aside, I don't know what to expect from this match. I'm not sure if the Island Boyz are still being punished, but I'll be bold and say their punishment is over and they'll start getting re-pushed.
IT'S FALSE PREDICTS: Rosey, Jamal, and Rico

Hurri-Dust vs. Un-Americans 2.0
-I'm still amazed at the new life Dustin Runnels has breathed into Goldust and yet NOBODY has been able to really capitalize on it. Hurricane continues to be wasted, despite being one of the most over guys in the company. And the two over babyfaces will most likely lose to the rising heel tag tandem of UK and Canada.

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Ah, I miss Sid. So much endless material.

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#6 Posted on
My prediction is this is the first Summer Slam in 5 years I'm not ordering becuase only one match (Triple Threat Tag match) shows any signs of promise. Too bad, becuase BPP is supposed to show tomorrow, according to the Observer.

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Elimination Chamber -- Scott Steiner interferes, tears the wall off of one of the cages, costs HHH the match somehow. Winner: TEH FANS ... I mean, Shawn Michaels.

WWE Championship -- no way Big Show wins, and I like the big guy. No Heyman turn, F5, clean pin in the middle of the ring. If Brock is so seriously hurt he needs to take time off, he drops the belt on Smackdown. (HHHater alert ... if Big Show pins Brock and wins the title, the Evil Hand of HHH can actually literally be seen cutting the legs from Brock's push).

Triple Threat Tag Team Match -- Edge/Mysterio retain (else why give them the title and take it away right away?) and Benoit/Angle really self-destruct. Real Winner: TEH FANS.

The Rest of the Card -- the WWE doesn't seem to care enough to build feuds and give TV time, so why should I?

I swear to myself every month that I won't give the WWE my $30 ... sorry $35. At the end of Raw I am confident they have lost my business. And then Smackdown shakes that confidence ... and on Sunday I always cave and order. I am so weak.

Edit -- I actually used the word "actually" four times in one paragraph. I am ASHAMED!

(edited by Gavintzu on 16.11.02 1805)

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#8 Posted on

    Originally posted by DarrylTheHitman
    Chamber Match--RVD
    3-Way Dance--Los Guerreros
    Women's Title--Victoria
    CW Title--Noble
    Tables Match--3MW & Rico
    HurriDust vs. Storm/Regal--HurriDust

3 for 7--42.9%--Damn, I suck *crowd cheers*

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You're exactly right about that but, they would still have a hard time getting a push. Even 10 to 15 years ago, guys like Brian Pillman, Owen Hart (as the Blue Blazer), and Lazertron (I think that was Hector Guerrero)
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