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23.2.20 1217
The W - Pro Wrestling - The 2002 Royal Rumble...done! (Page 2)
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Since: 3.1.02
From: C-Bus, Ohio

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#21 Posted on
This is interesting: Are you back full-time, or is this a one-time shot?

Hennig: We're going to sit down and talk about that after tonight, and I'm going to find out exactly where I stand and what the deal is. I will be at both days' TV, on Monday and Tuesday.

If he was in the final 3, I gotta think Hennig is staying and man I hope so, he looked good tonight.

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Since: 2.1.02

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#22 Posted on
Wow. I predicted the winner for every match. Amazing? No, it was THAT PREDICTABLE!

But I liked the PPV nonetheless. I always love the Rumble. But I would have enjoyed it more with the surprises we're accustomed to. It would have been that much better for me if I didn't know Venis, Godfather, Perfect, and Goldust were going to be involved. I would have been marking through the roof.

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#23 Posted on
I think the only people who picked HHH not to win were those who were trying to think of some other scenario and ended up outthinking themselves. I know I somewhat bought into it, by hedging bets on the PPV odds thread by throwing some to RVD and Angle, but the first thing I thought of when I posted it was putting money on HHH. Personally, I wanted Perfect to win it at the end, would have entertained me far more than yet another HHH "look at my lat spread" celebration. The moment HHH pulled back in the ring and did the whole arms out pose, I looked at my friends and said "1000 years of darkness is upon us." As images of the Four Horsemen of no-jobbing and backroom dealing entered my mind, seeing Hall, Nash, Hogan and Michaels all wearing the evil colors of the nWo, with their buddy HHH leading the way. Nightmare visions of a WM headlined by HHH crushing Jericho for the belt, Hall and Nash beating Rock and Austin, Hogan beating Flair, Michaels over RVD, and X-Pac over Angle. I know this isn't likely (i hope), but still, these sorts of things come to mind when I see HHH back on top and hear of such rumors being soon to come to pass.

There, I feel better now.
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Since: 20.1.02
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#24 Posted on
Royal Rumble Stats 2002

I figured some of you might want these numbers I compiled for a friendly pool.

On the subject of Maven, JR DID say that he was a legal man in the match after his "elimination" by UT. However, JR screws up A LOT. It was a no DQ match, and despite the fact that he was thrown by an eliminated man, he DID go over the top and his feet touched the ground. That's all the rules say needs to happen for an elimination to count.

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#25 Posted on
Who said that Jericho will have the belts come Wrestlemania? I woulda liked to see Angle win the thing only to have him lose the stip down the line. The small field at the end was kinda lame to. I like a crowd when the 30th guy comes in. Oh well the Undertaker stole the show with all his shenanigans, and that was enough for me.

I like HHH when he is chasing. Even though he is a Monster that takes vitamins and with the bosses daughter, I think he projects an "everyman, ordinary" image. And the "ordinary man" is usually better as climbing the mountain, not being on top. Just my opinion.

Triple H is the farthest thing I think of when I think of the everyman. Main event wise that would go to Austin. Triple H projects the guy who has everything least to me.
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#26 Posted on
Damn, that's excellent. Thanks, Sham.

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Since: 7.1.02
From: Ho Bart

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#27 Posted on
Angle eliminates Austin and Kane? Angle the last man eliminated? Why are they still pushing Angle?

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Since: 2.1.02

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#28 Posted on
Best part of the Rumble for me.

Scotty's musics and I comment how I hate the guy and I wish he would just be he was listening to me the Taker walks over and just decks the piss outa him..then continues to destroy Maven. UT really stole the Rumble I was his yard.

Since: 2.1.02
From: Under the table

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#29 Posted on
Blug... They need to change the reward for the Rumble. How predictable could you get :p

And what good did the Rumble do for anyone besides Triple H, Angle, Austin, UnderTaker, and maybe Perfect and Goldust who were in there for longer than just any of the regulars? (That makes "Perfect" sense doesn't given that neither of them are necessarily sticking around for that long).

That and there were way too many weak looking bulldogs tonight.
Shem the Penman

Since: 16.1.02
From: The Off-Center of the Universe (aka Philadelphia)

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#30 Posted on
The first couple matches were disappointments -- the tag match was over just as it got going, and Edge and Regal still don't click any better. Nor am I enthused at the prospect of IC champion William Regal -- he's good and all, but has he ever clicked with ANYONE in the WWF yet?

Given that everyone was saying the street fight would be a run-in fest, it came off pretty clean, and Vince genuinely looked scary compared to Flair's more normal physique. I'd have hoped for a few more bits with Flair outwrestling Vince, as he did briefly at the start, but it did what it had to do and the right guy went over. And Vince didn't last a minute in the figure-four, unlike some OTHER Vince I could name....

The title match was solid but pretty unremarkable by WWF main event standards -- up to and including the ridiculously overbooked ending. Ref bump, exposed turnbuckle, evil ref, feet on the ropes ... I'm not sure, but I think that the WWF is trying to convey that Jericho is a cheater.

The Rumble itself was pretty much a dead zone until Undertaker came in -- it was just aimless punching and shoving, with a spurt of activity every time a new guy came in. The only real interest was Goldust not being eliminated immediately; I'd been expecting the returns to be purely for show. Looks like Mr. Perfect proved me wrong there, at least.

Maven eliminating the Undertaker was moment of the night for me. The ending was no surprise -- the video package they used to hype the Rumble emphasized Triple H so hard I'm amazed they didn't just introduce him as the winner.

Since: 2.1.02
From: Central Florida, somewhere between Orlando and Tampa, U.S.A.

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#31 Posted on
More than a few thoughts on the PPV:

Surprised to see Tazz and Spike retain. Hopefully they don't drop the titles to the Dudleys Monday night on RAW. Maybe this is a sign that they're serious about rebuilding the tag team division. The first of a few matches that were just too short.

Edge vs. Regal - eh. Not a bad match, but I'd really rather see Edge fighting someone other than Regal. Kinda forgetable.

Trish vs. Jazz - Jazz beats the crap out of Trish, Trish retains out of nowhere. Eh. But at least it appears they're serious about building Trish as a champ.

Vince vs. Ric - to quote Dominic DeNucci from Mick Foley's books, this match was the utter, "drizzling shits." Someone wanna explain why this was longer than the tag team match, the IC match, and the women's match? Total egofuck by Vince, beating Ric all over the place. Only thing that saved this match from being complete crap were the camera spots, and Ric actually won clean. I have to wonder who's on more steroids at this point - Triple H or Vince?

Chris Jericho vs. The Rock - match of the night, far and away. I freaking love Jericho as a heel. From Jericho giving Rock the "just bring it" gesture, to Rock just about killing Jericho with the Rock Bottom through the American announcer's table (Hey, the Spanish announce table went unharmed!), to all the near-falls, the match was exciting and something all the fans could get into. I'd hardly call interference from Lance Storm and Christian, multiple refs, multiple ref bumps, and use of the ropes for the pin to be a "clean job," but I'm glad to see that they still let Jericho pin Rock to win. At least this Jericho title reign has lastest longer tham Angle's second WWF Title reign. And yes, this was a two-sided affair - both Rock and Jericho looked great in this match.

Royal Rumble -
Good things: Maven eliminates Undertaker, Godfather's entrance (for comedy value, if nothing else - and I was waiting for the entrance to last for the full two minutes, so the next wrestler could come bust through the logjam of hos and attack the Godfather), Triple H's entrance (coolest entrance I've seen in years), Triple H and Stone Cold finally go at it with each other, Mr. Perfect survives to the final three, Triple H wins, Kane single-handedly eliminates Big Show.
Bad things: The Hardy Boys are brought back like nothing that's happened over the past three months ever happenend, too many spots of only one person in the ring, too many quick eliminations for wrestlers like Kane and Rob Van Dam, an almost complete unwillingness to have more than four guys wrestling in the ring at the same time, and was that really 30 wrestlers??? I wasn't keeping count, but I was wondering where the other competitors were after Booker T came out.

A decent rumble, a GREAT WWF Title match, a complete egofuck of a Vince McMahon "match," and an otherwise so-so undercard. Not terribly bad, but hardly what I'd call one of the better PPVs in a while.

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#32 Posted on
he DID go over the top and his feet touched the ground. That's all the rules say needs to happen for an elimination to count.

Agreed, I was arguing that to my friends during the match.

The Hardy Boys are brought back like nothing that's happened over the past three months ever happenend

Well their reconciliation was hinted at last month when Matt was concerned when Lita & Jeff were beaten by the Taker, then went after Taker to avenge them. And then tonight, the 3 of them all actually got their revenge on Taker during the Rumble (and distracting him so Maven could dropkick him outta the match). I liked it a lot, but I`m a Team Xtreme mark.

I was disappointed Val still had the porn gimmick, but you can`t really introduce a new gimmick mid-Rumble like that. Hopefully he`ll move out of it ASAP and into heeldom.

I loved the Rumble itself, it`s always a favorite of mine but most of the undercard was solid but not outstanding. Jericho/Rock was high-quality as always. Once Flair took over in the street fight, it got more interesting. I only got 2 matches wrong (I thought Edge would retain and Jazz would win).

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#33 Posted on
I thought it was booked kinda dumb myself... RVD and Angle and Booker were just thrown out there at the end. No one wrestler lasted pretty much the whole thing (I always like when that happens), and HHH winning was predictable, but I don't mind that too much.

I would have liked it better if one of the long-shots to win, like RVD or Angle, got a real early draw and lasted a long time. Who lasted the longest? Austin? Christian? It was hard to tell, no one was in there for a long time.

Meltzer said it was one of the best ever, but I really disagree with that sentiment. I liked the 92, 00, and 01 versions better.

Vince & Flair, though, was well worth the $15 (I split the ppvs with my roommate). That was awesome. Sure, it's nothing I haven't really seen before, but it was all done so well, and Flair went over like he should have. My only gripe was that McMahon's chest wasn't totally beet red after the chops, but the way McMahon sold the chops was awesome, and there was double-blood, so I can forgive it.

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Since: 11.1.02
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#34 Posted on
Originally posted by rte66usa
Wow. I predicted the winner for every match. Amazing? No, it was THAT PREDICTABLE!

But I liked the PPV nonetheless. I always love the Rumble. But I would have enjoyed it more with the surprises we're accustomed to. It would have been that much better for me if I didn't know Venis, Godfather, Perfect, and Goldust were going to be involved. I would have been marking through the roof.

Same here...first time in the 11 years I've seen the Rumble on PPV that I nailed them all, including Austin to last the longest and Perfect as my "sleeper" pick.

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#35 Posted on
Originally posted by joecollins
Meltzer said it was one of the best ever, but I really disagree with that sentiment. I liked the 92, 00, and 01 versions better.

If there have been 15 years of Rumbles, and you put this one in the top four (quarter), are you not actually *agreeing* with Meltzer's "one of the best ever?"

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#36 Posted on
I really enjoyed the Rumble, and if there is no funny stuff at NWO (ie, Title Match, #1 Contender's Match), then my WrestleMania predicition has come true! HHH/Jericho! YEAH ME!!!

Overall it was a good show, I went 3 for 6 in my predicitions. (Tag Wrong, IC Right, Women's Wrong, Promotors Wrong, Undisputed Right, Rumble Right) The Tag match was short, and as soon as I heard Tazz's new music I new my predicition was wrong as usually new music = winning so we can hear said music again.

The IC match was good too, especially with the second pair of Knucks.

The Women's match was eh...I was waiting for Jackie to get more involved.

The Flair/Vince match actually dissapointed me at first. It got of really slowly, but I am surprised that Flair won, I figureed they'd have Vince win so they can continue this into WM....of course they still might do that.

The Championship Match was AWESOME~! The Rock Bottom from one table to another! The several false finishes. The Arrogant "Come on Baby!" Pin~! THe crooked ref. And of course cheating to win Jericho is golden as a heel!

I liked the rumble too, it was different though. No 'Iron Man', no 'Diesel Push', and near the end the ring was rather empty. But it was still pretty good.

Top 5 Moments of the Rumble:
#5: Someone at my house watching and actually CALLED Bradshaw's entrance.
#4: MAVEN eliminating UNDERTAKER~! (Followed by EVERYONE at my house yelling at Maven to RUN after that look by UT)
#3: The Hurricane coming and trying to double chokeslam HHH and Austin only to have Austin and HHH give each other that "Who is this guy" look and toss him over the top rope.
#2: RVD coming in hitting all his moves, then lying DEAD in the ring for 2 minutes after the pedigree, only to have Booker T toss him out.
ANd of course #1: The Perfect Gum Swat while Austin and HHH were trying to eliminate him.

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#37 Posted on

Maven was never eliminated from the Rumble match

You are absolutely correct, sir! And that can only mean one thing - an HHH/MAVEN TWO-MAN MINI-RUMBLE ON RAW! Or.....maybe not.

That chair shot Maven took was the sickest chair shot since - well, since I can remember, anyway. No hand protection, nothin'. I couldn't believe that - full marks to Maven for takin' that. And full marks to the Taker for letting Maven eliminate him - it made for a fantasic segment in the Rumble.

Lookin' forward to tonight's TV - lots of new storylines to get started!

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#38 Posted on
Originally posted by Loosie
The Tag match was short, and as soon as I heard Tazz's new music I new my predicition was wrong as usually new music = winning so we can hear said music again

Tazz got new music?? I liked his theme song. Is it a completely new song or just a remix of his old one?

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#39 Posted on
Above average PPV. I went 4 for 6 (picked Jazz and Edge.)
There was a very interesting flow to the Rumble this year, it seemed that there were rarely any people lasting too long and the most wrestlers in the ring at one time was like 7 or so. Quite different than the majority of past rumbles.

Favorites: Hardys together, they're not my favorite team, but there needs to be more teams.
Maven eliminating Taker, and the look Taker had on his face.
Perfect and of course the perfectplex.
Cypress Hill!!!

Least Favorite: Vince not rubbing in his bronzer all the way so his face was even more freakishly scary than normal.

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#40 Posted on
As soon as Rikishi and Goldust were announced as the first 2 participants, did anyone else think that Goldust would get a stinkface...and enjoy it?

Seeing Goldust get a stinkface, then stand up with a smile on his face would have been, uh, pretty sick, yet it would have been strangely entertaining.
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Hilarty would most definitely ensue with Kane thrown into the Booker and Goldust mix. I'm hoping that's the plan for him when he returns so the Kanenanites will run wild.
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