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22.6.18 0053
The W - Pro Wrestling - Curt Hennig dead (Page 4)
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Big Bad

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RIP, Mr. Perfect

Well Mr. Burns had done it.
The power plant had won it.
With Rogers Clemens clucking all the while.
Mike Scioscia's tragic illness made us smile.
While Wade Boggs lay unconscious on
the barroom tile.
We're talkin'...
From Maine to San Diego.
Mattingly and Canseco.
Ken Griffey's grotesquely swollen jaw.
Steve Sax and his run-in with the law.
We're talkin' Homer...
Ozzie and the Straw.

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Nothing to say that others haven't said re: missing him.

However, I just want to add, these men know the lifestyle they are choosing to live. They remind me so much of rock stars in the live fast, die young philosophy. I will watch and enjoy Raw this evening, and listen to music afterwards, because that is what these people decided to do with their lives. We don't know what killed Curt Hennig, but just as in all other cases (Owen Hart and other actual in-ring deaths aside) it was not the fault of wrestling. Men make choices with how to spend their years. In Curt's case perhaps those choices caught up with him. Regardless, this is a tragedy, but I feel sorry for anyone who truly feels they should think about no longer watching wrestling because of it.

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#63 Posted on
RIP, Curt Hennig
The Great Thomas

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A tragic blow to pro wrestling's legacy.

RIP, Mr. Perfect.

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#65 Posted on
I read the title to this thread, and my heart sunk damn near to my ankles. As many have said, he was one of the first heel wrestlers I truly enjoyed, along with Dibiase.


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Too bad. I, too, have fond memories of Mr. Perfect (fond in that I hated the guy at the time, which was good, 'cuz he was bad).

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Lap cheong

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#67 Posted on
Somebody please tell me that they did the 10 bell salute at the beginning of RAW. Damn, I grew up watching his dad in the AWA. Godspeed, Curt.

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I flipped over to RAW a few seconds later than usual and was greeted with the memorial screen. That was the first I heard, and I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. This is way too many and way too quickly.

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From the Associated Press:

Professional wrestler Curt Hennig found dead in Brandon hotel

BRANDON, Fla. - Professional wrestler Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig was found dead in a hotel room Monday. Officials said foul play wasn't suspected.

Hennig, 44, of Champlin, Minn., was scheduled to appear Monday night at the Florida State Fair in Tampa.

A housekeeper at the Homestead Suites Hotel found Hennig in a room about 1:30 p.m, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. Hennig was not breathing and was pronounced dead at the scene.

His body has been turned over to the Medical Examiner's Office, and the sheriff's office was investigating.

Hennig, the son Minneapolis wrestler Larry "The Axe" Hennig, has wrestled professionally for more than 30 years, according to an online biography. He worked for the World Wrestling Federation and most recently wrestled for Jimmy Hart All-Star Wrestling.

RIP, "Cool" Curt Hennig.


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#70 Posted on
Tis a sad day indeed, Mr. Perfect was one of my favorite heels. I remember having endless argument on Saturday Nights with my dad back in the early 90's when Perfect was on top of the WWF, I was a Hogan/Warrior mark and he always rooted for Perfect. Looking back, he was one of the few guys who could actually wrestle in that era of WWF; he didn't need to be a garbage man, a pig farmer, or a Tax Collector to get himself over. He did it in the ring! RIP Curt, I'll be spitting some gum out for you tomorrow.


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#71 Posted on
Goddamn, why the hell??? I totally marked out at last year's Rumble. What I need to do is get a copy of that Bret/Perfect match from SS 91. I have heard so much about it and now I need to see it.


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Lap cheong

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#72 Posted on
There's just been way too many wrestlers dieing way to young over the past several years:

Curt Hennig
British Bulldog
Owen Hart
Brian Pillman
Art Barr
Eddie Gilbert
Russ Haas
Bobby Duncum Jr.
Rick Rude

And that was just off the top of my head in a matter of about 6-seconds. I know there are about 1,000 that I've left off. And the saddest thing is is that the numbers are rapidly increasing as the years go by. It seems like only yesterday I was watching these men on a weekly basis. Hell, I was just watching Curt Hennig on NWA TNA no more than 3 weeks ago. Now they're all gone. And it's only gonna' get worse. It's always sad to hear about a legend dieing, from Jay Strongbow, to Tim Woods, to Buddy Rogers, to Lou Thesz. But it's even sadder when it happens to the ones who are so young. And it's not looking to get any better anytime soon.

Curt, you will be missed.

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#73 Posted on
It really is a shame. The Hart-Hennig match was a classic, but the thing I remember the most about Mr. Perfect is how much of a great dickhead heel he was. He was amazing as Ric Flair's "executive consultant" just wanted to KILL him.

I think the great Scotsman said it best..."Curt Hennig HAD A GREAT COCK!"

It's False

Since: 20.6.02
From: I am the Tag Team Champions!

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#74 Posted on
    Originally posted by OMEGA
    There's just been way too many wrestlers dieing way to young over the past several years:

    Curt Hennig
    British Bulldog
    Owen Hart
    Brian Pillman
    Art Barr
    Eddie Gilbert
    Russ Haas
    Bobby Duncum Jr.
    Rick Rude

    And that was just off the top of my head in a matter of about 6-seconds.

Don't forget Big Dick Dudley and Bertha Faye. The losses just keep piling up. :(

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This was just shocking...totally stunning. Hell, I was just reminiscing to my wife about how much I used to mark for Curt as a teenager and now he's gone. How I believed the Perfectplex really was a perfect finishing maneuver, and how it broke my heart when Hogan kicked out of it on SNME. To me, a young mark, Mr. Perfect WAS perfect. And it could be argued that he was, in his prime, the perfect wrestler, the total package. While he was never used to his full potential, he never failed to entertain. I still swat almost every piece of gum I eat. RIP and God be with you, Curt.

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Since: 22.4.02
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#76 Posted on
Ugh... I saw this when I got back from work, and I'm still in a bit of shock.

RIP, Curt.

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#77 Posted on

    Originally posted by It's False
      Originally posted by OMEGA
      There's just been way too many wrestlers dieing way to young over the past several years:

      Curt Hennig
      British Bulldog
      Owen Hart
      Brian Pillman
      Art Barr
      Eddie Gilbert
      Russ Haas
      Bobby Duncum Jr.
      Rick Rude

      And that was just off the top of my head in a matter of about 6-seconds.

    Don't forget Big Dick Dudley and Bertha Faye. The losses just keep piling up. :(

    (edited by It's False on 10.2.03 2109)

Don't forget "Gentleman" Chris Adams.

RIP Curt. No one could PerfectPlex and spit gum like you. You'll be missed.
J.T. Dutch
Pickled pork

Since: 3.1.02
From: SoCal 4 Life

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#78 Posted on
... Unfortunately, working the graveyard shift can sometimes leave me out of the loop, and I just found out this awful news. I guess I'm like everyone else here, just shocked and saddened. One of the best in his craft is gone. It's a terrible day for wrestling and sports entertainment.

Here's to the one and only "Mr. Perfect", Curt Hennig, and his family. To a great athlete who lived a hard and fast life that ended far too soon. Curt's legacy will live as long as there are fans like us who remember his unique and wonderful style.

Rest In Peace, Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig. You are missed.

- J.T. Dutch

Since: 8.6.02
From: Canada

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#79 Posted on
There's nothing I can say here. I don't even know why I am writing. I just want to let everyone know that, honestly, I think of this man every time someone tries to make me feel dumb for being a wrestling fan. I think of his ability, his talent, his great matches. I think of his matches with Bret in particular, but I nominate their King of the Ring match in 1993 as the better one. In any case, he makes me proud to be a wrestling fan.

Truth is, every day I log onto the wrestling sites I actually wince, anticipating the worst. Fearing a new wrestling death. And the ones who are claimed...odd, it's never the crappy wrestlers. It's never the ones who just go away and were only ever out for themselves. It's always the guys who were awesome at one time or another. Young Pillman...Who could forget his time-limit draw with Ric Flair. Owen...His WM 5 match, his matches with Shawn and Bret and Triple H...Rude...He carried the WARRIOR to a good one, had good ones with Sting and was the top heel in the business when he left WWF and went over to WCW. Yoko...An awesome performer for his size, with the sickest-looking legdrop I have ever seen. Davey...A good wrestler, with some great ones under his belt esp. w/ Bret and Shawn. And now Curt. It hurts...This business. It's like a girlfriend I love who keeps cheating on me...But I keep coming back because I'll never love anything else this much.

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Since: 10.2.03
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#80 Posted on
As soon as i heard the news i started watching all the old videos

i'll never forget you

wonder if (wwe) will do a special promo for him

i agree wit whoever it was who said God has one heck of a stable.
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