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24.6.18 1340
The W - Pro Wrestling - Greatist jobber of all time! (Page 3)
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When WCW used to do shows all the time down here in Florida, they would have a tag team called The Texas Hangmen who would come out for a 5/6 minute squash at the start of every show. Later in the same show, they would come out as Villanos or some other masked tag team and lose yet again. They were quite fun to watch actually, very slow and lumbering with no offense what so ever. Local radio celeb 'Bubba the Love Sponge' even beat them once if I remember right, at a house show, after the main event which saw them come out 3 times in one night! I'd give them props as best Tag Team jobbers.

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Nobody has mentioned the Italian Stallion, he wrestled in WCW in the late-80s early-90s. He was a great jobber, cut in the Jim Powers mold of a good looking guy who would get a babyface reaction and hit some offense, then when he started celebrating his near-victory... *BOOM* and he's staring up at the lights.

Gret jobber.

I used to like Brian Costello, too. And Dusty Wolfe, and of course Barry Horrowitz and Steve "Brooklyn Brawler" Lombardi. I thought if only they would team up, they'd be able to win matches!

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The Texas Hangmen were actually Tuff Tom and Mean Mike of Disorderly Conduct. Can't believe no one mentionned THEM!

I also recall the thrilling team of Men At Work, comprising of the aforementionned Mark Starr and a spry and young Chris Kanyon.

As for WWF jobbers, I have a list of my own:

- Rock Warner
- Tom Alton
- Brian Walsh
- Glenn Ruth (yep, ol' Thrasher)
- Phil Apollo
- Scott D'Amore (the beatings he took were all that much sweeter after seeing him flap his big ass mouth on TSN's Off The Record)
- Damian Demento (not mentionned? for shame...)

Another anecdote concerning Mr. Perfect and a jobber: It was actually Scott D'Amore, of all people, in an old RAW match. Scott surprisingly got some offense in, leaving Perfect laying, then oddly ... he leaves the ring! He celebrates and casually walks to the back, without even attempting to pin the guy! Perfect wakes up and since he wasn't one to be thrown around by jobbers, he chased after him and pulled him back by his cheek. All the more why I've hated Scott D'Amore since. :)


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you knowwhat u can tell a jobber by his moves in that 10 seconds of offense u must do at least 1 drop kick, a hip toss or arm drag. and the sequence must end with a irish whip to the ropes into a missed dropkick or irish whip to the ropes into attempt of a back drop that stevie wonder could see from a mile away lol they bend over before the guy even hits the ropes and they wind up getting kick in the face and u can call it a night.

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This thread has made me realize I miss jobbers. But here are my favorites.
1. The Gambler AA's long lost brother with hsd his deadly deck of cards.
2. Iron Mike Sharpe the definition of big and dumb. This is seriously where Albert should do.
3. Barry Horowitz always made his opponents look good.

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We were given a project in my freshman English class to make a magazine. I made something called "The Pussy Wrestler", a takeoff on "The Wrestler" mag but all it featured was Georgia Championship Wrestling TV jobbers. This was in 1981 so the whole thing was done on a Smith-Corona with pictures pasted in and cover art drawn in marker. I got a B- on it. I was marked down half a grade for using the word "pussy" in the title.

The first time I saw Iron Mike Sharpe, he was actually getting a PUSH and cutting promos on Georgia Championship Wrestling. The push was a "battle of the piledrivers" storyline. I can't even remember the other guy.

I loved Sharpe. Who needed crowd noise when he was making all that noise in the ring himself?

I also seem to remember a guy in one of the smaller feds that got cable TV time in the 80's (I WANT to say it was UWF but I'm not that sure) that had a jobber who one day managed to accidentally win a match...and then changed his name to "The Winner" and played the "I'm the greatest thing you've ever seen" heel gimmick for awhile. Whe the heck was that guy?

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hey i remember when Barry Horowitz actualy had a tag team push. i was like 10 and man it was weird i dont remember his partner but they won like 3 matches in a row it was soo funny cause it came the to point where Horowitz got the hot tag and he looked confused lmao. i think his finisher was he would come off the ropes and stomp the guy on the back or something. man it was kinda cool cause the croud went ape$__t over seeing him win.

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A couple of quick notes: Pistol Pez and Shaska Whatley were the same person. He changed his name to Shaska after turning on Jimmy Valiant and joining Paul Jones' Army in the summer of 1986.(Has that feud ended yet)?
Barry Horowitz was actually Florida Champion in the old NWA if my memory serves me right. He wrestled as Jack Hart, lost 119 straight matches, then won a tourney for the Florida Title. Shortly afterwards, he was in the WWF as Barry Horowitz.
How dare anyone call the Mulkeys jobbers. Mulkeymania carried the wrestling business in the late 80's. That Hogan guy tried to rip off the greatness that was the Mulkey's.
As for greatest jobber, how can anyone forget 'The Duke of Dorchester' Pete Doherty. The guy had three teeth and looked like Jimmy Valiant's ugly twin brother.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I've just said.

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#49 Posted on

    Originally posted by Torchslasher
    Okay, this is already way too many posts without anyone mentioning my favorite jobber.

    This guy looked more like your lecherous uncle at the bowling alley chomping a cigar in-between throwing gutter balls than a wrestler. He was so cool that he had a nickname. Who is this god among men?

    Tom "Rocky" Stone!!!

Classic post. Tom "Rocky" Stone dominated!

For those AWA guys (in addition to the already mentioned Jake "The Milkman" Milliman), how about Nacho Berrera, Rooster Griffin and my favorite: Kenny "Sodbuster" Jay!

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I'd be super surprised and impressed if anyone actually ever remembered......

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Oh yes, Disorderly Conduct. And Roadblock. Sure, they're no Barry Horowitz (greatest jobber of all fucking space and time) or Iron Mike Sharpe, but still...

And how sad is it that the only thing I remember about my first live show is "Jumping" Jim Brunzell?

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    Originally posted by Tod deKindes
    The Texas Hangmen were actually Tuff Tom and Mean Mike of Disorderly Conduct. Can't believe no one mentionned THEM!

Disorderly Conduct ruled it. They were actually decent tag workers who wrestled like they were together for years, and best of all they were involved in a GLORIOUS squash match on Thunder versus Benoit/Malenko. Malenko was faking a knee injury the entire match (to mock Rey Mysterio, Jr.) and was just being an awesome dickhead, something he rarely did at the time.

To comment on someone who mentioned the term "professional victims"... my friends and I coined the term "squash wrestlers" for the WWF jobbers, and every time Virgil would wrestle, we'd always coin him as the "Professional Squash Wrestler" simply because he'd get wins every now and then.

Lenny Lane was also a personal fave for a while, especially when he started hawking his "Ab Solution," his People's Legdrop and best of all, his hugging of the referee when he did win a match.

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The best jobber had to be Gary Sabauch and his green tights with a tiny shamrock on the ass.

On an episode of Action Zone in 1995, Shawn Michaels wrestled this hapless jobber and didn't even bother take off his entrance attire. Michaels hit a dropkick and in the process, his little striped hat fell off. He blamed Sabauch for it, lacing the poor guy with kicks.

+ raygun +
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i got one for ya. who wast that tag team of high voltage? i remember seeing them on wcw saturday night alot. jobbing to people here and there.

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does anyone remember Barry Horowitz first 2 wins after 400 losses (that was his gimmick anyway)

i remember his 2nd win because it pissed me off so much.
The legendary Owen "by gawd!" Hart latches on the sharpshooter and Bazzza taps out. all is ok with the world right? Wrong!! Owen doesn't let go and the decission is reversed,

Horrowitz wins by well that's 2

Now, who knows the first guy to "lose" to horrowitz....just as a matter of general interest

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Hey, one half of High Voltage (Rikki Rage? I can't remember the other's name) was actually one half of the WCW tag team champions with Rick Steiner, until he decided he'd rather have Judy Bagwell as his partner, I think.
Belgian Bluestar

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They were actually called Rage and Kaos. Due to an injury to Rage (who briefly came back but never to in-ring action), Kaos was renamed to Kenny Kaos and given a minor push in the tag-ranks.

Another question: who was to early 90's jobber in a stars-and-stripes outfit. He was quite small...something like Lightfoot or whatever. He used to get a small offense in but never really got anything near a push...
Dick the Bruiser

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#58 Posted on
Mike Sharp, Brawler and Horowitz are great choices. But in my humble opinion, there is only one man that could accept this title with total accelade. That man is the unforgettable BARRY O!!!!!!

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#59 Posted on
I don't know if these were jobbers or midcarders.. but they never really went anywhere in terms of winning titles or many matches, and yet I totally loved them:

duke "the dumpster" droese
i guess that big hairy guy I thought was cool must've been iron mike sharpe.. who knew!
adam bomb
there was some big guy with dark hair and a moustache.. he wore blue spandex with a white star on it.. I think he jobbed to either reyMJ or Aldo Montoya...
Brad Armstrong
Hugh Morrus
(Thurman?) Sparky Plug (now Hardcore Bob Holly)
barry h (jews represent!)
that dude with the green tights who was like from the countryside or something
brooklyn brawler

hmm, I don't seem to know many actual names, besides the ones people already mentioned--


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    Originally posted by raygun
    The best jobber had to be Gary Sabauch and his green tights with a tiny shamrock on the ass.

Gary Sabaugh actually was the aforementioned Italian Stallion. I have no idea why he'd have a shamrock on his tights though.

Another one of my faves who won occasionally was Rick Fuller. The most incredible thing is that, when he won, he used the K-Driller as his finisher. I was stunned that anybody would use that move on US TV after it's infamous botching on the PPV.

I'd mentioned Rocky King earlier, but Johnny Boone was another WCW jobber that went on the referee duty. And wasn't Brady Boone also a referee in the months leading up to his death?

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