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The W - Pro Wrestling - Greatist jobber of all time! (Page 2)
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The 5th Horseman

Since: 23.10.02
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    Originally posted by mountinman44
    Can't forget about Barry O. Iron Mike Sharpe was my favorite, though. who else could have an injured wrist for 10 years?

LOL! Yes, Iron Mike Sharpe wore that big forearm protector and Gorilla Monsoon used to always complain about his 10 year forearm injury.

Remember when Barry O picked a fight with Jesse Ventura while Ventura was announcing a match. Even the announcer, Jesse ventura beat the crap out of him. That's a true jobber.

While all the WWF jobbers I remember have been mentioned, here's some NWA jobbers that I remember:

Rocky King: Jim Cornette once claimed the Midnight Express would beat him up and then read "Roots" to him backwards so that he thought it had a happy ending.

George South

Tony Zane: Claim to fame was that he once impersonated Dusty Rhodes when the Four Horsemen tried to prove the James Boys were actually Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA. When they were unmasked it was Tony Zane and Sam Houston.

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Since: 27.8.02
From: The OC

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Iron Mike Sharpe
Barry Horowitz
Brooklyn Brawler
Jose Luis Rivera (old WWF days)

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Okay, this is already way too many posts without anyone mentioning my favorite jobber.

This guy looked more like your lecherous uncle at the bowling alley chomping a cigar in-between throwing gutter balls than a wrestler. He was so cool that he had a nickname. Who is this god among men?

Tom "Rocky" Stone!!!

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Iron Mike Sharpe
Pickled pork

Since: 16.6.02

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How about the Mulkeys?
Pickled pork

Since: 16.7.02
From: Vancouver, BC

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WCW had some truly appalling jobbers, especially on whatever its Saturday afternoon program was called. My favorite was "the Gambler". His entire gimmick consisted of showing a handful of playing cards to the camera as he walked to the ring to get his ass kicked. He should have been called John Brown or something nondescript like that but for some reason he got a character name and gimmick. No idea why i liked him...

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Since: 31.10.02
From: seattle

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Michael Saxon (I mean come on, the guy was a wrestling Michael Jackson impersonator!)
Tiger Chun Lee (WWF jobber from mid 80's)

Although my favorite jobber? Rip "The Crippler" Oliver, he was champion in the pacific NW for years. But then would show up on the WWF syndies doing jobs. In fact WWF Magazine once had an article on Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and in all the pictures there was Rip getting his ass handed to him by Jake. I actually showed up to a live PNW show here in Washington and had the gall to ask Rip to autograph the article. He sneered and walked off...

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Dexley's Midnight Jogger

Since: 10.10.02
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The Rochester Roadblock in WCW mid-nineties. He had a striped shirt and actually got quite the push in ICW years before. He would bring a saw horse or something to the ring with a signal light on it that he put over his opponent after he pinned him. Then in WCW, they just called him "Roadblock" and he jobbed all the time on Saturday Night.

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Swordsman Yen

Since: 16.2.02
From: Shaolin

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From the desk of Swordsman Yen
We have a thread of great jobbers and nobody has mentioned The State Patrol yet? :)

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    Originally posted by Swordsman Yen
    We have a thread of great jobbers and nobody has mentioned The State Patrol yet? :)

And not so much as a sniff of a Spike Dudley mention. Good to see old Koko B. Ware is still remembered by some though
Shot in the dark

Since: 11.1.02
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"From Las Vegas, Nevada...Barry O!"

Then he'd make the "O" with his arms over his head while dropping down on one knee...classic, classic stuff, man. Easily the highlight of many a syndicated Saturday morning.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: nWo Country

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Hello? Dwayne Gill? how could you guys forget him?!

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Since: 12.11.02

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>>Then in WCW, they just called him "Roadblock" and he jobbed all the time on Saturday Night.

Yeah! That guy! I actually saw him win a match once. If there were a worst finishing move thread, I'd nominate his. He pulled the guy up close to the ropes, stepped out on the apron, then leaned back until the top rope bent down enough for him to flip backward onto the guy. It looked more like an accident than anything - like he just kinda fell into the ring.
Net Hack Slasher

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For some unexplainable reason I was a big Jim Powers fan about a decade ago. He was the type of jobber who'd get 10% offense in and I always thought "Ohh he's got a chance" but then loses. I remember getting really happy when get was teamed up with Paul Roma as the "You Stallions" and was pushed for about 2 months before they started jobbing out again and Jim Powers went back to his jobbing singles career... Jim Powers was the prototypical babyface of the late 80s and come on his name is Jim POWERS of all things, how could I not mark out for him.

But there is something that Jim Powers did over 10 years ago that me and my best friend still joke about today. Like I mentioned Jim Powers used to get 5-10% offense in. The thing is whenever he got his offense in he'd pump his fist and play up to the crowd and yell "Yeah!". And on cue almost ever single time the heel would get the advantage afterwards. Powers would either run into the heels boot or the heel would get up and clothesline Powers down, or Powers would go up to his opponent only to have his next move reversed and the heel grabbing the advantage and finish off Powers... It really was funny every time the pumpfist/Yeah combo of Jim Powers was the beginning of the end of his matches with Powers looking up at the lights (lol)

Even today whenever I see someone celebrating too early. Like a sports team celebrating a play just to have it reverse by replay or even better their opponent making a last second comeback I call it "Pulling a Jim Powers" or even a friend bragging about his girlfriend too much just to have her break up with him 3 weeks later "Sorry buddy but you pulled a Jim Powers"

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RKM, I think Dave Stoudamire also got a DQ victory over Stan Hansen when he had the Intercontinental belt. The announcer was like, "Who would've ever believed, Dave Stoudamire over Stan Hansen!"

I also remember Pistol Pez Watley. Not anything about him exactly, but I remember the name. That oughtta count for something.

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Since: 12.1.02
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Some other oldies but goodies:

Ted Arcidi
Lee Wong
Buck Zumhoff
Joey Maggs
The Shadows
The Conquistadors
Rip Rogers

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Since: 16.7.02
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Barry O rules. hey, it's a big 'O'!

isn't he an Orton?


Since: 22.8.02
From: Between thought and Reality, TZ

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Pistol Pez -- hell yeah!! Who could ever forget? Was he related to Shaska? Or were they the same guy?

And speakin of big O's, what about Steve O, as in Olsinowski(correct spelling?)? AWA jobbage at its best!

Word Lif3.

John Cena--Word Lif3

Since: 2.1.02
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Pat Rose was the greatest jobber of all time. He was so "good" that he worked not only in WCCW, he also worked in NWA (prior to becoming WCW), and he may have even worked for WWF.

For what it's worth, earlier in the thread someone mentioned that a specific jobber was a great victim. Oddly enough, back in the day LONG before I knew the term "jobber", my father and I would watch wrestling together and we called the jobbers "Professional Victims".
Boudin rouge

Since: 1.3.02
From: Denver, Colorado

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Speaking of the AWA jobbage tradition, what about Pete Sanchez? The guy had the shape of a jellybean, a beard that would equal that of Hercules Ayala, and the guy would usually get his token (as in jobber offense) in before getting completely mangled.

Oh, and how could I forget Brian Costello? And especially because later on in the GWF's run (which really sucked before it folded up) Costello was touted as top talent?! Whatupwitdat?!!

I loved the way Jim Powers did that triple arm-pump finger-thrust-point of jobber-self congratulations! LOL!!!!!

And who could forget Von Kruss!!! Or, as we know him today, Big Vito!?! He even had a transitional period, where the Krusstmeister was named Vito Kruse for a while!


What about The Gambler, with his ever-lethal deck of cards, and Frankie Lancaster, who did his damndest to try to hide his balding skull? Good shit!!

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    Originally posted by Belgian Bluestar
    Either Barry Horowitz or Brady Boone (rip). I remember Brady Boone taking a clothesline from Randy Savage, flipping over backwards and ending up on his face!!!

Boone did that spot for just about every clothesline he took, and it was still absolutely awesome every time. I also loved his totally ridiculous spot where he'd have an opponent in the corner, run up, and try to hit a rana, only to have the opponent move, therefore crotching himself on the top turnbuckle. Like Flair coming off the top rope, you knew he'd never hit it, but you loved seeing him try just the same.

While he was not quite at the Barry Horowitz level of jobbers-who-got-a-little-offense, he'd probably be second on my list. Nobody could top a guy who won one match every 2 years, if he was lucky, who still patted himself on the back before every match. When he got the ring jacket with the handprint silhouette on it, he clinched his throne as King of the Jobbers.
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*He has a good entrance. *He makes a hilariously awesome face whenever someone grabs him for a chokeslam. That's more than I can say for several people they are currently employing. So why not?
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