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The W - Pro Wrestling - On This Day: WCW Nitro - April 1, 1996
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Dionysus: Is The Giant even a face at this point? Damnit, Sting.
We join WCW Nitro live in progress, where the newly formed alliance between STING and THE GIANT has fallen apart in record time. If Eric Bischoff is to be believed, JIMMY HART paid off Harlem Heat and The Giant to turn on Sting, which we’ll see later on. So, Sting has responded to this treason by spitting in the face of the Giant, and teeing off on the big man, chopping him down like a giant redwood. He tries a crossbody, but just winds up bouncing off The Giant and is sent to the floor. After some additional punishment, Giant gets Sting back in and goes for the Chokeslam ... but mid-move Sting dropkicks him all the way back to the floor! LEX LUGER hits the ring, so The Giant and Hart save the remaining attack for another day.
Admittedly, this sudden direction swap with The Giant was a little odd, since a week earlier they seemed to be moving him into splitting off from Hart and becoming a one man force. Though, anytime Sting can be made the patsy, I’m good with that. Wise choice again, Stinger.
Cue the opening!
We are LIVE from Cleveland, Ohio – the ONLY live weekly episodic television program (according to the Twitter). ERIC BISCHOFF, BOBBY HEENAN, MONGO MCMICHAEL, and PEPE are all here. And here’s the footage from earlier;
HARLEM HEAT were entering for the tag-team title match, but were approached by JIMMY HART in the aisle with a large sum of money to walk away from the title match. That’s it?!? Geez Sting, take your victories where you can get ‘em, quit being a baby.
THE NASTY BOYS vs. THE STEINER BROTHERS vs. THE ROAD WARRIORS (in a special Triangle match for control of “The”)
Rick Steiner starts with Knobbs, while the fans chant for LOD. Scott Steiner dropkicks Saggs into next week, while Animal clotheslines the snot out of Knobbs. Scott tags himself in, and gives Hawk the pumphandle slam. Both guys knock each other down with clotheslines, and Hawk is up first. His spear misses; hitting nothing but post! Scott drops a sledge off the apron, but back in, Hawk gives him a spinning neckbreaker for 2. Animal comes in, and eats a Rick Steiner punch. Rick crossfaces him, and turns over to Scott who launches him with an overhead belly to belly. Saggs sneaks in a tag and attacks Scott from behind. Rick Steiner with a forearm shot on Knobbs, and we go back to the crossfaces. Everyone winds up outside brawling now, and the fans pop huge for this with wrestlers all over the front row. Rick and Hawk wind up back in the ring, where Hawk applies a rear naked choke. It goes nowhere. Saggs is back in, and pounds away on Rick. Backbreaker gets 2. Knobbs drops an elbow but the pin is broken up by Animal. Saggs brawls with the Warriors, and Rick uses the distraction to hit a German suplex! Scott tags in, and we need to take a commercial break.
Back to the action, where Rick Steiner is inexplicably back in this match, and is playing dead with Animal. Hawk and Saggs tag in, and Hawk wins that easily. Knobbs kicks him in the face and hits a big splash for 2. Bulldog gets 2. Rick tags Hawk and launches big fat Knobbs with an impressive German! Knobbs fires back with a slam and heads up. The Warriors dump BOTH guys in a dangerous looking spot, and both hit the floor hard. Knobbs responds to that by sending Rick into the ringsteps. THE PUBLIC ENEMY rush the ring with Johnny Grunge dressed like Brian Knobbs, complete with the mullet. They roll the real Knobbs under the ring after jabbing a chair in his throat, and Grunge puts himself in the ring allowing Scott to pin him easily at 12:35. The Enemy laugh in Knobbs’ face who is too beat up to do anything about it. **1/2
KEVIN SULLIVAN and ARN ANDERSON (with Woman and Elizabeth) vs. HULK HOGAN and THE BOOTY MAN (with Kimberly)
Bischoff starts hyping the Lethal Lottery pay-per-view coming in May, winner gets the Battlebowl Ring. Loser gets their self-respect. Arn Anderson starts with Booty, who blocks a figure four and drops AA with a series of punches. Atomic drop sends Arn sprawling into Hogan who punches him. Sullivan attacks, and is atomic dropped to the floor. Hogan clotheslines Anderson and rolls him back in, where he’s hit with a double big boot. Sullivan tags in, but gets slammed off the top and nailed with Booty’s high knee. Sullivan rolls to the safety of the floor, because god forbid he do the job when everyone else has to put this clown over. Hogan and Arn pair off, where Hogan promptly hot shots him. Sullivan tries to drop an elbow on Hogan, but misses and hits Anderson. Booty kicks Arn in the face, and the MegaBooties hit a double clothesline. Sullivan finally knees Booty in the spine, giving the heels their first offensive move. Woman claws Booty’s eyes behind the referee’s back. We turn to Kimberly who is quick to inform us: “he still looks great!” A small “Booty sucks!” chant breaks out that warms my heart. Anderson guillotines Booty in the ropes, and Sullivan hits a shoulderblock that sends Booty over to Hogan for the hot tag. Sullivan chews on the big boot, and seconds later so does Arn. Liz tries to help Arn to his feet, while Kimberly hands Hogan here platform shoe. Sullivan takes it between the eyes, and Hogan gets the pin at 7:45. Woman jumps Kimberly – but Booty breaks that up before it leads to trouble. Kim in turn plants a kiss on Booty that leaves him dazed and confused; but it’s possibly the cocaine. Hogan turns to leave, where the four heels now jump Booty and plant him with Kim’s shoe! Hah! Fans weren’t feeling this one at all, and neither was I. 1/2*
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND wants an update from the Orange Alliance. Hogan claims Anderson and Sullivan were begging “please Mr. Hogan, please Mr. Booty, don’t beat us up” the entire time. Well, if that’s true, then isn’t Hogan the bully beating him up anyway! Booty’s tired of being make the butt of everyone’s jokes (get used to it) ... and challenges the Alliance to End Hulkamania to some sort of special stipulation match, but won’t reveal the stipulation so as not to “show his hand”. I’d prefer he cease showing his ass, to be perfectly honest.
LEX LUGER vs. RIC FLAIR (with Elizabeth and Woman) (for the WCW World Heavyweight title)
Flair is stylin and profilin for about 3 seconds before Luger shoves him down and poses to a HUGE pop. Flair tries shoulderblocks that only succeed if his end goal was to send himself crashing into a brick wall. Luger delivers an overhead slam, and Flair rolls to the outside as Luger roars. Flair gets back in and takes another press slam, but as Luger moves in for the kill, Ric goes low. Flair heads up, which is never a good idea, where he’s promptly caught and slammed. A pair of clotheslines send Flair to the floor where Flair throws a temper tantrum and threatens to leave. Liz talks him into coming back, where Flair gets in and begs for mercy ... before poking Lex in the eyes. Knife edge chops are laid in, but Luger comes firing back with a series of palm thrusts to the chest, and Flair is given a pretty hard looking hot shot. Clothesline to the back of the head leaves Flair dead on the mat, and Luger stomps him in the gut. Luger heads out to chase the ladies to the back, but as he heads back in, Flair throws a knee that sends Luger sprawling face first to the guardrail. Woman is back on the scene, and claws Luger’s eyes. Flair goes to the figure four; and he’s got it right in the middle of the ring! He starts slapping Lex in the face, which only serves to piss him off and he reverses immediately. Flair breaks, and dumps Luger to the outside. He follows; and is clotheslined by a now seriously irate Luger. Back in, Flair blocks a sunset flip by grabbing the ropes, but the referee kicks his arms away, and Luger gets 2! A backslide gets 2! Flair is reeling, and Luger knows it. He heads up, and leaps right into Lex’s arms. Luger puts him back on top, and nails a superplex! Bodyslam sets up the Rack which he’s got in the middle of the ring. Liz distracts the referee, Woman throws coffee in Lex’s eyes, and Flair retains with his feet most definitely on the ropes at 10:55! STING hits the ring to chase off the champ, but Flair’s feeling like a million bucks now, flexing and dancing all the way to the back. ***1/2
Bischoff recaps the chaos of the night, but Heenan has an announcement and reveals tonight’s his last night. Hands are shaken as Bischoff wishes him well ... but Heenan reveals April Fools and laughs like a maniac.
No Nitro next week as we’ve got an NBA pre-emption, but lots of jobber shows between now and then. See you later for Prime!

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Did the Nasty boys,Steiner's and Road warriors ever have a match against each other at the same time before this? I know they had matches in WWF when they were there but I don't think all 3 teams have ever been in the same match before.

Dont say its not worth it, when you can sleep with no fear, that kind of time is worth any thing.- FFX
Thread rated: 3.52
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The thing that really struck me about Smackdown was when Batista got out of his car in started walking. He really has that "star" presence, the look, the way he carries himself, everything. He seems to have that "it" quality.
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