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22.7.24 0612
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW Supershow #973 1/16/11
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I forgot Supershow in the title last week

TONIGHT: Zack Ryder defends his United States Championship against Jack Swagger! Another Hall-of-Fame inductee likely to be announced! New Tag Champs recognized (maybe)! More demented Kane, silent Chris Jericho, and funky Brodus Clay! Plus Perez Hilton is special guest ring announcer for a Divas Match? Doesn’t this all sound like FUN?

- WWE Open.

- The opening MLK Day video aired, which included clips of his “I Have A Dream” speech. “Long Live The Dream.”

- Raw Open.

- Lots of fireworks kicked off the in-arena portion of the show. Michael Cole welcomed folks to the Honda Center (“The Pond”!) in Anaheim for the show. Justin Roberts introduced Mick Foley. Cole hilariously sighed when he heard Foley’s name, as heel Cole, then went right into playing straight-man Cole by pitching Foley’s appearance. Hilarious if it weren’t so sad. During his entrance, the announcers plugged CM Punk & Daniel Bryan teaming up to take on Mark Henry & Dolph Ziggler, and Zack Ryder is still scheduled to put his title on the line against Jack Swagger. Foley thanked the fans for chanting his name. He said he was there for two reasons: To spend the day at Disneyland in Anaheim, California (cheap pop!). Foley said last time he was on the show, he was content to be featured in a non-physical role as Santa Claus on Smackdown. Foley talked about headlining Wrestlemania in that very building with his wife and two children in attendance. Foley said he has another dream, because he’s got two other kids who were too young to see their dad inside the ring. He said he’d like Mickey and Huey to see him inside the ring one more time. So his second reason for being there: his intention to be one of the 30 contestants in the 2012 Royal Rumble match. Vickie Guerrero and her “excuse me” interrupted.

She walked onto the stage with her charge, Dolph Ziggler. She told Foley to welcome the next WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler. The duo came to the ring and said there are 30 precious spots in the Rumble, and Foley just wants to show up and take one? Ziggler chided Foley for taking the spot of someone who worked hard all year just to show his bratty kids he can still embarrass himself one more time? Foley said, “yes.” Ziggler said he’s seen Foley’s comedy act, and wondered aloud if this was a skit. He played Foley’s sons’ reacting to Foley’s appearance, celebrating his entrance then disappointed when he gets thrown right out. He said, as them, “oh well, off to school, hope daddy didn’t eat our lunches again.” Foley went into hard-sell mode for the Rumble and basically said anything can happen in that match. Ziggler reminded Foley that John Cena ran away from their match last week and he’d be mad if he had to waste his Wrestlemania title defense in a match against Foley were Foley to somehow win the Rumble. Ziggler talked of Foley making a fool of himself tonight and told him, “it’s over. Go home. Buy a new shirt, eat a salad and just GO AWAY.” That prompted CM Punk’s music to hit, and he came out.

Punk said it was so good to see Foley in Anaheim, California. Ziggler said of course they’re buddies, they get their clothes from the same homeless guy on the street. Punk said he and Foley don’t fit the mold of the prototypical WWE superstar, and they don’t hide behind a woman. Punk said Ziggler has the special ref in his back pocket in their match for the Rumble, then had some unkind words to say about Johnny Ace. Punk assured everyone he’ll still be champion after the Rumble because he’s the best wrestler in the Rumble. He said he’d go on to fight the winner of the Rumble at Wrestlemania and it’d be “damn cool” if it were Foley. Vickie Guerrero made fun of Punk and Foley’s weights, then Ace interrupted with an announcement. He ordered Punk to look at him and assured Punk he’d be unbiased in their match. And to show how fair he can be, he’d take Foley’s Rumble request under consideration. Oh, he’s already thought long and hard about it! His answer: No. Guerrero cackled in Foley’s face and relished in Ace’s decision. Good segment, somewhat awkward end.

- They faded out of that and into Air Boom walking backstage, title-less. Jerry Lawler announced that Primo and Epico won the tag titles at a live event last night in Oakland. Air Boom has invoked their rematch clause, so that’ll take place next.

[Commercial Break]

(1) Air Boom vs. Primo & Epico – WWE Tag Team Title Match
Both teams were already in the ring. They showed a video of the end of the tag title match at the live event last night. Bourne landed on his feet on a snap-mare attempt and rolled Epico up for two. The heels caught Bourne on a cross-body try, then gave him a fall-away slam. Kingston made the hot tag after Bourne sent the cousins into each other. Kingston flew through the air and hit his spots, including the Boom Drop. Epico rolled up Kofi after a distraction by Primo. Trouble in Paradise, then a tag to Bourne. Outside, Primo sent Kingston into the ring post. The distraction allowed Epico to trip Bourne up on the top rope, hit the Backstabber, and get the win.

Winners: Primo and Epico, at 2:17. This probably cements that Bourne and/or Kingston are in the doghouse. Never thought Primo would get the opportunity to be a champion again in WWE. Good for him.

- Johnny Ace was texting backstage when David Otunga walked up and handed him an envelope. He said “you-know-who” is waiting behind the door and asked if he should let him in. Ace said the main event is a six-man tag match with Henry, Daivd Otunga, and Ziggler taking on Punk, Daniel Bryan…and you. The camera panned back to show Chris Jericho. He just smiled, turned the lights off, and turned his jacket on.

[Commercial Break]

- The exterior of the Honda Center was shown.

- The announcers reacted to the now six-man tag main event.

- Backstage, Zack Ryder was nursing his taped ribs alongside Eve. Josh Mathews walked up and asked Ryder if he’s been cleared by a WWE doctor and Ryder said no. Eve interrupted and said there’s no way Ryder should be competing tonight, that he should be home recuperating. Ryder said he was going to the ring and anyone who thinks he’s going to forfeit his title is full of crap. Eve said she’d go with him.

- A video packaged aired on the Kane-Cena/Ryder happenings from last week.

- Jack Swagger came out for his match with Ryder. They showed the end of the Punk vs. Swagger match from last week, where Swagger may or may not have been screwed. The match is next. Nicely placed commercial break – gives Ryder more time to recover!

[Commercial Break]

(2) Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder – United States Championship Match
Aren’t they doing a story on Smackdown where Mark Henry recently wasn’t cleared to compete? How can Ryder wrestle if he wasn’t cleared? Of course, Swagger went after the back of Ryder to start. He even did the Swagger bomb onto Ryder’s back for a two-count at 1:03. It was all Swagger, as he hit the Gutwrench powerbomb, still only a two-count, at 1:45. Gutwrench powerbomb number three was enough to force a title change.

Winner: Swagger, at 2:22. Talk about backing in to a championship. Is this Ryder’s punishment for not moving the needle?

- The six-man main event was plugged.

[Commercial Break]

- They aired clips of Swagger vs. Ryder from moments ago, including Eve’s reaction to his loss.

- A trainer was checking on Ryder backstage when Johnny Ace walked up. He had the envelope Otunga gave him and said he just opened it and just found out Ryder wasn’t medically cleared. Eve chastised Ace for allowing one of his superstars to compete while injured. Ace basically told her to shut-up and respect his authority.

- Justin Roberts introduced the guest ring announcer for the next match: Perez Hilton. Hilton thanked the fans for their warm response (sarcastic). I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the rare Justin Roberts flub here when talking about the number of followers Hilton has on Twitter or something.

(3) Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox vs. The Bella Twins
One of the Bellas took Kelly down to start as Hilton stayed at ringside for the match. Some awful kicks in the corner on Kelly, but she missed a charge. Face-buster by Kelly for two, the pin broken up by the illegal Bella. They did a switch when Fox got involved, but Hilton, wearing a Raw is War t-shirt, pulled the illegal Bella out of the ring and criticized her for cheating. Kelly rolled up the legal Bella for the win.

Winners: Kelly and Fox, at :57. A celebrity was involved. Mission accomplished.

- The Bellas argued with Hilton after the match, then one of them pushed him down when he put up a couple fists. He took an exaggerated bump, so Kelly and Fox stood up for him. The Bellas then left the ring.

- The announcers talked about Big Show running AJ over on Smackdown and Cole said some people don’t think it was an accident. They showed the clip in slow motion and tonight, an update on AJ’s condition from Daniel Bryan himself.

[Commercial Break]

- This week’s Royal Rumble moment: 1992, and Ric Flair. Loved the dramatic camera angle catching Flair coming out from behind the curtain.

- R-Truth came out. Before he could speak, Wade Barrett’s music interrupted and he walked out with a mic. Barrett introduced himself and said people would hear that name again as the winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble match. Barrett said he hoped one of the 30 men would not be Mick Foley. He said he’s an official entrant and apparently, so is R-Truth. He said Truth would be better served dressing in a straightjacket. “’ello Guvnah!” Truth said to Barrett. He asked, “why so mad, Wade?” He told the fans not to “what” him, then allowed them to. He said they’re across the street from the happiest place on earth, and it put a smile on his face. He said he misses Barrett’s smile. They showed a slideshow of R-Truth meeting Mickey and Minnie (with a huge smile on his face); then with Donald Duck; then with Pinocchio. He said Pinocchio told him Barrett would win the Rumble, then this happened: they showed Pinocchio’s nose growing in the still. “I don’t even know if that’s PG!” Truth said. Truth said Barrett won’t win the Rumble, then ran through his catchphrase until Miz attacked from behind. It was two-on-one until Sheamus evened the odds. Teddy Long walked out and said Ace is busy right now, but since it’s a Supershow, he’s taking charge. He made a preview of the Rumble with an over-the-top-rope challenge with those four men.

(4) R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett vs. The Miz vs. Sheamus – Over-The-Top-Rope Challenge
The four men paired off in their respective feuds. Barrett was eliminated by all three men at 1:21, with Miz being the last to join the group. Truth almost tossed Sheamus, to get over the “every man for himself” aspect of the Rumble match. Truth with a sidekick that whiffed, but Cole called it a “glancing blow.” Better than acting like it connected fully, I guess. Truth was tossed over the top, but landed on the apron at 2:45. Sheamus pounded on Miz’s chest with forearms as Miz was wrapped in the ropes. Brogue Kick missed and Sheamus crotched himself. He shoved Miz away and tried to slam him over the top, but Truth snuck up behind and dumped both of them.

Winner: Truth, at 4:08. Unexpected result here, but Truth needs that cred boost for the Rumble. Sitting through these “educate the fans on what the Rumble is about” matches each year is a little strange.

Miz argued with Truth so Sheamus clocked him. Then they played Sheamus’ music.

- An angry John Cena barged into Ace’s office, upset about what Ace allowed to happen with Ryder. Ace apologized saying he’s just human. They turned their attention to Kane and Ace put Cena in a match at the Rumble with Kane. Ace then said Cena could take his anger out on Swagger. And that match is next.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Jack Swagger vs. John Cena
During Swagger’s entrance, they showed his US Title win from earlier in the evening. Cena attacked Swagger before the bell, and beat him down. He sent Swagger out of the ring then into the ringpost. He pounded on Swagger with fists on the announce table. Cole cried about the treatment Swagger was getting from Cena and Johnny Ace for even being put in this position. Right hands, clothesline, and kicks to Swagger. Swagger was thrown into the stairs, then had his face pounded into them too. As Cena lifted up the top half of the stairs to slam onto Swagger, Kane’s pyro went off and his music played. He spoke to Cena on the Titan-Tron and commended Cena for his aggressiveness. He said by the time they meet at the Rumble, Cena will have embraced the hate. Kane did his “make pyro go boom” arm signal, but there was a slight delay in the arena before they went off.

Winner: No match.

[Commercial Break]

- The Funkettes, over the PA, introduced Brodus Clay as the only living, breathing, Funkasaurus in captivity.

(5) Brodus Clay vs. JTG
Better reaction by the crowd for Brodus this week. Clay got all handsy with JTG, almost like Goldust back in his day. JTG tried a single-leg, but Clay just shook the leg. Running headbutt to the chest of JTG after some misdirection. “Should I get him?” he asked the crowd. Overhead throw, followed by a “my bad!” Big corner splash then a running cross-body for the pinfall win.

Winner: Clay, at 1:06. Week two: Still entertaining. It already beat the “one week wonder” that some people had pegged.

Dancing! after the match.

- Slow-mo video of Big Show running over AJ again. Bryan will update his girlfriend’s condition next.

[Commercial Break]

- The announcers talked about Daniel Bryan facing Mark Henry this week on Smackdown. The announcers disagreed about whether Big Show running into AJ was an accident or now. A video package was shown of the match and the incident.

- Back in the arena, Daniel Bryan walked onto the stage. He said most people think of Big Show as a loveable, gentle giant. But in reality, he’s a cruel freak. He said Show had no problem running over his 90-pound girlfriend. He said she’s been traumatized and will never be the same. He accused Show of intentionally running over AJ to get to him and the World Title. “It’s pathetic,” he said. Bryan said Show never apologized, instead standing there crying like a “blithering idiot,” crying crocodile tears. He said if Show ever shows his face on Smackdown, he’ll make him pay. Bryan dedicated his match this coming week on Smackdown to AJ. He said AJ told him she loved him last Friday and he appreciates that. This Friday, he’ll show her exactly how much. Who said Daniel Bryan couldn’t cut a promo?

- Bryan headed to the ring for the main event. Chris Jericho came out next. He had his flashy jacket on and high-fived fans all over ringside (except Mr. Belding, seated behind the announcers – he just pointed to him). He even took a camera from a fan and took a picture of them for’em! Whadda guy! The six-man tag is next.

[Commercial Break]

- Back live, Jericho continued to celebrate with the WWE Universe and even security at ringside. Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler and David Otunga were also in the ring while this was happening.

(6) Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho & CM Punk vs. Mark Henry & David Otunga & Dolph Ziggler
Punk and Ziggler kicked off the match. Bryan came in and tried a leapfrog – he either didn’t get high enough or Ziggler clipped him as an offensive move. Where did I just see that move, done on purpose? Last week’s ROH TV maybe? Anyway, loud “Y2J” chants as Bryan was stuck in the heel corner. Corner splash by Ziggler missed and Bryan was able to tag Punk. Otunga was in as well. Headlock take-over by Punk. Ziggler tagged back in and landed a neckbreaker with authority. Punk turned a headlock into a back-breaker. Jericho fired up the crowd to get Punk to tag him, but Ziggler pulled his foot over to his corner and tagged Otunga. Otunga set Punk on the top rope and went for a suplex. Punk headbutted him down. Jericho made the tag and pandered to the crowd together, and they were more than willing participants. Without touching anyone, he tagged out to Bryan and headed up the ramp. He was still in face mode, pumped up, but didn’t look back. Match went to break at 6:25.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 9:17 of the contest. They replayed Bryan missing a charging kick in the corner, which took place during the break. Kick to the head of Ziggler by Bryan back live. Lawler said Jericho may have been “overcome with the emotion shown by the fans,” hence his leaving. Bryan made the tag to Punk. Things broke down with Henry and Bryan getting involved. Henry put Bryan on the apron and Bryan nailed him in the head. Henry’s lip quivered in anger as Henry shouted, “that’s all you got?!” Bryan hobbled to ringside on a bad wheel, and Henry chased after him, throwing him up the ramp. Headbutt to Bryan as they fought to the side of the ramp. Mick Foley’s music then played as he walked down to ringside. He even lightly jogged! He got on the apron to be in the tag match. the ref asked him about it and Foley told him Johnny Ace said he could participate. Punk tried to make the tag, but Ziggler held him. Enziguiri missed and Ziggler capitalized with a fameasser. Kick to the back of the head by Punk and both men were down. Both men made tags and Foley, in sweatpants, flannel button-up (not buttoned up) and blue t-shirt, punched away at Otunga and gave him a running knee in the corner. DDT by Otunga, followed by Socko. Crowd was eating this up. Otunga ate the sock as the ref called for the bell.

Winners: Punk and Foley, at 14:09.

As Foley’s music played, Johnny Ace briskly walked to ringside, asking everyone to hold on. He said he never allowed Foley to be in the match, so he’s forced to reverse the decision. Good thing nothing is affected either way!

Winners: Ziggler, Henry, and Otunga, via reverse decision, at 14:09.

Punk got on the mic and taunted Ace, saying it was time for Ace to man up. He told Ace to take his balls out of his purse and man up. He laid it all on the line and said the reason why Ace doesn’t like Punk is because he was boring, uncharismatic and vanilla, unlike his brother, one-half of the Road Warriors. He said it kills Ace that he never made it to WWE as a competitor so he traded his tights for a suit and went from sucking to a suck-up. He said he’s jealous that Punk accomplished more in this year than Ace did in his entire life. Punk said he’ll win at the Rumble because better men have tried to screw him and they’ve failed. Wrestling-wise, I assume. Punk said no matter what happens, he’ll still be better than Ace. He said if Ace screws him, he won’t harm Ace, but the people will talk about how Ace looks like he went through a meat-grinder because Punk kicked his pathetic ass. “CM Punk” chant. Punk put a fist up to hit Ace, and Ace cowered. “You’re pathetic,” said Punk. He slammed the mic into Ace’s chest and walked away, his music playing.

Ace stewed in the ring while Foley looked on. Ace introduced himself once again, adding that he’s “soon-to-be permanent General Manager of Raw.” Ace said he’s not intimidated by Punk. Foley begged Ace to just admit that he’s going to screw Punk at the Rumble. He used some Jericho terminology to call Ace a kiss-ass. “You suck” chant for Ace. Ace asked Foley who the hell he thinks he is. Ace angrily admitted he’s going to screw Punk. He said he does his job well and is sick and tired of being pushed around and bullied. He was really angry here. He said each week, he puts on a great show for the WWE Universe and isn’t appreciated for it. He said he wasn’t going to take it from Foley. He bopped Foley with the mic right in the head. It was like slow-motion! Foley recovered as Ace walked to the back.

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Well, so much for Zack Ryder. He didn't even survive his first title defense. Yup.

This was a terrible Raw, no matter how close the ending promo came to saving this one...but all will be forgiven if this means the start of a Foley/Dolph feud for Wrestlemania.

    Originally posted by geemoney
    He bopped Foley with the mic right in the head. It was like slow-motion!

I know Vince McMahon and I know the Mr. McMahon character. John Laurinaitis, no matter how hard you try, you are NOT Mr. McMahon. Good lord, the man can't even deliver a mic shot convincingly.

You know those Family Guy jokes that start off really funny, then keeps going until it stops being funny, then it STILL keeps going until it comes all the way back around to being funny again? That's what we have with Chris Jericho and it is awesome!

Define "jarring transition." I'd define it as "Showing a replay of Brodus Clay jiggling his ass, followed by everyone IMMEDIATELY going super serious for the replay of the AJ angle."

"I don't even know if that's PG!" was so good, it had to be ad-libbed. That's the funniest line I've heard in weeks.

Last thing from me tonight, I'm BEGGING you, The E! PLEASE get a new theme song for Raw, already! ENOUGH ALREADY with Nickelback!

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I also interpreted that opening promo as the first step towards a Ziggler / Foley Mania match. As slow and fragile as the Mickster is nowadays, I kinda want to see it. Mick is the master of putting younger wrestlers over on PPV (Edge, Orton).

I also want to see a longer Air Boom/Colons matchup.

My girlfriend suggested after Jericho's lights-out office appearance that Chris will just begin communicating in semaphore soon.

Perez Hilton is the worst human being to ever set foot in This Very Ring. You heard me.

Note that the Funkasaurus has added some T-Rex style arm movements to his dancing to make him more dino-like!

I saw Mr. Belding but did Jericho also high-five Rick Rubin in the front row??

So unofficially-officially, Jericho, Punk & Foley were all on the same team tonight, uniting my three all-time favorite wrestlers?

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Stop me if you've heard this one, but this show felt like TNA. All the wrestling matches minus the main event got less than five minutes. There were about a million skits, most thrown at you so fast that you can't process them all.

I have thought/said that my enjoyment of wrestling isn't as much linked to long or great wrestling matches as it used to be. Tonight though they took it too far in the entertainment direction even for me.

To be fair, Daniel Bryan's heel turn is the best thing going today.

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It's like theey took the head of some guy who kind of looks like Mick Foley and put it on Robert Paulsen's body. Everything Dolph told him in the opening promo is the same thing Mick of 15 years ago would be telling Mick of today.

Teddy Long didn't make a tag match? The Big Show crash looked good from the replays they showed.

I'd rather have my kid smoke weed than jump off skyscrapers. How is that commercial okay?

I am fine with the Jericho business.

I like Johnny Ace.

I didn't hate this Raw.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following public service message is brought to you by your friends from D-Generation X, who would like to remind each and every one of you that if you're not down with that, we've got two words for you...

False, I wouldn't say Ryder's done-zo just yet unless we learn tomorrow that he has a case of Wellness. Now that they've finally let the cat out of the bag as far as Johnny Laryngitis's supposed "impartiality" is concerned, it's probably only a matter of time before good 'ol Johnny is relieved of his duties on-screen, and Ryder probably gets a fair shake and wins the belt back around WM time. (Assuming, of course, that Vince isn't set to do a Christian job on him, but with the E's social media kick, that'd be downright crazy.)

And you probably have it spot-on that Ziggler gets to be Mick's latest WM star creation - especially since they've apparently stupidly decided not to do MITB at WM any more. (If they were doing it, Ziggler would be such an obvious pick to win it at this point that it'd almost be pointless to go through the usual show of qualification matches.)

Shape, the rumor is that they took the belts off Air Boom at the house show because Bourne tested positive again... if that's the case, we probably saw Air Boom's last match together tonight, unfortunately. We'll see, though.

Jericho continues to do no wrong. And this Jerichoholic can only hope that the rumors really are true that Jericho's now scheduled to win the Rumble (thanks, Randall!), as it's pretty much the only thing in the E he hasn't done. :-)

I kinda dig the fact that they're trying to do something with him other than making him Generic Heel Monster #2,754, but Goddess, please never show me a closeup replay of Brodus Clay's thighs gyrating ever again.

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While the switch from Cena to RVD should alleviate some complaints, the inevitability of the belt's return to Cena (note where Summerslam is this year) and the poor initial showing by the new ECW are enough to keep the indicator where it is for now. The pieces are in place, though, especially on RAW, for improvements to be made to the IWC's psyche in the near future.

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I didn't love or hate this Raw. Good to see Cena show intensity tonight instead of clowning around and telling poopy jokes all the time. Cena's dismantling of Swagger was very effective, it didn't make Swagger look good and it would have been better if someone other than the new US Champ got squashed. This is the first time in forever I found Cena tolerable. I thought they did a good job protecting Ryder as he came into the match and wasn't cleared yet kicked out of Swagger's sometimes finisher. Hey JTG on a show other than NXT in forever Happy Martin Luther King day to you! I did chuckle at his bemused look on the outside after Clay's dancing. Foley-Dolph at Wrestlemania is fine by me. Mick loves putting over young guys and that's his best use and is also why his TNA stint failed as instead of putting over young guys he was thrown in there with other vets like Nash, Jarrett, Sting and Angle. I was hoping Jericho would be slapping hands the whole time during the match. I'm sure he won't be saying anything until after the Royal Rumble. Punk's promo was very good, but I'm not feeling this Ace-Punk feud as Ziggler feels like the third wheel. R Truth went from a entertaining heel to a pretty shitty face in a short time didn't he?

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.42
    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
    I saw Mr. Belding

That's so funny. If you read Jericho's book, Mr. Belding turns up everywhere, almost like a stalker-fan.
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Thinks I liked from RAW:

- Lawler was maligned for years for his commentary, so people need to give him props now; but I find he's been exceptional for the past several months, He noted at one point that some would say it was Bryan's fault AJ was out there in the first place.

- Speaking of Bryan, he got some decent heat tonight. Plus a good promo.

- I *thought* Jericho was going to get distracted from a tag, but this worked out SO MUCH BETTER. And I LOVED Bryan's "WTF?!" face after the tag.

- Clay's gimmick is win/win. Gets over? Win. If not, flip the switch and monster push the guy. It helps that Brodus has legit talent.

- Cena's assault on Swagger was well done, and Philosopher Kane's comments made sense. Good angle progression there.

- Ryder looked great in defeat, and they can build him up for another US title chase. As everyone here knows I'm a huge Ryder mark, so I'm trying to look at this positively.

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Lets hope we see the AJNN for health updates.

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I appreciate what Foley is trying to do: get himself a WM payd...uh, put over young talent, but you know what would really put Ziggler over as a main eventer? Having one of the modern-day main eventers do a clean job for him, rather than bringing back Foley.

So Cena 'embraced the hate' to beat the hell out of Swagger, thus validating Kane's argument and essentially ending the feud. Smart move, John!

"It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone." --- Bart Giamatti, on baseball
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Jericho is frigging great. For me it's the shades of greatness that is in line with the ridiculously great rambling rage promo of flair stripping down and dropping his moves on the mat. So crazy, so WTF that it works.

Mick Foley is clean. Something has been bothering me and I just figured it out. His face is shaved, his clothes are new. He is clean.

CM Punk = greatness. No Laryngitis is no VKM. But you know what, I kinda want that. I'm starting to dig the guy a bit more lately. Just took me a few weeks more that John O's thread a while back. If Michaels could make a match with VKM at Mania. Punk can do the same with this guy. I give Laryngitis credit, he doesn't give up against a fan base that pretty much hates his type of role in the first place.

Enjoyed Raw well enough. WWE has to be careful though. I almost stopped during the Perez Hilton Bit. So out of place. Even for WWE.
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I have a hunch one of the 'rah-rah CM Punk' guys on here will give me a ticking off for speaking out against their guy, but I really thought he came off as a dick heel tonight in his promo at the end. Or perhaps it was just stupid writing that made him seem a dick heel to me. Regardless, the gist of his promo was: "LOL! I'm WWE Champ! I'm successful. Your brother is Animal but your career was still teh suk! LOL!" The fake-out punch only cemented Punk's douchebaggery in my eyes. It's something Biff Tannen would do to George McFly (though I'm sure Punk would appreciate being compared to Biff, given his apparent love for all things Back to the Future).

I get that Punk's current character is the 'edgy' babyface, but that doesn't mean Punk has to be a jerk all the time, does it? Either that, or Laurinaitis needs to be a helluva lot more sinister to warrant the kind of hate Punk's character seems to have towards him.

I guess I'm just irritated at this development because the intensity and (mostly) unwarranted anger in Punk's promo actually made me feel a shred of sympathy for Big Johnny... and that's something I *NEVER* wanted to feel.
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Punkis a dick. He's also completely right, which makes him the good guy. Johnny Ace is a nasty little middle manager who revels in the corruption his position allows. Punk calling him out on it in dickish fashion - especially when Ace has essentially admitted he's going to screw him out of his hard-won title in two weeks - is justified.

Much stronger show tonight. The Ryder loss doesn't bother me too much - he lost when badly injured, it played into the bigger Ace storyline, and he'll no doubt be getting it back. And holy Hell did Vickie look good enough to eat in that opening segment.

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I thought this was a good show - I don't know why everyone is saying that Ryder is done just because he lost, when it was clear that he was in pain and Swagger took advantage of it.

And Foley did more in five minutes to put over how meaningful the Royal Rumble then some people have done in a month - I loved his opening promo. It shows that he still has it (and TNA could have used it). I thought that Dolph held his own, too. It really had just an old school vibe to it.

So help me, I'm enjoying the Brodus Clay stuff. And the thing about the push is that at any time it lets him "snap out of it" and have a legit reason for turning into a monster.

Jericho is still awesome - that "begging for the hot tag so he can tag a lap and leave" was perfect. I loved Mick Foley coming out too.

I haven't watched Raw fully, from start to finish, in a while but tonight it had me hooked. I thought it flowed very well, with the exception of Perez Hilton, which I skipped through as I think he is just a vile person (but that's off topic).

Thumbs up from me.

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I also thought that they kept Ryder fairly strong in defeat, doing the old "he's got a ton of heart" routine with his multiple kick-outs. Getting him back on the chase for WM is also probably the best option for him in any event. Ziggler has gone from a guy I really like to easily my favorite part of the show very quickly. His promo style just has a great believability to it - he can really sell whatever he's out there to say. Between his recently kicked-up promos and the fact that he's easily one of the best wrestlers in the company, I wouldn't be too surprised if he somehow steals the title at the Rumble, even though if that happened, he'd definitely be dropping it back to Punk before WM.

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What is it with people assuming that people are in the doghouse just because they lose their championships?! Evan Bourne and Zack Ryder; really?

By the way, there is no way WWE would fire Ryder and practically gift-wrap him for TNA or ROH.

"Yeah, but WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON?!"
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    Originally posted by Super 7-Up
    I have a hunch one of the 'rah-rah CM Punk' guys on here will give me a ticking off for speaking out against their guy, but I really thought he came off as a dick heel tonight in his promo at the end. Or perhaps it was just stupid writing that made him seem a dick heel to me. Regardless, the gist of his promo was: "LOL! I'm WWE Champ! I'm successful. Your brother is Animal but your career was still teh suk! LOL!" The fake-out punch only cemented Punk's douchebaggery in my eyes. It's something Biff Tannen would do to George McFly (though I'm sure Punk would appreciate being compared to Biff, given his apparent love for all things Back to the Future).

    I get that Punk's current character is the 'edgy' babyface, but that doesn't mean Punk has to be a jerk all the time, does it? Either that, or Laurinaitis needs to be a helluva lot more sinister to warrant the kind of hate Punk's character seems to have towards him.

    I guess I'm just irritated at this development because the intensity and (mostly) unwarranted anger in Punk's promo actually made me feel a shred of sympathy for Big Johnny... and that's something I *NEVER* wanted to feel.

The issue is that Johnny Ace just doesn't have it in him to act like a sinister mastermind. He's a bad actor, so his natural cluelessness comes to the fore.

As for Punk, well, he's started blatantly taking his promo cues from Stone Cold. All the "You're pathetic"s and "pathetic ass", Punk even started affecting Stone Cold's voice a bit while he was doing it (possibly unintentionally, but you can never be sure with him). I always thought he'd be the guy to entirely carve out his own path, but I guess he decided that if the IWC wants him to be "The Next Austin", he may as well start incorporating Austin's promo style into his work.

My username is kind of inaccurate, now...

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Ryder's not going anywhere, I saw first-hand a month ago how much merch that guy is selling at shows.

    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
    I saw Mr. Belding but did Jericho also high-five Rick Rubin in the front row??

I was right!

Chris Jericho Between @theofficialA7X @mcrofficial and Rick Rubin, the front row of RAW was rock star central tonight! And then there was Mr Belding...

"Ice cream bars! Ice cream bars!" - RAW crowd, Boston, 7/11/11

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The thing with Foley is that I would buy the Rumble for him alone. There is also little or no star power in the Rumble match. Cena is facing Kane, Punk is dealing with Dolph and Orton is hurt. Jericho is really the only big star in the match while I like Wade/Truth/Sheamus/Miz, they are going to sell that match in their careers just yet. You need more than one star in a Rumble to sell and Foley fits the bill. If he does feud with Dolph and puts him over good for him, but he damn well better win a match against Dolph to give the sense Mick could pull it of. That is my giant complaint about Orton/Foley, Foley needed a win somewhere instead of being the punching bag for Orton and Evolution. Rock N Sock should have won that match at Mania.

Love the new intense Cena even at the cost of Swagger. Ryder is not done if anything he gets a feud against Swagger at Mania maybe even an Elimination Chamber spot. Jericho is Jericho right now. Bryan has vastly improved on his promos and his facial impressions, I just wish he was the face.

Punk is a dick which is the point. So was Austin, so was Rock and in some cases so was Hogan. Interrupting Andre's Battle Royal win during Piper's Pit was a total dick move by Hogan. Yet, we like Punk, because he is a dick especially if he is going against asshole like Big Johnny. I like Punk in this role of pushing buttons champion. I do think it was a bit early for Laurantis to go full blown heel since all night, they were building up enemies for him from Ryder/Eve to Punk to Foley to Cena. I would have preferred to see his fall around Mania, but they seem to be circling the wagons around him now instead of down the road. Raw storyline, tonight was great and full of nice surprises, not much more you can ask in a show.

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The Wee Baby Sheamus.

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