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26.5.19 0221
The W - Pro Wrestling - RAW 7/11/05 (Page 3)
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From: Strongbadia

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I knew Hardy'd be back eventually ... and I love how they sprung it on us, no "OHHHH YEEEAHHHH!" or big pyro, just a pissed off black-haired dude beating the shit out of Edge backstage. Honestly, I thought it was HBK at first, except the hair was too dark. After they went to commercial I was like "Wait a minute ... was that ... nah, couldn't be ..."

When I heard the crowd erupting, I knew it WAS. I dunno how far we got worked, but I was going crazy. I wish it'd cut to Matt earlier, but I guess that adds to the whole spontaneous, unscripted feel. I didn't hear the ROH reference, but I did enjoy the "WWE can kiss my ass!" line. Excellently played, cascading well with the recognition of the offscreen drama at Edge and Lita's "wedding."

Heh, I just tried to explain all this storyline nonsense to a non-wrestling friend. It's certainly a confusing mess, as is everything that Kane gets involved in. But I love it, all the same.

The rest of the show, what I saw of it, was OK. Not good, not great, but OK. Matt Hardy really stole the show tonight, which hopefully will encourage Vince to actually use him to his full potential and not make him linger in mid-card hell for as long as he stays back.

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Wow, Piper. That was a surprise. Nice to see the legends once in a while- keeps things unpredictable. And it didn't take long for them to take advantage of the dueling talk-shows....I was pleasantly surprised by the Masters/Tajiri match, actually going so far as to say I enjoyed it....The Shelton/Carlito match was good, but really dragged in parts. Coach even dropped HTM's name. Do we see him show up later on in this feud, as Carlito seems to be the 00's version of HTM....Jericho/Cena for the belt at SS? I'll take it....

Thank God I had to work tonight and could FF through the diva search....I wonder how many in the crowd knew about Matt Striker and his story....I thought FOR SURE the attacker of Edge backstage was a look-a-like, considering the camera was shaky and they didn't get a good look at him....Well, I guess it WAS Matt. Certainly interesting. Does this mean Kane's feud with Edge is over?....Good final segment, especially Piper getting worked up. The guy still has it on the mic. Not sure if Shawn's explanation was what most people were looking for though.

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Well after last weeks disaster of a show they managed to come back and totally hit one out of the park this week.

I'm not really a Matt Hardy fan, and I even think he's been a big baby over the whole situation (although how much of that was deliberate must now be a question) but if that wasn't one of the greatest segments they've pulled off in years! There seems to have been a radical change in direction over the last month when it comes to how much they're willing to play to the Internet audience and I must say I like it a lot.

Michaels continued a very solid development into a full blown heel without resorting to the old egomaniac HBK of the past. It's a shame he's in there against Hogan because a turn that looks to be as well planned out as this could have really helped someone make it to the next level. Plus I just generally don't want Hogan on my TV.

The Jericho/Carlito exchange was really good. The fact they're both heels really added to it as neither of them had to go into a lame act (usually Jericho) to try and get pops from the fans. Sideshow Bob is gonna catch on.

Even Chris Masters was involved in a really good match. He seems to be excelling in the bumping department too. He was flying all over the place for Val Venis the other week and did exactly the same tonight with Tajiri. Makes me slightly more confident that he may make it beyond musclehead attraction.

Hell, the show was so good tonight that I didn't even mind the Diva Search. That first diva has it in the bag though, so the next 6 or so weeks are pointless.

The only part of the whole show I hated (as usual) was the Cena segment. I honestly don't see the attraction in the guy. He comes across as childish and completely unfunny. Who on earth tries to use "cheap" as a cool insult in 2005? His attempts to steal material from The Rock, Austin and Foley are pitiful. You could easily take a handful of their promos from the Attitude era and just pick out soundbytes and you'd have a near-complete Cena promo.

When Foley sucks up to the crowds it's completely tongue-in-cheek. When Cena does it (by mentioning the city as many times as possible and desperately trying to remind people he's "one of them") it comes across as totally desperate and virtually begging for people to cheer. Hell, the Kurt Angle jobber got the same reaction just by mentioning New York. Cena just took that and extended it to a horrible 10 minute promo.

But I digress. Cena aside this was one awesome show.
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I have to clarify here, because it's going to make me nuts if I don't.

Matt Striker was the guy Angle beat tonight. He's the fired teacher.

Matt Stryker is a wholly different guy who works the indies. He's known mainly for his shamless unibrow and his Rene Dupree style wang accentuating trunks.

And that's how you narrate a story.
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#45 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.29
Very, very good episode. Even the Masters match didn't bother me much. The only downside was the Divas segment. I'd like to pretend it's just smarks being smarks, but all of them being booed after displaying their "talents" clearly shows that this is another humongous waste of time. I miss the days when we'd get the quarterly ratings breakdowns on wrestling news websites, only because I'd really want to see if there's any reason at all as to why they decided to do that again.

The Matt Hardy thing was freaking terrific. I'm with the others who are saying it was a work recently, but not the entire time, because (as I said in another thread) that'd be a Hell of a lot of effort, time, and energy to spend working the internet and Meltzer just to get Matt Hardy a pop. That said, I really enjoyed the angle and was pleasantly surprised. "RING OF HONOR! ROH!" was a very nice touch. That being said...I hate to say this, but for how long is the crowd going to care? Once this is clearly a work, is there any money in a Matt Hardy vs. Edge feud? Let's be honest, all of us were shocked because we'd been worked and didn't expect Hardy to be there. We've been talking about this for months. After two or three weeks, the shock will die down, then it's going to lie on Edge and Hardy to deliver one Hell of a program to follow up on that insane moment. As much as I like both guys in the ring, I'm worried that they won't be able to. The writers and performers have to be VERY careful not to botch this.

Carlito/Benjamin worked, but with six weeks until Summerslam, they could've held off on that match (with that particular finish) for another two weeks. Just have Shelton come out and cut a promo, establish a character, THEN do that match, THEN do the signing for Summerslam. Regardless, it's good to have two people the crowd are really into feuding over a secondary title.

The Angle Invitational with Matt Striker was very well done. What could have been something that would only be of interest to the handful of fans (comparatively speaking) that knew of the story turned into something that got even the casual fan excited. The timing was absolutely tremendous, and I was amazed they pulled it off even with the clock running down on the Titan Tron. I saw a criticism of the "poor timing" because Striker tapped out so quickly. To that, I say that either 1.) Matt Striker has a tremendous head on his shoulders to know that he had to tap out so quickly or 2.) Striker is a guy who is supposed to be a rookie and therefore would tap quickly regardless. Either way, great segment that really had the people I was watching with root for Striker. No doubt he'll be signed to AT LEAST developmental...myself, I'd probably have him show up randomly at Angle Invitationals over the next few months trying to beat Angle over the next few months, then have Angle cancel the challenges because of it (possibly leading to a match). Sure, WWE couldn't have him run down the clock every time, but there's different things they could do to give him the "SO close" schtick every time.

The Michaels segment was very well done. I was really hoping for the jealousy angle to be played up more, but what he said/did came across as very cerebral. They have plenty of time to clear up any confusion as to Michaels' motives, as I saw how a lot of viewers could've been confused as to his motivations. It's good to see that they've finally turned Michaels heel (something they were going to have to do with the character eventually and some would say should've been done already), and that they're providing an intriguing storyline to boot.

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#46 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.34
Here's what Matt had to say:

I wonder how long they will keep this up. On Raw recap on there's no mention of Matt.
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#47 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.87
    Originally posted by Handsome_Shaun
    For those who dont know its Marty Wright, the humunkuloid black dude from Tough Enough that wore that freaky face makeup.
    You got a problem with the name? A humunkuloid scary black dude like him can call himself WHATEVER HE WANTS. You could call him 'twinkles' and I'd still buy him as a monster. I hope when and I do mean WHEN he shows himself as Nathan Jones level bad in the ring they commit to him as a bodyguard.

Actually (if it hasn't been stated yet), it's a promo for Kane's movie.

The Matt thing was smart booking. It's how you can make this hullabaloo make money.

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#48 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
I'm guessing the Lita segment was Lita's idea. So what if Matt had a foot fetish. Most dudes do look at a womens foot when picking up on on a girl. Well at least I do.

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Well, at least we now know that the writers probably read the DVDVR board. One wonders how Snitsky actually feels about having his fetish used as angle fodder. In a way, I almost feel sorry for the guy.

The Masters match was entertaining because it was Tajiri beating on Masters for most of the way -- and to give Masters some credit, he sold well. And speaking of which, am I the only one who found Carlito's goofy selling the best part of the match -- particularly the crumble-off-the-apron sell of Benjamin's dragon whip? Thank Goddess Benjamin hasn't been shuffled off to Heat duty after all, and I'm looking forward to more of this.

The Diva Search talent segment was notable because only two of them attempted to demonstrate a talent -- for the other five, it was assorted stripper crap. Ashley/Summer final, I hope.

As for Matt, I admit I didn't believe it was him until they finally showed his face ... and no, I wouldn't have put it past WWE to hire a Matt impersonator. But regardless of whether it's a work, a shoot, a shork, a woot, or whatever, it's gonna be great to see where this goes.

Shawn who?

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#50 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.46
    Originally posted by M M M
    Actually (if it hasn't been stated yet), it's a promo for Kane's movie.

Kane's movie is called "See No Evil" and will no doubt be something. The Boogeyman is indeed Marty Wright from Tough Enough, like they said, and he will also no doubt be something.

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From: Bowels

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#51 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.72
    Originally posted by CTX
    Who on earth tries to use "cheap" as a cool insult in 2005? His attempts to steal material from The Rock, Austin and Foley are pitiful.

Where does he steal material from them? I don't know of anyone who thinks "man, that's just like what Austin would say" or "Whoa! Someone's been watching Mick Foley promos!" whenever Cena talks. He may remind people of the Rock once in a while, but even that is just more because they are both young and both play to the crowd more than the rest of the roster. The Rock's character was an arrogant prick that was somehow likeable (during his active career, not the happy-bouncy Rock who showed up every 5 months on Raw over the last couple years), Cena's character respects his allies and tries to put over the fact that he's one of the regular people.

Feel free to prove me wrong, however, by editing together clips from an Austin promo, a Rock promo, and a Foley promo and have it come out sounding like a Cena interview, as you suggested.

Yeah, Cena's promos need some work obviously. But if it were the option of listening to Cena, listening to what Austin sounds like lately, or listening to a Foley book-plugging promo (more on that below), it wouldn't be an easy decision.

    Originally posted by CTX
    When Foley sucks up to the crowds it's completely tongue-in-cheek. When Cena does it (by mentioning the city as many times as possible and desperately trying to remind people he's "one of them") it comes across as totally desperate and virtually begging for people to cheer.

I know Foley is the revered internet god or whatever, but a cheap reaction is a cheap reaction. At least Cena looks like he's having a good time. I saw you said that Cena isn't funny, and I pretty much agree...but I could count on one hand the number of times Foley has been funny since his retirement, with fingers to spare. Saying the city's name and giving a thumbs up? Ha! Hilarious!

I don't know. I guess it depends on how easily amused you are and how biased you are towards the wrestler in the first place. Aside from fighting Orton at Backlash after WM20, the main thing I remember about Foley's post-active career is when he'd show up once in a while, give a weak promo sometimes laced with bitterness towards a person or the company in general, and plug whatever his new book was.

Argh, look what you made me do - I'm not even a Cena fan! I just think it's pretty universally accepted that he has improved somewhat since winning the title and it gets annoying when people relentlessly knock him. And he has plenty of time to get better.
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#52 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.71
    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
      Originally posted by M M M
      Actually (if it hasn't been stated yet), it's a promo for Kane's movie.

    Kane's movie is called "See No Evil" and will no doubt be something. The Boogeyman is indeed Marty Wright from Tough Enough, like they said, and he will also no doubt be something.

If it were a promo for a wrestler, the vignette would have a WWE logo on it, I didn't notice one. Also the laugh was identical to Kane's in the previous segment.

AFAIK, Marty Wright hasn't even had his first match yet. He only debuted in OVW a week or so ago.

To add to the Raw thoughts, Piper did a hell of a job selling the closing segment. With Michaels playing "numb" effectively, Piper's emotions were a good counter.

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Taped the show and just watched it. Good stuff, although the Diva Search is way too long.

When Hardy was getting taking off by security you can hear him yelling at, I think Johnny Ace.

You can hear Hardy yelling "You hear this? You hear that Johnny?" in respect to the crowd reaction. And some other stuff along the lines of screw you and kiss my ass.

It will be interesting to see how long they keep up this "unauthorized" angle

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Plenty to say....

From someone who was sitting first row camera side

The last half hour saved a really boring live show

As soon as Angle said "Stryker" I'd say about half the people in my section knew the backstory and the other half, like my gf were immediately clued in. The crowd started really getting into it after Angle got back in the ring, and when Stryker hit the lowblow we were all primed for the next 123 Kid

When Hardy was shown on the Titantron the place went nuts..when Hardy appeared in the ring the place EXPLODED!

The black security guard, who was the first guy to grab Hardy, came over during the commercial break to talk to the fat white security guard in front of us. He was sweating and pissed and before the white guy could say a word, the black guy started asking why didn't the other security guards help him out? I believe the exact line was, "man I'm always busting my ass with no help". This led the people in my area to immediately start screaming it was real - which I tried to squash using the CRZ logic, "if its on tv its fake".

My only question is why did the WWE ruin the surprise by having Hardy attack Edge backstage? Why not just have him come out like he did the 2nd time? We would have been 10 times louder if they didn't blow a premature load.

Before the show we had a chance to go backstage because of a winning auction bid. My friend's fiance works at a very exclusive Manhattan Pre-K and Shane McMahon arranged to meet us personally to try and get his son in next year. After making some small talk he said does anyone have any questions and the Smark in me HAD to ask something

1) When I jokingly said Heyman should just be put in charge his response was, "You mean Happy? I was just talking to him the other day, he's fine in Ohio now".

2) I asked if he reads the sheets and he asked which ones. When I said the Observer he said of course. He also referred to the website being more "insider friendly", and he's finally getting his dad to see the benefits.

3) I brought up Lesner and asked if he'll be at Summerslam and he said there are plenty of surprises to come - including tonight - which in hindsight was dead on

4) "Should I even ask about Matt Hardy" After laughing Shane referred to him as a "very interesting guy" and said he heard about the internet videos

5) He asked if we're enjoying the product and I said thank God its not 2003. He really laughed at that and when I mentioned Katie Vick he said we try to forget those days

6) When I asked if he likes being in creative or doing what he's doing now he said he's happy where he's at. When I asked about Russo he laughed and said he gets some of the credit for the success and left it at that

Couldn't have been nicer, posed for pictures with us, got John Cena to come over and take pictures and was overall a great guy
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#55 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.54
For the first time in quite a while, I thought this edition of RAW was excellent. And despite the Diva segment, there were wany great moments to this week's show that makes me want to tune in next week without fail. Just wanted to add in my two cents on a few things:

Carlito/Y2J: I would gladly see these guys taking shots at one another on a regular basis! I couldn't decide who was getting the better of who during the Cabana segment. Carlito is a great addition to the RAW side. Additionally, Carlito and Benjamin is shaping up quite well. Interestingly enough to me, it seemed like Carlito could continue to hang with the former IC Champion, but he simply took a powder and walked off. I love how something this understated really serves to distinguish why Carlito is a heel. Shelton seemed like the rightful Intercontinental Champion after this match, and it'll be great to see how this feud progresses. Just stay the course, WWE!

Angle/Striker: After the Angle Challenge, I found myself hoping that Matt Striker will stick around for a while longer. He just seemed to fit. And man, was I on the edge of my seat up to that last second!

Cena: Tonight made me a believer in the WWE Champion. And even though SummerSlam will have a higher profile match with Hogan-HBK, John Cena's continuing issue with Chris Jericho is great. I loved Cena's line after FU'ing Bischoff-- "Welcome to the NEW RAW, B*ITCH!" And Cena's belt is starting to grow on me (I can't believe I just said that!).

MATT F'N HARDY!!!: Count me in as another person who was totally worked and totally marked-out for Matt's return! I turned away while Kane was laughing at the end of his promo and all of a sudden-- Edge is getting a V1 beatdown!!! And yes, the announcers not speaking lended to this angle in spades. Edge is gonna get himself such a whuppin!

Michaels on Piper's Pit: Absolutely awesome, in my opinion. All hail the return of one of the greatest heels in recent WWE history! It's interesting that even though Piper was feuding with Hogan (albeit briefly) just a couple of years ago, his begrudging respect for his greatest foe compels him to call HBK on his shit. Coward indeed! I'm kinda' wondering if Michaels will continue to dish out more Sweet Chin Music before his impending SS battle with the Hulkster.

Awesome RAW, great moments. For a moment, it felt like 2000 to me again. I'll be tuning in next week for certain!

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#56 Posted on
"If it were a promo for a wrestler, the vignette would have a WWE logo on it, I didn't notice one. Also the laugh was identical to Kane's in the previous segment."

it wasnt an identical laugh. similar. not identical. your reasoning is off. so what if theres no logo?
The movie is called "See No Evil" - this is the IMDB site for it:

"AFAIK, Marty Wright hasn't even had his first match yet."

so what? Nathan Jones wasnt exactly Mr. Experience now was he? Wright is 40, they're pushing him now to get the most out of him right away.

"Jim Cornette, who handled the Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental territory along with Danny Davis, was fired by World Wrestling Entertainment. The last straw in a series of incidents was Cornette slapping an OVW student "ten to fifteen times" after the student, in front of fans, giggled instead of showing fear towards The Boogeyman Marty Wright during an OVW TV taping."

don't make us cite more websites naming him the Boogeyman. he just is, its not a point for argument, its a fact.

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That was fucking awesome. Seriously. Good lord, now I'm gonna have to watch RAW next week just to see what happens. I say, kudos to those magnificent bastards for being so successfully manipulative.

Roddy Piper rocked... and I never sawy Carlito 'til tonight, and shit. I love that hair. I want that hair.

Nothing like reading about what happened to make you want to watch.

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#58 Posted on
oh man. I just read through the Matt Hardy forums in response to his post in character.

so many fans are posting like what happened tonight was a shoot and that his post in character is anything but. this sort of thing makes me embarrassed to be a wrestling fan almost as much as terrorist and beastiality angles. how old are these people?

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#59 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.62
    Originally posted by KitsuneStar
    It seemed that until he kicked Piper, the crowd was giving him face heat and actually booing the mention of Hogan...

Did you not see the part where he had to stop for the Hogan chant? They only booed Hogan when Michaels said "at summerslam" first. They did the same to the pushing back of Jericho/Cena to Summerslam. They wanted those matches tonight, not in a month and a half. Happens every time.

    Originally posted by Jahnkekong
    I'm so glad Vince went with this, I said this is like Bret Hart, except you have a guy who isn't the same level of ego that Bret has, so he'll work with you.

Ugh. So Bret should have come back? Are you actually saying that? Even after what happened with Owen? These situations are not comparable.

Anyway, for a show with little wrestling I enjoyed this a lot.

Matt Hardy had to have been real made work, I'm going to add myself to the believers in that theory. Matt Hardy would never, never have gotten this much of a push behind him, there's just no way that the company thought enough of him to put six months of stuff behind him just to set up this moment. But they did take advantage of what went down and that's what Vince is talking about when he says "we listen to what our fans want".

Oh man, the first post after Matt's lame-ass "it was real thing" announcement on his website is funny. That fella is really taking it hard. I mean, really, Matt pretending he really snuck into the arena and attacked Edge, escaped, and got into the ring and got a working mic...ugh. Surely his fans aren't that gullible.

What will his reaction be at ROH? Pretty ugly, most likely. Good thing it's just ROH.

No Triple H is further evidence of them listening to what the fans want. Of course, JR saying we're going to see a "new" Triple H sometime is a bad sign, because it smacks of him being brought back as a face. Maybe the new Triple H will be the Bogeyman. Heh, okay, guess not.

Anyway, Trips is smart. Hogan's around, Shawn just turned, the Matt Hardy thing is exploding, Cena's over like a mutha, and there's another diva search that stinks up at least twenty minutes of airtime guaranteed. He's not going to get lost in the shuffle, he's too savvy for that.

I can't believe the lack of love for the Striker punches. Those were the best punches in the history of the business. If only on the strength of his awe-inspiring Christ-punches, this man should be hired and made world champion. I call in sick to work for far less noble reasons than he. How does one run around the ring without fear of being knocked unconscious by the dreaded Kurt Angle potbelly of muscle? Awesome segment, and ya gotta admit, seeing all those previous Angle-invitationals where the hometown heroes failed made this work all the better.

If I was from New Jersey, I would've liked them to call it New Jersey, and not "the place in the shadow on New York".

Kane laugh on the way to the ring warmed my heart. It's like he just read today's "Get Fuzzy" and couldn't contain himself.

The Michaels promo was underwhelming, as well it should have been. Piper not accepting it would hardly have made sense if he'd done the proper heel promo that is apparently still in our futures. Also, they have several more weeks to build this, so there's no need to pace it any faster. There's more to it, and Michaels will reveal that in time. Unless this is WWE and they fuck it up. Anyway, regardless, Piper's emotion seemed entirely genuine. If one twentieth of today's talent could emote like that, could feel what they're trying to portray out there with an iota of Piper's skill, the wrestling world would be in a lot better shape.

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#60 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.04
I was worked...and I LOVED IT.

Other than that, pretty good RAW. They're trying to play to their strengths...but having Tajiri face a guy the size of Masters is a waste, especially with Chavo on the same roster. Still, Carlito, Jericho, Cena & Piper bringing the talky talk worked well, and this show (which I thought would be another bland RAW in a 6 week lull before SummerSlam) was quite good, and set the table for the rest of the summer in a rather nice manner.

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