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The W - Pro Wrestling - Hottest Diva (Page 4)
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Dexley's Midnight Jogger

Since: 10.10.02
From: New Hampshire

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#61 Posted on
Francine Fournier. I don't care what people say about her, I think she's very hot. Plus, when she signed my video tape at an ECW event, I got a good picture of her cleavage.

There's nothing worse than a coughing, hacking clown.

Since: 3.10.02
From: Right side of the tracks

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#62 Posted on
I like Victoria, hot chick, Hot ASS, and always wearing the perfect tights.

Molly is hot as well, nice big juicy butt on her!

Daffney! I am so happy she got signed, push her NOW!

and, Lillian, remember when they had her singing her song from her album, and she was there in her leather pants? OMG hot!
Lap cheong

Since: 4.4.03
From: Nitro WV

Since last post: 110 days
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#63 Posted on
My diva list...

I guess...if I was choosing...

Stacy: Slightly older than her...want her money *L* I swear I don't eat much.

Victoria: The your heart out, she can wrestle!

Torrie: Eye candy! Don't want unless she's in a french maid outfit. *L*

Nidia: Ok, it's the from with Jamie Knoble from WV thing. ANY of the single non scanky ones there. :-)

This is getting annoying now isn't it?
Banned Once! The independant thought alarm went off, knew to much about b*tching.

Since: 28.2.02

Since last post: 1185 days
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#64 Posted on
1) Nidia - I think it's the mouth. She has a very sexy sneer.

2) Stephanie McMahon - Oh, shut up. Stephanie's hot, always will be. Just because she's not Kate Moss thin does not make her fat, either.

3) Trish Stratus - She grew on me. Looked horribly fake at first, but she's somehow charming. Still looks fake, but likeably so.

4) Victoria - Probably the buffest chick I've ever found attractive. Like Chyna if she was hot.

5) Since she just got hired, I guess I'll go with Daffney. Welcome back, gothchick! :)

"All I ever asked for in life is an unfair advantage." Microchip, Punisher Annual #2

Since: 4.1.02

Since last post: 3604 days
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#65 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.10


Well, not yet, but I am still marking out anyway. Damn, she rules!

Divas my ass.


Since: 5.9.02

Since last post: 5535 days
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#66 Posted on
in terms of just looks, tori and trish are definetly #1 and #2, in any order, i dont really care.. molly could compete back when she was a blonde, but i really think they made her a lot less attractive when they tried to turn her heel. also, steph is hot.... i think gail kim has some serious potential too...

stacey- i used to think she was really hot in her wcw days, but i went to a house show a couple of months ago and had really good seats, and i was really disappointed. her face just isnt very pretty in person, very blah and over make-uped. it was such a contrast to see trish out there in the very next match, and while her breasts may be plastic, her face is naturally gorgeous.

lilian- she can have whatever body and whatever singing voice she wants, her face is a 3 at best.
Peter The Hegemon
Lap cheong

Since: 11.2.03
From: Hackettstown, NJ

Since last post: 8 days
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#67 Posted on
As always, I automatically exclude anyone who I know has implants.

Among current WWE performers:

1. Gail Kim. Did you see Confidential? Not only is she gorgeous and moves like a luchador, but she's a smark, too. I want to have Gail Kim's baby.
2. Molly
3. Stacy
4. Shaniqua
5. Victoria

Other than Jazz (and, I suppose, Mae and Moolah and maybe Linda McMahon) are there any other females in the WWE who DON'T have silicon bags in them?

Other performers:

1. Ice Cold from WOW
2. Miss Congeniality/Angelica from ECW (if you have to ask why I have Miss Congeniality and not Lita, you're just not paying attention.)
3. Paisley from LPWA (NOT Sharmell Sullivan)
4. Terri Gold from WOW
5. Malia Hosaka from LPWA/WCW

Special mention to Daffney who is sort of in-between the two categories, and so gives me an excuse to list one more woman.

There are probably more non-WWE women who I'm not even thinking of at the moment...

Since: 12.10.02
From: Canada

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#68 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.15
Victoria is very much silicon enhanced.
Net Hack Slasher

Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

Since last post: 5204 days
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#69 Posted on
Yeah, Victoria has then without a doubt. Really hate to say this but I've seen some photos that I think Gail *might* had a slight upgrade, but not certain... Personally I think it's a little silly to denounce a woman because she has implants, I understand giving bonus points girls you think are more natural, but I can't eliminate any girl that is suspected to have some work done. I personally don't think any girl needs it but if they got it and still look good with it I can't totally dismiss them. Victoria is a stunning woman either way.

-KevinTripod says about Lillian. "I constantly wish and hope that one day soon Vince will be able to talk her into doing one of those Diva-bikini photo shoots."

Tell me about it! WWE has been pretty cool in doing more conservative photos for girls who might not be totally comfortable in tiny bikinis (ie Molly in latest Diva mag), so maybe they can do something with Lillian, with her body I don't know what she has to be shy about... But lately Lillian has been being more involved, her drinking with Austin on TV and I've heard reports that after Raw it's becoming a regular thing having Lillian throw a few beers back with Austin, so maybe she's loosen a bit over time and be more involved with Diva stuff. I can only hope

I was bored so I tabulated the votes so far 1st place/mention 5 points, 2ndplace/mention 4 points. etc. Just counted signed WWE talent

1)Trish 113... 2)Molly 106... 3)Stacy 82... 4)Victoria 67... 5)Torrie 48... 6)Gail 39... 7)Nidia 27... 8)Lita 26... 9)Ivory 23... 10)Daffney 17... 11)Lillian 16... 12)Stephanie 13... 13)Dawn Marie 9... 14)Jackie Gayda 5... 15)Jazz 5... 16)Shaniqua 2... (17,18,19) Sable, Terri & Jacqueline didn't recieve any votes.

Some surprises. Nidia being so high, lots of trailor love here LoL, I think she's cool and all but she beat a lot of impressive names. Lots of people here seems to real like the new girl Gail. Nobody here likes the returning woman Sable, not a single vote.

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Ten Millionth Hit

Since: 19.3.02
From: Ontario, Canada

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#70 Posted on

    Originally posted by Peter The Hegemon
    4. Terri Gold from WOW

And after looking at the front page of her website...dear gawd:

Click Here (

Notorious F.A.B.

Since: 4.2.02
From: Dudleyville's Gay Ghetto

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#71 Posted on
Beulah got naked? I want to see Beulah naked. Beaulah is hot and beautiful.

It's just you against the group mind.

Since: 8.7.03
From: Strongbadia

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#72 Posted on
Old Hotness=Sunny, the Original Diva. An incredible tease and an actual PERSONALITY (more than I can say for most modern Divas).

New Hotness
1. Molly. I'd hit it from any direction.
2. Stephanie. Hell, even my girlfriend said she'd sleep with her.
3. Victoria. Love her entrance music, and she plays a great over-the-top crazy chick. Besides, it's a rarity to see a girl who could break me in half and still find her attractive.
4. Nidia. Daisy Dukes and trailer trash.
5. Jacky Gaida. Why do the hot chicks always go for the gay guys?

Honorable mention to Sable; I admit, the lesbian angle, while being rather stupid, got me where it counts.

I admit, Trish is hot too, but she's rubbed me the wrong way ever since the "Molly's a fatass" angle.

"Hey, Steve!"

Since: 11.5.03
From: Mount Pleasant, Pa.

Since last post: 16 hours
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#73 Posted on

    Originally posted by Notorious F.A.B.
    Beulah got naked? I want to see Beulah naked. Beaulah is hot and beautiful.

"This just got a hell of a lot better." - Stifler, American Pie
Shem the Penman

Since: 16.1.02
From: The Off-Center of the Universe (aka Philadelphia)

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#74 Posted on
I think Molly was much hotter in the two-three weeks when she was changing over from blond to brunette and had longer, reddish hair. Pity she didn't stick with that.

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The instant obsolesence is why I became a writer. The rate of punctuation in a sentence doesn't double every 18 friggin' months, and you never have some 22-year-old looming over your shoulder, shaking his head, saying "dude... you're still using adverbs...?"

-- Bob Harris

Since: 14.7.03
From: NYC

Since last post: 5142 days
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#75 Posted on
Does anyone ,other then me, remember the funkettes ? They were hot as all hell and used to come out with Flash Funk and dance with him. They looked great at the slammy's wearing their bikinis. Now they were the finest black women ever in the WWF/E

That gay sex is just way to dangerous to try!!!
Notorious F.A.B.

Since: 4.2.02
From: Dudleyville's Gay Ghetto

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#76 Posted on


That's a cute cervix.


It's just you against the group mind.

Since: 26.7.02

Since last post: 5326 days
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#77 Posted on

    Originally posted by Notorious F.A.B.
    Beulah got naked? I want to see Beulah naked. Beaulah is hot and beautiful.

Here's a link where u don't have to sign up for anything:

Don't Tread On Me,
Whalebony Express

Since: 2.1.02

Since last post: 128 days
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#78 Posted on


    That's a cute cervix.


The series was quite a bit bigger but I usually only see the same pics from the set. These pics were one of the first things I found when I started exploring the net. Me and the Net became friends after that. There's nothing like the joy of finding your favorite valet gettin' down and dirty like this. When I mean 'nothing like the joy..." I'm talking internetwise ...

... of course.

Potato korv

Since: 8.5.02
From: Milan-Ann Arbor, MI

Since last post: 1442 days
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#79 Posted on
Molly Holly is absolutely beautiful. That's all there is to it.

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Since: 8.1.02
From: Modesto, CA

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#80 Posted on
"3. Victoria. Love her entrance music, and she plays a great over-the-top crazy chick. Besides, it's a rarity to see a girl who could break me in half and still find her attractive."

Since alot of Wieners seem to be saying that it is a rarity to find an attractive "big" fitness/bodybuilder girl, there are some others out there that I personally think qualify as being in Victoria's league (and would be awesome to see as divas). Colette Nelson comes to mind first. Elena Seiple is pretty awesome too. Bethany Howlett. One may think they have too much muscle, but I think some of these at least make it look good. You could mention others.


"WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO?" -Malone, The Untouchables
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Wow...cancelled already? I guess I'm not surprised-it never passed my TiVo's cut. It would suggest every other late night show *except* Kimmel's. The great TiVo knows something we don't, apparently. I wonder if TSG will head back to Boston...
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