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The W - Random - Your Top 10 Cancelled TV Shows (Page 3)
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#41 Posted on
- Invader Zim
- Clone High

That is all I have to add.

- Sam

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#42 Posted on
Anyone else remember the Idiot Box on MTV starring Alex Winter? Only about 6 episodes, but it was great.
Brian P. Dermody

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    Originally posted by Dexley's Midnight Jogger
    1) Dead at 21 (Can anyone tell me how it ended? I missed the last few shows

If memory serves...
Doogie Howser's girlfriend was arrested by Whip Hubley (the best actor name in 20 years), then Jack Noseworthy (a terrible, terrible name) had a weird hallucination thing like he was always having. Then he died.

As for my Top 10? In no particular order
- MST3k, and stop hatin on Pearl. That show was always in the writing.
- SportsNight
- Homicide: Life on the Street
- Sifl & Olly
- Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
- The Critic
- 120 Minutes (circa '93-'96)
- Mr. Show
- The Tick (animated)
- Global Wrestling Federation (so sue me)

And I couldv'e gone for another season or two of Charles in Charge, and a Quantum Leap TV mmovie every year or so.

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#44 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.75
10 Andy Richter Controls the Universe
9 The State
8 Sledgehammer
7 Herman's Head
6 Cliffhanger
5 Police Squad!
4 The Jackie Thomas Show
3 It's Your Move
2 Cupid
1 Pig Sty

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Some ones that haven't been mentioned

Jack of All Trades, have to mention this. It was so cheesy and dumb, but I thought it was funny as hell. Bruce Campbell is hilarious. I tried to catch this sill half hour show on the weekend as much as possible. It lasted only 20 or so episodes

Undergrads and Mission Hill were couple cartoons that were one year wonders which I enjoyed

Going a little early 90. They did horror show on the small screen called Nightmare Cafe created by Wes Craven... I really enjoyed Friday the 13th: The Series. Two young antique store owners sold a bunch of cursed antiques and every week had to get the stuff back before it's too late. (late 80s)

Some that have been mentioned

The Job with Dennis Leary, I don't watch too much TV these days, I have very few can't miss shows. But this was one of them, it was the best show in in the last few years and only had about 20 episodes made.

Sledgehammer!(the only show other then Smackdown! that I remember having an exclamation point on it LOL) was fantastic. The funniest thing about it is that they thought it was certain that it was going to get cancelled after the first season that they killed everyone off with an nuclear bomb, which of course Sledge Hammer accidently detonate himself "Trust me I know what I'm doing" indeed. And then to everyones surprise they got picked up for a second season so they started the second season 3 years before the world blew up LoL. Unfortunately that was the last season of Sledgehammer... Police Squad was fantastic as well. What is with all these great cop comedies getting the ax so fast.

I was a fan of Wings, very underrated. A year ago they showed it on syndication at night but not anymore. They were overshadowed by a lot of other NBC shows at the time. But Wings was very good with a great cast of character who interacted with each other really well. They had a pretty good 8 year run... Night Court could be my favorite sitcom of all time and I think got better with time. A decade later it still holds up amazingly A&E used to show the repeats of it a few years ago but not anymore. Wings & Night Court, 2 shows that mostly took place in a work environment and both very good that I would like to watch again in syndication.

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#46 Posted on
Wings is on Nick at Nite at 1am. Except this week, when there is nothing but Sanford and Son.

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#47 Posted on
My favorite postmodern drama-history-comedy-weirdfest, starring the most famous B-rated chin:

"The Adventures of Brisco County Jr."

The Obtuse Angle Archive.

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You're really going to hate me when I tell you my friend who we're going with knows Wain and we most likely will get to meet them. I'll tell them you said "hi!".

You're right.

If you see the guy from Stella that says "sloppy wet... pizza", give him a hug for me. And tell MIB that Spy TV is a flaming shithole without him.

No particular order... Louie visits The Last Supper, Punks vs. Amish vs. Nuns street fight with MIB as Michael Jackson, "Chicken sandwich, CARL!", the undercover cop in kindergarten, and "the call is coming from... inside your pants!"

I too am an old Night Court fan. I used to stay up late watching reruns on WGN and then started up again when they hit A&E as NHS said. Also a SledgeHammer fan from forever ago. I could have sworn somebody said Moonlighting, but I don't see it now, so consider it mentioned.

Just how many shows in the 80s were centered around putting a guy and girl together, but not having them romanticly linked, and once they did, the show died?

Kinda back on the cancelled game shows tip, ABC was running an 8-9pm slot on Saturday (I think) with two game shows, one of which was Monopoly. I don't even remember how the premise worked, but I thought it was really cool to somehow make that into a gameshow. I also miss Rock N Roll Jeopardy. Yack yack yack...

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#49 Posted on
- not in alphabetical order

Mystery Science Theater 3000
Bakersfield, PD
Sports Night
WKRP in Cincinnati
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling
Two Guys, a Girl... (I don't care, Ryan Reynolds is funny)

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J. Kyle

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X-E's co-Worst Poster of all time! says:

Props to Grimis for remembering Jackie Thomas. Tom Arnold's genius continues to go unappreciated. The Army Show had Griff from Married with Children.... where WERE you people??


9.(Every Bruce Campbell show... Where the FUCK is my Autolocus:The Series?)
Jack of All Trades
The Adv. of Brisco County JR.
Xena (pre-Joxer's death)

Andy Richter Controls the Universe
Greg the Bunny
John Doe

7. (THE UPN/WB doesn't always save the good shows tie)
Do Over
Twilight Zone

6.Upright Citizens Brigade ("They race them in Mexico...")

5.American Gothic (someone's at the door...)

4.(The "Yes, ANOTHER tie" TIE)
Quantum Leap

3.Forever Knight

Family Guy
The Critic
Gundam 0079


And if what I've heard is true, Beat the Geeks would be 11.

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If I'm not mistaken, the Small Rouge One can be found on BBC America.

If the movie is a hit, they will do a series 9

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#52 Posted on
I was loving Beat the Geeks, until they got that new host and all. Along the same vein, I also dug Vs. And am I the only one on the planet who didn't hate Pearl-era MST3K? I don't understand why everyone hates her so much. Also, I've been watching Family Guy on Cartoon Network, and, sad to say, it's just not as funny as I remembered. Oh well.

I hate Court TV for taking the best show of all time (that being Homicide: Life on the Street), away from me for no reason. I also miss Andy Richter, Undeclared, and a whole bunch of other shows. Too many to name here, but most of them have already been mentioned by others. Oh, and Millennium, if it had kept up with the standards set by its first season.

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#53 Posted on

    Originally posted by Dagent913
    And am I the only one on the planet who didn't hate Pearl-era MST3K? I don't understand why everyone hates her so much.

I hated her because she wasn't all that funny. Pearl-era host segments are damn excruciating in their unfunniness and I've seen KTMA episodes, for God's sake.

The Pearl-era MST3K's stick out because the show was just getting *tired*--the writing got less and less witty, the host segments were generally pointless (and why were all the host segments photographed in near total darkness?), and it looked for all the world like people trying to keep a train going long after it ran outta steam.

That's why as much as I love MST3K it doesn't need to come back. Let it go, folks. Let it go.


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#54 Posted on
Does MASH count? If so, it's at the top of my list. If not, Futurama, Undergrads, Max Headroom, Kids in the Hall are at the top. And the live action Tick, way ahead of its time.

Are you ready for Mahkan-mania to run wild all over you?

I mark for Molly Holly and Lance Storm.
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#55 Posted on

    Originally posted by Dagent913
    I was loving Beat the Geeks, until they got that new host and all.

Agreed. Although you can always just move to Santa Monica, and hang out with the Movie Geek. =)

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Here is my favorite TV show to ever get prematurely cancelled:

The show was called Likely Suspects, and it starred Sam McMurray of Tracey Ullman fame as the lead detective. He investigated murder mysteries, and we the audience served as the rookie along for the ride. Sam would talk to the camera (us) as though we were on the case. They would go through the case and then before the last break, Sam would get the suspects in a room and tell them that he had figured out the mystery.

This was one of the few shows that my whole family watched, taped, and discussed. We would always all watch, and all guess on who we thought the murderer was before the final segment of the show. Alas, no other family in America watched the show, and it was canned after not many episodes (6 or 10 at the most).

By the way, I also enjoyed the It's Like, You Know as the Seinfeld of LA program.

Other faves included Herman's Head, Twin Peaks, MST3K, and the newer Fantasy Island starring Malcolm McDowall.

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#57 Posted on
Top 14

13)Fragle Rock(sic?)
12)Mr. Show
9)Dr. Who
8)Buck Rogers
7)Parker Lewis Can't Loose
5)Herman's Head
4)Banana Man
3)WCW Monday Night Nitro
2)Danger Mouse
1)Wizards & Warriors


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    Originally posted by SamRulezTheWorld
    - Invader Zim
    - Clone High

    That is all I have to add.

    - Sam

HELL YES. So many great shows are just wasted on Nickelodeon, simply because they appeal to an older audience (Invader Zim and Ren & Stimpy being two notable examples).

And as for Clone High, 3 South, and Undergrads: MTV has apparently only been ordering up about six to eight eps of most new (to the US) animated series at a time. Thus, the premature "cancellations" of all three... MTV just doesn't bother getting the whole season.

And allow me to throw Dilbert in the ring... another example of how Comedy Central can rock shit with the prematurely-cancelled shows. Although I personally think they dropped the ball on Beat the Geeks and Battlebots (maybe it's just me on that one). I mean, 5:30 PM? Shit, that's PTI time around here. Good thing they brought the Daily Show reruns back to the 7:00 hour.

Today's Out-Of-Context Quote, Courtesy of hardygrrl:

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#59 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.29

    Originally posted by DJ Ran
    Wings is on Nick at Nite at 1am. Except this week, when there is nothing but Sanford and Son.


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1. Night Stand (with Dick Dietrich)
2. Parker Lewis Can't Lose
3. 21 Jump Street
4. Police Squad
5. The Good Life (Drew Carey before the Drew Carey Show)
6. Almost Live
7. The New Show
8. What's Happenin'
9. CPO Sharkey
10. Sqare Pegs

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