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20.4.18 0211
The W - Pro Wrestling - Summerslam Results Thread (Page 4)
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#61 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.70

I don't know what all the fuss about Orton being champ is all about ... I think it's the perfect thing to do. It's time to give guys like this the ball to see if they can run with it, if not, move on to the next one. Orton has the look, the charisma and yes, the skills to do it. Sure he needs a little work, but he'll get there ...

And plus, he scored points with me when he gave props to Benoit right before the show went off the air a la Hogan/Rock WM18 ...

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I don't really have a problem with Orton beating Benoit, but winning clean didn't make much sense to me. I really dislike WWE's whole "This is a sport, where the better man wins the title cleanly! We swear!" Randy Orton's a heel, but now he's a face without buildup? Look, WWE, this isn't a sport and we all know it.

I thought it was stupid when Brock went over Rock cleanly 2 years ago, and I still don't think it quite works now. It just seems anticlimactic when the heel beats the face cleanly for the title. It feels like I have just watched a legitimate sport and not a staged drama. It just doesn't work for me.

I think Benoit had a great reign, and WrestleMania XX - SummerSlam is a decent length, nothing to sneeze at, and he beat HHH and HBK plenty during his time on top, so that's all good. I think it's great that he didn't lose the belt back to HHH as so many expected, but actually beat him quite frequently in their encounters.

Orton could be a decent champ, but I really could care less about a HHH-Orton feud - especially if they plan on taking it to WrestleMania XXI.

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#63 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
I thought it was a great show. It met my expectation's, if not exceeding them, but that's cause I didn't have very high expectations. My friend who I was with kept complaining cause there was no gimmick match and it was boring, I agree there could have been one gimmick match (3 on 3 tables) but it was still some great non-gimmick wrestling. Here are my thoughts.

3 on 3-Pretty good. Good opener and some good stuff in there. ***1/4 match

Triple Threat-Can't remember if this was next but it was okay. Don't remember it well cause I never had much interest in the first place but it was alright I guess. Hope we see a Edge Jericho feud now. **3/4 match.

Cena vs. Booker-Not to good. Only about 5 minutes. I didn't expect much but there next 4 matches better be 10 minutes and better than this. I hope they can have enough time at the next Smackdown PPV for a great final match. **1/4 match

Kane vs. Matt-Pretty bad but it was made up for by the ending. It's just hilarious how Lita has to marry Kane. I'm suprised Lita didn't make the turn. She could have went in after Matt lost and checked if he was okay and just hit him. Kane's gonna be a daddy! ** match.

Eddie vs. Angle-Match of the night. Great wresling by both of these two. I fdorget how long it was but it couldn't have been more than 15 minutes. They should have gave it at least 25 and if it kept on goin the way it was goin it would be better than there mania match. ****1/2 match.

HHH vs Eugene-Good match. I was on the floor laughing when Eugene flicked off HHH and gave him a stunner. That would have been such a great ending but then the feud would continue. I love when Eugene imitates the rock, stone cold, and hogan. I expected Regal to do more. ***1/2 match.

Diva Dodgeball-Um yea.

JBL vs. TAKER-Very good. Underrated by most people already. I didn't think these two could put that type of match on. It had me interested. I like the ending cause now we can see a casket match at No Mercy I hope. I probably like it so much cause of the post match cause that was sweet even though it was the fakest thing I've ever seen. **** match

Orton vs. Benoit-Another great match. These two did great and I love the ending. ****1/4 match

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#64 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.67
"The problem w/ Orton winning clean is that there was essentially 2 weeks of build-up. He wins a battle royal, has 2 tag matches, and suddenly he's able to cleanly pin the champ? And that's ~1 month after losing the IC Title, as well as losing the rematch, to a guy who's not even ME-level."

Or, looking at it from the flip-side, you have a soon-to-be heel Edge and a soon-to-be face Orton with unsettled issues due to Edge cheating both times to beat him. Voila Insta-feud for the new champeen.

Once upon a time in China, some believe, around the year one double-ought three, head priest of the White Lotus Clan, Pai Mei was walking down the road, contemplating whatever it is that a man of Pai Mei's infinite power contemplates - which is another way of saying "who knows" - when a Shaolin monk appeared, traveling in the opposite direction. As the monk and the priest crossed paths, Pai Mei, in a practically unfathomable display of generosity, gave the monk the slightest of nods. The nod was not returned. Now was it the intention of the Shaolin monk to insult Pai Mei or did he just fail to see the generous social gesture? The motives of the monk remain unknown. What is known, are the consequences. The next morning Pai Mei appeared at the Shaolin Temple and demanded of the Temple's head abbot that he offer Pai Mei his neck to repay the insult. The Abbot at first tried to console Pai Mei, only to find Pai Mei was inconsolable. So began the massacre of the Shaolin Temple and all 60 of the monks inside at the fists of the White Lotus. And so began the legend of Pai Mei's five point palm exploding heart technique.

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#65 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.97
If the plan is for Orton to turn face and hold the title until a WM XXI showdown with the heel Triple H, then that makes no sense because HHH will win and walk out of WM with the title as a heel yet again. I think that it would be better if they don't turn Orton and have a face take the title from him at the big show. Anyway, I didn't see the show but I like Orton as champ. Too bad Taker doesn't job ever, at all, to anyone, anywhere.

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#66 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.85
Triple H can always screwup and cost Orton the title by mistake/on purpose (to Benoit or Edge) sparking the big split. HHH takes the title from whomever near the end of the year and Orton wins the Rumble.

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#67 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.05
    Originally posted by oldschoolhero
    "The problem w/ Orton winning clean is that there was essentially 2 weeks of build-up. He wins a battle royal, has 2 tag matches, and suddenly he's able to cleanly pin the champ? And that's ~1 month after losing the IC Title, as well as losing the rematch, to a guy who's not even ME-level."

    Or, looking at it from the flip-side, you have a soon-to-be heel Edge and a soon-to-be face Orton with unsettled issues due to Edge cheating both times to beat him. Voila Insta-feud for the new champeen.

That's all well & good, but that doesn't change the fact that Orton is coming off consecutive losses to a guy not in the ME, and is suddenly able to cleanly beat the best technical wrestler in the company (which the WWE bills Benoit as) with hardly any build. The issue is the lack of build for a major title change, not what his future feuds may be.

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#68 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.62
Triple H gets five months of build towards his first title reign, and his win gets shat on by almost everybody, because he wasn't ready. But then, he becomes God four months after that, so all was forgiven.

Bret Hart loses the IC title to a non-ME wrestler, then wins the World title two months later, with absolutely, positively, no build AT ALL, and his win gets shat on by almost nobody (that I can remember). And if you believe what was said, he got the title just to keep him from jumpin to WCW.

I suppose Randy falls somewhere in the middle.
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#69 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.59
Just re-watched the show. Man, that was a tough crowd. I only counted a handful of guys that the crowd truly seemed to care about. Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam (the guy on Heat (go figure)), and Chris Jericho. Other than that, the crowd was sort of here and there.

Still, a pretty good show. Nothing spectacular or anything worth rushing out to see RIGHT AWAY. But an entertaining way to spend 3 hours.

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#70 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.50
You wanted the best, you got... Out of Context Quote of the Week.

"His tits are at least REAL." (Kane Is Ugly)

    Originally posted by chill
    The Rush/Toronto connection is probably more just a coincidence.

(looks at the back of his Summerslam 2002 DVD)

"...settle the score... There ain't no cure for a Summerslam bruise!" FORESHADOWING! (And that was Lesnar beating the Rock to become the youngest WWE champ ever...)

Really, though, I got no complaints with Orton beating Benoit. Especially the way he did it... RKO hits the neck, they kept referring to Benoit's repaired neck, he took two huge bumps on (follow along with me now) his NECK... They built up to that. And did Orton and Benoit wrestle one-on-one before this? I don't remember offhand, but it's entirely possible that in WWE-world, Orton just matches up well against Benoit.

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#71 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.56
As usual, from my news report (which hasn't even been PUBLISHED yet so you get an exclusive!!! God you people are blessed with me around):

Slamming With You

SummerSlam was a proof for two theories:

1) Well-hyped, co-brand PPVs should be increased to four hours in length (except for WrestleMania, which should remain at a cool five hour length), and,
2) WWE should never take their shows to Toronto again.

I'm going to expand on my second point in my 411 column this Saturday, but for now let's just go match-for-match:

The Dudley Boyz defeated Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Paul London via pinfall at 08:09 (**)
Now if this show had been four hours, this match would've been a match of the year contender. I still find it hard to take Spike seriously as a heel, but that's for my own reasons, he's doing a fine job in the role. I caught a bit of Velocity and saw him beating down Scotty 2 Hotty. Very good stuff. If Scotty can rekindle the form he was pulling around 2000 during his Light-Heavyweight title feud with Dean Malenko, any feud between these two could be gold. The match itself was five minutes of the Dudleyz beating down London and Kidman, until Rey entered the frey and kicked off a whirl of spots. Just as it was getting into hyper-drive though, it was over at the hands of a nice, surprising 3D to Kidman that was just begging to be broken up via a 450 Splash or AT THE VERY LEAST a 'Dropping the Dime' leg drop. Instead, it ended. I was not amused.

Kane defeated Matt Hardy via pinfall at 06:08 (1/2*)
Matt's limp really hurt this one. Not just in terms of length, but quality-wise also. Yeah, yeah, I know it's unavoidable as he effectively has no left knee, but it doesn't mean I have to let him off the hook. I just wasn't entertained. See they bypassed Matt's whole injury at Vengeance by adding on a No DQ ruling. Here, they probably didn't want the second match of the card being TOO memorable and overshadowing the main events, so decided to go for a straight match. What I don't understand though is why Kane didn't work the knee to explain the limp? Plus I wasn't impressed by Matt's selling. If I'm a wrestler and I'm visibly have trouble walking because of a limp, I'm not going to spring back off the ropes when you whip me. My knee is going to give out and I'm going to fall at your feet. Disappointing overall, with exception granted to the nifty finish. Also, an interesting point brought to my attention by Zander of the 411 boards this morning when he said, "How is Matt supposed to be injured for 6-8 months now?" Guess we'll find out on RAW. Or they'll just ignore him.

John Cena defeted Booker-T via pinfall at 06:25 (3/4*)
Another anti-climax. I agree with those claiming after this match that maybe Booker should take us up on that retirement offer, he just wasn't there tonight and I haven't seen him 'there' since he had a match with Bob Holly on SmackDown shortly after his arrival. Before that, pfft, I can't even remember. He's got character, granted, so maybe a non-wrestling role would be cool, but in the ring he just doesn't seem interested. And we've got four more of these matches to go...

Edge defeated Chris Jericho and Batista via pinfall to retain the IC Title at 08:26 (**1/2)
I'd said that the most heelish thing Edge could do was retain the title here. I was right. I said that creative would rely on crowd reactions rather than spending any real time booking this one. I was right. Good match, bordering on very good, and no doubt would have delivered given 5-10 minutes more to flesh out. Either way, I want more Edge/Jericho. Booing Edge was about the only thing this crowd did right last night.

Kurt Angle defeated Eddie Guerrero via submission at 13:43 (****)
I'm LOVING Kurt's new style based on this match. Very geared towards story mode rather than making the crowd pop, and this match delivered everything it should've thanks to Kurtski's intensity, intelligence and integrity (okay so I added the integrity for no other reason than it fitted, sue me) and Eddie's excellent portrayal of the 'face in peril'. Whereas the WrestleMania flick was a good, long, involving general mat wrestling contest, this was a pointed, concise and no BS story, and infinitely more entertaining for what it was. I say 'for what it was' because (and yes I'm going to keep harping on this one), it could've benefited from 5 more minutes and a bit more offence from Eddie, but who am I to complain about what was easily a **** match?

Triple H defeated Eugene via pinfall at 14:05 (***1/2)
Although it hurt the match, I'm not going to lower the rating on account of the asinine reactions from the Canuck crowd. However, this was another match that could've been just a little better. When you have someone with the potential profitability of Eugene, you make sure to get people talking about him, wondering where he's going to go and giving people reasons to tune in. A by-the-books win from Triple H doesn't allow for this. Admittedly I'm CURIOUS about where Eugene's going, but that's attributable more to my cat-like mentality as opposed to, say, WWE giving me a reason to be. Regal could've turned, could've accidentally cost Eugene the match, Eugene could've won via Regal's help, there could've been a whole bunch of stuff that kept the Eugene saga alive. Instead, tonight's RAW leaves the writers the task of having to create a whole new mystique for the character rather than rely on one that wrote itself since the excellent Rock/Eugene/Coach segment back in June.

Diva Dodgeball
I took this segment as a cue to come in and spend some quality time in the chat room.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield defeated The Undertaker via disqualification at 17:37 to retain the WWE Championship (***1/4)
Another example of how WWE can do the right thing, just do it in totally the wrong way. Keeping the belt on JBL was, for all intents and purposes, the right thing to do. Promising an appearance from Jon Heidenreich at SummerSlam and not delivering, while also protecting Undertaker to the point of ridicule was needlessly cock-teasing. I sat on my couch last night and muttered to myself over and over 'Hei-den-reich' awaiting Big Jon's arrival with Paul Heyman flanking him, but...nothing. Seriously, I can buy Taker losing a match. With any one of the combo of JBL, Heidenreich or Orlando Jordan, you have a person who looks like they can give Taker a run for his money (even if two of them hadn't been portrayed that way), with all three working together you couldn't really EXPECT Taker to survive. Plus you avoid the 'Bullshit' chants and the boos at the conclusion where there should be cheers or boos based on the winner. The match itself, surprise surprise, was given special care from the road agents in putting it together and came out as a nice old school brawl you just don't see that much anymore. Whoda thunk it? Not me, that's for sure...Oh, and the limo spot would've been so much sweeter if it'd been a Tombstone, not a Chokeslam.

Randy Orton defeated Chris Benoit via pinfall at 20:09 to win the World Heavyweight Championship (***3/4)
It's tough to bitch at a well-constructed and entertaining match, but I'm going to go for it nonetheless. First off, the longest match on the second largest PPV of the year should NOT be 20 minutes. Secondly, I've no problem with Benoit dropping the title, even to Orton, but not that way. Fish and I discussed it this morning, and both agreed that the cocky young upstart vs. the working man's man who's spent 20 years working for this spot, feud writes itself. Here, it was a reference. A sidenote. As was Benoit's title reign in hindsight it seems. Strange to think that the same man who'd been accepted as the champ by fans worldwide, who had solidified his place as the man through his mere in-ring presence alone, was the same man who looked so like a dejected jobber after his loss last night. There's no reason why this couldn't have gone down with Orton getting a clean win, these two having a great match, and BOTH coming away better for it. But as it happened, it seems Orton will just be assuming Benoit's top RAW babyface spot and soon will become the leader of the anti-Evolution (Creation! Yes I've used it before, but it's still good) bunch. Benoit...he can be the new Shelton Benjamin or something. Maybe RAW will prove me wrong tonight, I honestly hope so, but I left SummerSlam with the distinct impression that Benoit had merely handed Orton the ball. That's fine, but what the hell is Benoit supposed to play with now?

My Two Cents:
I've always been a person who's said that as long as a show delivers entertainment-wise, then there's no reason to complain. SummerSlam made a hypocrite out of me.

Be it the set, the new, improved camera angle (anyone else notice this?), the big matches, SummerSlam had the big show feeling you don't get with a Bad Blood or a Vengeance. It had four ***+ matches and a decent, if not earth-shattering, undercard. But all of it pales in comparison to what could've been.

From here, where do we go? Benoit is lost. Eugene is lost. Orton is going to have to make an awkward transition from being a top-heel one week into RAW's lead babyface the next, which will probably leave him lost for a while. Angle and Guerrero have apparently settled their ish, with the heel Angle winning and not looking like getting a title shot against the fellow heel champion any time soon. Guerrero lost, so why is he any more deserving of a shot at the belt? Where was Jon Heidenreich? Should we consider the Taker/JBL feud still alive?

I don't know if I could recommend this show to a friend. Certainly not a casual fan. If I was a casual fan, my reaction to this show would be 'eh?!' as nothing seemed to happen that I could really explain or even want to. Just a confusing, confusing, strange show. But it was entertaining! God I don't know...

Leggo's Two Cents

My Love Story.

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#72 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.30
Pretty disappointing and downright unnacceptable show for the WWE considering how low their ratings were last week so they should've put on a much better show on what's supposed to be the second biggest PPV of the year. Once again, Benoit, Angle, and Eddie all save the show and have the best matches.

I thought the opener was pretty good, could've been longer. Some good spots and wrestling.

As I predicted the Kane/Hardy match and Diva Dodgeball were a waste of PPV air time and totally sucked. They should've put Tajiri and Rhyno against La Resistance for the tag titles on the card.

I don't get the point of this best of 5 series thing. Cena and Booker T's match last night was crap and way too short. I think they are trying to echo the old best of 7 series with Benoit/Booker T., but Booker T. is nowhere near the level he used to be, and Cena isn't Benoit. Lame match that should've been a lot better.

The triple threat match was majorly disappointing...and nothing really happened. Its especially disappointing considering all three of these guys have been wrestling much better, longer matches on free TV on RAW. It seemed like everyone was just sleepwalking through this match. Again, another ridiculously short match on a $35 dollar ppv, unnacceptable.

Angle and Eddie had a great match though it was not quite as good as their fantastic Wrestlemania match, though I don't think anyone expected it to be. Great performance by both men. Great finish with Angle winning after taking off Eddie's boot and just relentlessly attacking his ankle. Both men tried all their finishing maneuvers on each other but they wouldn't give in, desperate to prove the other better that is until Eddie taps out for the first time I can remember in like...a long time.

I think the Eugene thing has run its course. The match tonight was pretty dull, and I think it was stupid to put Eugene into such high level programs so quickly after his debut. Eugene needs to start doing his own stuff instead of just mimicking other people's moves. Another really short match though for a PPV.

The WWE title match is a perfect example of why Bradshaw shouldn't be champion and Undertaker needs to retire. A lot of Undertaker's spots tonight were pretty sloppy, especially when he attempted at technical and submission wrestling. I dunno, whenever Taker tries to wrestle technically or with just looks bad. I think Taker is pretty obviously fed up and frustrated with playing the supernatural version of his character. Bradshaw tried his best, but he's still a fairly medicore wrestler and an even worse world champion. Lame ass screwy finish.

You know, I am pretty disappointed that Benoit lost the title last night in such a manner, but I enjoyed the clean finish, and the match was great. Both men played the psychology well on their parts. And you know I'm not the biggest Orton fan, but I'm happy to see the title on another fresh face and on someone OTHER THAN HHH for once. I think this is the first time that happened, b/c whenever someone won the world title from HHH, HHH would just get it back from them.

Disappointing show with a couple great/good matches. WWE needs to shape up really soon.

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#73 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.91
If the crowd reactions affect your enjoyment of the event, then you are watching wrestling for the wrong reason.

The crowd did the wave during the Undertaker/JBL match? Good for them. That match was terrible.

And so what if they didn't cheer for Benoit? No one else does. No matter how much workrate fanatics dig the guy, he hasn't been built up as a credible champion.

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#74 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.87

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#75 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.24
I been saying it for the longest time Toronto crowds aren't that good, I think everyone remembers Rock/Hogan WMX8 but forget how lame the rest of the night was. Canadian crowds in general have this reputation of being great but with the exception of the Maritimes and Alberta the rest of the country is very ordinary, especially Toronto and Montreal.

-RVD vs. Dupree- Good match, better than 3/4 of the stuff that was on the actual PPV. It went through 2 segments so the match was longer then I expected. Big pop from the France Prance, RVD looked strong in this match... Eugene/ HHH promo ends heat?

-Spike/Bubba/Dvon vs. Kidman/London/Mysterio - Nice springboard off Kidman by London to the outside for a cannonball plauncha... Surprise it didn't go longer but Rey and especially London (who must have been really pumped) looked good. Bubba did a nice job as overpowering bully heel.

-Kane vs. Hardy- Another crappy PPV match by these two. Matt delivers a sloppy tornado DDT. Matt's on offense almost the entire match which is mildly offensive... I'll give credit where it's due and say the finishing spot with the chokeslam from the second rope looked really good. Lita running like she's Scott Evil from the Austin Powers movies wasn't

-Cena vs. Booker- Strange set up as the match isn't even for the title. Over before it started, eww certainly doesn't make you feel like going 4 more of these... Maybe it's like learning your penmanship, the more you do it the better it looks (or you could just get a cramp hand).

-Edge vs. Batista vs. Jericho- Probably the most disappointing match of the night. Crowd was bizarre but Edge did a good job smirking it off. They did the guy outside the ring and waits for 2 other guys to wrestle and come in and repeat to an absurd level... Did the crowd chant "We want Christian"? Damn they should have brought him out, it would have given this show something worthwhile in the undercard.

-Angle vs. Eddie- When Kurt came out the first thing that came to mind was please save this. Second thing that came to mind is "Wow Kurt really seems smaller", well whatever the case if he's doing okay that's all that matters. Eddie getting some love, so is Kurt. Kurt's always been popular in the T.Dot being his comeback match not much surprise he got some love as well... Interesting play on Kurt trying to remove the boot. Some nice struggle and mat wrestling by the two. Great spot when Eddie went up the ropes and Kurt ran up, caught him and release suplex him to the mat. Kurt makes Eddie tap out for the finish. First match of the night that really clicked for me.

-HHH vs. Eugene- What a mess. The thing with Eugene is if the crowd isn't behind him his entire shtick is out the window and their screwed. Actually HHH did very little to help the cause (outsmarting the guy with a fake injury isn't going to work). Eugene really had to hit an amazing spot to get the crowds respect but didn't happen as they stayed the course which the whole thing looked so bad. This match really was the last straw that soured me on the crowd... Of course the biggest news of the night! What's the condition of Lillian! She took such a worrisome bump and her ankle looks injured, my heart weeps for sweet innocent Lillian

-Raw Diva Searchers vs. Legit Raw Divas- Trish stood on the sidelines & considering what we just saw I completely understand, Trish is brave just being there(which can't be said about Carmelle. Did she get stuck at the border when asked where she's from?). I didn't get to negative about this because I remember Musical Chairs on Raw & it was fun, so I kept an open mind & I really like the girls on the Legit diva side, maybe they can work something good... Umm why doesn't this look like a work? Why are your Raw women athletes losing to unknown model/actresses. Whaaat is goooing ooon! Michelle a ringer, I think (like I'm really doing much research on these chicks) she's a gym teacher or something. What else do gym teachers do but throw dodgeball. Well it was nice seeing Trish & Victoria on the same side Oh that didn't last long Well the Legit Raw girls outfits were cute, but they can't play Dodgeball

-Undertaker vs. JBL- Can Undertaker legend status change this crowd around, NOPE. Chanting for "Spanish Announce table" gawd this crowd is embarrassing. The WAVE? But it's hard to blame them, it's impossible to view JBL as a WWE Champion, it seems like a farce. The Virgil chant was kinda funny. The match was poor and in slow motion even the 1-2 ooh so close pin fall attempts by both guys seemed more like just continuing a bad match that just needed to end... Undertaker chokeslams JBL on the roof of the limo which looked like paper and then Undertaker almost injures himself slipping on the hood. Disastrous night continues. PS where the heck was Heidenreich, I was sure he was coming up, didn't Heyman mention it on SD? Oh PSS There was a hilarious missed punch by Taker after the match that JBL didn't even flinch on, WOW lol

-Orton vs. Benoit- Benoit worked as hard as I've seen anyone work. sick, Sick, SICK Tope crashing head first into the barricade. 6 Germans then goes up top for a flying headbutt to connect with Ortons raised feet! DDT on the apron by Benoit on Orton. I like the sharpshooter reversals by both guys. Nice backbreaker on the shoulder into a neck-breaker spot by Orton. Clean win with the RKO which I was expecting a kick out!... I didn't mind Orton winning the title. Interesting with the handshake as Orton breaks down crying like an emotional babyface. Very solid performance by both men especially Benoit who put Orton over strong.

-OtherStuff- Orton and Cena had a chat confrontation backstage. Teddy Long and Bischoff also had a conversation backstage

-Line of the Night: Cole "The crowd is doing the wave to show support to the Undertaker"
-Sign of the Night: "Lita is a Dumass"- Lita has a sign, greatest woman ever sincerely Matt.
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Benoit. 2)Orton. 3)Angle.

I don't think this was the worst show of the year as Kurt/ Eddie & the main event was great. But I'd call it the most under-achieving PPV of the year. The IC match was so disappointing in-ring & possible storyline wise. Agree with Leggo here, Matt has no business taking a PPV spot if he's limping around like that. If he's hurt & wants to be on PPV he should have thought up of P-whipped Air hockey or something not be performing a half-assed match. WWE title match looked like what it is an old legend vs. mediocre mid-carder with a cheap heat gimmick. I can't believe they didn't work the Dodgeball game. H3/Eugene went as bad as possible. Cena/Book had flashes of decency but nothing really to grab to. The opening match was good... I don't mind the crowd being individuals but after a while it got annoying & obnoxious. They are like the loser fan with the cell phone waving at the titantron during a match X 10000

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I'm reading a lot of theories as to why the crowd reacted the way it did, but all of them ignore certain points.

The Smarks talk about the greatness of Y2J and how JBL/Taker was so bad it deserved to be ignored, and final justifcation of their Eugen hate. And then just ignore that Orton was more over than Benoit.

Then there is the other group that thinks the entire card should just book to cater the crowd every given week. I guarantee these people also complain about storyline continutity.

At a certain point Occam's Razor takes over, and the simplest explanation is that the crowd just sucked.
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-Sign of the Night: "Lita is a Dumass"

I have to agree, although a close second was "RVD > Volleyball" which was spotted during Randy Orton's entrance.

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If the crowd reactions affect your enjoyment of the event, then you are watching wrestling for the wrong reason.

Bullshit, it's infinitely easier to enjoy a match with a hot crowd than a disinterested one. Any wrestler will tell you it's also easier to work with a reactive crowd rather than a bored one, so of COURSE the crowd reactions would affect my enjoyment of the match.

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Crowd reactions do play a part in making a match. Hey, everybody loved Rock v. Hogan at WrestleMania X8. Now, take away the crowd reactions and what do you have? Basically, a shitty match.

I thought Orton v. Benoit was an excellent match last night. However, I DO think it was somewhat hampered by the lack of response from the crowd.

The answer to WWE's financial problems...

Never 'Wiener of the Day', and is actually quite bitter about it.

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It's *TORONTO* ... Of course the crowd will be self-absorbed, obnoxious, bandwagon jumpers.

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