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25.4.18 1731
The W - Pro Wrestling - SummerSlam is important again
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Rad T

Since: 19.6.02
From: Pittsburgh

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#1 Posted on
SummerSlam was always supposed to be the biggest card of the year right behind WrestleMania. But in past years, even in the glory days of the WWF, SummerSlam seemed like just another Pay-Per-View. It could have been good, but nothing special. This year's SummerSlam seems different. The hype for Rock vs. Lesner is huge, and whenever Rock is put into a match like this, he always delivers. And everyone is awaiting the Shooting-Star Press by Lesner. You just know the story of this match is going to be good. Shawn Michales is returning to fight his friend Triple H, Angle is taking on Mysterio in a match no one can predict anything about, Benoit defends the IC title against RVD in a RAW vs. Smackdown match, the tag team titles are in a good spotlight again with the always great anti-American angle with The UnAmericans taking on Booker T. and Goldust. Jericho and Flair also looks promising. SummerSlam just seems a lot more important this year with matches that actually mean something. They are doing a great job hyping this event up and making it the second biggest card of the year, the way it should be.

-Rad T
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El Nastio

Since: 14.1.02
From: Ottawa Ontario, by way of Walkerton

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I won't be able to see it, but you can be sure that I'll be paying close attention to see if it's good for a VHS pickup. The card looks greta on paper, I'll say that upfront.

Steubenville. 2003. Please Believe It!

Since: 6.1.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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#3 Posted on
It also looks like Edge will probably wrestle Eddie which is one of four (Benoit vs. RVD, Mysterio vs. Angle, and the tag title match being the other three) matches that could be 4 stars or higher. You also have Undertaker vs. Test, which won't be real exciting, but it should be interesting, whether or not Test wins will show us how serious they are about pushing the Canadians.

Also Raven said he would fight D-Lo but not tonight on Heat. So im' guessing they will either fight at Summerslam or right before it on Heat.

Then you have a cruiserweight Title match probably, which will be a good match if it's just Knoble vs. Kidman, but i'm afraid that Torrie and Nidia are going to be in the match too.

And I won't be surprised if there is a hardcore title match, that won't be to exciting but atleast we'll get to see Dreamer bleed like a madman.

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The Amazing Salami

Since: 23.5.02
From: Oklahoma

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#4 Posted on
I thought last year's summer slam was pretty good, too.

"I'm in collision with every stone I ever threw." - David Gray

Since: 28.4.02
From: Pittsburgh, PA

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#5 Posted on
If I were them, I'd have Bischoff give the three minute warning to some actual wrestler tonight - Jeff Hardy maybe - and afterwards have Hardy challenge the Island Boyz to an actual match, with his mystery partner Kane.

Actually, I probably wouldn't waste Kane's return on a match he'd pretty much have to job, but a debut match for the Island Boyz would be the perfect cap on Summerslam. Maybe against Bubba and Spike...

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Lap cheong

Since: 7.2.02
From: New York, NY

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
Is it me or does the build to Summerslam seem superior to the build to Wrestlemania this year?

These commercials are superfine because they pay for the production costs of putting CHRIS MOTHERFUCKING BENOIT on my GODDAMN TV SCREEN! I will GO GREYHOUND! I am thinking OUTSIDE THE BUN! Dean Rasmussen 8/1/2002 Smackdown Workrate Report

Since: 6.8.02
From: St. Louis

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#7 Posted on
I must admit that looking at the summerslam card does give me goosebumps. Also the addition of one of the following possible matches could be cool as hell as well:
Edge vs Eddie
Knoble & Tajiri vs Kidman & Hurricane (or some singles combination of those wrestlers)
Bradshaw v Dreamer (hardcore) (or Dreamer vs anyone)
Raven Vs D'lo
Show vs Bubba
Island Boyz vs anyone

I think if they were smart this time around they will use heat as a wrestling show this week and have some of the above matches on heat instead of the normal just one match plus a ton of recap. Most people ordering already know how these fueds developed, so there is no need to show the video on them again.

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Scott Summets

Since: 27.6.02

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#8 Posted on
This Summerslam looks great. I can't wait for Rey vs Angle, and I am looking forward to Brock vs Rock, and I am praying that HBK vs HHH will be great. Can't forget Benoit vs RVD, and Eddie vs Edge. And the Tag-Team match plus Test may get his biggest win ever.... and some other undercard matches that look good. I hope D'Lo and Raven get to finish their fued on the PPV. I can't wait for this Slam.

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Scooter Trash

Since: 23.7.02
From: Indiana

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#9 Posted on
I have really enjoyed the build up to this pay per view. It seems like each match has a meaning to it, which has been missing from many pay per view matches in the past. And to think that there are still two shows left to further the storyline. This Sunday's pay per view has the potential to being the best p.p.v so far this year.

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Since: 22.1.02
From: Texas

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#10 Posted on

    Originally posted by evilwaldo
    Is it me or does the build to Summerslam seem superior to the build to Wrestlemania this year?

It's 100 times better. Feuds haven't just been thrown together a week before the event. Rock/Brock has a big-time feel, and the undercard is awesome, as has been detailed in this thread. High hopes for this one.

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Since: 4.1.02

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#11 Posted on

    Originally posted by evilwaldo
    Is it me or does the build to Summerslam seem superior to the build to Wrestlemania this year?

I think the key is the three month push behind Lesnar and the fact that it all comes together against the Rock, of all people.

Me, I personally think this is the best feud since their last great feud, which I'll say was either Angle/Benoit or the last part of Rock/Austin. The hype has been great, and I'm pumped as hell about the undercard almost as much as the main event.

And I gotta' say, no matter how much I don't like the first half of his promos lately, that the Rock is THE man when it comes to feuds. I don't know what it is, but something about the Rock elevates feuds in my mind. Everyone he feuds with are pretty much gold. Even though Benoit and Booker didn't really gain a win or title from the Rock (and personally I think Booker suffered while Benoit gained), I think it was a good idea to put these guys against him. Also, I think a win could make Brock. But, it's all up to them now and what they do in-ring. Me, I'm STILL looking forward to Rock/Triple H tonight! Gonna' be awesome! Unless of course, Trips can't wrestle so well.

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Since: 3.1.02
From: toronto, ontario, canada

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#12 Posted on
i'm really pumped looking towards summerslam this year, even though i doubt i'm going to be able to watch it. hopefully i can get out to a bar or something and check it out, or head to my friend's house. but eh... the card looks like it's shaping up really awesome. everyone knows that benoit - rvd, bookdust - unamericans, edge - eddie, and rey - angle are going to be good matches, but just how good is what has me wanting to watch more. i think brock - rock could be something good, if the crowd is up for it (which i doubt will happen) and hhh - hbk has me interested, at least, to see what they can pull out. hell, i even want to check out test - taker to see if they can give us a decent match!

as for other matches, i'd like to see:

funaki vs kidman vs hurricane vs chavo vs noble vs tajiri in a 6-pack cruiserweight title match to get the crowd going at the start of the show. nidia and torrie can be at ringside for their men and have a catfight somewhere during the match, possibly getting kidman pinned or something.

raven vs dlo may happen on the ppv (if not, sunday night heat preceding it).

i've heard about a hardcore title battle royal that may happen here, too. the wrestlemania 2000 one was pretty good, but the one after it (i don't know what show it was at, though) wasn't up to par except for the hardcore legend that is steve blackman. with the level of hardcore matches that are taking place right now that don't involve dreamer vs richards, i have no hope for this.

but hey, with another week left and already 6 matches with good buildup, and 1 other almost guaranteed (eddie - edge), i think it will be a summerslam not to miss.

just a note to rad t, i feel that the past couple years' summerslams have been really good, even if they have been lacking in a bit of buildup. angle vs austin, rvd vs jeff hardy, jericho vs rhyno, storm vs edge all from last year were really good matches.

from 2000, the first tlc match, benoit vs jericho, rtc vs too cool/rikishi (i am such a mark for this match) and angle vs hhh vs rock were all good matches too... so maybe the buildup hasn't been great, but the execution has been really good.

i don't count 1999 because with the exception of a pretty good test - shane match and the hardy boyz - e&c pairing in the tag turmoil match (which they've done hundreds of times since then, and better), it was really forgettable.

whooooooooa that was long, but i made my point: summerslam = rock-ass.
The Amazing Salami

Since: 23.5.02
From: Oklahoma

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#13 Posted on

    Originally posted by WhoBettahThanDeion

      Originally posted by evilwaldo

    Me, I personally think this is the best feud since their last great feud, which I'll say was either Angle/Benoit or the last part of Rock/Austin.

It was a little short lived, but the feud between the Rock and Jericho late last year was incredible.

"I'm in collision with every stone I ever threw." - David Gray

Since: 20.3.02
From: California

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#14 Posted on
I was at SummerSlam '99, so I probably rememebr it a little better than everyone else does, but it did contain some memorable, historical moments:

* It is the only night in WWF history that all three major titles (World, IC, Tag) changed hands. Since title changes are whored out these days, it's hard to tell, of course.

* It was the end of Stone Cold Steve Austin's last reign as a babyface in the prime of his push. He switchd face duing reign #6 last year, but that was very short-lived.

* It was the last time Mankind EVER had anything to celebrate in the WWF, when he won his last title pinning Austin CLEANLY. After that, we got Rock-N-Sock, then HHH beat up Foley routinely.

* It was the first and only time, I think, that we got Tag Team Turmoil, which is one of the more original concepts since the Royal Rumble in terms of regular match format without a crazy plot device.

* And, Jesse Ventura was the ref and threw Shane out of the ring or something.

Although, yeah, within a month every decision here was rendered pretty meaningless. The tag titles switched hands every week, Jesse left after his one-shot, HHH made everyone forget about Foley's win, Austin disappeared, and Jarrett promptly left the WWF at the next PPV. So, after all of those attempts at erasing history, it's easy to see why people forget about this PPV. It was pretty well-recieved at the time, though.

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Since: 3.1.02
From: toronto, ontario, canada

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#15 Posted on
there have been at least one or two more tag team turmoil matches than that one. benoit and jericho won their title shot by defeating edge and christian in a tag turmoil match at judgment day 2001, and the other one which was dubbed the "dudleyz tables invitational" and took place at no mercy 2000, and that was basically tag team turmoil with table matches (how's THAT for a bunch of t's?) instead of just normal matches.
The Goon

Since: 2.1.02
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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#16 Posted on
What I have been really enjoying are the trailers leading up to SS this year. In particular, there's the one where a female voice announces the matchup, and then they show a quick summary of what has led to this match taking place. It kinda has an MTV feel to it.
Summer sausage

Since: 10.1.02
From: Tennessee

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#17 Posted on

    Originally posted by The Goon
    What I have been really enjoying are the trailers leading up to SS this year. In particular, there's the one where a female voice announces the matchup, and then they show a quick summary of what has led to this match taking place. It kinda has an MTV feel to it.

I totally agree. The event is being bulit up well by the writers, by the wrestlers, and by the production/marketing staff. It has been a very good month.

The Vile One

Since: 3.1.02

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#18 Posted on
insideSOLUTION, there was one other Tag Team turmoil. The one at No Way Out 2002.

Amazing Salami, I wouldn't call the Rock/Jericho feud short lived. I mean they wrestled at No Mercy, that main event on RAW, plus 2 ppvs in a row, Royal Rumble and Vengeance. Short lived this feud was not.

I think Summerslam 2001 was WWE's last best ppv for wrestling. WWE has not put on a better PPV since Summerslam 2001 or Wrestlemania X-7. Anyone feel free to dispute that. Most of the matches on this card have been built up pretty well. And yes, Lance Storm, Jericho, Benoit, Booker T, and RVD are all performing on this ppv. When's the last time that happened?

Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio: I think this match will be ok. I think Angle is going to win in some screw job fashion.

Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho: I don't think these 2 have mixed it up in the ring together in about 5 years. Its about time Jericho is going to give that old fart Flair some payback for all those Thunder matches. Jericho will win this one.

Undertaker vs. Test: Well look at it this way, this will be the worst match on the card probably, and still it won't be TOO terrible. Anyway, after Test got the clean pin on Undertaker last week, who do you really think is going to win this one? C'mon? It's not hard.

Tag Team Title Match-The Un-americans(c) vs. Booker T and Goldust: I think Booker T and Goldust will lose this one starting the meltdown of the team we've been seeing the seeds of ever since they started tagging together. It will probably be a good match if they give these guys a lot of time. However, it will probably be the usual formulaic WWE tag match.

HHH vs. Shawn Michaels-Well let's see. Shawn Michaels hasn't wrestled in 4 years, HHH hasn't been in a good match in over a year, so this is kind of tough. I think Michaels will win and these 2 will probably do a couple bumps or something that will get this match rated 4 stars and above.

Intercontinental Title Match-Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Benoit(c): Well other than their match on RAW a few weeks ago, not much was done to build up this feud. I think Benoit or RVD should make an appearance on RAW or Smackdown to cut a promo or interfere in a match or something. Hopefully these 2 will get like 20 minutes and will have an awesome match. But I'd like to see this feud continue, one way or the other.

Undisputed Title Match-Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock(c): It seems like the WWE has intent on pushing Brock as champ one way or the other, so I think he will win this match. Especially if Rock has to go off and film 2 movies. I'm not a big Brock Lesnar or Rock fan, but this feud has been built up much better than any other main even I can recall this year. I say Brock takes this one. Whether his title reign would be a success or not is yet to be seen. If Brock does win I think he'll move on in a feud with Kurt Angle.

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#19 Posted on
I'm overwhelmingly impressed with the number of matches that could COMPLETELY steal the spotlight on this show... four in particular. FOUR!

Edge/Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle/Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair/Chris Jericho
RVD/Chris Benoit

Toss in an on-fire Booker T, a seemingly HUGE main event(of which the outcome is way too obvious), and the return of Shawn Micheals... and this is one hell of a ppv on paper.

Since: 27.7.02

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#20 Posted on
I have nothing else to add other than I, too, love the way Summerslam is coming together. :)

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Pretty bad show in my opinion. Little wrestling, and angles with little sense. Two things no one has mentioned:
- Peter The Hegemon, iMPACT! 2-1-07 (2007)
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