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The W - Pro Wrestling - Summerslam 8-26-07 (Page 2)
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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.77
You know what, Summerslam wasn't really a terrible PPV. In fact I'd have to say most of the matches were solid, but the PPV was incredibly dissappointing from a booking standpoint. Considering this is their second-biggest PPV, I was a little sore that we saw NO REAL progression (i.e. title changes) in any of the fueds.

Kane vs Finlay - This was an entertaining match, especially with Lil Bastard's involvement, but one thick plot hole remains. Yes I figure Kane's ribs would be a good target, however wouldn't hitting Kane on the head with the shillelagh still provide a more desirable result? Oh well, beyond that, it was a fun opening match.

Umaga vs Kennedy vs Carlito - considering that none of the world titles changed hands, I think they should've just given Kennedy the nod here. The match was a standard triple threat, and it wasn't terrible, so I guess that means it was a solid match.

Chavo vs Rey - Pretty damn good match. I was pretty surprised at how UNrusty Rey was. Chavo also did a damn fine job. However Rey looked terrible - especially with that silver surfer look.

Morrison vs Punk - You know what, this wasn't a bad match, but it was incredibly mediocre. There was something about the match that felt so "by-the-numbers" and Morrison didn't even do much in the match. Add to the fact that they didn't pull the trigger on Punk, but I guess I'm alright with that since I also like Morrison. But man, what an anti-climactic finish.

Diva Battle Royal - it was what it was. I never get much interested in these matches.

HHH vs Booker - HHH was in GREAT shape; In fact I haven't seen him look as lean since 2003. I of course expected HHH to win, but I really had a problem with how one-sided the whole match was. It was practically a glorified squash - and considering Booker really pushed this feud well without an appearance from his opponent, I was hoping they'd make him a bit of a credible threat to HHH.

Khali vs Batista - As much as I really disliked this match, I have to say that Batista really tried his damndest to make this match at least decent, but to no avail. He was really bringing the only positive out of the match. Otherwise, terrible crowd reaction, bad booking, and TERRIBLE ending. I just think WWE really pinned themselves in a corner by giving the title to Khali - they should've just given it to Batista at GAB or something and he could've probably had a better match with someone else.

Cena vs Orton - I'm no Cena hater, but this is getting ridiculous. Great match, great crowd reaction but this was Orton's time. It really was. If this leads to another match at Unforgiven, and Cena retains, then I'd be scratching my head.

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#22 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.48
Did anyone else find the idea of Vince LIKING the taste of Mae Young quite disturbing AND exciting at the same time. Put the two of them in a room for half an hour and Mae can finally give birth to the other hand!


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#23 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.07
    Originally posted by spf
      Originally posted by emma
      Uhhh, Vince? What is "aquatic, infectuous womb" supposed to mean

    I thought he called it "necrotic" but I could be wrong.

    I didn't get my money's worth from this PPV. I would have spent $10 for the Regal dance, $5 for the main event, and $3 for the Austin segment. So I guess since I split the cost of it maybe I did get my money's worth. Still feels like a bad purchase though.

    I didn't miss HHH. Last night reminded me of that fact.

    Cena isn't dropping the belt until WM24. When HHH comes back for his return job. Figure they can do another month or two with Orton, then a month or two with Kennedy or Carlito or whomever, and then lead up to WM.

Nor did I miss HHH after all. The shows have been bad for so long it made forget that they weren't very good when he was there either.
DJ FrostyFreeze

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#24 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.95

    Originally posted by djpetti
    The shows have been bad for so long it made forget that they weren't very good when he was there either.
Do people actually think the shows were better when he was on? That never even occurred to me.


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From: 3rd Floor, NW window

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.07
    Originally posted by DJ FrostyFreeze
      Originally posted by djpetti
      The shows have been bad for so long it made forget that they weren't very good when he was there either.
    Do people actually think the shows were better when he was on? That never even occurred to me.

Well, he's generally regarded as the premier main-eventer in the WWE and maybe the industry (mostly by the announcers and HHH himself), so it makes sense that having him as the main draw would make for better shows in general. Or maybe I'm thinking of HBK...

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#26 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.31
    Originally posted by DJ FrostyFreeze
      Originally posted by djpetti
      The shows have been bad for so long it made forget that they weren't very good when he was there either.
    Do people actually think the shows were better when he was on? That never even occurred to me.

I think that a lot of casual fans and kids 13 and under might think that the show is a lot better, but if you tell that group that somebody is that great over and over and over again they will probably end up taking your word for it anyways.

It doesn't seem like the same crowd or general age group that followed when Austin, Rock and Foley were the top draws.

I guess the difference is the fans kind of picked Austin, The Rock and Foley while they are forced to take Triple H until the next 'chosen one' comes along.

I still think that the Rock going Hollywood and the Brock Lesnar fallout really hurt the product and kind of helped lead us to what we are watching today.

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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.45
** Kane-Finlay was decent enough, and I imagine added because MVP couldn't go.

** I thought they might start a feud with Umanga giving the Samoan Spike to Kennedy's announcing throat.. maybe the plans changed Monday afternoon? That finish is a bit puzzling in retrospect.

** I thought Rey was going for "Ghost Mysterio" when I saw it.

The match was overshadowed by the inevitability, but Chavo got some good offense here.

** I hadn't noticed Beth Phoenix was that pumped up before.

** I would have marked big if Matt had said something like "And I guess you're the only one in the arena that doesn't know who's about to come out" while MVP was doing his best 'Who on Earth could he be talking about?' face.

** I really hate the Crime Tyme gimmick. However, Regal saves some of the worst material.

** ECW is officially Heat. There's no reason to care about Punk if he can't get past Morrison (see: Batista)

** Love when he breaks it out, but I wish Booker would actually hit a Harlem Hangover one of these days.. (I suppose it's a bit dangerous now.) HHH dispatches King Booker in 8 minutes, then gets 4 minutes to be cheered. I'm so glad he's back already. [/sarcasm]

** Batista fails to regain the championship for something like the 12th consecutive chance. It was also stupid to give Khali that much offense if he was going to take a chickensh*t DQ. Turn Batista, or get him away from the main event - there's no reason to care anymore (see: Punk, CM)

** The real main event was the surprise of the night, with the expected title change held off. I like Cena's work. I loathe Cena's invulnerable push. And given how strongly they've put him over the recent series of monsters, I found it harder to buy Cena having so much trouble with Orton.

- - - - -
Another PPV that didn't seem to give a payoff or memorable moment. That's a crime for what's supposed to be the second biggest show of the year.

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It's the Big "W", I tell ya! The Big "W"!

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.55
Weird ppv.
Not bad or anything but some of the choices annoyed me.

I liked Punk-Morrison and thought they were doing some decent moves. Then I blink and it's over. Sucks.
(FYI, I think it was good that Morrison won. Punk can get his heat back. Johnny needs the belt in order to be that cocky)

I thought Batista-Khali was picking up the pace after a crappy start (that spine buster made me go WOW) and then suddenly..Chair? WTF?
Very VERY lame.

Cena-Orton was good, though I didn't like that Cena pulled out the FU and got the pin. For once I'd like to see someone kick out the first time he does it.

Other matches were ok. HHH looked good. Entertaining match, and obviously the finish was predictable but that's not always a bad thing. And thank heavens that he still uses 'the game' as entrance music.
Rey's return was alright. A pretty standard match but that's to be expected I guess. Rey did look a bit bigger than he used to.

With people coming back from injuries, and the countdown to the end of the year starting, WWE has no excuse to slowly heat up their in and out of ring action. Let's hope it happens.

*sigh* Why bother?

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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.25
I caught this at a movie theatre...main selling point was seeing Triple H's return. Yes, I admit, I missed him.

I felt cheated at the end of the Batista/Khali match. That ending screamed free TV...that's the way matches end on TV, not on PPVs. It was a cheap way to end things, and I hated it.

Match of the night was Orton/Cena, I think. I was seriously hoping that Orton was going to win it. Some sweet work between those two; I like their chemistry together.

Rey looked fat.

HHH was awesome. It looked like he was having fun out there. I thought it was odd that he was being touted as the king of kings, yet he came out to his THE GAME theme.

Best segment was the Cryme Tyme segment. William Regal never fails to entertain with his expressions.

The Undertaker's return video showed twice or three times...yawn. Am I the only one who think he's getting stale?

I liked Morrison/Punk...I thought the Morrison video was pretty swank, too. Kudos to him.

I don't often catch PPVs...I usually stick to the Rumble only. I didn't like that the tag titles weren't contested, and that no titles changed hands.

I'd give the show a 3 out of 5.

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I bought this and thought it was quite hard to sit through the whole thing. I'm usually not a big stickler on bad production values as long as the content within is good.
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