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The W - Random - Spider Man 2 Reactions (Page 2)
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The Vile1
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#21 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.65
Spider-man 2 is now estimated to have the record for the largest Wednesday opening of all time for any movie at $38.6 million according to Box Office Mojo. Here's the link: alltime/days/?page=wed& p=.htm

The first Spider-man remains the top BO earning film on opening day with $39.4 million. alltime/days/?page=open& p=.htm

But on both accounts, EAT THAT HARRY POTTER!

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#22 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.70

According to this, it was around $40.5 million

Yahoo news

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#23 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.58
Before we get all hot and bothered about the future Spidey films, let's take a moment and savour Spider-Man 2, which I've got to say is one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life. THIS is the sort of dream Spidey movie I've wanted to see since I was 10. I cannot praise it highly enough, and I think Freeway420 said it best when he couldn't come up with anything at all wrong with the movie. Just an utter masterpiece all-around, and now I'm hoping that the bar is sufficiently raised for Batman Begins next summer.

    Back to villains, now that I think about it, it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see them try to make Jameson's son into a villain. That look on his face at the end of the movie just screamed "Parker must die."

Jameson's son is a villain. He's the Man-Wolf, a werewolf whose transformation is triggered by a gem that he brings back from the moon. However, Man-Wolf is a C-level villain at best, and I don't think he's even been in the comics for years; Spidey has plenty of great villains to get to before Man-Wolf can possibly show up. Maybe they could retcon it so Jameson's son is Scorpion?


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The Vile1
Lap cheong

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#24 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.65

Even better .

But yeah this movie was awesome. I don't know how they can top this with Spider-man 3, especially since the villain will probably be Harry.

"Don't compare my arm to your cheap arm!"
-Edward Elric

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#25 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.63
We just got back and rather than echo alot of the love I've seen here so far, I'll just toss in a couple of thoughts.

The "I'm back! I'm back! Aaaaagh! My back..." had to have been a nudge-nudge-wink-wink to Tobey's medical problem. I was really cringing in several of the spots where his power winked out.

Also, as logical as Green Goblin II is for the 3rd movie, I'd really rather hold him off. Scorpion would be my guy and I like the idea of retconning John Jameson into him. The only hole there would be that John's going to have a beef with Peter, not Spiderman. This also introduces a new dynamic in the JJJ/Peter relationship.

They really played Doc Ock as a more sympathetic character than I had expected. It really added depth to him much like the couple of scenes in the first one where you really saw the affection between Norman and Harry.

Oh, and rather than start looking forward to the next one, I'll just look forward to the DVD release... :-)

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From: Bowels

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#26 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.78
Although Man-Wolf is B or C level character, I bet Raimi could make him interesting enough to be worthy of a spot in the film since that kind of character seems like it would be right in Raimi's wheelhouse. I agree that this idea would be better though:

    Originally posted by HairRaiser
    Scorpion would be my guy and I like the idea of retconning John Jameson into him. The only hole there would be that John's going to have a beef with Peter, not Spiderman. This also introduces a new dynamic in the JJJ/Peter relationship.

They didn't really make John Jameson out to be a "villain in waiting" or anything, he seemed like a regular guy...hell, you almost feel bad for him at the end, he didn't do anything wrong. That indecisive whore just ran out on him, right? Obviously they could change that for part 3, but I didn't get that feeling watching the second one.

Still, your idea ain't bad. He could actually also have a problem with Spider-Man, meaning he wants to make his pops happy so he'll bring him in. And although Spidey has been unmasked MORE than enough between the first two movies, Jameson's kid finding out they are the same person would be interesting.

My only hang-up with Jameson doing that would be it's too similar to the Osborn thing...the dad hates Spider-Man, so the son wants to do something about it.

After reading the feedback from people here and thinking about it further, I'd prefer they just go with the more obvious GGII vs. Spidey for part 3. If enough people come back to warrant doing a fourth one, then I'd like to see the Lizard as my first choice, and if not that, a Venom/Carnage thing. I know, I know. Like I said above, I want to see a Raimi-directed Carnage killing spree, as well as his take on Venom from the "costume's point of view."


Since: 3.1.02
From: Calgary

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#27 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.24
Ladies and gents, the Marvel Films track record. Films listed with release date, worldwide gross and (if available) cost.

Blade [August 21, 1998] $131M / N/A
X-Men [July 14, 2000] $295M / $75M
Blade II [March 22, 2002] $155M / $54M
Spider-Man [May 3, 2002] $821M / $139M
Daredevil [February 14, 2003] $179M / $78M
X2: X-Men United [May 2, 2003] $406M / $110M
The Hulk [June 20, 2003] $245M / $137M
The Punisher [April 16, 2004] $45M / $33M

Spider-Man 2 just hit theatres AND (according to Box Office Mojo) made $40.4M opening day. Yikes. I figure it'll recoup the estimated $200M budget. Coming later this year from Marvel are the little-hyped Man-Thing adaptation from Artisan in October, and the finale to David Goyer's Blade trilogy (Blade Trinity) hitting theatres December 10th. Also in some stage of development are...Fantastic Four, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, Deathlok, Elektra, Iron Fist...and, of course, Spider-Man 3 (set for May 2007) and X-Men 3 (set for May 2006).

Every Marvel film has made money. Both Blade movies were good. Both X-Men movies were good. Both Spider-Man movies were good. Hulk was style over substance, Daredevil was well-cast but not well-written. Punisher was promoted oddly but featured a fairly true retelling of the character. And heck, the Spider-Man & X-Men films more than make up for any possible Punishers or Hulks.

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#28 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.75
I just came from seeing it, and it was really good. I mightily enjoyed the first one, but it was blown out of the water.

My only problems:

Kirsten Dunst- Granted, she was better in this movie than the first one, but that's only because I disliked her immensely in the first flick. I do hope that she stays as the character for the third film (for the movies' sake), but she still really isn't that convincing.

Not enough action- The action scenes we got were very well done (especially the train sequence), but there were too few of them. The Peter-MJ story took over the movie and I wanted a bit more thrills.

Other than that though, this IS the movie of the summer. I dug HP:POA, but Spiderman 2 killed it.

Mr. Raimi, thanks for the Bruce Campbell and Hal Sparks cameos. They were appreciated.

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MST3K: The Movie

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#29 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.67
The story development in this was incredible. The best I've seen in a comic-based movie since the first pair of Batman films. The way the villians were built up was nothing short of tremendous.

One thing I don't like is how many people knew his identity by the end of the film. I mean its fine if there's one or two people who had clued in by the end of it -- but every last major character? It's going to make the next one a little tricky at times...

I also wonder where they're going with SM3 now. Harry as the lead villian just doesn't do it for me, so hopefully they'll do something where he's got 3 or 4 people gunning for Spidey next time.

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#30 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.53
This morning I was thinking of ways to make a Spiderman-Venom movie without it being "Spidey Goes to Space". I pictured a meteor crashing in New York City, and out of it comes this black glob of liquid. The liquid starts moving. Cut away to it coming across a newspaper stand, with "Spiderman: The Masked Menace" on the front page, with a picture of Spidey. The glob goes into the stand, and oozes over the newspaper. This accomplishes three things that we can later infer: a) it learns of Spiderman, and Spidey's costume; b) it decides that Spiderman is evil, and should be stopped; and c) it learns of the Daily Bugle. During the first half hour of the movie, we've gotten to know Eddie Brock, Peter's colleague but fierce rival. I forget quite how the comics did it, but something similar ensues in the movie, where Eddie breaks a big story of a villian, but Spiderman defeats the true villian, proving Eddie wrong. Jameson fires Eddie, as the blob watches from the corner of the ceiling. Eddie vows revenge on Spiderman, and leaves the Daily Bugle. He takes his anger out on garbage cans in the back alley behind the Bugle, when suddenly the blob descends upon him, either coating him or forcing him to swallow it. As a result, Venom is created, with the blob's own interpretation of the Spiderman costume it absorbed from the Daily Planet. I think that could make it rather interesting, with the symbiote believing itself to be the hero, while Eddie is only out for revenge. A flipside to Doc Ock, where the human was good and the arms were evil.

Granted, this would be a big difference from the comic, but I really don't want to be "Spider goes to fight a way in space, and ends up with an alien costume, which turns out to be evil." It would mess up Spiderman too much. That was my same fear when it came to X-Men introducing the Phoenix, and I was happy to see them end X2 with that in the future, without space travel messing with the X-Men universe.

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#31 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.65
Too many things to respond to, so I'll pick one: MJ telling Peter that she kinda figured he was Spiderman the whole time.

They set that moment so well, that it was a totally organic thing to have happen. MJ kisses Spidey in the first flick, she tries the upside-down kiss with John Jameson, then asks Peter to kiss her in the cafe. It really does make sense, and was very well done. So was the rest of the flick too...that subway scene had me tearing up, it was a perfect microcosm of the relationship Spiderman has with New York City.

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Since: 25.4.03
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#32 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.61

WOW ... just got back from seeing Spidey 2 ... what a great film ... a little something for everyone ... Stellar cast, just a stellar fucking cast ...

And Kirsten Dunst in another wet dress is okay too ...

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Since: 3.1.02
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#33 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.20
I liked this movie, but I don't think its the greatest thing ever. I liked X-Men 2 better. My problem with it was there wasn't enough Spidey fighting (although when he did fight Ock, it was damn cool! -- especially on the subway), but also I didn't care too much for the "Spidey is depressed and is losing his powers" concept. I thought when he was running out of webbing, he would have to invent the webshooters, but oh well.

Is Henry Jackson supposed to be anyone?

I liked how Parker kept talking about he has "enemies." It gave me the impression that even though we haven't seen him in two years, he's been busy fighting other supervillains in the meantime. (Although I suppose the enemies in question could also have been Osbourne & Jameson).

I agree that MJ had started to figure it out when she asked Parker to kiss her. The experiment with kissing Jameson upside down was a nice nod to the first.

I agree with Ryan-A that the Alex Ross opening was a nice touch. Kinda like "previously, on Spidey" and a nice nod to the comics.

The cameos were awesome.

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Parts Unknown
Lap cheong

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#34 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.38
I bet $100 the next movie will feature a team-up of Green Goblin II and the Lizard. They gave Connors way too much screen time to not do something with him in the third. I'll bet he develops some kind of serum to try to grow back his arm, and grows a tail and fangs instead. Having Lizard there as Goblin's lackey would make the movie different from the first Goblin fights.

As for Jamison's son, I didn't know he was Man-Wolf, but my wife came up with a theory: What if they use his space travels as a way to bring the Venom alien symbiote back to earth? Say John Jamison hates Spidey for stealing back Mary Jane, goes to space and picks up the alien somehow, has trouble with it, is freed and Brock finds it.

Not much on continuity there, I know, but it's a possibility.


Since: 24.2.02
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#35 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.61
    Originally posted by Parts Unknown
    As for Jamison's son, I didn't know he was Man-Wolf, but my wife came up with a theory: What if they use his space travels as a way to bring the Venom alien symbiote back to earth? Say John Jamison hates Spidey for stealing back Mary Jane, goes to space and picks up the alien somehow, has trouble with it, is freed and Brock finds it.

Your wife = smart. It doesn't necessarily even have to be Brock finding it. While comic fans would be up in arms if someone other than Brock got the suit, it would be an easy match with Jameson since he's already motivated to hate Parker. Plus that would save the time of having to introduce yet ANOTHER new character into what's kind of becoming bloated by the end of part 2.


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#36 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.66
Actually, I don't know if anyone remembers the cartoon from a few years ago, but Jameson bringing the symbiot back from space was how they did it there. As for the third movie, I'm holding out for some duel goblin action. Hobgoblin is the perfect complement to the new Green Goblin, and it provides a great opportunity for the Green Goblin to kill Hobgoblin for stealing from him.

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#37 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.73
Spidey 2 was awesome, but I want to join in on the Spidey 3 chat.

Goblin 2 would be neat, it's probably the story that needs the least work and it'd be ultra fun, but I think they could play with the conflicted Osborn/Parker relationship for one more movie. Ultimately, however, the main thrust of the third Spiderman movie will be to make money. I don't think there is a more bankable Spiderman villain than Venom. There's no doubt that Doc Ock and Goblin are marketable villains, from both a comic fan and a casual moviegoer's perspective, but outside of them, you're stretching it a bit thin.

I'm not saying that a Spiderman movie featuring a bunch of B-Villians or a guy view people outside of book fans would be a tough sell, but at least with Venom you have a lot of people who are familiar with and excited about this character. I mean I guess you either love him or hate him, and yes there would be problems with the backstory (some of which have already been addressed), but I'll be honest, I'd rather see a movie with somebody whom I'm familiar with (like Venom or Goblin II) than somebody who I'm not without reading a backlog of the books or a bunch of guys whom I'm familiar with but don't care about.

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#38 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.65
The fact of the matter is, Sam Raimi doesn't like Venom. Raimi and Arad have already stated we won't be seeing Venom anytime soon in a Spider-man film, so there will be no Venom in Spider-man 3. If you watch both movies, that's just not the direction they are going in. If we were going to see Venom, I think they'd at least set Eddie Brock up or something. All Robbie did in the first one was say "Eddie" never even mentioned Eddie Brock.

It doesn't matter what we think is marketable, after the success of these films under Sam Raimi's direction, I think Sony will trust him with whatever he plans to do. And it doesn't involve Venom. Sam Raimi grew up with the old school Spider-man comics in the 60's by Lee, Ditko, and Romita. He's of the readers that hate the whole McFarlane era of comics including Venom.

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#39 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.63
I know that Raimi's not keen on Venom, but I've at seen least three interviews/press junkets where he said it was definitely an avenue the producers were considering. That said, it'd probably be a push to do even more convoluted backstory for his introduction when there's ALREADY so many other characters sitting around ready to be used. I'm not particularly hot on the idea of using Harry as a main villain, mainly because it'll take away their trump card of introducing a new SFX extravaganza in favour of warmed-over stuff from part one, but if that's the way they go, then so be it.

Scorpion's always an option, but then in terms of battles and whatnot he's going to be somewhat similar to Ock, with the prehensile tail and all. Ditto Lizard, although I'd say he's more likely to crop up as a B-Team guy, be it heel or face.

Rhyno and Shocker were always more henchmen than actual superdudes, so we'll strike them off the list. You could say that Tombstone fits that mold, but then I would so pay to see Tony Todd playing him.

Mysterio? His powers aren't exactly thrilling and his costume would need some major updating, but he fits the more reality-grounded approach they seem to be employing.

Then there's Hydro-Man and Sandman. Morrie Bench was MJ's ex, wasn't he? Maybe they could transfer the the hydro powers over to John Jameson, who's got similar motivations. And Maguire's apparently been pushing for The Sandman. Either of those two could be spun into nice one-film nasties, plus they'd be great SFX characters.

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#40 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.08
Even though he has fought Spider-WOMAN, I think the villian for Spider-Man 3 is obvious:

Turner D.Century
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