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26.5.18 0314
The W - Pro Wrestling - Speculation for the RAW World Title
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Started running scenarios through my head on how RAW would be booked, based on the current storylines. With HHH- Goldberg set for the Survivor Series, people are already talking about HHH regaining the belt.

I think they might try something different, and redo the 1989 Flair/Steamboat/Funk angle. Tell me if this sounds plausible:

Survivor Series: Goldberg beats HHH. However, HHH's foot was under the ropes before the three count, and the referee missed it, giving Goldberg the win.

HHH complains to everyone, and eventually Austin and Bischoff agree to give HHH one last chance at Goldberg- at the Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble: HHH wins the title back, then gives the handshake of mutual respect (tm). This allows Goldberg to face Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

Immediately after the match, Randy Orton challenges HHH for the belt. When HHH hesitates, Evolution attacks HHH, putting him on the shelf. Evolution then runs rampant over RAW for the next two months, until...

Wrestlemania: HHH makes his triumphant return, defeating Orton to turn face.


Here's why I think the idea could be played out:
- Raw hasn't established any other top-level people.
- HHH remains strong, but holds off regaining the belt for a little while. Then, after winning the belt, he gets a couple of months off.
- HHH has beaten every face in the fed, outside of Goldberg. Once he's beaten Goldberg, there is no one left. The WWE could pull out Booker T or RVD, but for Wrestlemania?
- Goldberg retains the belt longer, which hopefully gives him credibility for his Wrestlemania match
- It's different than 'HHH beats Goldberg at Survivor Series', which sounds like what everyone is predicting
- There's been talk of turning HHH face. This could be the way the WWE pulls it off.


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Big Bad

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The problem is that it puts RANDY FUCKING ORTON in a world title match at the biggest WrestleMania of all time. You just know that HHH is going to want a more high-profile opponent for such a major event.

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Big Bad is right. The reason that it worked so well with Flair/Steamboat/Funk was, well, because it involved Flair/Steamboat/Funk. I actually like Orton, but he won't do for this angle. This is what happens when main eventers aren't built up....once the champ goes through everyone, there's nothing left.

Jericho might do well in Orton's spot in this scenario, but I think he's too popular, even as a heel, to get HHH over as a face.

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    Originally posted by Big Bad
    You just know that HHH is going to want a more high-profile opponent for such a major event.

as a fan i would want one too.

    Originally posted by MightyBastard
    The WWE could pull out Booker T or RVD, but for Wrestlemania?

in all honesty, from the way they had built up booker t last year, and from the way the match was going i honestly thought he was going to beat trips at wrestlemania. i know at that point if he had won i would have had no trouble believing he was world champ. in fact, i still don't.

and i don't think that face triple h will work unless he goes back to being the rebellious and 'hip' guy he was during his term as dx's leader. in my opinion he's become too high profile and popular acting obnoxious and devious for him to be a believable face just because all of a sudden he does 'good' things and not evil ones.

it says so right here in the wcw handbook!

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This is the fatal flaw of HHH's dominance. He has no opponents left. There were many points over the last three years where he had his chance, but he screwed up. I really think he is at the point of no return.

If he wants a major shift in his career, he'll have to turn face and go to SMACKDOWN! and ruin that show.

HHH hasn't worked well as a face since 1998 and, if he went back to his rebel persona now, it would be seen as a joke. They're just too different. One is immature and crude, while the other is the greatest wrestler of all time (so WWE wants us to believe). It would never work. Hell, it didn't work when they tried.

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I like the idea of Jericho overtaking HHH's spot in Evolution, and having him fight Trips for the belt at WrestleMania instead of Orton.

However, I just can't see HHH losing to Goldberg again. Just can't see that happening in any way, shape or form.

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.40
I can't see the respect angle going, mainly because Flair and Steamboat had a long past with each other, where as the relationship between Trip and () is known to be difficult at best.
Also, its tough to see Randy Orton in a main event at Mania (and this year, it appears to be RAW's turn for the main event). I still have that sickening suspicion that they set up Son vs. Son-In-Law for the World Title at Mania XX in Vince's biggest egotrip ever.

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.70
When is HHH's movie scheduled to start filming? That would have a major impact on if/when he wins back the WHC.

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dr wagner jr

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    Originally posted by CANADIAN BULLDOG
    I like the idea of Jericho overtaking HHH's spot in Evolution, and having him fight Trips for the belt at WrestleMania instead of Orton.

    However, I just can't see HHH losing to Goldberg again. Just can't see that happening in any way, shape or form.

I agree with Bulldog... Jericho its right now the strongest contender fot the World Title... i like the idea of the "taking over" spot in Evolution...

but pleaseeee

No more HHH championship feud...
people needs to rest a little while of the Game..


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I've never been a big "let's put Jericho in a stable" fan ... I do like him teaming with Christian, but overall, Jericho is better by himself ... he's good enough that he doesn't need a full-time supporting cast.

I personally wouldn't mind seeing and Evolution stable of Orton, Batista, Jindrak & Cade led by Flair ...

As far as a WMXX main event ... I look for a Triple H vs. Goldberg III ... Vince has too much invested in Goldberg to not push him in the 'Mania main event at MSG. Goldberg's time with WWE will be close to being up then and the booking & outcome of that match could be used as bait to get him to sign on for another year.

Just my 2 cents.

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Since: 27.7.03
From: Brooklyn, NY

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.42
From where I sit, the best time to turn HHH face is AT Wrestlemania, not before, and the manner is double-turn. The suspects are RVD and Booker T (although I prefer RVD).

The scenario is simple, really. Goldberg loses his World Title in a face-face matchup to RVD (or Booker) at Royal Rumble (albeit in such a way to protect Goldberg), and HHH, who lost at SS, sees Ric Flair win the IC title, while Orton & Batista hold the tag team titles. He fights his way to Wrestlemania, and gets his *final* shot at the World Title. The match turns out to be a war, and Triple H fights valiantly, but falls short when RVD (or Booker) employs nefarious means to retain his title. The announcers put over the fact that RVD couldn't beat HHH clean, and in defeat, bloodied, and battered, he earns the fans' respect. The next night, of course, Evolution turns on him, led by Randy Orton in a coup. Thus, HHH has to battle through his group before jumping through a number of hoops en route to earning his title shot.

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.15
Apparently Triple H vs Randy Orton is the working plan for WrestleMania and so far everything has been going according to plan. Triple H worked with Booker T last year instead of grabbing one of the bigger names. Austin won't work with him. Rock won't work with him. He'll have beaten Goldberg twice by then. He's beaten everyone else. So why not Orton? If it works, he's a big hero for making a new star. If it doesn't, it's Orton's fault for not being ready.

The second thing is that Mania will probably be Goldberg's last or second to last WWE PPV. I don't see him sticking around. According to the Observer, the plan right now is to have him put over Lesnar on the way out. Since Taker/Kane is also the plan, I think we're in line for a swap. Goldberg for Taker or Lesnar for Kane. Something like that.

Since it looks like Hunter's taking his strap back at Survivor Series, I'd have them trade Goldberg over to Smackdown for "futures" and then when Undertaker returns, he can comeback to RAW to feud with Kane.

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For what its worth, and I'm guessing not very much, the latest rumour is....

Spoiler Below: Highlight text to read
that Trips is pushing for a fight with Foley at WM XX.

That being the case its unlikely that the fight will be for the belt given that the outcome would be such a forgone conclusion.

But equally you would think that they wouldn't be too keen on having Goldberg/Lesnar as a champ vs champ match to avoid potentially demeaning one brand.

I'd guess HHH'll lose, possibly via DQ at SS and Goldberg will hold the belt through till WM leaving Trips to go make movies for a month or 2.

PS. I know the 'spoiler' is only so in the very loosest sense of the word, but equally I'm sure somebody somewhere would quibble if I didn't give them the opportunity to avoid it.


Since: 25.4.03
From: Nashville, TN

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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.12

I personally would set Orton up in a feud for the IC title against RVD and have the match at WMXX ...

And if Austin comes back, who's he gonna face ... I'd put money on another Austin vs. Vince matchup.

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Since: 31.10.03
From: UK

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#15 Posted on
The way that Kane is being pushed at the moment I can see Goldberg retaining the title at Survivor Series, therefore setting up a big Kane-Goldberg feud, with Kane taking the gold at the December RAW PPV, maybe giving Goldberg a re-match at Royal Rumble. At this time HHH faces the Evolution, who have turned on him and Flair, replacing them with Jindrek and Cade.

Kane is then cost the title by 'Old School' Undertaker to Triple H, who faces the top heel at the time at WMXX (Maybe Jericho?)

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