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The W - Movies & TV - Smallville 9x15 - "Conspiracy"
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John Orquiola

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(Aaaand all the numbering since Absolute Justice has been off by one.)


Special DC Universe Mentions:
CHECKMATE! (via chess piece in Lois' desk)
AMANDA WALLER! (via text message to Lois: "THE WALL")

The big news: Zod has his powers, thanks to Clark, who stabbed his hand with Kryptonite and bled his K-blood into Zod's gunshot wound to heal him. Zod lied to Clark about having powers and feigned friendship with Clark (though no doubt, he was grateful for his life being saved and its Superpower side effects). Then Zod soaked up the sun Sheryl Crow-style, jumped off the Daily Planet roof Peter Petrelli-style, and flew around Metropolis Terrance Stamp General Zod-style. You Will Believe General Zod Can Fly!

Zod: "How did you know your blood would heal me?"
Clark: "I didn't."
Smallville Writers: "We're making that up."

Works for me. Once again, Clark Kent's goodness and decency proves to be his undoing.

Of course, Chloe saw it coming. Well, not that, specifically, but that Clark's do-goodery would probably lead to "another Doomsday scenario". (Boy, is she bitter about David Bloome and Henry James "Jimmy" Olsen, RIP.)

Chloe has been embezzling funds from a subdivision of Oliver Queen Industries. Tess, who's in charge of Luthorcorp, another subdivision of Queen Industries, brought this to Oliver's attention after fuming over her Solar Tower coming down. (I'm so unclear about what Tess wants anymore. She knew if the Tower got built, it would be the Kryptonian Armageddon, but she's still pissed Clark torched it with Heat Vision.)

Oliver makes a "booty call" reference to Chloe that implies their booties have been calling in between episodes before grilling her about why she's been "borrowing" money behind his back. Chloe's reveal: She's been buying Kryptonite and stockpiling K-weapons if the Kryptonian Armageddon goes down anyway, Solar Tower or no. And Oliver shows he's no dummy himself by having the stockpile transported out of Chloe's hands because Tess was onto both of them.

Then Oliver and Chloe agree Clark doesn't need to know any of this. Secrets and lies. It's all secrets and lies on Smallville!

The A-story of the medical examiner who died and was brought back to life by Kandorian cybernetic engineers, who then went insane, captured and cut up said cybernetic engineers after freezing them cryogenically... I'm bored just trying to describe that. Lois got kidnapped as well to write the page one scoop of Crazy Undead M.E. With Carved Up Head Freezing and Harvesting Aliens Wearing Dog Tags With Funny Looking Symbols.

The important stuff from that plot was the reveal that one of the bodies - now gone missing - that the Kandorians were experimenting on was John Corben. Metallo. The Man With The Kryptonite Heart! Also, Lois absconded with a Kandorian blood sample that she sent to the Daily Planet's lab to analyze (a newspaper has a lab for this stuff?) but somehow ended up in the hands of Checkmate and a grateful Amanda Waller (THE WALL).

Zod did try to save Lois after tracking down the crazy medical examiner's lair via detective work, and he pretended to be an FBI agent to Lois (which Clark "verified". Secrets and lies!)

Smallville has certainly done a surprising and pleasing amount of filling in shades of gray with their version of Zod. This Zod is a clone who has not yet reached the point of total evil shown by General Zod in Superman II. He's well on the way, but he's not there yet. The female Kandorians have a lot of stories that Zod is actually a great and noble man who sacrifices everything for his Kandorian soldiers. They see him in a completely different way.

A big difference from Superman II's Zod is that Smallville's Zod has come to respect Lois for being so straight up in trying to save his life after he got shot. Superman II's Zod always saw Lois as a dog, at best. And again, he at least respects Clark for caring about the Kandorians and for saving his life, even if he foolishly gave him all his powers in doing so. They shook hands, but poor naive Clark will find out pretty soon he and Zod still aren't Superfriends.

Perhaps the most important new facet to Smallville's Zod is his John Morrison Slow Motion (TM) ability to pick people's pockets. But now that he has all of Superman's powers, he probably won't be doing the Slow Motion too much anymore. Who needs Slo-Mo when you have Superspeed?

5 long weeks until the next new Smallville.

(edited by John Orquiola on 27.2.10 0639)

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 1.41
I don't know how many times the writers are going to continue to show Clark as a moron. Sure, in their minds Superman would save lives. Yet, in the movie and the comics, Superman kills Zod. They only recently updated that Zod was in the Phantom Zone thanks to the reboot. I am just getting tired of Clark's noble intentions making things worse. If you learn anything from this show is that you shouldn't help people out, because it will bite you in the ass later. That is a terrible lesson for a show about Superman.

As for the episode itself, I was hoping we were getting another alien race into the mix not an evil Fox Mulder. Its good that Clark knows the Kandorians worked on Corbin, but I am sure he will find a way to screw that up as well. Lois and Oliie continue to be my favorite characters on the show while Chloe's character has been chaotic. I would also bring up that it was more Chloe cockteasing Doomsday then anything else that got Jimmy killed last year. Its good they have weapons, but it once again re-enforces that Chloe is shady. Now for my biggest complaint of the episode minus Clark pulling a Claire from Heroes with the blood, Zod flying. Its almost as if they are just throwing it in our faces that Clark who has lived on Earth for almost 25 years now can't fly, but Zod who just got powers for half a day is zipping across Metropolis. Retarded. On the plus side, there is a rumor if Season 10 happens they maybe able to get Rosenbaum back to do Lex for ten episodes. On the down side, they signed Zod for another year.

John Orquiola

Since: 28.2.02
From: Boston

Since last post: 1422 days
Last activity: 1422 days
#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.27
I don't know the exact episode but there was a scene when Kara was trying to teach Clark how to fly where it was established that the only thing stopping him is some sort of mental or emotional block. He's had the power of flight since the first or second season when he was under the influence of Red Kryptonite. He just chooses not to activate it, or even remember he can, in his daily life for some cockamamie reason.

I hear and read the uproar about bringing Lex back but I don't miss Lex at all. I wouldn't complain if Michael Rosenbaum came in for an arc, if season 10 happens, but I still find not having Lex Luthor around refreshing. Besides, Maxwell Lord is coming in for episode 19 (and possibly more if there's a season 10). That sounds pretty good; even though I'm a fan of the Giffen-DeMatteis Max Lord from their JLI and not what DC turned him into before Infinite Crisis.


Since: 3.5.03
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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.54
Lots of interesting things going on the past few episodes (just got all caught up on my DVR). One thing really stands out for me, though...



- StingArmy
i before e

Since: 17.10.03

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.61
    Originally posted by StingArmy
    Lots of interesting things going on the past few episodes (just got all caught up on my DVR). One thing really stands out for me, though...



    - StingArmy

Hahahaha. I like how his signature is the letter "Z".

This was a slightly weaker episode than the past few. They had a few moments that didn't quite make perfect sense, but overall very entertaining as usual. Cloe is probably my favorite character right now. She's got a nice tweener (to steal a wrestling term) vibe going right now. She's got a combination of Dangerous and sexy to add to her basic character traits that makes her very interesting. When you think about all she has gone through protecting Clark's secrets and such, you can see why she's being a little dickish to Clark. You can understand, but it still kind of rubs you the wrong way. Speaking of tweener, I think the actor portraying Zod is doing a hell of a job making him like-able as well a a bit heelish. Major Zod is an interesting character. Will he turn fully bad or wont he? He showed in this episode that he still has the capacity for heroism when he sacrificed his own life to save one of his soldiers. He also has provided plenty of logical motivation as to why he might turn bad when he becomes the General. You expect him to turn evil, yet you still hold out hope that he will come back to the good side. He's on the edge, man. Hell, he IS the edge!! Cant wait till the next episode.
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Maybe I missed some episodes or changed the channel too quickly, but I do not recall Rob ever really raising his voice to Amber. he was firm but no where near as volatile as Ron.
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