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25.5.18 1942
The W - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown! Thoughts 5-8-03
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Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

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#1 Posted on
...and a Fashion Report, too!

Vince, in blue pinstripes and blue shirt (no tie, top two buttons open). Did Vince say he wants to screw Canadians? Eww! Steph, in black shirt, top THREE buttons undone, and black leather pants. Her hair's straight and her make-up makes her look younger. And black highheels. Hogan, "Live Via Satellite", in red/yellow with HIS book on the shelf.

SomeGuy, in black shirt and khakis, bears bad news.

Eddie, in red "Latio" trunks with gold/black trim, wearing a gold medal, with Chavo, vs. Mattitude, in black "V1" tshirt and red funny pants, with gold prints and black pockets, with Shannon and Crash. Nice match. Then TeamAngle, in THEIR grey tshirts and red warmups.

Meanwhile, BigShow and FBI chat.

Kendrick, in green/black fullcuts and boots, vs. Noble, in cutoff jeans, with Nidia. Man, I will never dig Noble's new music. Good match. Cena, in WAY old-school Milwaukee Brewers' gear, watches...and marks-out for Mr. America.

Ray's FOOTAGE! Tazz, in black suit and purple shirt/tie, and Cole, in black caommentate.

Meanwhile, Little Boy interviews Happy Brock.

Meanwhile, Funaki and Vince

Mr. America, in red/white/blue boas, blue star mask, red/white/blue trunks and eagle boots, was a 165 lb accountant from New Jersey. Ha! Hey, since they're in Canada, why don't they announce weights in metric? Anyways, Vince looks "irate", Steph looks scared and kinda pouty (young Steph with a pouty look is SO CUTE!). Hey, it's a Steph-bump. Tazz "He's American-ing up!"

SomeGuy#2, in black, gets to lay his hands on the virginal Steph.

MatureLady, in lace-up front black, with silver "belt" sits. Torrie the Ice Queen, in pink, with black belt and a perm (I guess she wins) vs. Dawn Marie WILSON (the WWE likes to forget that last part), in aqua. CNN time - Larry King, in black shirt with red/white suspenders, and Dr. Weil, in HUGE beard, discuss SARS. Good interview.

Matrix Reloaded = Elrond vs. Just Johny.

Kurt Angle gets another faux-NFL Films film.

Team Angle, in red warmups, wearing the belts, with NEW singlets. Charlie wears blue and Shelton wears red; the singlets have three stars on the sides, no "Team Angle" logo, but a small, vertical "USA" down the back. vs. Assman, in black, red-star/yellow dragon manskirt, and Tajiri, in black pants with white dragons. Nice match. Guerreros have the medals AND Kurt's Picture now. I bet they'll draw a mustache on it.

Cena, in Brew Crew gear, with lock and chain, vs. Rhyno, in black "Rhyno" singlet. Spanky guest-announces. Okay match.

Those Canadian doors are weak. That or Chuck doesn't know how to operate a forklift properly. And what gives - they bar the door AND forklift it shut?

BigShow, in one-strap singlet, with Orange Board, Albert, and Inanimate Carbon Rod, vs. Benoit, in black "Toothless Aggression" tshirt and blue trunks of the same. Nice match, nice post-match. Show bellows as the show goes off the air "Aaaargh!".

Overall: An entertaining show, 'cuz I skipped the Torrie crap. SO, I guess tonight will officially destroy any credibility the "Live Via Satellite" segment had left, right?

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#2 Posted on
Sure. Tie the FBI in with Big Show and Albert. THAT'LL make me want to watch them more. And how many times are we going to have to watch that Mysterio/Show stretcher footage?

Mr. America last week was a riot. Mr. America this week was already boring to me.

So what's the deal...Is Torrie supposed to be trying to out-do Sable? Or is she hot for Sable? Does Sable even know what SHE wants with Torrie?

On the other hand, I dug the matches, so it was a decent show overall.


Since: 5.10.02
From: Battle Creek, Michigan

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#3 Posted on
Well, at least there was a wrestling main-event this week.

Matt and Eddie ruled. Like you would expect it to. I anxiously anticipate Ultimo and Matt ruling. As does every fan of the wrestling.

Hey! Jamie Noble got to wrestle on Smackdown this week! Against Spanky! And it also ruled! Why doesn't Noble wrestle on Smackdown more? Why? Why? I'm praying that they save Spanky/Cena for the PPV, but they'll probably hotshot it next week. Oh well, it will also rule.

Mr. America officially became boring to me this week. Last week there was a certain fun to it that was missing this week. Instead it was the "Vince and Steph show featuring Mr. America" When will Vince learn that we don't want to see him all over the damn show? And where did Piper and O'Haire go? They should be vital to this angle since O'Haire is the only guy who could possibly benefit in the long run from all of this.

John Cena is so going to be a HUGE face by Summerslam. Those raps are just too damn awesome. That and the ausdience gets to say fuck, and who doesn't love that? Every time I see him, he reminds of the Rock during his early heel days. He really needs to step it up in the ring, though. He wasn't bad in the Rhyno match, but he wasn't great either.

Who did Benoit piss off? 3 jobs in a row, and no match at Backlash seem to indicate a depush to me. Brock and Big Show is going to be a tremendous bomb, since everyone has already seen Brock own Big Show decisively, and no amount of build is going to change that.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Philly Suburbs

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#4 Posted on

    Why doesn't Noble wrestle on Smackdown more? Why? Why?

Probably because Steph thinks Nidia is a big, fat, disgusting pig. So, by extension, Knoble becomes King Jobber. Thanks a lot, Stephy.

    And where did Piper and O'Haire go? They should be vital to this angle since O'Haire is the only guy who could possibly benefit in the long run from all of this.

Judging by tonight, it's looking like it's a tool to get Steph on camera more. Forget giving O'Haire a push, let's use the angle to feature Vince, Steph, and Hogan, while taking up an assload of air time. Wondeful!

Fuck Steph.

Now that that's out of the way, I enjoyed SD this week. The show is still far from perfect, and guys are being mis-used left & right, but at least the wrestling was good.

--Mattitude/Eddy - good match
--Knoble/Spanky - good match. Knoble rules.
--Cena/Rhyno - decent match.
--FBI segments - I liked.
--Show/Benoit - *sigh*

I could have done w/out anything involving Torrie, Sable, Vince, Steph, and Hogan.

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Since: 10.1.02

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#5 Posted on
I liked this show. This is the way Big Show always should have been booked, as a guy who it takes one hell of an effort to actually stop. Mr. America was still nice (though actually seeing Hogan's face again made me realize how well the mask hides his sad Droopy Dog looks). And Torrie/Sable....sucked, but the rest of the show was good stuff

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Since: 24.7.02

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#6 Posted on
I know continuity is a bit of a stretch, but last week, a big deal was made on SD about how all the boys in the back (except A-Train) were upset with Big Slug for his actions against Rey. This week, the FBI and Big Slug are chummy throughout the program. Its the little things like this that really start to add up.
Tajiri and Mysterio seemed like they were going to have a nice tag team run in them. I guess that idea is dead.
Three weeks between PPV's does not leave much time to build up the next show, particularly when the McMahon/Hogan love fest is the primary focus of the show. Is it coincidental that the show hit a downturn once Hogan and Vince returned in January?
Considering the circumstances for the upcoming PPV, I have no problem with Benoit jobbing. However, any momentum he had after the standing ovation at the Rumble is gone. Considering it is now possible for 2 straight PPV's off for Benoit (plus the RAW PPV next month), it appears building up Torrie Wilson is far more important than capitalizing on the fans at a PPV possibly accepting Benoit as a main eventer.

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Since: 22.2.03
From: North Carolina

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#7 Posted on
The highlight of the show? Big Show's big orange stretcher. Seriously, Show needs to carry that thing to all of his matches, and cross off his opponent's name when he's done squashin' him.

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Since: 4.1.02
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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.54
This show stunk. That is all.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: PA

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#9 Posted on
Tazz "He's American-ing up!"

That was the line of the night, followed by, "Oh! Right in the yambag!"

Tazz rules.
Sable & Torrie rule my Fast Forward button.

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Since: 19.7.02
From: Trenton, NJ, USA

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#10 Posted on
After Hardy Vs. Guerrero, I got bored. I came back to watch Noble Vs. Kendrick, but that's it. I did enjoy Dateline and the story of the couple that scammed the British (original) "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?".

I thought the show was forgetful, other than the two matches that I only watched because the spoilers effectively told me when to expect them. Maybe it would have stood a better chance if I hadn't channel surfed? Maybe?

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Since: 18.11.02
From: Strong Island

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#11 Posted on
Last week, the Mr. America thing was fun and great and everything else that goes along with it. By the end of the recap at the beginning of this show, any entertainment value it had was gone. Then I had to deal with it for 2 more hours. I was afraid this would happen. Man, and Sean O'Haire was all over said recap, I thought he'd figure pretty prominently in the angle. But, he seems to have disappeared.

The best thing about the Torrie/Sable feud-- Tazz and Cole's commentary. Their general reactions to everything going on are usually hilarious. But why are they so clueless about Sable's intentions, when they can figure out all the psychology and subtle nuances of all the other feuds on the show?

For some reason, the Team Angle/Los Dos Guerreros feud doesn't seem to make me stand up and take notice like I would have thought it would. I mean, I like all four of these guys, and their matches are great, but this feud just seems so forgettable to me. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

I liked everything else on the show, though.

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Since: 23.3.02
From: Bay Area

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#12 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
Benoit = #1 jobber to the stars

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Since: 6.1.02
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#13 Posted on
I liked this show, better then previous Smackdowns and I enjoyed all segments except a couple. I'm still on board with Mr. America.

-Vince interview- I thought Vince's opening promo totally worked tonight. Hogan was funny, Vince was great. So good segment.

-Eddie vs. Hardy- They started off the match with a You f'ed Up move from the corner (thank goodness for tape delay) but got on track right after that. Very entertaining 5 minute match they were going really strong... But why are they using the cruiserweight champ just as a pawn for the tag title feud?

-Kendrick vs. Noble- Another fun little match. They got about 4 and a half minutes and used their time very well. Going full speed for it.

-Mr America interview- Like I said I'm still on board with this. Vince watching on a little TV backstage really closely and then shocked was funny. Mr. AMERICA coming out in CANADA to a huge pop was funny for me as well. I like the "trying to take the mask off" schtick as well. Stephanie takes bumps and Mr. HOGANMERICA shows he's the strongest force in the universe in the abilit to carry her backstage (just kidding Steph fans LoL)... I also liked Vince's half-assed approach of worrying for his daughters health backstage. It seemed like I enjoyed this segment a lot more then I probably should have LoL

-Torrie vs. Dawn- Aww when is this playboy curse going to hit and the wrestling world can get rid of the annoyance that is Torrie. Her character is the most annoying thing on Smackdown... If Boston Globe writer Bob Ryan wanted to slap Jason Kidd's wife, he'd want to run over Torrie! But she'd probably no sell it anyways. Who the hell would think in a Sable feud that SABLE would be the least annoying one, at least Sable's got that creepy factor to her. Torrie is just obnoxious. By the way TorrieBerg won in 45 seconds and Sable congratulated her for breaking her losing streak OF ONE!

-Team Angle vs. Tajiri/Rikishi- Average match at best. Not much to remember. It was okay but nothing too memorable

-Cena vs. Rhyno-Cena is going to have to put a host city insult in each of his raps if he doesn't want to go face. Those fans were just waiting for his punchlines in his rap. And was totally into him as a face. I'd actually like to hear the unedited reaction to that match because the reaction of the fans seemed a lot more pro Cena then the audio that we heard on TV... Good match but things got a little screwy because when the face did some interfering and Cena got his it got some boos.

-Big Show vs. Benoit- I said I'd wait after the show to comment on the spoiler thread well it was brutal. The crowd was behind Benoit and they made Benoit seem totally out of his league and just getting a couple flurrys. Big Show disposes of Benoit pretty easily. (Yes this will give Big Show tons of reaction at the expense of Benoit so he can fail a main event push AGAIN)... Lets punk out Beniot more and make him look like a diva against Big Show (Well not TorrieBerg she'd kick his ass) and thank goodness Brock came to save little Miss Benoit.

Sign of the night "Raw Spoiler. HHH Wins"

First hour was really good and entertaining and went along really well until the second Torrie came out. The second hour, Cena/Rhyno match was okay but the rest of the hour was bad.

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#14 Posted on
Even though the Mr. America angle was corny (I did laugh at the Accountant from Hoboken line), I enjoyed Vince's performance.

The best feud to me in Smackdown today, is Cena-Kendrick. Of course, now they'll probably continue the Cena-Rhyno feud, even though Cena-Rhyno was Match of the Night.

Another funny Brockism last night: "Fine and Dandy."

I liked the Angle promo. Lots of good clips that were way better than anything on last night's show.

Overall, another so-so Smackdown.

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#15 Posted on

    Originally posted by tomvejada
    Another funny Brockism last night: "Fine and Dandy."

I laughed out loud at that. Nothing else on the show got me so tickled.

I winced a bit when Vince told Funaki "stiree coffee" but then cheap, bigot humor gets the bad guy over.

And I have to agree that Cena/Spanky is the best thing they got going. Youth, skill, energy. Hey, that makes for some fine wrestling.
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#16 Posted on

    Originally posted by Matt Tracker

      Originally posted by tomvejada
      Another funny Brockism last night: "Fine and Dandy."

    I laughed out loud at that. Nothing else on the show got me so tickled.

Me too! The more happy Brock talks, the more I like him. His promos are so bad, they're good- very high on the unintentional comedy meter. "...a stretcher match. Big Show's gonna leave, on a stretcher!"
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#17 Posted on
When did Steph start looking good?

"Meanwhile, Angle has been telling people close to him that he has felt great since the neck surgery that fused 4 vertabrae together, inserted a metal plate in his left arm, and laced his skeleton with adamantium. He credits his amazing recuperating abilities to skim milk and clean living. He then projected that when his wrestling days are over, he plans on opening a School for Gifted Wrestlers, and working towards a future where wrestlers and humans can co-exist peacefully without fear of one another."
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Since: 15.1.02
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#18 Posted on
Reviewing the footage (thanks BROTHER), I didn't think it was so bad, if you know who you're watching for. Of course I watched for more of Cena-Kendrick. A damn good summer feud isn't too far away, if those brain farts play it right. Or Cena-Knoble (who is a great kisser). Well, I'm on the fence with the Mr. America thing because they had the satellite thing at the beginning, then here comes America, and the moment I saw the pecs I knew it was Hogan. I'd rather if it was a Hogan impersonator playing Mr. America, proving it's not Hogan.

Team Angle and Los Guererros are really fun together. I don't know what a stretcher match is, and I'm not too quick to find out. I have to shake my head at Benoit. Not because he's bad, but because of who he was with last night. Have we forgotten the standing ovation already? Finally, I know how certain wieners feel about Steph and whatever goes on with her, but I'm not afraid to say this... She looked EXCELLENT last night! Far better than last week. If that's what a hippo looks like, it's time for me to hit the buffet (::smirk::). Also, she's really becoming more and more of a believable babyface to me, and trust me, that's a tough task. Of course that's just me, and I'm wrong sometimes...

Minus the usual crap, okay Smackdown.

(edited by Ringmistress on 9.5.03 0733)


Since: 15.1.02
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#19 Posted on

It's been a while since I saw Smackdown. I don't know how well the previous shows were but yesterday was pretty cool.

Mainly because I got to see my main man Vince again! I found out what was up with Hogan's new gimmick. I usually consider stuff like that to be stupid, and I hate to say it but it was pretty funny last night. Especially Vince's expressions while trying to rip off the mask. He hasn't lost a step.

I really didn't pay attention to anything else except for how the Big Show is turning into a Big Nasty Bastard again. What he did to lil' Rey-Rey was pretty sick. Then he beat up Benoit, I thought myself "Why don't you pick on somebody your own size, you f$%## bully!" Then again, Rey and Benoit are both o.k, cuz that ringpost shot and stuff... it's all fake right?

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.95
When did Benoit get over? That crowed was chanting like crazy for him. Oh yeah, they were in Canada. Still..

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