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21.5.18 0625
The W - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown thoughts (Page 2)
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Still haven't seen SmackDown in a few weeks, and haven't seen Cena.

From what I understand, Cena is very good... but I think he needs a better name. The name John Cena just doesn't sound like the name to put butts in the seats. Give him a gimmick name or change his wrestling name a little bit, but the name Cena... eh...

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Most of the new guys need a new name or gimmick change. Randy Orton, John Cena... hell, even Billy Kidman. Cena's good in the ring, but on the mike it still seems like he's just going through the motions. And he desperately needs a better name, and better music, but that all comes with the gimmick.
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I liked Smackdown tonight. Tonight's show made me a happy fan. Rock's return didn't light my world on fire or anything, but he's facing Angle next week, which should be the best Smackdown main event in months. I think The Rock's Dr. Evil joke would have gone over a lot better if he hadn't thrown in that half-assed imitation. My momma could do a better Dr. Evil.

Jamie Noble single-handedly legitimized a title tonight. His promo was top notch and if that's what they taught him in HWA, Les Thatcher deserves serious props. The only trouble was, I was thinking to myself "Why am I supposed to boo this guy again?"

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I liked this Smackdown alot. It was totally entertaining a great mix of good in ring and fun stuff. With very little to no dead spots through the entire show.

-Hogan/Edge v. B/C - not anywhere as good as last week, but I dig Hogan and Edge. HOgan brings them alive, and I allow Hogan to get away with some of the crazy/dumb ring stuff he does just because it's Hogan (hey it might not be fair but again it's just my

-Molly v. Torrie - The beach was funny, Molly was great doing her Mr. Backlund impression. I truly think Torrie could be the blandest and slowest (excluding Gayda of course) of all the divas. Did she even figure out that Molly insulted her (lol) "how about sticking that beachball in your mouth" ... The match was fine, Molly carried it and Torrie was in position and did her spots. (oh if Gayda could have done that for Trish). Very safe match with very little risky timed moves. The only move that looked risky was the neckbreaker. Torrie selling still seems like amateur night, but the match was as good as you will get from Torrie. So I'd call this segment a positive.

-Orton/Henry v. Batista/D-von - Did anyone get a feel an Orton heel turn, backstage he was blaming all his other partners for his lack of success, something ot keep an eye on... Boy did Bubba carry the Dudleyz, D-von sucks, he was worse out of the 4 and Mark Henry was in that match. Great vicious flying crossbody to a guy being whipped towards him by Orton. I like the power finish by the two monsters. Another good segment.

- Rock interview - I hate star cameos (except for Rebecca Romijn, I refuse to say her marriage surname. She was cool). But I could live with Busta Rhymes if Angle could bitch him out, too classic... Like the Rock looking at Angle strangely like "I think I know who you are". Donkey nuts cologn was laugh out loud funny for me.

-Rikish v. Test- Highlight (or is it lowlight) of the segment was Tazz idiotic comeback after he asked Lance/Christian why they work for an American company. Christian had very smart current events comeback bringing up American company like Enron and Worldcom taking control of everything. Tazz comes back with "This is America you could always leave"?? yikes... Oh ya the match, TEst pumphandle slam was cool, a one spot match IMO. worse segment of the night.

-Noble/Tajiri v. Kidman/Hurricane - I'm enjoying the Noble/ Nidia/ now Tajiri thing way too much. Noble sad tale of how he needs the belt to live this "lifestyle". Tajiri facial expressions. Nidia who is easily my favourite SD Diva and could very well leapfrogged to top 3 divas in the WWE (excluding LIl of course). Spaghetti kissing Tajiri in front of her boyfriend. I would usually hate the slut woman WWE does but she does it so over-the-top funny that I just get a kick out of it... The match was an entertaining cruiser match, nothing outstanding but fine average TV work.

-Jericho/Angle v. Cena/Taker - The match was a little short. Didn't time it but it seemed like it was like 7 minutes. Well it was good while it lasted, Taker throwing Jericho into Angle/Ref. The Ref took a nasty spill (all you guys applying for the ref job you sure you still want it).

Other Stuff - It's official I'm a Mark Lloyd fan, He has no idea when someone being sarcastic. Last week after saying something obvious Taker said he was very observant, Lloyd smiles and is proud of him self. This week Rock says "You are the real Mark Lloyd" Mark smiles nods his head "Yup that's me" Rock saying "Look who's there" Lloyd looks and gets pushed/ Lloyds my favourite non-Lilian backstage interviewer in a long time. Like someone else says Triple H will never be as cool as the Rock... Hogan/Edge/Rock backstage was good but Hogan mumbling at the end was hard to understand, but he was talking his 15 foot leg drop so that made up for what I couldn't understand.

LIke someone else said Taker's backstage interaction with other wrestlers is him most entertaining aspect. I like his bitchin around Cena with his "get out of here" then "why weren't you there" Poor asskisser Cena he doesn't know what to do. Smartasses Angle & Jericho acting like well smartasses is always a good see... Jericho always barging in on Stacy/Vince and not knowing when to leave is the only entertaining thing between Stacy/Vince (is that even an angle they are doing now, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere & I thought a few weeks ago they made a subtle play with Stacy was not liking kissing Vince. err) Funny how Jericho called it the anti-Americans vs. The Americans with a Team memeber that's Canadian

Sign of the night "Kurt Egghead" but what made it was the drawing of a huge egghead crying

Line of the night Angle to Puff Busta "If Puff Daddy over there wants a piece of me, I'll make him tap too! That's right, brotha! I'm down it - I can talk that jive too." - There were a lot of good lines by Rock's Donkey ball cologne, to Molly's Stick the beach ball in your mouth

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#25 Posted on
Random Smackdown Thoughts:

Molly was cute in her promo before her match against Torrie.
Molly vs. Torrie was actually pretty good.

Looks like Orton may be turning heel, although I was wrong about Henry turning.

The Rock-Edge-Hogan segment was weird. Edge returned to his E&C glory days.

Kurt Angle saved that Rock segment with his Puff Daddy line. He is the WWE MVP of 2002 so far.

I hope there's a point to those Vince-Stacey segments, cause I'm getting sick of them.

Main event was pretty good. Looks like Cena vs. Y2J at Vengenance.

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    I sadly have not seen any Japanese women's puroresu. :-(

    get FMW Torn to Shreds ,from if you have to. it's chock full o Joshi goodness (and violence, lots of violence.) it's one of their older titles so the commentary is kinda low brow, but there is an option to listen to it in the original japanese, which is almost as good as watching lucha in spanish.

    and yes, if Jericho is king of the world, Molly is surely Queen. and where is Ivory Dammit??? (unless she's on vacation, I just want her to be happy...but please let me see more of her than just a stacker 2 commercial.)

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    Originally posted by bigwavedave

      and where is Ivory Dammit???

    Working on Tough Enough 3 with Al Snow & Hugh Morrus

    (edited by Mild Mannered Madman on 12.7.02 0512)

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    Originally posted by Phantom
    Most of the new guys need a new name or gimmick change. Randy Orton, John Cena... hell, even Billy Kidman. Cena's good in the ring, but on the mike it still seems like he's just going through the motions. And he desperately needs a better name, and better music, but that all comes with the gimmick.

From everything I read about Cena and his Prototype gimmick, he can cut a promo better than the Rock. He seems like he would be much better as a heel than a face though. The problem I think the WWE is having is they are trying to make almost everyone a tweener for merchandise sales and this is getting in the way of good feuds with storyline development. All in all I enjoyed both Smackdown and Raw this week though.

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They definitely shouldn't be jobbing the Canadian stable this early - it destroys their credibility. They don't have to give them clean wins, in fact the Canadians should steal every win they get and then do beatdowns.

They made this mistake with the nWo this time around as well. They came in as badasses but almost immediately were being beaten silly by Austin.

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    Originally posted by bigwavedave

      I sadly have not seen any Japanese women's puroresu. :-(

      get FMW Torn to Shreds ,from if you have to. it's chock full o Joshi goodness (and violence, lots of violence.)

Aw, hell no. No tape with Shark Tsuchiya on it can be called "Joshi goodness" -- more like "actual Joshi worker forced to sit there and be carved up by a fat load." A fourth-rate Dump Matsumoto imitation at best.

Try this instead:

for a MUCH better grasp of what good Joshi really is. (Dean always puts together great tapes, and this one's no exception.)

(edited by vsp on 12.7.02 0817)

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    Originally posted by Kawshen
    Angle: "If Puff Daddy over there wants a piece of me, I'll make him tap too! That's right, brotha! I'm down it - I can talk that jive too."

    Kurt is THE MAN.

    Even though this didn't top "Ya'll gonna make me lose my mind up in here - up in here!"(edited by Kawshen on 12.7.02 0056)

    (edited by Kawshen on 12.7.02 0102)

Sorry, but nothing beats "Crisp and clean with no caffeine, bro!"


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