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21.10.18 1605
The W - Pro Wrestling - SmackDown GM (Page 2)
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Since: 28.5.02
From: New York, NY

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flair is the only person with the personal history to make all the marky marks mark. plus he's waaay too old to keep rasslin. i say make some bullshit up about flair being the head of a "consortium" of former owners/commissioners lobbying mcmahon for the gm job to keep bischoff in check. if it's stephanie i swear to christ i will first puke and then punch myself in the balls. thank you.

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Since: 16.6.02

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Maybe they can get the hottest piece of ass on the Divas roster, Mae Young, to be the GM.
count olaf

Since: 15.7.02

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Remember they eluded more than once tonight to Bischoff's revealing match results. What they didn't mention (yet, possibly) is the most awful example- Giving away Mick's first title win. That would give Foley some real motivation as Linda's Smackdown GM.

Of course, that will never happen.
Iron Mike Sharpe
Pickled pork

Since: 16.6.02

Since last post: 5539 days
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#24 Posted on
Heh, just thought of something that would be cool, but obviously would never happen.

Just as SmackDown goes on the air Thursday night, Bischoff intercepts the satellite (and I don't mean Perry Saturn) feed and gives away all the match results.
Tom Dean

Since: 30.8.02
From: New York, NY

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Logically, it'll probably be HBK, and yet, perhaps precisely because it would border on insane, my guess is Heyman.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Houston, TX

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It is SO Gangrel...

Please believe it.

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Eddie Famous

Since: 11.12.01
From: Catlin IL

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It's Hogan.

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Since: 17.3.02

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Road Warrior Animal!

Since: 2.1.02
From: Madison, WI

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    Originally posted by Eddie Famous
    It's Hogan.

Now that would definitely be Hell.

I have a feeling that, given the state of the Internet, they will pre-tape the announcement and not play it until Smackdown! is televised on Thursday.


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Since: 14.2.02
From: Burlington, Ontario

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Geez, you think they'd piss off the live audience like that? Besides, I'm sure they'll give the new GM some face time in the ring.

Gotta go with Dusty on this one.

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Since: 8.5.02
From: Milan-Ann Arbor, MI

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Think about it. It's gotta be someone who can play off Bischoff, generate some heat, has name recognition with fans...hrm...


Since: 28.2.02

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Y'know, I never thought of Piper, but, by God, it'd make sense. Admittedly, he was sometimes a rambling jack-ass towards the end of his WCW days, but if he can channel the Hot Rod of old...woo boy, that's some good TV.

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Since: 1.3.02
From: Westminster, CA

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#33 Posted on
It'll be Stephanie. I'd put money on it.

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Since: 18.3.02
From: THE ohio state university

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#34 Posted on

Let's work through this:

Of all the people mentioned, would any of them be able to carry the job of GM on a solo effort? I don't think so.

We've firmly established that the GM cannot be benevolent. No, he has to be something different.

Put these together: There needs to be two people - co-GMs if you will. They need to be not good; no, they need to be eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

Kai en Tai - your new Smackdown co-GMs.


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Since: 17.4.02

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#35 Posted on
Bruno Sammartino!
Ole Anderson!
Bob Backlund!
Stu Hart!

Since: 29.1.02

Since last post: 5472 days
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#36 Posted on
I'm thinking it's gotta be someone bigger than Easy E, I mean if it's not won't it be a let down? If it's shane or steph I'll throw up and hate wwe forever. Vince wouldn't make us suffer watching them again would he.

my 5, some way out on a limb picks are:

Vince Russo: it's probably not as far fetched as you think.
Vinny Mac: Vince vs. Bischoff in a ratings war that he can't lose?
Dusty: WOW! it's that big guy, the son of a trucker, garbage man, plumber, carpenter...I remeber him...then nobody will care cause I can't think of anything dusty could do to stir things up.
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Since: 3.1.02
From: Calgary

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#37 Posted on
Okay, the Smackdown GM is equal to or greater than Eric Bischoff in coolness. Which means, here are your suspects:

Eric Bischoff: Both shows? Unlikely...
Shawn Michaels: They've already blown THAT load...
Bret Hart: Stroke, nope.
Vince Russo: NWA, nope.
Hulk Hogan: But what of the feud? No way.
Paul Heyman: Nope. Tied up on RAW.
Stephanie McMahon: Possible...but unlikely.
Shane McMahon: Possible.

So, I'm guessing that it's somebody that nobodys mentioned yet...but when he's announced as the GM, we'll all go "OHHHH...that makes sense."

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Since: 2.1.02

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#38 Posted on
Hopefully: Foley

Maybe: Dusty

Probably: Stephanie

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Since: 2.1.02
From: West Palm Beach, FL

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#39 Posted on
No votes for Goldberg? Even after his "I'll be back in the ring in 2002" comments?

Just kidding, kinda.

Since: 26.6.02
From: York, England

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#40 Posted on
Maybe one of Scott Keith's applications was successful and...
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