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The W - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown! 7-3-03
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FOOTAGE! of last week's Vince/Zack/Steph encounter, with ass-worshiping goodness.

(no opening this week) It's Ssssmackdown!...and a Fashion Report, too.

Vince's Head, with Vince's shoulders, in plaid autumn-colored shirt (top two buttons undone) talks.

Rey, in white "Rey 619" wifebeater, white mask and trunks with "619" and coat-of-arms, wearing the belt (Kidman's watching again) vs. Nunzio, in red latex "FBI" pants, black Italian-flag undies thereunder, with the FBI (or not). Cole, in black shirt, and Tazz, in black suit with white shirt and orange/black checkered tie, commentate. Sign of the night: "2" - such beautiful simplicity! Nunzio has green undies UNDER his undies. Chuck and Johny interfere, bringing out the Acolytes to do some hate-crime-ing. A nice match. Kidman wants to leech some heat.

Lesnar and Angle in the back. Man, Angle can do a whole gallon of milk in a sitting? Friendly jawing ensues, but tension builds. Silly WWE, JUNE was dairy month.

Bashams, in the ring, in black leather pants, with their black domme, vs. Rhyno, in black "Rhyno" singlet and Benoit, in blue "Toothless Aggression" tights. Okay, I don't think we need a bondage-themed tag team. Fan Fashion - Mr. Sting Mask behind the heel corner (the one with the NWA sign). An okay match. Shaniqua tries to...entice (?) Benoit. And he actually seems to pause to consider it. THAT is messed up.

Meanshile, uber-casual Vince (brown slacks) talks to Steph (with highlights in her bangs), in her Room of Fun. Steph's manipulations fail tongiht.

Mmmm - Maxim hair girls.

Steph prepares to change in her Room of Fun. Sable, in black top (with tiny straps) sews the seeds of despair.

Earlier today, Noble and Nidia arrive in a limo. They went shopping. "Genuine imitation mock mink coat"?

Meanwhile, JOrdan works out and Taker watches eerily. Did Taker call him handsome? But Taker, Nathan Jones never had to pay dues (and look where he is now, you say). Repeat the "Cagey vetran takes promising rookie under his wing" speech and angle. Cena shows up, reminding Taker that HE (Taker) took him (Cena) under his (Taker's) wing, too.

Meanwhile, MrAss, in neon green "Mr. Ass" fullcuts, with lips, with Torrie, in bronze bodysuit, vs. Adbreak vs. Cena, in purple Lakers jersey (#33), yellow headband and wristbands, and gold lock and chain. Cena raps-out his evil plans (yes!). Crowd is behind Cena. Crowd is also, apparently, behind Torrie (a nice view, that). THIS is a classic example of Cole's and Tazz's commentary skill. Taker, in black shirt and blue jeans, on a red bike rides out. Where the F did that finish come out of? An okay match. Prepare for Cena/Taker.

In the back, Lesnar and Angle continue to build tension. So I guess this is how you build a face/face contest.

Man, UPN's fall lineup is looking mega-weak.

Pushup contest still going on. Hmm - Brock's right arm is weaker.

Haas/Benjamin, in maroon and silver singlets, vs. a black pickup, with Eddie, in silver "Latino" tights with black/gold flames, and Tajiri, in black pants with dragons, both wearing the blets. No, not Adbreak! I stand by it, Brian Hebner is THE ballsiest referee on either show; he really helps the match. And the hot crowd helps, too. New champs! These guys (and Chavo) have been feuding since, what, Wrestlemania, and I'm getting into it more every time they match-up. A good to great match.

Meanwhile, Zack is stretching (in the garage area?) and Show taunts him.

Tajiri damaged the truck. Eddie is distraught. Heel turn?

Mr. America's story recapped via FOOTAGE!

Eddie is STILL upset about the truck. Now he takes his anger out on Tajiri (and the poor truck). Yep, that's a heel turn (although it wasn't a barbershop window, the windshield will do, I guess).

Orlando Jones, in yellow fullcuts with tiger face outline on the butt and yellow kneepads, already in the ring, vs. Albert, in black crested undies, with neatly trimmed back hair (must be his summer do). An okay match - Jordan looks to throw too many punches.

Vince and Sable have FOOTAGE! I was really not in the mood for this promo (chalk it up to the heat and humidity).

BigShow, in onr-strap black singlet, vs. Steph, in black (nice translucent V on her chest) and Zack, in one-sleeved black "WW" flag tshirt, black shorts, and black tights. Steph is hot. I'd like to be HHH for a day so I could do her. Angle, in red warmups with stars down the legs, and gold medals, makes the save. And Brocky, in black shorts, saves, too. A nice match, mostly due to the booking.

Overall: A nice entertaining show. I'm disappointed to see Eddie turn heel 'cuz it means an end to the great tag matches. But it could mean some dang good singles matches. The card for Vengeance is really shaping up.

For you Americans, have a good Independance Day or, as the Canadians call it, Friday.

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I'm trying to keep this straight: Big Slug is put in the main event of Vengeance. Then they have him job to Peg Leg Pete. Why do I have the feeling his payback for the job is going over Angle to get the belt again?
And, if Big Slug had chokeslammed Vince's daughter and worked stiff, I wouldn't have a problem with him getting the World Title again. But, since he didn't, I will be against the idea.
Orlando Jones vs. A-Train? I don't know how that match would make Velocity, let alone SD.
You would think Cena would have been prepared for the Taker drive-in when the stairs were set up for Taker.
Angle needs to turn back into the conniving heel that we all know and love ASAP.
Please, for the love of God, don't put Benoit with a member of the Tough Enough Bunch. There are laws against cruel and unusual punishment.
Nice to see Eddie go loco again. Now, if only he could find the remnants of his mullet, we can truly appreciate his dick heelnish.
Is it wrong to hope during the Asian Tour that Billy Gunn and Torrie are left in Thailand for eternity.
And, which will happen first: The triumphant return of Mark Henry or of Nathan Jones?

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After years of hating the guys, I must say that over the past week or so, I've had a revelation. I LOVE BIG SHOW! I can't explain it. It just seems that each week, he does SOMETHING to entertain me. His facials, his acting, his ring-work (well, not so much his ring-work). There's something about him that down-right entertains me. GO BIG SHOW!!!

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Heard when Steph was confronted by Big Show backstage..."FINALLY they found a way to make Steph look petite!"

My take on Steph in her wrestling gear was "Wow. She looks like Mae Young."

Zach was pretty impressive bouncing around the way he did. I still can't envision him being more than a short-term novelty.

Thanks for the big debut last week Ultimo Dragon! See ya on Velocity.

Vince really had a Fred MacMurray vibe going tonight with his clothes tonight, didn't he.

Tazz was just awesome razzing Cole during the Cena match. Cena's promo on Gunn was better than he's done in recent weeks, though admittedly Gunn is a REALLY easy target.

Decent show.


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According to the spoilers, Ultimo Dragon apparently isn't even ON Velocity - he wrestled a dark match.

Liked the show (lol and the [Big] Show - I agree with OMEGA, there's just something about him that makes me unable to hate the big lug). One thing I didn't like? The Eddie heel turn. I know, he's better as a heel, but I was really diggin' his face run and so was the crowd -- he got the best reaction of the whole night, IMHO. I don't think they should turn someone so unexpectedly that the fans are really getting behind.

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I would've disliked the Eddy heel turn as well (I've been really enjoying the Eddy/Tajiri team), but as soon as it happened, one thought finally clicked in my head - Eddy Guerrero v. Chris Benoit at Vengeance for the US Title. Bet on it.


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#7 Posted on
I've been liking the Big Show a whole lot more lately as well.

As for you, Screaming Head Guy, I can't say that I'm not a little let down. When I saw Vince wearing that ugly, ugly shirt, the first words through my head were "man, I can't wait to see what he says about that in the Fashion Report." And what do I get? Nada.

Oh, and on an even more personal note, line of the night goes to Cole tonight, when Tazz tells him that the show's going to Toronto: "I don't like the Maple Leafs too much, but I love Toronto." As an Isles fan, this makes Michael Cole the Greatest Announcer of All Time.

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Oh, if only they hadn't cut those two lines from Cena's little bit of Thugenomics. (Someone's gonna have to make a sign that looks like a degree in Thugenomics... I'm beggin' ya.) As for the show...

* Eddie Guerrero rocks shit more than you WISH you could. I mean, watch that match. He was over on a level not known by mere mortals. Everyone there needs to look at him and learn. Even little things as unhooking the tag rope, then putting it back on the rope = And don't forget the post-match activities. Eddie's reaction was PERFECT. I mean, there are no better reactions to anything in wrestling history.

* The Basham Brothers need to do something to get their S&M freak gimmick over. I mean, some things are too subtle for wrestling. Wearing leather, getting flogged pre-match, and having a move called the Ball Gag just doesn't cut it.

* Orlando Jones, I'm not burying you yet, but show us something. Play up your past as a boxer or something.

* My parents don't care about or for wrestling. But my mom walked in during the main event. Then she went into the living room and told my father to put it on. We all watched Gowen's moonsault. They were all suitably impressed that he could even DO that. I don't know how much he's done before, but if his offense is limited mostly to dropkicks and the moonsault... maybe add a legdrop? I can't see him as anything more than a sideshow, if only because wrestling just doesn't lend itself to one-legged wrestlers. He doesn't run the ropes, he hobbles them. You whip someone with one leg, they FALL OVER.

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#9 Posted on
That was a hot finish. If I hadn't known better I would have expected Hulk to run in through the crowd.

Zach wrestling makes every thought in my head stop. It's like looking at a weird ass MC Escher drawing. "Wait, that can't be right."

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#10 Posted on
Well...that was a decent little show I guess.

+Must echo the sentiments for the Show. He's got himself a nice little angle and isn't working in real matches. As long as he is used to throw around Gordo McMahon and Stumpy, I have no problem with him. Granted, he will slow down the Main at Vengeance, but seriously after those homoerotic vignettes with Brock and Angle, a heel in the match is damned necessary.

+Speaking of Ace and Gary, what is up with trying to make Brock Mr. Funny Man? Vince needs to stop with this seeming obsession with making every top face "funny, like Rock". Not every top face is funny. Brock should be pushed a monster, a walking pain machine, not Paul Lynde from Bewitched. I hope to Jeebus Angle turns on Brock and takes the belt back.

+Benoit needs to get over more, this is obvious. Somehow, I doubt Grace Jones' cousin Linda Miles will do that for him. Shit, you might as well give him a puppet named Rocco.

+Eddie is not going in to the U.S. title tourney "from where I sit" (thanks J.R.). It's V1 and Billy from the rumors going around. Eddie should be tied up with Tajiri for the time being.

+Benjamin and Haas are the shit.

+A-Train IS shit.

+Zach Gowan is destined to give me nightmares. "The One-Legged Army is coming for me!!!!" Come to think of it, so is Steph. "The Pillsburry Doughboy is coming for me!!!"

+Got a hunch that Austin vs. McMahon part gajillion is coming up, this time with Brock Lesnar playing the role of Steve Austin. Now that Hogan is gone, Vince needs another babyface to steal heat from.

All in all, I enjoyed SmackDown. Great wrestling and forward moving angles, which RAW has none of.

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Cena VS Billy Gunn was a first round match in the US title tournament? Not the way I would have booked it, but oh well. Cena was whippin Mr. Asses ass the whole time, and he wins with a roll up. Cena didn't even need the damned chain! Oh well, what a dissapointment

The Angle-Lesnar stuff is pretty entertaining, but I don't really like this whole friendly rivalry shit.

Well I see Orlando Jordan has replaced Nathan Jones... at least this puts Cena in some story line.

What is the point of this Jaime Noble and Nidia shit...anything? Will it involve anyone besides those two??? only time will tell...
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-Mysterio vs. Nunzio- Thank Gawd Undertaker is no where to be seen with the FBI. Even though the outcome is a given, it was an entertaining 7 minutes. Good start.

-Benoit/Rhyno vs. Basham Brothers- Third time I've seen this match in a months time. Decent enough match, liked their Velocity match a bit more but this was good. Cole & Tazz were funny in this match, they were pretty on the entire night. But one thing I need to figure out which one is Danny and which one is Doug before I could care that Danny is the CRAZY one LoL... BTW S&M Benoit is just WRONG in every which way LoL

-Gunn vs. Cena- Let me get this straight. This is only 2nd time Gunn's been on SD since his long DL stint, he's accompanied by a playboy covergirl. And who's the most over in the match and got the most noticable chant? The heel John Cena. Which of course means the result of the match is Billy Gunn advancing in the US title tournament and Cena can get schooled by The Undertaker... Ahhh, well nice looking somersault neckbreaker by Cena in the match. Tazz & Cole were hilarious in this match as well, speaking of Cena's pre game rap was the best he's done maybe ever.

-Haas/Benjamin vs. Eddie/Tajiri- What a fantastic match, major goodness by all involved especially Eddie and Tajiri. Got me pretty much glued for the entire 15 minutes. Glad it got a good placement on the show (top of the hour). This match alone made Smackdown a entertaining show this week. It also really helps that the fans were SO into Eddie and the match, it was unreal. Which brings me to this... They turn Eddie heel? He was the most legit over face for the entire night, for 15 minutes the fans were eating from the palm of his hand and they turn him? I admit when he first turned face with the lie, cheat, steal stuff. I didn't get it, I didn't think it was going to work. But I was wrong in the last month especially the fans was eating it up. Why do you turn her!

-Albert vs. Jones- After an amazing match, now the other end of the spectrum. I guess after that fantastic tag match WWE is forgiven to put this match on I guess.

-Vince/Sable interview- Hogan footage, BigShow put in PPV main event. Enough of these two lets move on.

Gowen/Steph vs. BigShow- I gotta admit the who surrealness of Zach hopping around the ring captivated me. Don't know how long this act can last but it certainly got my attention tonight

-other stuff- The Brock/Angle stuff was pretty cheesy but had it's moments... BigShow was okay as BullyShow... Wonder how this slight gimmick change will add to Noble & Nidia... LoL @ SD heat machine going off when Orlando Jones was shown. Come ON! LoL

A very good to great Smackdown tonight. There was a lot of good matches with strange after effects, for example The tag title match was off the charts (even though I dont' get the Eddie heel turn). The opening two matches were good (even though S&M Benoit is a horrible notion to have). Cena was funny as well but lost. Cole and Tazz were really on tonight and the main event had this surreal feel to it that made it entertaining. The middle of the 2nd hour (Albert match and Vince interview) was the only real weak part of the show.

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Please, please, PLEASE keep Brock Lesnar out of the backstage skits and interviews. He was brought in as -- and can play the part very well, thank you -- a monster and every time he has a milk-drinking contest or burping contest or whatever the hell it was with Kurt Angle, it just looks bad. REALLY BAD. Kurt can pull it off because, well, Kurt can pull off anything, but Brock... not so much.

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#14 Posted on
I thought the Angle-Lesnar skits were funny. Espeically the milk. I think that was Jessie from TEII as the victim of the milk.

Of course no mention of Benoit and Rhyno's feud from a couple of weeks ago.

I noticed they cut some of Cena's rap. Damn. Anyway the rap was fun. I don't like Gunn as US favorite, or Cena jobbing to Taker.

Benjamin/Haas-Guerrero was Match of the Night.

I'd rather see Dragon than A-Train-Orlando Jordan.

Zach did impress me in the main event, and that's fine.

Overall, Smackdown was decent.

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#15 Posted on

    Originally posted by Dagent913

    As for you, Screaming Head Guy, I can't say that I'm not a little let down. When I saw Vince wearing that ugly, ugly shirt, the first words through my head were "man, I can't wait to see what he says about that in the Fashion Report." And what do I get? Nada.

Um, I think you missed the little bit at the opening:

"Vince's Head, with Vince's shoulders, in plaid autumn-colored shirt (top two buttons undone) talks."

It's the kind of thing I'd wear at my casual workplace, but not the kind of thing the billionaire should wear on HIS show.

And, as always, only Tazz can wear a tie. What is up with that?

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#16 Posted on
I thought the show was pretty solid. Not great or really memorable but there wasn't anything terrible at all, except the Angle/Brock segments. Yeesh. When Brock got on his knees and said "So, this is what it feels like to be at your level" and Angle had to give a hearty, "you got me there, friend" kind of laugh - I was shocked and amazed. That seems like the kind of segment where Angle should go nuts and slap Brock across the face or apply an ankle lock or something.

Eddie/Tajiri vs. Haas/Benjamin - awesome as usual.

Billy Gunn vs. Cena - Cena is the man. Loved the Kareem jersey with the goggles and headband during the UT/Jordan segment. The rap was his best to date and the match itself wasn't too bad. This new "Manly Man" Billy Gunn with Torrie actually seems gayer than during the Billy & Chuck angle. Want to sum up how well putting Torrie with Gunn is working? When Cena slapped on the dreaded chinlock and Torrie started pounding the mat to get the fans to rally behind Gunn, they started chanting "Torrie." Plus, as already mentioned, Cena was getting some pretty strong face chants throughout the match.

Gowen/Nipple H vs. Show - All I can say It was shocking to see a kid hop around on one leg and do dropkicks. That moonsault was very impressive. I'm hoping Gowen can learn to do the SSP with one leg - then Kidman would be useless and they could fire him.

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#17 Posted on

    Originally posted by YossinoIC

    Gowen/Nipple H vs. Show - All I can say It was shocking to see a kid hop around on one leg and do dropkicks. That moonsault was very impressive. I'm hoping Gowen can learn to do the SSP with one leg - then Kidman would be useless and they could fire him.

from cradleofanarchy
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That's off of his website

I'd have to see it to believe it though, and it seems like PPV material.

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#18 Posted on
Thanks for the info, kgriffey79. We're now one step closer to the ultimate goal of the firing of Billy Kidman.
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#19 Posted on
I guess I was the only one who was LESS than impressed with Zach Gowen. His stuff didn't seem like it was that good. I mean, it was probably good for a guy with one leg. But ranked with everyone else, it was not all that good. Maybe I had my expectations raised too high by the NWA-TNA folks.

Now if he starts busting out the moves on griffey's list (I'm still trying to figure out how a one-legged man does a hurricurana!), then I may change my opinion. But I kept hearing how I would be 'WOWED' once he got into the ring, and quite frankly I was just left with 'Uh, he's OK I guess.'

The other stuff was pretty good though. I even thought the Lesnar/Angle stuff was OK, you know it's leading to something, and it was kind of funny, even though a little forced. Guerrero/Tajiri vs. Benjamin/Hass was a very nice match, and while Eddie was getting face heat, I do think that ultimately he is best as a heel. And if people still want to cheer him, that's OK, too. I also going to be optimistic and believe that Taker/Cena is going to lead to some good stuff. As far as Gunn goes, I don't have as much problem with him as most seem to, but I probably wouldn't stick the U.S. belt on him either, Torrie or no Torrie. But I'm not sure that's where they are going.

Overall, a pretty decent way to pass a couple of hours.

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#20 Posted on
I have absolutley no problem with Big Show being added to the Vengeance main-event. Why? Because they HAVE to save Lesnar v. Angle for SummerSlam. You don't want to have a re-match of that importance on a throw-away show like Vengeance.

Actually, I think they should save the match for WrestleMania XX. It wouldn't be hard. Have Lesnar & Angle team up, and face Benjamin & Haas at SummerSlam. Lesnar & Angle win the titles, and defend them throughout the fall. They can lose them late in the fall (around October) and they turn on each other. Angle (or Brock, but we'll say Angle for point's sake) turns heel, and turns on Lesnar. Angle injures Lesnar, and while he's gone, Angle gets a title shot against whoever the champion may be (meaning Lesnar has to lose the title, preferably because of Angle's fault. They can do that as a tease for them breaking up) at Survivor Series. Angle wins, and Brock returns the next month, and wants a shot. But Angle says that Brock has to earn his shot at the title. Brock wins the Royal Rumble, and BOOM! There's your WrestleMania XX main-event. 8-months of storylines, all leading up to the one big match.

Of course, WWE doesn't have this type of long-term planning, and they'll throw the match away at SummerSlam, but whatever.

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ECW invasion....seeing all those guys together in one ring brought back a lot of fun memories.....
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