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The W - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown! 7-10-03
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FOOTAGE! from last week's main event.

My life, my time, my right, my rhyme, my Smackdown! in Toronto. ...and a Fashion Report, too.

Kurt, in red "Team Angle" warmups with gold medals, is out to talk. Cole, in a peach shirt, and Tazz, in grey suit with pruple shirt and tie, commentate. Cena, in a Wake Forest (#21) jersey, jean shorts, backwards cap, and lock'nchain, comes out to rap. He's got a match with Taker at the PPV. Man, he is great on the mic. Angle: "I don't even know what you just said." - ha! Lil' Hebner, in blue shirt, pulls-out his human beat-box. Wel, it's the BigShow, in one-strap black singlet, to liven up the segment. I don't know how, but I actually enjoyed that segment.

FBI, in black "FBI" undies, with Nunzio, vs. Bashams, in black leather pants, with Shaniqua, vs. Kidman, in blue fullcuts and Rey, in white mask and pants, cut-up HIS tshirt, wearing the belt, vs. Acolytes, in black "APA"/cards tights, Bradshaw wearing a "Drink or Fight" tshirt. I wonder, since when did breaking-up a cover consist of merely touching the pinner? SHouldn't you have to actually, yknow, end the pinning condition? Acronym teams ditch this match and Adbreak runs in. No, Shaniqua is NOT hot (why would you even think so?). Kidman is fine, as long as he shuts up. Nice match.

Kurt and Brock talk in the back. Build the tension!

FOOTAGE! from last week's main event (again). Now Steph, SHE is hot (plump in all the right places). Okay, not really footage; more like the whole damn thing repeated. We shouldn't have been surprised. I mean, Show ALWAYS jobs in these kinds of matches.

Steph, in black tanktop and black leather shorts (NOT a miniskirt, too bad), vs. Adbreak, gives the Contract to Zack, in black "WWE The People" tshirt, with cane. Vince, in white shirt and black slacks, with Sable, in black/red dress (with a HUGE slit..up the leg) and furry black collar, blabs. And he books matches. I'll save Steph (ooo, looks like she needs mouth to mouth)!

Vince and Sable speak soft words in the Room of Fun. And Steph, crying a warcry from the deep primal regions of the human soul, flies in to kick Sable's ass. Vince, ranting, re-books a match.

Mattitude (sorry ladies, not a virgin), in black "V1" tshirt and red pants with black pockets and gold pattern, and Shannon, in silver pants, vs. Benoit, in red tights with black blades, and Rhyno, in black "Rhyno" singlet. Ha - kickout into a crossface. Nice match, but too short.

Hey, Josh is doing the voiceovers for the calendar spot now.

Brock and Kurt, in the back, confer about tonight's match for Brock. Tension, baby!

Eddie, in a blue boat, wearing green "Latino" tights with red and white starbutsts, with FOOTAGE! of his turn last week, cuts a promo. Damn, how do you try to turn heel when the crowd CHEERS you? Eddie vs. Ultimo Dragon, in sparkly silver cape, black oily-sheen tights, maks, and pauldrons with white trim and spines. But his shoulders weren't down! Okay match, but disjointed and short.

God save us, it's Mr. Ass's ass! He and Torrie make out in the back.

Ass, in neongreen "Mr. Ass" fullcuts with purple buttlips, and Torrie, in pink, vs. Noble, in khaki shorts and Nidia, in genuine imitation mock mink coat, light purple top, and Daisy Dukes. Um, poor match. Yes, an indecent proposal. Noble's money has driven him mad with power.

Brocky and Kurt are (walking) in the back, but someguy steals Kurt away.

Well, it's the Big Show, still in that one-strap black singlet, and Benjamin/Haas (The World's Greatest Tag Team), in maroon and silver singlets, wearing the Titles (and that music is pretty groovy, except for that opening trumpet call), vs. Brocky, in black butt-skull undies, wearing the WWE Title, vs. Adbreak. A nice match, ending in a bang.

Overall: The second half-hour was pretty bad, but I had just had a nice supper and some beer, so that was a good time to be drowzy. The rest was okay, although some matches seemed too short. Where were the "2" sign, people? A nice, entertaining show. But Raw was a little bit better this week. Look for the tension between Brock and Angle to build next week, 'cuz Angle wasn't able to help Brock in his match.

Ad of the week: a four-way tie between The Mullets, Rock Me Baby, Jake 2.0, and Game Cube/Zelda.

Oh, if anyone's gonna be at the Green Bay show on Saturday and they see someone who looks like me, it probably IS me. Say "hi" or somthing.

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#2 Posted on
Good lord, Steph's Waterboy scream and tackle was a sight to behold

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OK, I understand the effort behind the illusion of strength and power and such.

But, regarding Tazz's assertion during the main event, SINCE WHEN do the steps weigh "400 to 500 pounds"?

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker
Big Bad

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.54
The crowd wants to cheer Eddie and Cena SO BAD and yet WWE won't let them. And Mr. Ass is pushed as a face to no reaction. Sigh.

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#5 Posted on
The opening segment was great, and it at least made Cena look somewhat like a star. Cena is getting bigger reactions every week it seems. I'm not sure how much longer they can keep him a heel before the audience turns him face.

Billy Kidman looked like a brunette Billy Gunn. That's kinda creepy. One match back and the annoying powerbomb counter has returned with AVENGEANCE~. The best part of the match was that the APA didn't win. And wrestling fans everywhere are greatful. Billy/Rey vs. WGTT is probably going to be great.

Stephanie is the new queen of unintentional comedy. It's funny how every time she tries to show intensity it turns into the weird baritone screeching that she does now. Cigarettes are bad for you.

Matt vs. Benoit is next week. Please please please let them get the time it deserves. It could fucking rule with some time. Aw fuck, it'll probably rule anyways.

Eddie turns heel and he still gets face heat! He just rules THAT MUCH. They really should of cut time out of something else so that Eddie and Ultimo could get it going. It's criminal for them to tease us with a much greater match than what they delivered. Eddie vs. Billy Gunn should be interesting, in the "How good of a match can Eddie carry shitty Billy Gunn to" way.

The main event was fun, but just didn't work for me. Haas and Benjamin tried, but Big Show didn't seem too into it this week. Hopefully, Big Show getting the pin here means he isn't winning at Vengeance.

Decent show, but next week should be way better.

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Since: 10.3.03
From: Elmwood, IL

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#6 Posted on

    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    OK, I understand the effort behind the illusion of strength and power and such.

    But, regarding Tazz's assertion during the main event, SINCE WHEN do the steps weigh "400 to 500 pounds"?

You read my mind, dude! I sat in front of my television, all alone except for my Keystone Premium (did YOU know they made it? I didn't before a few weeks ago, and now I'm glad I do!), and said, "Shyea, right! Who are you kiddin'?"

Yup, all alone watching wrestling. Say what you will.

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Since: 1.3.02
From: Denver, Colorado

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#7 Posted on
SD! hasn't been all that bad, I suppose, relatively speaking (it's almost 9:00pm Denver time, so SD! isn't finished yet). I still like SmackDown! more than RAW in a lot of respects, just because it seems a bit more fresh than Monday's offerings.

Anyway, SONOFAB*&%#$!!! Lesnar belly-to-back'd Big Show again! Yeesh!!!!

I've actually enjoyed the Lesnar-Show feud. Dunno why.

Cena's the man. And I can't wait for him and Angle to lock it up.

One more thing-- Are the Bashams heels? If so, Michael Cole needs to stop saying 'Danny' Basham. That just sounds to babyface'd out, sorta like 'Ricky' Steamboat. Referring to Dan Basham as 'Danny' makes him seem a little too personable.

C'mon Brock!!! THUG BIG SHOW!!! Aw, sh*t.

Taken through the announce table. Brock's DEAD.

(and here's my marking-out moment) F*CK YOU BIG SHOW!!! You're gonna get the HELL knocked out of you here in DENVER, BOY! B'LEE DAT!!!!

David Crockett sez it best, folks: "Look at 'im, Tony! Look at 'im!"

Since: 24.7.02

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#8 Posted on
A few thoughts:

Rather pedestrian show. Even the matches that could have been very good (Rhyno/Benoit vs. Hardy/Moore and Eddy vs. Ultimo) were not given enough time to develop. 3-1 handicap matches can only do so much.
Cena seems to be getting face pops. Unfortunately at the PPV, his heat will probably get killed, like most that have gone before him.
Considering all the 'roids Vince travels with, you'd think he could spare some for Gowen.
I've seen jobber introductions that get more of a pop than Billy Gunn's entrance. And, that is your next United States champion.

A look at announced/probable PPV matches:
60 year old vs. peg legged pete: Hmm, maybe they'll have Zach go on the Today show to get a gravy boat to build up this match.

Vinces' Daughter vs. Sable: Two matches listed, two matches that convince me not to spend money.

Angle vs. Lesnar vs. Big Slug: They better turn Angle. And they better do it soon.

Benjamin/Haas vs. Kidman/Mysterio: Could be a good match, probably will be a short match to turn Kidman.

FBI vs. APA: Who cares.

Taker vs. Cena: Why do I have a really bad feeling that a Nathan Jones run-in could occur in this match.

US Title Finals: Considering the other 6 matches that should occur, this better be Eddy vs. Benoit, with them given 30 minutes to recreate 1995. Unfortunately, it'll probably be Gunn vs. Hardy, with Hardy being given the unfortunate task of trying to make Gunn look good before jobing to him.

8th match could possibly be Benoit/Rhyno if they have a turn.
On paper, this could be building to one of the worst PPV's of all time.

(edited by redsoxnation on 10.7.03 2307)

If Vince would just hire Dick Dastardly and Muttly and tell them to Catch the Pigeon, it would draw at least an 8 rating.
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Since: 2.1.02
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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00
I haven't ordered a PPV in eight months, but I was going to order Vengeance. No HHH, no Hogan, Angle/Lesnar/Show should be fun, the US title match, throw in an Eddie match and a Rey match and maybe a Rhyno match, and I was going to be there. The turnaround for the WWE on a micro scale -- a former customer putting his money down again.

But now I am having serious second thoughts. McMahon/Gowan? Maybe ... maybe given Hogan walking out could have screwed up their plans. But Steph/Sable? No way. No way with the roster they have should they be putting shit like this on PPV. I don't pay $35 to watch Steph/Sable. They obviously think some people will but I won't.

What a company. I want to give them my money, but they don't seem to want to take it.

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Since: 9.1.02
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#10 Posted on

    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    Oh, if anyone's gonna be at the Green Bay show on Saturday and they see someone who looks like me, it probably IS me. Say "hi" or somthing.

Will you be screaming?

Tribal Prophet

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The crowd wants to cheer Eddie and Cena SO BAD and yet WWE won't let them. And Mr. Ass is pushed as a face to no reaction. Sigh.

I`m not sure that Cena`s raps would be as entertaining if he were a face. And that opening segment was the most entertaining moment in recent memory.

Thank goodness I tape SD! and watch it with the magic of the FF button, so I can keep Vince/Sable/Steph shenanigans to a minimum. Watch Rhyno and Matt get left off this PPV, while we get 3 non-wrestlers in two matches. Ugh.

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#12 Posted on

    Originally posted by Big Bad
    The crowd wants to cheer Eddie and Cena SO BAD and yet WWE won't let them. And Mr. Ass is pushed as a face to no reaction. Sigh.

Um, sounded like they were cheering for them to me. And keeping in mind that this was a tape show, they COULD have muted the Eddie and Cena chants, yet chose not to. For whatever that's worth.

Plus, I think I would prefer that they just keep doing what they are doing, because it's working. I think they sometimes screw cool things up, because they try to make them "face" things, and thus the edge gets removed. So just let Cena and Eddie do their things, and if they get cheered, so be it.

Other thoughs, somebody suggested that Sable/Steph and Vince/Zach should be a tag match. I think that person was right. Why isn't this a tag match? It seems to make a lot a sense, considering the limitations of the performers, and the fact that the stories are tied together anyway.

Stephanie could use that screeching as a submission move. I know *I* was tapping out!

I'm really looking forward to the U.S. Title semi's next week.

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#13 Posted on

    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    Considering all the 'roids Vince travels with, you'd think he could spare some for Gowen

I hear ya.

Everytime I see Gowen, all I can think of is: "My God, someone get that kid a sandwich."

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The thing about Cena is that he's such a good heel that people cheer for him. I all but guarantee that if they turned him face, it would take the wind out of his sails so fast it'd make your head spin. I don't think that Cena's ready to try to be a face, and for once management seems to be doing the smart thing and letting him do what he's good at. Eddie, on the other hand, I don't know what their excuse for turning Eddie is. Unless they just felt they needed another strong midcard heel. But that's still pretty lame.

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Of course, the opening segment with Angle rapping was the highlight of Smackdown. The return of Hebner the human beat-box and Angle saying "Eastside" made this a classic.

More fun Angle-Lesnar segments.

Steph's Xena imitation was unintentionally funny. I really hated most of the Vince segment last night.

Eddie-Ultimo was disappointing. It could've been so much more. Eddie's promo was good, though.

Main event was alright.

Overall, Smackdown was decent.

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#16 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.00

    Originally posted by Kevintripod

      Originally posted by redsoxnation
      Considering all the 'roids Vince travels with, you'd think he could spare some for Gowen

    I hear ya.

    Everytime I see Gowen, all I can think of is: "My God, someone get that kid a sandwich."

Oddly, if you go by posted weights (which is always a dangerous thing to do), Spike Dudley is _lighter_ than Zach. (Spike is listed on the RAW site at 5'8", 150; Zach's not on the Smackdown site yet, but on his official "Tenacious Z" page, he's listed as 5'11", 155 lbs. Whether that's with or without the prosthetic leg is not specified.)

As for last night, all I'll say is that Stephanie's screeching conniption fit of doom _really_ cracked me up.

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#17 Posted on

    Other thoughs, somebody suggested that Sable/Steph and Vince/Zach should be a tag match. I think that person was right. Why isn't this a tag match? It seems to make a lot a sense, considering the limitations of the performers, and the fact that the stories are tied together anyway

Well, when you consider the *egos* of 2 of the people involved, you'll figure out why it is 2 matches instead of 1.

    FBI vs. APA: Who cares

*I* care. I like the FBI. They were cruising along pretty well until Marky-Mark came back. If they do this match, I hope they have the FBI go over, but I'm not holding my breath. New stars, what?

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#18 Posted on

    Originally posted by Big Bad
    The crowd wants to cheer Eddie and Cena SO BAD and yet WWE won't let them. And Mr. Ass is pushed as a face to no reaction. Sigh.

I thought the reaction on the TV came off really poor for Gunn, as underwhelming as it did at the arena. I think they actually turned down the volume of the Eddie chants, in the arena it was just a notch below Angle's reaction... I wouldn't turn Cena yet. He really starting to remind me of Nation-Rock, he's really getting a following. He just needs a bit win over a top face

For the U.S title, I'm thinking Gunn over Eddie via Tajiri interference, maybe setting up Tajiri/Eddie for the PPV and Hardy over Benoit, maybe with Linda Miles distracting Benoit setting up Benoit/Rhyno vs. Bashams, maybe with a stip with Benoit losing he'll have to be Shaniqua boy-toy (gawd that would be disturbing)... So the finals of the tourney would be Hardy vs. Gunn, and I'll be cheering Hardy like a damn MFer.

I'll give a quick rundown of what I thought of Smackdown

-Angle/Cena interview- This was so much fun. These two were great together. Loved how Angle got all serious in the middle of it. "What are you going to do Cena?"

-Mysterio/Kidman v. Bashams v. APA v. Stamboli/Pulumbo- It was a good match, I bought into a lot of the close pins

-Zack contract signing- Is there a contract signing every month on Smackdown? Stephie sells the clipboard like it's a sledgehammer.

-Benoit/Rhyno vs. Moore/Hardy- Pretty paint by numbers match. But okay nonetheless.

-Eddie vs. Ultimo Dragon- Talked about this before, When WWE stumbles onto something they did right the erase it by turning Eddie heel, how idiotic. Pretty fast match, the ending looked muffed up and Eddie won with a quick holding the tights to win. Which of course is the same thing he did when he was the loveable cheater, but *now* we should boo him. No wonder fans can't get behind anyone... I laugh out loud seeing Eddie stroll over to his low rider after the match and just ride off

-Torrie/Gunn vs. Nidia/Noble- New Gimmick, Same results. TorrieBerg dominates by pinning Nidia, DDTing Noble, and Depantsing Nidia (to get her heat back for ummm defeating Nidia once already tonight err) TorrieBerg hit the trifecta of dominate no selling.

-BigShow/Haas/Benjamin vs. Lesner- Can't stand these Babyface vs. The World Match (Only thing Worse is Heel vs. The World that we have with the Raw World Champ LoL). All guys looked like they worked hard and seeing Lesner toss around BigShow is a sight to see and his Belly to belly suplex on Benjamin on the outside was wicket. But I just can't stand the Fighting the odds matches like this. Decent marks for effort of the workers, but the match concept itself is kind of dull.

-other stuff- Brock & Angle antics backstage had it's moments... Nice tackle by Steph on Sable backstage, for the life of me I can't imagine how this match is going to be played out.

It was a pretty good show, the only thing I was really down on was the mixed tag. The rest was average to very good... I still think Raw was a better show overall this week by a little bit. An entertaining week put out by WWE. I enjoyed both shows this week.

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#19 Posted on
The funny thing is, who woulda thought Raw could've been better than SD! six months ago. That's either good or bad.

BTW, they give Ultimo a big entrance, skip him a week, and put him in a match that should've had MOTY for the SD! brand, but the two are relegated to THREE AND A HALF MINUTES?

Maybe if he changed his name to Ultimo Dragon McMahon....

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#20 Posted on
I liked this week's show. The opening segment of Cena/Angle was really good. I'd say one of the most entertaining openings of the year. Nothing can touch the infamous "Mother-Canuckers" Rock opening, however. Right now I think Cena and Guerrero are both at points where The Rock was/is - the fans cheer them as faces for their heel gimmicks. To turn either of them faces at this point would probably kill the momentum they've built.

Eddie vs. Ultimo - Way too short for my liking, finish looked a little screwy and came abruptly. Ultimo looked strong in the match and booked so he showed he could hang with Eddie, so all is well.

Brock/Angle segments - Again, I wasn't too happy with the sort of "Buddy-Buddy" stuff. At least this week they got a little more serious with each other.

Kidman - He's back...*cough*

Main Event - I liked it. Fun match, kept me entertained. Brock should really start competing in the World's Strongest Man Competition, throwing around those 500 pound steel steps like they were nothing and all.
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