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The W - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown #692 11/23/12
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Tonight on Smackdown, we open with more recaps of things that won't be furthered on this show! Will we see John Cena, AJ or CM Punk? I doubt it! But lets include them in the opening montage anyway because! Oh, also, there'll be Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler tonight.

It's Black Friday, or as we call it in Canada, Friday! We open with The Miz in the ring for MizTV, and he wastes no time in talking. "Welcome to the most must-see talk-show in WWE history, welcome to MizTV!" I should note that we've got Thanksgiving chryon in the house. "And there's a reason it's must-see, it's because of me. And also because I get the biggest stars. And also because I ask the toughest questions and I get the answers. But tonight I have a lot of questions for my guest, so without further ado, please welcome John Cena!" Well, my first paragraph is already invalidated. We're off to a great start!

Cena's knee is bandaged, but it doesn't seem to hamper his mobility much until he climbs the ringsteps. Cena sits down on a couch, before moving a director's chair out of the way and sitting back down. "MizTV, I love what you've done with the place. This is, well, awesome." "Of course it is. And make yourself at home. But John John John John John, usually you're known for things in the ring. But, like, I mean.. headlining Wrestlemania with me. But as of late your life has turned into a TMZ story now, hasn't it. I mean, tawdry tabloid tales of you and AJ and Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler, he said she said bringing new evidence each and every week, but this Monday night, you had had enough, didn't you? I mean, you did something shocking, but it didn't come without consequence now, did it John? Take a look!" And we recap Cena kissing AJ, then AJ kissing Cena. "Wooo! It's getting hot in here." Miz sits down in the other couch, as Cena smirks. "So, John. How was the kiss?" Cena stands up and doesn't look as amused anymore, so Miz rises to cut him off. "Whoa whoa whoa, a little inappropriate, I get it. How's the knee? I mean, because I know what you're probably going to say, that there's nothing wrong, but lets take a look at what happened to you." And now the recap of Ziggler's attack in the ring, escape, and Cena hurting himself chasing. "Heckuva clip, Miz, but this is supposed to be MizTV, the place where you ask the tough questions. Where have you been? I posted on my Twitter @JohnCena this morning that I had an MRI, the MRI showed that I have an issue, I have a little problem with lateral movement. That means my bad knee can't do this, but aside from that I'm fine, and I can still compete here in WWE." Miz gives some sarcastic applause at that. "So, that's done, do you actually have any tough questions?" "Oh, you want some tough questions, okay, so, um, I believe that you're not really telling the whole truth, but that's okay, because I have from good authourity that you are telling the truth about your inappropriate relationship with AJ when she was General Manager, I get it, you guys didn't do it, that's fine, but how about now, I mean, I saw the sparks fly. Are you two more than just friends?" "Okay guys, listen, I just got tired of everybody making this giant issue out of everything. Every single week I had to listen to Vickie and Dolph come out here with these accusations and photos and video clips and all they wanted to do was give somethings somebody to talk about, I just ended it. I gave them what they wanted, there's nothing more that they can do. I will admit that I liked it. And, AJ's a pretty darn good kisser." "Really?" "Really." "Really?" "Really." "Really?" "Really." "Really. Wow. That is absolutely fantastic, John, see, I'm also wondering, like, I get that you liked it, and obviously she liked it because she wanted a whole lot more, didn't she? But has the stress of this scandal brought you two together? I mean, lets assume that you're telling the truth about the past. What about now? Are you two more than just friends?" Before Cena can answer that, AJ's music hits, and now that's two of the three people who I said wouldn't show up showing up. If Punk pops up later, maybe I'll stop making fun of their opening recaps!

AJ skips down to the ring, immediately heading up the steps to get in. "John, you don't have to answer that." "No, it's actually okay, I was going to-" "I, no, I mean-" "Oh AJ, this is MizTV, tough questions come with the territory, sweetie." "Look, it's okay, I know that you were just doing that to prove a point to Vickie Guerrero." "Hey whoa whoa, I was, but.. AJ, it's.." "What, you were? As in, you have feelings for AJ? What, are you two in looooove? Do you all think they're in loooooove?" "I think you're an idiot. Allow me some time with AJ-" And now Dolph Ziggler makes his way out to interject, briefcase and mic in hand. "Miz, Miz, I've got this one. John, it's obvious to the entire world you have feelings for AJ. You'd have to be an idiot to not see that. And, and I've heard you're a great man. But that AJ? I don't know man. She's trouble. She's a bad egg. I mean, if it hadn't been for her kissing you it wouldn't have been so.. easy for me to set you up. If it hadn't been for AJ bursting into the men's locker room, the men's locker room, you might not have hurt your knee. How is your knee buddy? Is it alright? Miz, all I know is that if I were John Cena I'd have feelings for AJ. I'd hate her guts. Here's why." And now the third recap, of AJ entering the locker room and confronting Ziggler, leading to Cena's intervention and Ziggler laying him out via bathroom stall breakage. The whole segment is replayed! "Now that's giving the WWE Universe something to talk about. "EXCUSE ME!" Yep, Vickie Guerrero is here too. "Hey Cena. I think your little girlfriend needs to learn how to control her impulsives. AJ, I think Dolph was right with what he said on Raw. I mean, you are a pitiful, sad and weak woman. And Dolph on the other hand knows how to kiss someone who is authouritative, confident, decisive and, oh yes, passionate." Cena interrupts. "LIAR! Liar! Because Dolph actually kissed YOU and we still can't medically prove that you're a woman." "For your information, Cena, I am ALL woman! And I wasn't talking about me! The relationship between Dolph and I is strictly professional." "Exactly, Vick. But, I mean, if I DID kiss AJ, it would bring out the real woman in her." Vickie sucks chant from the crowd. "But, but that would never happen, these two have gotten themselves into something they can't possibly get out of. You two deserve each other, you two are exactly alike. Two weak losers." "No, no Dolph. You two deserve each other because you're the exact opposite. One enjoys eating a lot of nuts and the other is still looking to find his. Good day to you, son." Cena's music hits, as Miz makes a 'did he just say that?' face. Cena shakes Miz's hand, as Vickie looks disgusted and Ziggler looks amused. Still to come tonight, an Intercontinental Championship match with Damien Sandow challenging Kofi Kingston! But we segue right into The Ryback coming out for a match! The ring is still full of Miz's set, so we'll have to take a break before that match. So is Thanksgiving The Ryback's favourite holiday?

The Ryback vs. Darren Young w/Titus O'Neill: Are we going to get more Titus on commentary? We are! Young blocks the lockup attempt with a jab, which annoys The Ryback. He ducks a lunge and punches again. The Ryback rushes at him in the corner, but Young ducks under it and lands more jabs. Finally, a punch is caught and Young is bealed out of the corner. Charge meets an elbow, and Young is back on the attack with punches. Off the ropes, but Young is caught by the big boot/stomp combo. The Ryback picks him up by the hair, and slams him right down, so Young bails. As The Ryback pursues, O'Neill standsup at the table and blows his whistle, presumably because the play is out of bounds. The Ryback stares him down, but still catches Young trying the sneak attack and elbows him down. Ryback: "I hit hard!" Titus: "Somebody oughtta need to get that boy some medication. What is wrong with him?" Back into the ring, big corner clothesline on Young, followed by a running clothesline. Spinebuster! Now he wants the Meathook! It connects! "Finish it!" As The Ryback sets up the Shell-Shocked, Titus pleads that Young has a chance, that he's going to reverse it. He doesn't reverse it. 1, 2, 3. O'Neill grabs a mic, as JBL tries to warn him not to do that. "Stop the music! Stop the music! Stop that music! Ryback, Ryback, that boy's worth millions of dollars, what's wrong with you? I know you hear me talking to you." The Ryback finally turns to look at him as he enters the ring. The fans boo, so Titus whistles them down. He approaches The Ryback blowing the whistle, and gets a kick to the gut for his trouble, to set up the Shell-Shocked! I hope he didn't swallow his whistle! Still to come tonight, Orton vs. Ziggler. And up next is R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesaro!

R-Truth w/Little Jimmy, maybe vs. Antonio Cesaro: This is a non-title match, which might not bode well for the Swiss Sensation. Cesaro is bringing a mic! "Judging by all the obese faces, loaded bellies and greasy fingers I see in the crowd tonight, clearly you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Another ridiculous US holiday that celebrates gorging yourselves and laziness. Luckily for each and every one of you, you have Antonio Cesaro as your United States Champion!" Cesaro opens with a knee to the gut and the deadlft gutwrench immediately. Kick to the chest, then a scoop slam. Off the ropes with a double stomp, then a waistlock. Truth tries to fight up, rallying to the USA chants. Punches to escape, and they trade blows. Off the ropes, reversed, Truth with a flying forearm. Random splits, followed by a leg lariat! Truth sets him up for the Osaka Street Cutter, but Cesaro lands on his feet and hits a headbutt from behind to stagger Truth. Cesaro looks to be going for the Neutralizer, but Truth immediately backdrops him out of it. And there's the Little Jimmy! 1, 2, 3! What a surprise, he won the non-title match.

Backstage, Sheamus is walking in street clothes towing his bag behind him. "Sheamus!" Booker T approaches."Book!" "Where do you think you're going, man." "To the locker room to change for Smackdown-" "No, no, no, you ain't going to the lock, after Survivor Series? That thing just totally broke down, you hit Big Show at least thirty times with that steel chair. He's banged up, he's bruised up right now." "So what, Booker, he deserved it! So what is this now, pity for the Big Show, is that what it is?" "What about that parking lot brawl, huh? Look, Sheamus, before you do something you gonna regret for the rest of your life, look, tonight, I cannot let you compete, aight?" "What? You can't do that to me, Book!" "I cannot let you compete tonight, but I'll tell you what, Survivor Series, Big Show got disqualified on purpose. You deserve a rematch. So I tell you what, for the World Heavyweight Championship, TLC, Chairs Match, how about that?" "Fella, you just made my day." "You can thank me later, Sheamus, but tonight I don't need you messing my show up. So look here, Sheamus, why don't you go up to my personal suite, bring a few friends with you, aight? Have a couple pints on me, have a good time, watch the show, how 'bout that?" "That sounds good, man, thank you. Hey, uh, is Big Show not competing tonight?" "Big Show is competing tonight, in a handicap match, against Team Hell No." "Team Hell No?" "Aw hell yeah!" "Cheers, fella." Cut to Sin Cara, who will face Alberto Del Rio next!

Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez, the Black Scarf of Mourning and a $100,000 S550 Mercedes: Wait, Sin Cara has Twitter now too? It's @TheSinCaraWWE, for those of you who care. JBL is still mocking Josh Mathews for calling Sin Cara 'alluring' two weeks ago. "Why don't you just call him huggable?" Since CRZ mentioned it being missing last week, I'm compelled to note that Sin Cara's mood lighting makes its (triumphant?) return this week, as Del Rio opens with shin kicks and a snapmare. Kick to the back, as Josh claims contrasting styles are going to be on display and JBL disputes that, saying they're both lucha libre. Del Rio charges Sin Cara against the ropes, and as he dodges aside Alberto spills outside between the ropes, and almost immediately Sin Cara lays out Del Rio and Rodriguez both with a plancha. Back into the ring, cover gets only one. Running kick misses by Sin Cara, and Del Rio lands a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for one. Del Rio tries a hiptoss into the ropes, but Sin Cara bounces off, lands on his feet and does an armdrag! He rushes in but gets kicked in the gut, then thrown shoulder-first into the ringpost. He falls outside the ring, so lets go to break!

Back from break, Del Rio has a chinlock applied. Sin Cara fights up and punches out, then counters a knee with a schoolboy. Del Rio with a punch to retake control. Kicks in the corner by Del Rio, then the stepladder enziguiri targetting the back. Del Rio has indeed picked a new body part! Knee to the back with another chinlock. Sin Cara elbows out, off the ropes, duckes a clothesline and hits a big hurricanrana pin! Del Rio kicks out at two, and kicks him in the gut. Off the ropes with a kick to the head. Del Rio slaps his own chest to rile up the fans, then hits a snap suplex for two. JBL talks about how egotistical Mil Mascaras was, and how refreshing it is that Alberto Del Rio didn't pick up any of his bad traits. Sin Cara dodges a corner charge, and both men are down. Sin Cara gets up to try something, but Del Rio cuts him off with a big spinebuster! That gets two. Del Rio goes for the knee in the back and the chinlock again, and pulls Sin Cara's mask halfway off in the process before the referee stops him. JBL is pondering the benefits of a one man booth. Del Rio with a headbutt, throws Sin Cara into the corner, but Cara catches him coming in with a kick. Weird armdrag! Del Rio backdrops Sin Cara over the top rope, but he lands on the apron and kicks Del Rio in the head. Springboard crossbody hits for two! Clothesline ducked, handspring elbow hits! Sin Cara is going up top, but Del Rio is up and hits an armdrag off the top rope, into the cross armbreaker! Sin Cara quickly taps. Alas, Sin Cara is undone by the armdrag. To be done in by his favourite move!

Backstage, we go to WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and WWE Tag Team Champions Kane in the locker room. How long has it been since these guys were on this show, let alone getting promo time? Bryan looks perturbed! "Look, it's simple, just stay out of my way." "What are you talking about?" "May I remind you that long before you started teaming with me, I beat the Big Show for the World Title in 45 seconds." "And you think that's going to happen again?" "YES!" "No. May I remind you that years ago, Big Show and I were Tag Team Champions. And even back then, he was a whiny, oversized baby. You know, come to think of it, you and Big Show have so much in common, why don't you team with him and you two can call yourselves Team No Show?" Bryan stands and stews over that for a few moments, looking like he's going to hit Kane, before instead asking, "Is this because I didn't invite you to my house for Thanksgiving?" Kane looks a little deflated. "Maybe." "You wouldn't have liked it. Vegan turkey." "Eww, vegan turkey? What's the point?" "How about this, if we win our match tonight, you can come to my place for Christmas." "Can I beat up Santa Claus?" "Deal."

Big Show makes his entrance. The handicap match is next!

Big Show vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and WWE Tag Team Champions Kane: Kane doesn't listen to Bryan's pleas to not set his pyro off, as JBL says Josh Mathews looks like a fifty year old Justin Bieber. Bryan starts the match. He ducks under Big Show and lands a kick to the thigh. Bryan is pleased and decides this will be easy, rushing Big Show and landing three more kicks before a clubbing forearm and a headbutt take him down. Show with the big chop against the ropes, as Kane mouths off. Sheamus and William Regal are shown watching on from a private box. Bryan lands punches, but as he goes off the rope Big Show hits a side kick to take him down. Bryan's run shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Headbutt by Big SHow to Bryan's arm, then he's pulled up by the beard. Big Show with the Beardslam! Well, sort of. Show continues his attack on the arm. Bryan tries to come back with NO!kicks, landing eight before a headbutt sends him across the ring. Show wraps Bryan's arm around the rope and elbows it. Big arm-wringer sends Bryan to the mat. Knee-drop to the arm. Scoop slam on Bryan, and Big Show goes up to the second rope. Bryan's in the middle of the ring! Show goes for the big elbowdrop, and Bryan rolls to safety! Kane is begging for the tag, but Bryan is shaking his head. "Give me the tag!" "NO!" More NO!kicks by Bryan on the kneeling Show, followed by a kick to the head! 1, 2, big kickout sends Bryan into the corner. Bryan is caught in the choke, but turns the chokeslam into a guillotine choke! Show punches his back to break the hold and tosses him into the corner. His corner charge meets Bryan's boot! Bryan up to the second rope, but he's caught in mid-air, but Bryan shifts into the sleeper! Show tries to pry Bryan off, but can't do it. Is he fading? "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Show's tongue is sticking out, but he finally turns it into a side slam, and both men are down. Kane is demanding the tag, and now Bryan makes it! In comes Kane with a big corner clothesline! And another! Kane goes off the ropes and hits a low dropkick to take Show to his knees, and another one to his head! Show kicks out at two. Kane up to the top rope, and the top rope clothesline isn't really on target, but that's fine since Kane's body bowls Show over anyway. Kane wants the chokeslam, and he's smart enough to signal for it outside his own corner. Show fights out of the chokeslam with gut punches. Kane is shoved off the ropes, but hits the running DDT! He wants the chokeslam again, but this time he's within reach, so Bryan makes the blind tag. "Get out! I told you I was going to win!" Bryan pounces on the fallen Show and applies the NO!lock, as Kane throws up his arms and leaves. Show gets his hand between Bryan's locked hands and his face to pull it apart and break the hold. Chokeslam by Big Show! 1, 2, 3, and Big Show wins. So much for a Merry Christmas. Kane, who'd made it to the apron, stops there and turns around, coming back to the ring. He checks on Bryan, but ducks Show's attempted ambush KO punch, grabbing the choke! But Show grabs his own choke in return! Before Show can break Kane's choke, Bryan lands a kick to the thigh, interrupting him. Big boot by Kane sends Show out of the ring. Show retreats, having had enough, but he has a mic on the stage. "Hey Sheamus, fella, you looking at me, you paying attention? Congratulations, at TLC it is a Chairs Match. Let me ask you something, Mr. Celtic Warrior, did you ever think a giant is going to have a chair in his hands this time, fella?" Sheamus mouths off off-mic as Big Show leaves. Up next is the Intercontinental Championship match!

Wade Barrett makes his entrance before the upcoming match, coming down for guest commentary. He shakes Josh and JBL's hands, though JBL does his best to break up the handshake with Josh.

Kofi Kingston vs. Your Intellectual Saviour, Damien Sandow, Intercontinental Championship Match: Barrett crows about beating Kofi twice this week already on commentary. It's nice to see Tony Chimel give Sandow the respect he deserves by properly introducing him as the Intellectual Saviour of the Masses, without attaching self-professed to it. Cody Rhodes has a Tout for Sandow, where he shows off his dartboard that has a picture of Kane on the bullseye. The winner of this title match will face Wade Barrett later. Lockup, knee by Sandow, clubbing forearm. Headbutt. Suplex by Sandow, but Kofi escapes before a count. Back suplex countered when Kofi lands on his feet, and he clotheslines Sandow over the top rope. Kofi goes for a plancha, Sandow slides into the ring to avoid it but Kofi catches himself and lands on the apron. Sandow cuts him off with a shot, then runs him into the corner on the apron. Off to break we go! Back in the ring, Sandow has a crossface chicken wing locked in. Kofi fights out with forearms. Sandow with a kick, whip into the corner, but Kofi gets the boots up. A knee to the gut stops Kofi. Sandow picks him up and lands more knees. Side-russian legsweep sets up the Cubito Aequet. It gets two! Facewash on Kofi into the mat, followed by a stomp. Kofi fires back with punches, but Sandow isn't ready to give up the advantage yet. He chokes Kofi on the second rope. Off the ropes, Sandow hits the Bossman Straddle for two. Rear chinlock applied! Kofi fights up, but again Sandow punches him in the face to cut him off. Another elbow by Sandow on the apron, but Kofi comes back with an upside down kick. Sandow runs him into the apron, back in the ring, stomps against the ropes. Sandow tries to run Kofi into the ringpost, but Kofi blocks it and turns the table, as Barrett mentions the WMD on commentary talking about Big Show and Josh Mathews has to immediately correct it to the knockout punch. Kofi climbs to the top rope. Big crossbody gets two! Sandow rolls to the apron, and as Kofi pursues Sandow kicks his leg out from under him, dropping Kofi neck-first on the second rope. Back into the ring, Sandow schoolboys him for two! That got him the win last week! And now Kofi hits the SOS, which also gets two! Double chops by Kofi, again, dropkick takes Sandow down. Off the ropes, high clothesline hits! Off the ropes, boom boom, Boomdrop connects! We all know what that means. Trouble in Paradise connects! 1, 2, 3, Kofi retains! But Barrett is up on the announce table with a mic. "Congratulations, Kofi! Great job, you got through that one by the skin of your teeth. But lets face it, your best isn't going to be good enough to beat me, and the next time you defend that championship it's gonna be the last, because you're going to become the next victim of the great Barrett barrage." Kofi invites Barrett into the ring to say that, but Barrett is happy to stay on the announce table. Still to come, Orton vs. Ziggler! But up next, a Raw recap!

Hey, thanks for finally telling us we're in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Josh. Now lets recap the CM Punk celebration from Monday. We saw this on Raw! After the recap, some Touts are shown from fans about the attack by the NXT guys. Two of the Touts are in support of Punk. One of the pro-Ryback Touts I'm pretty sure we've seen before! JBL mentions that Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns attacked Santino Marella and Tyson Kidd before the main event on Wednesday, exclusively on Coming up on Monday, Michael Cole will interview the three of them. But for now we have a main event match here! Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance as we go to break.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton: Hey, now that it's not breast cancer month anymore, it looks like Ziggler's allowed to wear his pink tights again. Yeah, that line would've worked better if we weren't already most of the way through November. Orton ducks the lockup and hits a knee to the gut, and head to the turnbuckle. Punches in the corner, and the ref has to break it up before 5. Ziggler ducks through the ropes and begs off as Orton comes back after him. Ziggler goes for a single-leg, but Orton blocks it and rubs his boot laces across Ziggler's face. Kick to the gut, Ziggler blocks the head to the buckle and slams Orton in instead. Now Ziggler lands punches in the corner. Orton lands his own kick, and a headbutt. Standing dropkick by Orton takes Dolph down. Dolph kicks out at two and rolls to the apron. Orton grabs the hair, then suplexes him into the ring, slingshots him back off the top rope, and finishes the suplex! That gets two. Ziggler with a kick as he gets up, and a swinging neckbreaker. Ziggler picks him up, but Orton blocks his punch and fires back. Headbutt, and Ziggler is thrown out of the ring. Orton pursues, and Ziggler tries to flee into the crowd, to no avail. Orton clotheslines him into the crowd instead! Orton plays to the crowd as we cut to break.

Back in the ring, Orton has a chinlock on Ziggler, who elbows out. Orton hits a back suplex anyway. Two count. JBL: "We're here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the home of the 38th President! Do you know who that is, Josh?" Josh: "Sure do! Hooks the outside leg, and a kickout." JBL: "...who is it?" Josh: "John, I'm trying to concentrate on the match here!" JBL: "You don't know, do you? Do you even know which number President Obama is? Do you even know that the President is Obama?" Orton chokes Ziggler under the ropes, then sets him up for a catapult under the bottom rope. We don't see that a lot anymore, do we? Ziggler falls out of the ring as Orton lunges to grab him and try to pull him in for a pin. As Orton goes out after him instead, Ziggler drop toe holds him into the announce table! JBL: "Somebody save my hat!" Ziggler throws it out of the way, and hits a beautiful dropkick on Orton. Josh: "Ziggler may have tweaked his knee on that." JBL: "He should've, after what he did to my hat." Ziggler rolls back into the ring, clutching at his knee. Orton almost gets counted out, but rolls back into the ring at nine, and Ziggler pounces on him and attacks. Jumping elbowdrop gets two. Ziggler applies the chinlock, and Orton slowly fights back to his feet. Whip, reversed, Orotn goes up and over and hits a rollup out of the corner, Ziggler kicks out at two. Kick to the cut by Ziggler and a jumping clothesline takes Orton down. Cover gets two. Another chinlock by Ziggler, with body scissors as well. Orton fights out of that, and hits the 3.0! A cover from that gets two. Orton tries to regroup, but when he goes back to Ziggler Ziggler pops up off the mat and hits a jumping DDT! That gets two as well. Dolph goes out to the apron and climbs the ropes. This seems outside his usual repetoire! Orton takes advantage and cuts him off on the top rope with punches. Orton goes up after him, and he wants the superplex! Superplex off the top rope! Ziggler kicks out at two, but Orotn's up immediately. Orton gathers energy from the crowd. Clothesline, clothesline! Snap powerslam! Dolph is thrown to the apron and set up for the second rope DDT, which hits! Viper coil, as the crowd goes nuts! RKO is countered into a schoolboy, and that gets three! Ziggler wins! Ziggler wins! He immediately flees the ring as Orton looks on in disbelief. But hey, here's Ricardo Rodriguez into the ring, because this feud will never end! RKO on Rodriguez! Alberto Del Rio starts to get into the ring, but stops as Orton is ready. They stare each other down, and Del Rio backs down off the apron. But up on the stage, John Cena blindsides Ziggler from behind and locks on the STF! Things are out of control! We'll see you next week!
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Matt Tracker

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Are they setting up Cena to take Ziggler's case as a match stipulation so he can challenge Rock at Mania?

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker

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Cesaro losing to RTruth under two minutes was horseshit. Can't Truth just beat someone else in a #1 contenders match for a US title shot instead? It is amazing how they job out secondary title holders. Kofi lost two non title matches in a few days vs Sandow and Barrett, but at least he got his job back from Sandow yesterday. No matter how much the WWE jobs out Daniel Bryan he's still the most over guy on the roster. Why is Regal now Sheamus' little buddy? Wouldn't it make sense to have him manage say Wade Barrett and maybe breathe some live into Wade? Holy shitballs will the Orton-Del Rio feud ever end? Geez Randy yell stupid, stupid or something that's usually a feud ender for him.
Matt Tracker

Since: 8.5.03
From: North Carolina

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I'm thinking Regal's gonna turn on Sheamus, citing his common fighting background with Wade.

"To be the man, you gotta beat demands." -- The Lovely Mrs. Tracker

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Post-match shenanigans aside, I really liked the Orton/Ziggler match. It was a good back and forth match with just the right finish. It protects Orton while making Ziggler look crafty and dangerous before he loses to Cena.
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The interesting part in this is that it was Austin who made the move to get the divorce, not Debra. Have to wonder under what grounds he is going to try to get the divorce, and if he can pull it off without losing alot of his money.
- redsoxnation, Austin + Debra = Divorce (2002)
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