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The W - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown #684 9/28/12
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I was late at work, so the thread is late going up. But better late than never! Last week was the Daniel Bryan and Kane Show, with the two of having screentime for half of the show. Will that continue this week? Will Sheamus have a new challenger? Will another Diva get released? Smackdown is now!

We come from Buffalo, New York this week, and our main event will be Big Show vs. Randy Orton! Welcome back, Big Show! And oh, speak of the devil, here comes Big Show himself to give our opening promo, walking to the ring with a purpose. "The most dominant and destructive force in WWE is back, and I want the World Heavyweight Championship." And with that, do we have a new #1 Contender? "My last title reign lasted 45 seconds. Did you hear me? 45 seconds! Do you know what that does to the psyche of a man like me? DO YOU KNOW HOW EMBARASSED I WAS? Then, I had to watch the guy who took my title go to the main event of Wrestlemania and lose it to Sheamus in 18 seconds! That, that was a turning point in my career, you see, I wasn't in the main event of Wrestlemania, I wasn't the World Heavyweight Champion, and I was in a match where I was subject to ridicule and being made fun of. No one's making fun of me anymore, and no one will make fun of me when I am the World Heavyweight Champion. I know those are big and lofty goals, I understand that. I also understand that I am the one man on this roster that can defeat the current World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus. Now, as far as how I'm going to do that, I'm gonna close my-"

And the interruption comes from the music of Randy Orton, who walks down to the ring with a more deliberate pace. Orton's got a bit more hair now than he did last week! Give him a mic! "I find it funny, how you're out here talking about how you're going to take out Sheamus, when in reality you haven't even gone through the most sadistic, dominant individual on this show. Me. Now I just heard backstage that our match is for the #1 Contendership. Whoever wins goes on to face Sheamus for the title at Hell in a Cell. I'm a nine time World Champion, and if you think that you're going to stand between me and my chance at #10, well, Show, then you're not going to be standing much longer." "Is that right? Well, Randy, I guess it looks like tonight either someone's going to get bit by an RKO, or hit with a KO." Staredown between the two, until the music of Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez and the Black Scarf of Mourning hits. He's ready to talk right away! "Nonononono, cut the music right now. You cannot just toss Alberto Del Rio like that, who you think you are? I was cheated by Booker T when he reinstated the Brogue Kick at Night of Champions, and Randy, Big Show, I'm better than both of you together. So listen to this. It's the both of you perros going to the back of the line." And as he enters the ring, Orton immediately grabs him and hits an RKO! Orton leaves the ring and stalks off, leaving Big Show standing and glaring at him, and Del Rio laid out. There's the Orton pose on the stage!

Later tonight, MizTV! The Miz's guest will be Sheamus. But up next, Santino Marella gets another US Title rematch against Antonio Cesaro!

The WWE Rewind has the Cesaro/Marella match from last week, where Aksana screwed up and cost Cesaro the match. Cesaro dumped Aksana afterwards. Will that be to his benefit or not?

Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro w/o Aksana, US Championship Match: So the theory here is that without Aksana to distract the sock puppet, Santino should be able to win. Lets see how that plays out. Lockup, Santino backed into the ropes, Cesaro with a kick. Forearm shot knocks Santino down. Whip to the corner, Santino goes up and over. Splits duck, but the hiptoss is blocked and Cesaro dumps him with a clothesline. Punches in the corner. Vertical suplex, floatover for a one count. Double stomp to Santino's chest! Antonio poses for the crowd. "I'm the champion!" Neck vise applied. Santino tries to fire up and get the crowd behind him. Saito suplex to break the hold! Punches, and a scoop slam by Santino. And here comes the Cobra! Cesaro cuts him off with a gut punch, followed by the deadlift gutwrench, but Santino holds on mid-move and rolls Cesaro into a sunset flip! That gets two! Santino looks for the Cobra which was discarded at some point, and Cesaro lands a European Uppercut, then hits the deadlift gutwrench for real! Two count! He picks Santino up by the chin, but Santino lands a superkick out of nowhere! 1, 2, no! Cesaro rolls to the apron, and rams a shoulder into Santino's midsection as he pursues. He goes to the top rope (?), but Santino cuts him off with a punch, climbing the ropes after him! Santino wants a superplex, but Cesaro fights out. Trading blows on the top. Cesaro wants a Neutralizer off the top rope! Santino has something to say about that, and he backdrops Cesaro off the top instead! Santino turns around and climbs all the way to the top, reluctantly, making the sign of the cross to protect himself. Headbutt off the top misses, Cesaro rolls out of the way! Cesaro picks him up, and there's the Neutralizer! 1, 2, 3, Cesaro retains! Maybe he doesn't need Aksana after all?

Okay, it's been a whole month since The Score has switched to their new "Viewer Discretion is Advised" warning graphic, and it still flashes in and out partway through the display. How has no one tweeted Arda Ocal about this yet? Is it going to fall to me to get a Twitter account and save Canadian viewers from these unprofessional displays? Does the American feed even need to have a warning like that, anyway, in the PG era?

Michael Cole and Josh Mathews discuss Daniel Bryan and Kane at their desk, and we get a recap from Raw, with Daniel Bryan, Kane and Dr. Shelby at the diner, with a cameo by Mae Young. We saw this on Raw! Okay, actually, no Mae Young, that was just the first segment. Presumably we'll get the others later?

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya: For someone who's supposedly asked for her release, Beth Phoenix is sure having a lot of matches, isn't she? Well, this is her hometown! A Tout from Eve aired before the match, talking about the mysterious blonde attacker. And hey, this match has two blondes! Beth wants a handshake, Natalya accepts, and no treachery occurs. Lockup, arm-wringer by Beth, Natalya rolls through and flips back to her feet, fireman's carry takeover on Beth, who grabs a headscissors. Natalya kips up, drop toe hold by Beth. Hey, that's cool, Beth's pants have the old Buffalo Sabres logo on them, except with a phoenix instead of the buffalo. Beth joins Matt Striker, Michael Cole and Every Employed Canadian in the list of WWE hockey fans! Hammerlock by Natalya, reversed by Beth, armdrag and armbar applied. Arm-wringer and hammerlock by Natalya, but Beth backs her into the corner. Clean break, then Beth grabs a headlock. Headlock takedown, and Beth fights off the headscissors attempt. Back to their feet, Nattie lands elbows, and pushes Beth off into the ropes. Natalya wants a Thesz Press (!), but Beth catches her! Natalya drops down the back, and shoves Bath from behind. "Lets go Buffalo!" chant! Beth and Natalya stare each other down, and Nattie with the slap! Beth looks.. displeased. Double-leg takedown! The beatdown begins! Natalya crawls to the ropes for the break. Beth ducks a clothesline, and hits a side Russian leg sweep! "Come on, Buffalo!" To the second rope! She jumps off with a Something Or Other, but lands flat on her back as Natalya catches her legs! She wants the Sharpshooter, and gets it! Beth struggles, pushing herself up and crawling to the ropes. Natalya drags her back to the centre of the ring! She starts crawling again, and this time makes it for the break! Natalya tries to regain the advantage, but Beth ducks behind, pushes her into the ropes, and lands the rollup off of them. She doesn't go for the pin, wanting the Glam Slam instead, but Netalya fights out of it. Natalya off the ropes, and she jumps in for the Rey Mysterio-style wheelbarrow into a bulldog (!), but Beth catches her by the arms on the way up! Glam Slam hits! 1, 2, 3... NO! Natalya kicked out! Cole: "That's just rubbing salt in the wounds of Beth Phoenix this week!" You can say that again. Maybe she really is leaving if Natalya is kicking out of her finisher! Natalya throws her into the turnbuckle, but Beth gets a boot up and climbs to the top. She wants a victory roll, but Natalya sits down on her halfway through! 1, 2, Beth rolls her through into the victory roll! 1, 2, 3! Beth gets the hometown win in the end. What was I saying about her leaving? Clearly she's staying! Right? And she's so happy that she's almost crying. But here comes Eve Torres, microphone in hand. "Beth, I just wanted to apologise for acting in the heat of the moment on Monday at Raw. You see, until we know exactly who attacked Kaitlyn at Night of Champions, we've got to act rationally. Now, all we know now is that the assailant is a blonde. Therefore, until we've concluded our investigation, Beth Phoenix, you will be indefinitely suspended." Beth looks displeased at this, and starts pointing to Natalya. The two argue in the ring, with Natalya saying she had nothing to do with this, and that she doesn't want to be blamed. Nattie starts crying too! So Beth is leaving, just like I said all along. But I guess the door is being left open for her return?

Backstage, Teddy Long and Booker T are talking! "I've gotta tell ya Book, now that's a great plan. That tag team division is looking real strong these days, playa." "It's getting hot, man, that's why we've gotta determine a #1 Contender for the Tag Team Championship. That's why I propose an eight team single-elimination tournament, and guess what, the winners will face Kane and Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell. That's what I'm talking about. I'm talking about ratings, baby!" "And what I'm talking about is that's a great concept, playa." Their conference is interrupted by the arrival of Beth Phoenix. "Booker, did you SEE what just happened out there?" "What're you talking 'bout?" "Why am I suspended indefinitely? What did I do to deserve that?" "Suspended? What're you talking 'bout?" "I mean, does Eve even have the authority to do something like that?" Lets ask Eve Torres herself, as she walks into the shot. "Yes, yes I do. I am the assistant to the General Manager." Booker butts in. "Oh no you DON'T. You see, I AM the General Manager, and that's why right now at this time, as General Manager I reverse the decision." Beth is staying! I'm so confused! "I'm sorry, there must be some sort of miscommunication. I apologise, Booker, and I sincerely apologise to you, Beth Phoenix." "Yeah, you should be sorry." And Beth stalks away. "Booker, I was just acting on behalf of what I thought you wanted." "Yeah, well I'm gonna tell you something, I don't know what you're talking about, okay?" "Well, you didn't tell me, but... your senior advisor did. I was just following orders." Teddy protests! "Whoa whoa whoa, I didn't tell you anything!" "I should've followed my instincts on this. It's clear that Teddy is just jealous of your position as GM, and he would do whatever it takes to make your administration look incompetant because he wants his job back." "You've gotta be kidding me, Eve. Where are you coming from with all this stuff?" Eve turns and leaves, and Booker turns a suspicious look on Long. "Teddy?" "C'mon, Book, now I know you're not believing any of this stuff Eve said, right?" "Right now I don't know what to believe, but, just gimme some time to think about this, aight? Just gimme a minute." "Ah, yeah, I..." And Teddy leaves too. Booker stands around looking confused.

It's the Raw Rebound! CM Punk and Mick Foley and John Cena and The Ryback! We saw this on Raw!

Coming up later, the debut of MizTV on Smackdown! The Miz is being prepped backstage, staring into a hand-held mirror!

Zack Ryder vs. Wade Barrett: Ryder is 'already in the ring', and Barrett's new theme is called 'Just Don't Care Anymore', for those who care. Anymore. Lockup attempt cut off by knees from Barrett, whip to the ropes, shoulderblock by Wade. Off the ropes, dropdown by Ryder, leapfrog by Ryder, but Barrett cuts him off with the mule kick. Pumphandle slam! 1, 2, no. Into the corner, punches to take Ryder down. Barrett argues with the referee, who's The Replacement Ref from Raw, if that matters. Setting Ryder up for a back suplex, no, he slingshots Ryder off the ropes, then down into a backbreaker! 1, 2, no! Knee to the spine, and a surfboard hold. Ryder tries to fight to keep it from being locked in fully, not letting his right arm get extended. Ryder starts fighting up to his feet as the fans chant for him. Whip to the ropes, Ryder counters with a facebuster! He gets up the double knees in the corner to block a charge! Missile dropkick, and a running forearm! Barrett's down in the corner. You know what time it is. Woo woo woo! But Barrett rolls out of the ring before the Broski Boot can connect. Ryder runs and kicks him in the face from inside the ring to the floor anyway! He throws Wade back in the ring, off the ropes, but Wade runs right behind him and clotheslines him over the top! Barrett throws him back in, and loads the elbow. The Souvenir connects! That's his move! 1, 2, 3! Zack Ryder now has something to remember Wade by. Is anyone ever going to hire him?

Segment two of Daniel Bryan and Kane in the diner! We saw this on Raw! Hey, there's Mae Young.

Up next, MizTV with Sheamus, who is walking backstage!

We open onto the repaired MizTV set, with The Miz in the ring. "Welcome to the most Must-See Talk Show in WWE History! Welcome to the Smackdown world premiere of MizTV! This show is unlike any other show, it's extraordinary, it's revolutionary, it's-" It's interrupted by Sheamus, who comes down to the ring in street clothes. Sheamus gets to break the dress code with jeans! He tosses the director's chair out to the floor, and poses in the ring. Miz looks upset at his furniture being thrown about. "Do you have any idea how expen-" And Sheamus grabs the mic out of his hands. That's no way to treat a talk show host! "No, Miz, I'll be honest, I didn't want to wait for my introduction in the back, because I was afraid you might be suffering from memory loss. Y'see, last Monday night- Yeah, memory loss. You remember, after (The) Ryback kicked your arse from pillar to post last Monday night on Raw. Oh, and the time ah, he launched your couch, just missed your head. I thought you were suffering from memory loss, that's why I just came out here and, ah, that's kinda what it felt like. But um, I have to give it to ya Fella, what a great start to MizTV, huh? I mean, last week Fella, you really raised the bar, that was just phenominal, and I really want to know. How are you gonna top it?" "The-" "I'm gonna tell ya how you're gonna top it. You're going to have the World Heavyweight Champion on your show! So tell me, Miz, be honest now, okay, be honest with me, how does it feel to have me on." "I-" "I'll tell you how it feels, because I'll be honest, you're looking to have a show at all, lets be honest, you're bleeding useless in the ring, and the only thing you can hope for is, ah, a second career at a crappy C-list talk show. But uh, I'll be honest Fella, if I were you with this talk show, I'd actually wait until the end of the show before you come out so these fine people here, they don't have to listen to you talk about yourself for an hour and a half. What do you think?" Miz doesn't respond, this time grabbing his own mic. Why didn't he do that five rambling sentences ago? "What do I think? Last time I checked, I am still the Intercontinental Champion! And if these people, these 'fine' people as well as you want to see me excel at my finest, you're gonna have to pay. You're gonna have to pay to see my movies. Yeah, I'm in a movie, Marine Homefront comes out this spring, you're gonna have to pay to see me in a book. Yeah, I'm in a book, Mick Foley wrote a book, The Most Mizerable Christmas, based on ME. Yeah, yeah, you can pay for that. You know what else you can pay for? You can pay to hear my radio show, the most must-listen to radio show on Sirius-XM, First And Awesome, and you know what? You can pay to see me excel in this ring! Because if you did pay to see me excel at Night of Champions, you saw me defeat three top superstars blindfolded, to retain my Intercontinental Championship! AND! Tonight, tonight, these 'fine' people have paid to see me on MizTV." "C'mon, Miz, Miz, c'mon Fella, we all know that nobody wants to pay to see you." "Oh, you've got jokes. It's funny, you're happy, I find it amazing that you're not serious right now, you're not being serious with me, because tonight there's a main event match for the #1 Contendership for your World Heavyweight Championship. You want to do hard-hitting questions? Why aren't you the slightest bit worried about that? You are going to have to face, at Hell in a Cell, either Randy Orton or Big Show. And if you're asking me, Sheamus? If you're asking me, you're either going to get left slaughtered by an RKO, or have your face re-arranged by a WMD. Now, my friend, who is going to have the memory loss?" Sheamus looks pensive as he considers his comeback. "You don't think I take this seriously? You think I won the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania just so I could sit back, kick my feet up and have a few pints? Listen to me, ya loud-mouthed frog-faced Hollywood wannabe. Nobody takes this championship more seriously than me. I wake up and train every morning. I go to bed at night knowing that one small mistake, one tiny error, and all this goes away. Do I like to have fun? Yes. Do I like to joke around from time to time? You bet your arse I do. But don't stand there and tell me I don't take this seriously. This, this right here, this is a privilege. This is an honour. This is one of the greatest achievements of my entire life. And not a day goes by that I don't count this as a blessing. So if Randy Orton wins, great, I've told Randy on many occasions that it'd be an honour to stand in there and defend my championship against him. If the Big Show wins, fantastic, I've never stepped in the ring with the Big Show, and that's one more tick off my bucket list. But if you think that I'm gonna let you stand here and question my integrity? Fella, I know what these fine people paid to see tonight. And I'm more than happy to give it to them." Miz begs off, but..

"EXCUSE ME!" You guessed it, here comes Vickie Guerrero to give me more work! "EXCUSE ME!" And without any further preamble, Dolph Ziggler follows her out. "EXCUSE ME! I don't understand why you are so EXCUSE ME! I don't understand why you are so concerned for Randy Orton and the Big Show when the man that you need to be worried about at Hell in a Cell-" "I can speak for myself, Vickie." Dolph grabs the mic from her, going on to enter the ring. "You see, Sheamus, it doesn't matter which superstar you face at Hell in a Cell. Because when it's all over with, you're going to be a broken, obliterated drooling mess of a man, and then, well." Ziggler pauses, looking at his briefcase. "That's when this is all that matters. You see, tonight's main event, much like your entire championship reign, is completely irrelevant. And when the Hell in a Cell pay per view comes to a close, I guarantee, I will be the World Heavyweight Champion." "Y'know, Ziggler, honestly, I have no idea what sort of shape I'm gonna be in after my match at Hell in a Cell. I mean, hopefully I'll defeat either Randy Orton or the Big Show. But if I do win, and you feel like cashing in that contract? Who knows, Fella, you may get lucky." He stopped talking there, looking back to Miz, who had sat down in the other director's chair and was mugging for the camera, encouraging Sheamus and Ziggler to squabble. Ziggler dropped his mic, Sheamus did too, as Miz said off-mic "Give them what they want to see!". But Sheamus turns and shoves Miz down in his chair! Double-leg takedown on Ziggler! But Miz is up, and gets thrown into the couch! Not the furniture again! Now Ziggler's on top with punches, but Sheamus reverses. Miz in, and Miz gets thrown out of the ring! Ziggler gets backdropped over the top onto Miz! Play Sheamus' music! The briefcase is thrown out after Ziggler.

Hey, here are the tag team tournament brackets! Lets put them here in amateurish fashion.

The Usos
The Rhodes Scholars

Santino and Ryder
Just Kidding

Kofi and R-Truth
The Prime Time Players

Epico and Primo
Mysterio and Sin Cara

And the Usos vs. the Rhodes Scholars is next!

A promo for Barricade! It's a WWE Studios film without a WWE superstar! Doesn't that ruin the point of these?

The Usos vs. The Rhodes Scholars, Tag Team Tournament Match: The Usos don't get their war dance entrance, apparently. Probably because there's been so much talking already. The Rhodes Scholars enter to Cody's theme and video. Apparently Cody feels that even though he and Sandow aren't really an experienced tag team, he feels that Daniel Bryan and Kane are sitting ducks as champions, and if they can be champs despite hating each other, anyone can. One Uso has a new tattoo on his arm! Which is it? Lets see if the commentators tell me! Sandow takes that Uso down with a boot in the corner, and stomps away. He drags the Uso by the leg towards the wrong corner! Oops! Well, in his defense, the Usos are in the heel corner and the Scholars are in the face corner, for some reason. Forearm smash, cover for one. Whip, it's Jimmy in the ring with the tattoo, reversed, Samoan Drop! Hot tag after around a minute of the match! Forearm shots for Cody! Mule kick and an uppercut. Spinning something misses horribly and hits Cody in the knee instead of the head. Running Umaga buttsplash! 1, 2, Sandow breaks it up. Clothesline ducked, Sandow bails to avoid the superkick, so Jey hits Cody with the superkick instead! Tag to Jimmy, they want the piggyback splash, but Sandow pulls Jey out of the ring. Jimmy shrugs and goes for the splash anyway, but Cody gets the knees up! Crossrhodes connects! 1, 2, 3! The Rhodes Scholars advance, to no one's surprise. Sandow takes a bow. Celebratory cartwheel! Cody shakes his hand.

A Raw recap! The third diner segment! We saw this on Raw!

Tensai vs. The Ryback: Is this The Ryback's biggest challenge yet? Lockup, power struggle, The Ryback backs Tensai up into the corner. Break, but Tensai with the throat strike. Tensai takes his head to the buckle, but The Ryback no-sells. So Tensai just starts pounding away. Is The Ryback bleeding from the scalp already? Avalanche in the corner. Forearm shots, finally blocked, The Ryback with a headbutt and a belly to belly suplex! He wants the Meathook! The Meathook blocked, and Tensai hits the Baldobomb! Two count! A second cover only gets one. Forearms by Tensai, and a slap. Off the ropes, and there's the Meathook to counter! "Finish it!" Can he do Shell Shocked on Tensai? Yes he can! 1, 2, 3! And okay, he's not bleeding from the head, it's just a scab from a previous wound.

Randy Orton is walking backstage! His match is next! Or is it? Alberto Del Rio is on him from behind, ramming him into the wall, then the other wall! He wheels a cart into Orton's leg! A referee shows up to restore order, and Del Rio departs without further attacks. Is Orton going to be able to compete?

The Big Show is out for the match, at least. And while Randy Orton's music hits, he doesn't come out. Instead, Alberto Del Rio w/Black Scarf of Mourning, which he apparently took the time to find between his attack backstage and now, makes an entrance with a microphone in hand. "Looks like Randy Orton will not be able to compete tonight. But all of you people will be happy to know that the one taking his place in this #1 Contender match against you, Big Show, is none other than me, Alberto Del Rio." But here's Randy Orton to lay out Del Rio from behind! He rams him into the WWE logo on the stage! He's still looking worse for wear, but Orton's heading down towards the ring now, clutching his ribs. Big Show doesn't care, he wants to fight someone. The match is next!

Big Show vs. Randy Orton, #1 Contenders Match: Big Show makes Orton flinch at the start. Clothesline misses, and Orton just ducks away to the other corner. Big Show continues stalking Orton, and backs him into the corner. The chop is stopped by punches, but Big Show drops Orton with a headbutt. "That hurts, doesn't it Randy. Your ribs hurt." Orton picks himself up, and there's the Shhh.. no, Orton stops it with punches again. Another headbutt drops Orton! Big Show grabs and squeezes Orton's ribs with just one hand. Orton pulls himself to his feet. Punch to the gut of Orton! "This is why I'm the only one who can be World Heavyweight Champion!" He steps on Orton against the ropes, as Orton screams in pain. There's the rib hold again. "Huh, Randy, huh? C'mon, get up." Big Show smiles, but Orton punches him once, then gets headbutted again. Final Cut by the Big Show! "That's all it takes!" 1, 2, no! Orton rolls out of the ring to safety, but Big Show slowly pursues. Kicks by Orton, but a punch by Show stops him. Pressed up and dropped onto the barricade! Lets take a commercial break!

Back in the ring, Orton's down in the corner as Big Show taunts him. Whip to the corner, charge stopped by a boot! Punches by Orton, off the ropes, grabbed for the choke! But the chokeslam is countered into a DDT! Orton's in no condition to make the cover. There he goes, crawling over. 1, 2, pressed out! Orton stomps the hand, then the foot. The other foot! The gut! Kneedrop to the head! But Big Show is beating him back to his feet from that. Punches to Orton's gut, back into the corner with more punches. "Quit! I don't wanna beat you, I want you to quit! Give up! Quit!" Orton shoves Big Show away, so Big Show punches him again. Rib hold! "Quit! Quit! Quit!" Show steps on Orton with his full weight. Picks him up, another punch to the ribs, and Orton bails out of the ring. Commentators are making excuses using Del Rio's attack. Show lifts Orton over his shoulder, but Orton shoves Show into the ringpost! Show only fell to his knees, but Orton catches Show coming back into the ring. He wants the DDT, but Big Show blocks it and hangs Orton's arm up on the top rope. He signals for the chokeslam! He pulls Orton up by the neck from the ground, but Orton immediately hits the RKO once he gets to his feet! Orton crawls into the cover. 1, 2, NO! Big Show kicks out! Orton looks displeased, and he backs up to the corner. He wants the punt! But Show catches him coming in! Chokeslam! 1, 2, no! Show grabs him by the throat and picks him up again! A second chokeslam, this one holding him up for several seconds! 1, 2, 3! The Big Show is now the #1 Contender.

Show re-enters the ring after the replays. He's prepping the WMD! Knockout punch to Orton! Show wants the mic. "Sheamus. I guess I'll be seeing you at Hell in a Cell." Play his music again! Edge is on Haven next! And we're out!
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Finally, a challenger for Sheamus who isn't Alberto Del Rio.

The Usos didn't do their tag-team entrance on a recent episode of NXT that I watched, either (although to be fair, I don't think they actually wrestled a match on that occasion?), so maybe they're not doing it anymore. That would be unfortunate. [citation needed]

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I didn't see an 8-team tag tournament coming in WWE in 2012.

Let's compare to the last one, from exactly ten years ago.





Not sure that the Mysteristico vs. Rhodes Scholars finals will be as good as that one's, but Rey has tournament experience.

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I was thinking recently about this myself (I just watched the Austin What? DVD ... $7 cheap at Wal-mart. God I can't wait for Austin to get back). Yes, the Invasion angle was booked to fail. Yes, the Alliance looked like a bunch of goofballs.
- Gavintzu, Remembering The Alliance (2003)
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