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The W - Pro Wrestling - Smackdown! 6-26-03
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So THAT'S why Steph kissed Bischoff. See, she spent all those years whoring for Daddy's business partners that, when she met Bisch (who is, kinda, a business partner) she totally relapsed into that mode. But she quickly snapped out of it, and that's why she has NEVER mentioned it again. How's that for an idea?

FOOTAGE! of the armwrestling, and last week's Adventures in the Room of Fun (even worse in replay with the muzak). Well, they edited the whoring-out bit.

It's my life, my time, my right, my's Ssssmackdown from NY, NY (and a Fashion Report, too).

Cena, in Celtics #33 jersey, jean shorts, gold lock and chain, and backwards cap (Velocity's Josh, in white shirt and khakis, is ring announcing tonight), claiming he'll be ME'ing WM XX, vs. Orlando Jordan, in black undies. Hey, Kidman's in the corwd. Orlando's fac is reminiscent of Samuel L. Jackson's. Oh, the match? Jordan looked really hyper, as is proper for a rookie. Nice match. Then Taker, in black "Big Evil...Pain Syndicate/Let the Beatings Begin" tshirt rides on down to hug the rookie.

Taker, in black singlet and leather pants (now having discarded his tshirt) and his Acolytes, both in black "APA" tights with playing cards (mirrored, so one Bradshaw has "APA" on right thigh but Farooq has it on his left) vs. the FBI (with new music?), in red "FBI" undies, once they all schuck the pants. Chuck locks-up with the cigar? Nunzio is THE cowardly heel. An okay match.

Mmmm - Mint Chocolate Chip. June IS Dairy Month.

Coinstar? I don't get it - why not go to a bank?

Meanwhile, Noble and Nidia shoo away some tourists, and meet up with a lawyer. OMG - they're rich! I foresee a "Beverly Hillbillys" knockoff! Hope they don't blow it all tonight.

Tazz, in black pinstriped suit, white shrit, and orange checkered tie and hanky, and Cole, in white shirt, want to show us WM FOOTAGE!

Meanwhile, Sable, in black highheels, and Vince, in grey sportscoat and light pink shirt (top three buttons undone), stand around. Vince isn't in the mood - he's got "something to do".

Mattitude, in black "V1" tshirt and red pants with black pockets and gold pattern, vs. Rikishi, in black babydoll tshirt, red-star white-dragon manskirt, and "Rikishi" belt. Matt is exiting the Cruiserweight division, says Cole. A NASTY piledrive, but Hardy kicks out of it (?). Nice match, although I didn't have too much doubt as to the outcome.

Josh interviews Kidman. Wow, I never noticed before - he has NO charisma. At least he feuded with HOgan.

Piper, in kilt and white "Pipers Pit!" tshirt with black undies thereunder, and Sean, in black long trenchcoat with silver flamin' cuffs, and BLACK undies with PURPLE crotch-flame and RED butt-web, vs. Eddie, in red "Latino" tights with black/gold flames, and Tajiri, in black pants with dragons (white on left leg and yellow/red on right), both wearing the Tag Title belts. Sean has nice hair and (I guess) crotch. (The ladies were gonna bring it up eventually.) Pallid Piper has a gut. Green mist and that was a nice match.

FOOTAGE! from last week's Brocky/Show match (and run-ins).

Vince, also in grey slacks (slapping the Fashion Report notes out of my hand), introduces Stephanie, in black low-neck shirt and red skirt, and Zack, in white sleeveless "Mr. America" tshirt (what, can't he get his OWN clothes?) and black warmups, with cane. Steph's got black heels and wavy hair. Man, those boobs just JUT out, and her stare could kill. I could really dig this angle, if it were really about Steph's redemption, but I totally loose interest when the segment degenerates into ass-worship.

Rey, in white "Rey 619" wifebeater and jeans, white mask with white feathers, and the belt over his shoulder, guest commentates.

Ultimo Dragon, in sparkly platinum cape, tights, platinum mask with white horns and spine, and plantinum pauldrons (shoulder plates) vs. Adbreak, vs. Shannon, in purple/black/white bellbottoms. Wow - a nice match there. I would SO LOVE to see Dragon/Rey (as I'm sure a lot of you are). Oh, and Dragon has spined bracers, too. Golly - that outfit is something to gush over (let's get it on Shopzone, fast).

Angle, in blue "Team Angle" singlet with gold medals, and Mr. America, in white sleeveless "Mr. America" tshirt, blue trunks with red/white stripes, "Mr. America" belt, and mask (I bet no-one accidentally wears his stuff - his name's all over it!), and Brocky, doing the Happy Dance, in black undies with butt-ribs, wearing the WWE Title, vs. Benjamin/Haas (with new music), both in maroon/silver singlets, and BigShow, in one-strap black singlet, vs. Adbreak. The crowd is HOT for this match. Tazz coins the term "Manster". And a hot-looking chick in a black bra walks back and forth - that's your Fan Fashion for the night. Adbreak interference. A good match.

Vince beats Zack on the ramp, but Steph makes the save. Book a match for Next week.

Overall: A good show. The Ultimo Dragon looked good, and fast. Stephanie made me actually care about her feelings (I say a good redemption angle could really work here). In-ring action was nice all around. The only downsides are: still no brackets in the US Title "tourney" and BigShow vs. Steph/Zack for next week will have some shenanigans surrounding it. But, well, we'll deal with that next week.

Edit: Typos for everyone!

(edited by ScreamingHeadGuy on 26.6.03 2107)

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#2 Posted on
"FOOTAGE! of the armwrestling, and last week's Adventures in the Room of Fun (even worse in replay with the muzak). Well, they edited the whoring-out bit."

Hey! A 3-minute promo that doesn't ONCE mention wrestling. What show did I select with my remote?

"Coinstar? I don't get it - why not go to a bank?"

Because I hate writing on the coin wrappers. If you happen to have a shoebox full of coinage, Coinstar is your hookup. Ch-ching if ya hear me!

"A NASTY piledrive, but Hardy kicks out of it (?)."

Matt kicked out of the Fire Thunder Driver! Hokey smoke! Great match that paid off on Matt attacking Kishi's back.

Ultimo Dragon has a finisher that's three shades of cool.

Too much Steph=hey, lookit that NBA draft. Now THERE'S a show begging for a ScreamingHeadGuy fashion report.

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Definitely too much Vince/Steph/Zach, tho Zach did cut a nice promo. I didn't hate Vince interrupting the main event, but I DID hate the match he booked for next week...ugh.

Otherwise, good show. I even enjoyed Piper in the ring. And Ultimo Dragon's finisher (to quote Edge) reeks of awesomeness!

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I didn't get to see Smackdown last week, so the intro was the first time I got to see the whole Vince/Steph thing, and I must say that Steph is one AWFUL actress. Of course, the contrived dialogue didn't help, but her delivery was absolutely laughable.

I haven't been too impressed with Orlando Jordan the few times I've seen him. He and John Cena should probably not be wrestling eachother at this point in their careers. Decent squash, but not great.

Couldn't the FBI get at least one win against Taker? It's sad that they spent weeks building the FBI up and then they spend the last 4 weeks getting buried. Where does everybody go from here?

Jaime Noble is on Smackdown again! And he has a new angle! Maybe they'll let him wrestle, and actually win a match. The segment was cute, and it's nice to ssee that there is something planned for him.

The Hardy/Rikishi match has to be the strongest Matt has been booked in a while. Seeing him kick out of the Rikishi Driver was sweet. Hopefully it means that he's getting the US title.

So Kidman's gonna go heel. I'm guessing that he might get the cruiserweight title shot at Vengeance if he's healthy so that they can save Rey/Ultimo for Summerslam.

The tag title match was pretty decent. That speaks volumes about how good Eddie and Tajiri are. I thought they did a decent job by minimizing Piper's involvement, but O'Haire has been such a dissappointment. They really need to let him cut loose with his stuff, because he is awful right now as a generic hoss. His kicks are nice, but not much else.

Steph in the ring for the Kiss My Ass Club brings us one more step closer to the Vince/Steph incest angle that we all know is coming. It frightens me how over the Kiss My Ass Club concept is. But really, who's brilliant idea is it to have Zack wrestle BIG SHOW next week? Of course, it's probably just going to be MR. America running in, hitting the legdrop and then Steph will get the pin, but jeez, what a way to ruin his in-ring debut.

Ultimo looked pretty good, and that finisher was SWANK. Poor Shannon Moore is so underrated and underused. The coming weeks are going to be very interesting to see how the division is going to play out.

THe main-event was good. The faces were insanely over, as you'd expect them to be at MSG. Brock looked fine, despite the injury, and it's a joy to see Angle wrestling again. The Big Show's push will just not stop. In a way, I understand it, but he's pretty much on borrowed time at this point as far as credibility goes. The whole hyperdrama of the Steph/Zack seems kinda silly to me.

Decent show, but could of used a really good match in place of all the average matches.

Mr Heel II
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#5 Posted on
Oh great. We found ANOTHER way to book Big Show into the main next week. Because it IS going to be the main, isn't it. Oh well, at least we'll finally see Zack wrestle on Smackdown...

Ultimo Dragon IS the Coors Silver Bullet! I can't believe his pyro didn't burn the set down. His finisher did have quite a "whoa" factor.

Josh Matthews is NOT ring announcer material.

I REALLY don't think it would break anybody's heart if Piper would wrestle in a shirt.

I don't know. I just couldn't keep much interest on the show tonight. It's probably Kidman's fault, even with that girl he had with him...

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#6 Posted on

    Originally posted by Mr Heel II
    I just couldn't keep much interest on the show tonight. It's probably Kidman's fault, even with that girl he had with him...

Speaking of which, wasn't that TE3's Taylor sitting on his right?

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#7 Posted on
Why not just let Noble get the money by stealing Nidia's lottery ticket?

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Because DDP and Kim were New Jersey trailer trash, whereas Noble and Nidia are southern trailer trash. Kudos to WWE for their fine levels of subtlety and characterization.

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#9 Posted on
Just got done watching my opinions and other thoughts while I still remember.

1) Cena/Jordan -> First time I remember seeing Jordan wrestle. He has some potential. My dad does agree about Cena main eventing WM XX. For me, a couple of big wins will really help in putting him there. Hey, he already main evented one PPV. UT gives Jordan respect...OK.

2) UT/APA vs. FBI -> Too many initials. Bradshaw sure is back!!! See his clothesline at the end. What power. Hopefully this will end the UT/FBI feud. This has been putting me to sleep.

3) Noble/Nidia get an inheritance. Two words for this...GIMMICK CHANGE!!! Funniest line of the night is when they said that they can now eat at Applebee's. LOL
WM, have to go a whole year of this. Note to all: Almost everyone who stepped in the ring...dead or long retired. That's how long it has been.
Sable/Vince -> Nuff said. How many times have he gone through this? Any other divas who have been in this situation.

4) Hardy/Rikishi -> Ugly US Belt...the end of the match was a "gimme a break" ending.

5) Josh interviews Kidman...About Josh, it must have been last minute, no tuxedo. About Kidman, could be another heel turn?

6) Piper/O'Haire vs Tajiri/Guerrero -> All that we got in this match...Piper is old, too white, and now unemployed. So, the last look we see of Piper is him in his black tights with a green face doing a job to Guerrero.

7) Vince/Steph/Zach -> did we have to bring that club back? Will this angle ever end?

8) Ultimo Dragon/Moore -> when Rey came out, my dad said "I hate that guy!" I don't blame him. I get bored with masked wrestlers, that's why I don't watch Lucha Libre. Moore + no entrance = return to Velocity. Ultimo Dragon did not skip a beat in the 4-5 years since the last time I saw him. When Rey talked about the 10 titles Dragon had at one time, he surprised my dad, who couldn't believe it. I had to explain him about the different organizations and the J-crown, which I only read about in magazines and the internet. I said to myself, "How did he get all 10 of the belts to ringside when he came out?"

9) Lesner/Mr. America/Angle vs Haas/Benjamin/Big Show -> Nice match, but Vince had to ruin it for all of us, and once again the last guy we see as we go out is the Big Show after winning. "Vince, you did it again!" (whacks Vince with hat while end of Gilligan's Island is being played)

OK, next week, we finally see how Gowen does in the ring, hopefully. This would get really interesting. I have a feeling Mr. America will get into the action...Gowen/Steph win, Gowen wins contract, McMahon upset. That's how it is going to end up.

Have a good weekend, will be back on Monday.


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#10 Posted on
    Originally posted by Underwater
    I didn't get to see Smackdown last week, so the intro was the first time I got to see the whole Vince/Steph thing, and I must say that Steph is one AWFUL actress.

Yea, I noticed Steph's crying sounded a lot like Chunk's crying in the "Goonies" movie when he made his confession to the Fratellis.

No disrespect, though, to Jeff Cohen (Chunk). He is by far a better actor. Steph makes me of the notion "Miss Piggy meets Breast Augmentation".

(edited by IfYouWill on 27.6.03 0041)

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#11 Posted on

    Originally posted by saturn93
    When Rey talked about the 10 titles Dragon had at one time, he surprised my dad, who couldn't believe it. I had to explain him about the different organizations and the J-crown, which I only read about in magazines and the internet. I said to myself, "How did he get all 10 of the belts to ringside when he came out?"

When I saw a tape of Rey vs. Dragon wrestling in WCW, I believe Dragon held a title on each arm, one on the waist, and his manager held a couple more.

But his debut in WCW must've been something, carrying a bunch of belts. My friend theorizes that one of 'em was the WWF Light Heavyweight.

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It was bound to happen sooner or later

I mey get in trouble for saying this, but color me "eh" on Ultimo Dragon's WWE debut. After hearing SO much about him over the years, this was my first time actually watching him and I wasnt too impressed. The finisher was pretty hott, but the rest of it was just ok to me. I still find Rey more exciting when it comes to that style.

Oh, and Rey bringing up Ultimo's once holding 10 titles at one time IMMEDIATELY after Michael Cole's "This man once held FIVE titles at the same time!" = COMEDY.

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#13 Posted on
One of the girls Kidman had beside him was Miss Michelle, who's Missy Hyats niece and is a contestant in the Diva search.

I personally like seeing kidman back, though I'll be very pissed if the ban the Shooting-Star Press. Has to be the best move out there. For some reason I see Kidman as a NWATNA guy.
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#14 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.65

    Originally posted by TalusMZ
    But his debut in WCW must've been something, carrying a bunch of belts. My friend theorizes that one of 'em was the WWF Light Heavyweight.


That's correct, actually. (

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#15 Posted on
Actually, wasn't it was Rey who mentioned that Ultimo once held five titles and then Michael Cole said he held ten titles? (I could be wrong. I thought Cole corrected Rey, which made me agape.)

Seems kind of fitting that Piper did the job in his last match for the WWE (I hope). Maybe now creative will be forced to come up with an interesting way to use O'Haire.

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#16 Posted on
Cena's promo was alright. I'm not looking forward to a Taker-Cena feud.

I wonder what Nunzio thinks about Noble inheriting all that money.

I guess we get to hear O'Haire's awesome theme more.

I liked Kidman's interview. I hope Kidman's new gimmick is a success.

Dragon-Moore was good.

The main event was also good. Except the ending sucked.

Overall, Smackdown was alright, despite wayyyy too much Vince/Steph/Zack.

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#17 Posted on

I dunno...I liked it last night...even the Steph/Zack stuff..

My first thought when I saw Orlando? "Holy Crap, they painted Nathan Jones? That's not very P.C.!"

Zack did a GOOD job last night...maybe some of his lines rang a little true? In any case, he was light years ahead of his...ummm..."interaction" with Sable last week.

Ultimo Dragon was great! Anyone have any idea what that finisher's called?

Although I'm not looking forward to the match next week, I thought Big Show was used pretty effectively. That closing shot...wouldn't you be scared if Show was looking at YOU like a juicy steak?

All in all, a very decent show, they seem to be gearing up towards their PPV nicely.

(edited by cranlsn on 27.6.03 2021)

Lap cheong

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#18 Posted on
Hey, I finally got to see Smackdown yesterday. Well, I admit, it was a good show, and I don't want to overanalyze. So, I'll say it was good. This show and Raw this week have been fun, but I give the slight edge to RAW simply because they gave us a stronger payoff at the end and of course FOLEY.

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#19 Posted on
Just watched Smackdown on tape

-Cena vs. Jordan- What a strange match, Jordan had control for the entire 2 minutes with Cena getting to roll through pin.

-APA/Taker vs. FBI3- Can we finally end this horrible FBI vs. Taker feud. Man this feud is sad. What can I say about this match. Well at least it looked like Bradshaw came back in much better shape then he left.

-Hardy vs. Rikishi- This match was much better then expected. Nice touch of both kicking out of each other big move but Matt hitting it again after Rikishi ran into the unpadded turnbuckle. Must admit really they decided to put Matt over Rikishi.

-Eddie/Tajiri vs. Piper/O'Haire- I guess this is the last match of Piper in the WWE. His use was minimal, and O'Haire didn't really step up and impressed in shouldering the majority of the match. Match lasted under 4 minutes.

-Vince/Steph/Zach interview- Creepy interaction between Vince & Steph. Vince felt responsible for Steph's deflowering. NOT Literally. Of course. I did like Zack up until his last week encounter with Sable "I want you bad, Sable" Congrads WWE they made a once legged wrestler get a negative heelish reaction from me LoL

-Ultimo Dragon vs. Moore- I'm kinda in the same league with DJ Frosty. I noticed at least 3 edit cuts that looked like something screwed up from my eye it seems like Moore had a real off night. NIce finisher but it looks a little like Slice Bread #2 but just not using the ropes like Kendrick does.

-BigShow/Hass/Benjamin v. M.America/Lesner/Angle- Major league star power on the babyface side. The match was very good with just that respects. And WOW on the Face side Hogan was the one who took the pin.

Didn't think much of Smackdown this week, the star power on the babyface on Smackdown was pretty good and Rikishi/Hardy was better then expected. Rest kind of fell flat.

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Ah, Colt Cabana. This dude is one of my indy favorites. His work for us in ACW-NWA Wisconsin has been stellar. Having a Coke gimmick, his feuds with CM Punk (who's got the Pepsi yin-yang tattooed on his shoulder) have been legendary.
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