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21.6.18 1116
The W - Pro Wrestling - SmackDown #594 1-4-11 [ Spoilers! ]
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Live from Tucson ...

(I'm happy to let the recappers recap, but I wanted to capture a few things from being there live.)

This whole show was all sorts of entertaining! I was concerned about the NXT live broadcast (The W), but that turned out just fine. And, we got a dark match to open, 2 matches for Superstars, & then the full Smackdown show! If I counted correctly, we had 10 matches total for the night. And we weren't getting the full commercial break times, which means the show kept moving -- that was excellent.

Dark match opener for the night was Chavo vs. (imagine my surprise) Showtime Percy Watson. He's stopped acting goofy, which is a huge improvement right there. Our biggest problem was that we weren't sure who was supposed to be the face & who the heel. Chavo didn't signal that to us on his entrance, & Percy was all business during his. Chavo was working extremely hard to make Percy look good. And in fact, it looked like Percy has improved since NXT. Chavo did the shimmy & 3 Amigos, & we weren't totally sure whether it was a heel or a face thing. But then he pointed up before he went up for the Frog Splash, so we took that to mean it as sincere. Watson got the win, & also got a decent pop afterwards. Pretty nice starter.

Next, for NXT, they intro'd Josh & Todd Grisham, & then Striker, & we did (The W) the NXT broadcast. Which turned out to be pretty decent too.

They changed out the ropes from yellow to blue, & I note that tonight we have
neutral grey ringposts.

I'd completely forgotten about Superstars until they intro'd Jack Corvella & Matt Striker.

First match was JTG vs. Tyler Reks. This is so much better a look for Reks. The former "Chuck Palumbo goes surfing" never worked. Good match, & Reks makes a good monster heel. (From where I was, I couldn't tell whether the fuzzy chest was real or airbrushed. It works.)

Next we had Chris Masters vs. Curt Hawkins. Having just had Masters all over during the NXT show, he just brought the "lovin' life" attitude back out with him. No question here who's the face & who's the heel -- he's just having too good a time all over the show! :-) I absolutely hated the whole Masterlock one trick pony thing, but he's gotten better. This was a good match, & got a decent crowd reaction. I didn't even mind the Masterlock finish, since they didn's seem to make a big deal of it.

Yet again, the elves are out to change the ring skirt for SD. And we intro Michael Cole & the GM podium. (Really. They carried it out right behind him.) And then intro Striker & Josh. You may notice that this is the 3rd intro tonight for Matt -- he's getting his exercise just trotting back & forth between the announce table & backstage.

They again did a cold open with Cole talking, which left us standing around wondering what was going on. If that is going to be a regular thing, we're gonna have to get it aired in the arena.

First up, Edge vs Kane, last man standing, for title. Yesterday we opened with Miz/Morrison, & we're going for a big opener again!

Don't know what it is about Kane & Tucson, but it's always fun! I was there when Kane tried to dump Shane into a dumpster full of fire (The W). (Wow, that's a scary flash from the past.) And this show, Kane & Edge were all over the Tucson building. They were in the underground concourse, they were up the stairs to the main concourse, They were into the main concession stand where everybody gets their snacks. Kane nearly rolled Edge down a staircase in a wheelchair. They brawled all the way back down the stairs. Chairs were flung into the ring. The leg was worked. The spear was delivered. This was all excellent! Fun mayhem, & full marks for maximum use of the building!

Dolph with Vicki vs. Kofi Kingston for the IC title. Dolph's been busy tonight too, what with the battle royal & berating of his erstwhile rookie on NXT. Good, solid match. Kofi wins. Vicki is pissed. I couldn't really understand what Vicki was screeching, but it was something like "2 out of 3" or "want a rematch immediately". In any case, we got another bell, & another quick win by Kofi with a fun flying kick. Much displeasure by Vicki. Very funny comparing Dolph berating his rookie, compared to Vicki berating Dolph. (Shit flows downhill...)

Backstage, Dolph tells Vicki that it was "a bonehead move" to call for the rematch right then. Is this a breakup then?

Drew backstage wishing KellyKelly (Is that the correct blondie?) good luck, etc. Him too? And a very hot look as she walks off to her match.

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes vs Drew McIntyre for the #1 contender spot. Before we get started, heeeeere's Vicki -- it's now a Fatal Fourway, with Dolph, who is still holding his head. Naturally, we start with BS cleaning house. Lots of Cody & Dolph double teaming BS. Intermittent appearances by Drew, whom BS keeps knocking out of the ring. Going along nicely, when we get a runin by ... Wade Barrett!! He runs in, beats down Show for a while, then leaves. (You're gonna ask me whether he was wearing a Nexus armband. I forgot to notice. Oops.) As BS is busy with Drew in the corner, Dolph plots with Cody. Then promptly double crosses Cody for a quick roll-up away from Show. Vicki is now happy again. This was a lot of fun! Everybody looked good, the story was fun, interesting development with Barrett. Very, very good match!

LayCool out for Michelle vs Kelly^2. Enthusiastic effort, with Michelle trying to carry KK. Post-match faceplant on KK is interrupted by a runin by Drew McIntyre. He basically taps LayCool on the shoulders, & runs them off. Awwww. (BTW, Drew's flowing locks when he's on the run ... niiice.)

Rodriguez seems to have recovered from his trauma on NXT, & is able to intro ADR. He's talking & trying to get heel heat about how he's different from the "poor Latinos". Nobody cares about this -- they're waiting for Ray's entrance.
This is 2 out of 3 falls, which is an interesting stip. First fall, ADR ducks a 619 & gets the armbar -- same as with R-Truth yesterday. Second fall, Ray gets a rollup. Ray pulls out the arsenal of fun flying stuff, which the crowd laps up. Ultimately, RR on the outside grabs onto Ray's leg, hence Ray loses by countout. Boo, cheaters! Ray proceeds to kick the crap out of RR. (Maybe that's why we had RR volunteer to wrestle on NXT -- that way Ray isn't beating up a non-wrestler. I'm OK with that.) RR gets the 619, as ADR skulks up the ramp. Anything with Ray is always excellent.

Being an ADR non-believer, I don't know what he's going to do without Ray to carry him. I don't see it going well.

Ray then spent about the next half hour working the perimeter. I'm pretty sure at least a third of the audience got down there, & I'm pretty sure Ray got to everybody. (I dawdled around, went to the bathroom, watched a little more, til he *finally* got done. As he was leaving, he was limping pretty badly on one knee. But he wasn't gonna leave til everybody got attended to. Gotta love Ray.

Overall, excellent live show! I totally enjoyed the continuity across the shows, & loved the amount of good (to great) wrestling we got! Hope it all plays well on TV!

Busiest of the Night award goes to Dolph, with Striker as runner-up.
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Watching WWE professional wrestling live is always a treat, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. (As for me, I've seen three big-league shows live. I saw a Nitro in '99 in which Scott Hall won the U.S. Title in a Fatal Four-Way ladder match against Goldberg, Bret Hart and Sid Vicious. I saw the RAW in '01 in which WWF Commissioner William Regal joined the Alliance and cost Kurt Angle the WWF Title against Steve Austin-- which turned out to be the last time Austin won the belt. And I also saw a relatively unmemorable SmackDown event in '04; all I know is that Eddie was WWE Champion and Cena was U.S. Champion.

I may be wrong, but I didn't see you mention the result of the Kane/Edge match. So, which of them defends against Dolph Ziggler at the Royal Rumble?

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    Originally posted by ekedolphin
    I may be wrong, but I didn't see you mention the result of the Kane/Edge match. So, which of them defends against Dolph Ziggler at the Royal Rumble?
Edge won with the spear, after bashing on Kane's leg/hip with one of several steel chairs. (And we knew that'd be the outcome when Kane launched his ringpost-pyro at his entrance, rather than waiting til the end.) Sorry if I wasn't clear.
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Here's your regularly scheduled recap.

TONIGHT! It's the first SmackDown of 2011 and it's packed with PPV-quality awesomeness! Edge defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Kane in a Last Man Standing match and Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio will FINALLY settle their feud, once and for all (we think), with a 2/3 falls match. SmackDown is NOW!

WWE - The Champ Is Here

Here's a promo for the show you're about watch.

Opening credits - Do You Know Your Enemy? No opening pyro for you! Your hosts are Team NXT: Josh Matthews, Matt Striker, and the Slammy Award-winning Michael Cole. And we immediately start with the World Title!

Both men enter the ring for an old-school introduction from Tony Chimel. Sure, Edge killed Kane's father, but there's TRADITION to uphold! Chimel actually says "superstar" instead of "SOO-perstar" this time, maybe because he doesn't have to worry about talking over entrance music.

Edge starts off by hammering away, but a whip is reversed and Kane hits a corner clothesline. Kane hammers away in the corner. Snapmare and seated dropkick follow. Edge counters a backdrop attempt with a swinging neckbreaker. He tries to charge in, but Kane gets a sidewalk slam. Kane charges in, but gets lowbridged and set over the ropes. Edge keeps Kane out with a dropkick and shoulder charge. Edge gives chase and walks into an uppercut. Kane lifts Edge and drops him on the barricade. Edge is able to answer the count at 5, so Kane keeps the assault going up the aisle. The fight goes towards the backstage area and into the concourse area. Edge gets his head slammed into the wall, as some goofball fans take pictures. Kane chucks Edge into a closed concession area! The fight now moves into Section 204! Kane's got the GOOZLE, but Edge elbows out of it and slams Kane's head into the rail. The fight continues up the steps and into the concession stands. Edge decides to cool Kane off by chucking him into a closed cocktail stand. Kane's able to answer the count at 6 and nails Edge with a trash can. Kane moves in with an uppercut and slams Edge's head into a table. The referee counts, as Kane spies some stairs. Kane moves towards Edge, as a handicapped fan is escorted out of his wheelchair. Deciding to kill Edge by way of IRONY, Kane puts the champ in the wheelchair and tries to shove it down the steps. Edge escapes that and hits a big boot. Kane answers the count at 5 and we take our first ad break of the night.

We come back with Edge and Kane fighting back to ringside through the crowd. They emerge behind the commentary team. Kane slams Edge's head on the apron and clears off the announce table. Don't spill Striker's Vitamin Water! Edge reverses Kane's whip attempt and tosses him into the steel steps. Kane answers the count at 8 and Edge tosses him into the ring. Edge scales the turnbuckles and flies right into an uppercut. Edge answers the count at 8, so Kane hits a bodyslam. Kane looks for the top rope clothesline, but Edge ducks it and hits the Impaler. Both men are down, as Cole notes that if both men are counted out, the match starts over. Both men are up and Kane gets the GOOZLE! CHOKESLAM! Edge pulls himself up by the ropes at 9. Edge falls out of the ring, so Kane follows and goes for a Tombstone on the steps! Edge shakes out of it and hits the Edge-O-Matic on the steel steps! Edge makes it up at 7 while Kane gets up at 9. Edge makes the Spear Face and moves in, but runs right into a big boot. Edge makes it up at 7, so Kane grabs another GOOZLE! CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! It was a chokeslam so powerful that it knocked STRIKER down and knocked out his feed. Edge staggers up and uses Striker to pick himself up at 9! Kane's showing frustration and goes for a trio of chairs. Kane scales the turnbuckle with a chair, so Edge thinks fast and chucks a chair at Kane, knocking him down! Edge has a chair in his hand and whacks Kane in the leg. Another one. Edge makes the Spear Face again and hits the spear! Ref starts counting, but Edge hits a Conchairto on Kane's knee first! Kane scrambles to get up, but he physically can't! He tumbles down at 9 and the referee counts 10!

WINNER: Edge - Great match! Can't touch Morrison/Miz from last Monday, but it was really good for what it was. Very well-played and resisted the temptation to go the cartoonish route once it went backstage. Best match this show has had in months!

Coming up next, Dolph Ziggler defends the Intercontinental Championship against Kofi Kingston. WHAT? AGAIN???

Ad break - WWE Magazine promo

Your hosts are Team NXT, who are now sans announce table for the rest of the night.

Excuse me a second.

(**deep breath**AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!**exhale**)

Ok, better. We get a look at last week's Triple Threat match, confirming my suspicions that Vickie saving the pinfall would ensure YET ANOTHER Dolph/Kofi match in their neverending series.

We start with Kofi hammering at Dolph in the corner. Dolph takes control and whips Kofi into the corner, but runs into Kofi's high kick counter. Kofi goes for the frog crossbody, but misses. Dolph stomps away and hits an elbow. Kofi quickly fights back, so Dolph hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Time to hit the chinlock. Both men are up and trading blows before Dolph misses a corner charge. Kofi hits chops and a dropkick. Jumping clothesline misses and Dolph counters the S.O.S. with a roll-up for 2. Kofi comes back with the jumping clothesline and the Buzzsaw Legdrop. BOOM BOOM BOOM! Trouble In Paradise misses and Dolph gets the Sleeper Hold! Kofi counters with a Stunner. Dolph charges in, but Kofi hits the S.O.S. for 2! Kofi rolls out and climbs the turnbuckles before Dolph puts a stop to that. Dolph wants a superplex and gets knocked down. Frog crossbody hits for 3! Huh?

WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Kofi Kingston - After one of the longer title reigns in recent memory, it seems kind of anticlimactic to take the belt off Dolph in such a short match.

Post-match, Dolph jumps Kofi from behind and hits the Zig Zag! Vickie takes the mic and nearly breaks my eardrums! She says that since Teddy Long isn't here, Dolph's using his mandated rematch NOW. I don't like where this is going.

Dolphs charges in and misses. Dolph is still able to hammer away with a flurry of punches. Dolph picks Kofi up, but Kofi comes out of nowhere with Trouble In Paradise! That's it for reals!

WINNER: Kofi Kingston - Considering that the one shitty finish this feud DIDN'T use was the Dusty Finish, I thought that's what we'd get. Thankfully, that didn't happen. THAT should hopefully blow off this feud, once and for all. May these two NEVER, EVER have another one-on-one match again in the history of mankind!

Later tonight, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio face each other in a 2/3 falls match.

Ad break - Bobby "The Brain" Heenan DVD promo

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler blames Vickie for the immediate rematch. Vickie tells Dolph he's a two-time loser. Dolph walks out on her. Vickie SCREECHES!

Your hosts are Team NXT without a table. They take us to the Raw Rebound.

Backstage, Kelly Kelly runs into Drew McIntyre. Drew wishes her luck and offers to earn her trust. He asks for her support in tonight's #1 contenders match.

Coming up next, it's a Triple Threat #1 Contender's Match between "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, The Big Show, and Drew McIntyre.

Ad break

But first, here's Vickie Guerrero again. She's here to add one more participant to this match.


The heels all decide to gang up on Show, so Show takes them all down. Cody goes down to a sidewalk slam, as Dolph breaks the count. Show hits Dolph with a big chop, sending him out. Show nails Cody with a big corner chop. Show runs the ropes and knocks down McIntyre before working over Rhodes. Show dusts off the Final Cut! He hasn't used that move in years! That gets 2 before Dolph breaks up the pin. Show nails an overhead double chokeslam, which McIntyre breaks up. Show piefaces McIntyre back out of the ring before he works on Cody again. Cody gets a stinkface. Oh lord, is that going to become a REGULAR part of his arsenal now? Here's another big corner chop. Floatover legdrop takes Dolph down! That's a much cooler new addition to Show's moveset! That gets 2, before Cody breaks it up. Show delivers a big headbutt and knocks McIntyre off the apron again. Here's come choking for Rhodes. Shhh Chop misses Dolph and now Cody and Dolph double-team Show. That doesn't go well, as Show single-handled yanks them both out of the ring at the same time. Show chases and gets nailed by McIntyre, but Show takes him down in short order, too. Show scoops up McIntyre, but Drew shoves Show into the steel ringpost. Now the heels all gang up on Show and shove him through the barricade! Everyone's down and we go to our next ad break.

We come back with Cody armdragging Dolph off the top rope for 2. Cody scales the turnbuckles, so McIntyre grabs him and chucks him onto Big Show! Now McIntyre goes to work on Dolph in the corner. Cody swoops in and nails McIntyre from behind and hits the Goldust sliding uppercut before dumping Drew. Cody and Dolph exchange blows in the ring until McIntyre comes back in and wipes them both out with a double clothesline. McIntyre tries to keep Show out before Show spins him around like the Price Is Right wheel! Show comes back in and starts dominating the heels again. Big back body drop for Rhodes. Corner avalanche and shoulderblock knock Cody down. Dolph runs right into a big spinebuster. Show calls for the chokeslam, but here's WADE BARRETT! Barrett pounds the hell out of Show and hits a second-rope elbow, as the announcers wonder why he's here. Barrett escapes, leaving Show alone with Cody. Cody hits the Beautiful Disaster, but it only gets 2! Now here's Dolph, who nails the Zig Zag on Show! That only gets 2! So here's McIntyre, who wants the Future Shock! He hits it and gets 2! McIntyre loses his cool and scales the second rope. He gets caught and dumped by Show. Cody and Dolph scramble to get behind Show. Dolph sends Cody in, so Cody moves in like a sucker and gets hit with the Zig Zag! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That gets 3 for Dolph!

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler - That was a GREAT finish! Dolph played Rhodes like a fiddle. And the loss to Kingston totally makes sense now, because it looks like it's time to officially elevate Dolph to the next level. As for Wade Barrett's interference, I guess he's coming to SmackDown. I don't think anybody saw that coming. Well, ok, maybe one or two guys did.

Later tonight, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio face off in a 2/3 falls match.

Ad break - Royal Rumble promo

Ezekiel Jackson promo. These are nice and all, but this is the one time I wish they'd take a guy down the comedy route and give Jackson some Old Spice commercial-style vignettes. Tell me YOU wouldn't get pumped seeing Jackson ride a cartoon tiger and kick a building down. BUILDING KICK! EXPLOSION!!! P-P-P-P-P-P-POWER!!! Anyway, Jackson's coming soon to SmackDown.

Excuse me a second.

(**deep breath**AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!**exhale**)

Speaking of matches I never want to see ever again, I'm absolutely sick and tired of seeing Kelly Kelly against LayCool. I believe I'll take my bathroom break now.

WINNER: Michelle McCool - There. Done. Can we NOT see this match again?

Post-match, LayCool give Kelly what for, so the save must be coming from either Beth or Drew. It's Drew. LayCool clear out, as the Drew McIntyre/Kelly Kelly plot thickens.

Coming up next, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio face off in a 2/3 falls match.

Ad break - WWE Magazine promo

We come back with Tony Chimel bringing in Ricardo Rodriguez, who's got the heel facials DOWN! This week, Alberto Del Rio joins us in a vintage red 50's Jaguar! We've got a match coming up, but first, it's promo time!

"My name is Alberto Del Rio! But you already know that. Last Monday, I proved to everybody and to that rapper, el idiota, R-Truth that the truth is no match for destiny. And my destiny is to win the Royal Rumble and to be the main event in Wrestlemania. And tonight, tonight I'm going to destroy Rey Mysterio in front of all these people! There's only two types of latino, the puro latino and the rest of you! The puro latino and the gardeners! The puro latino and the car washers! The puro latino and my little amigito, Rey Mysterio."

The match is next!

Ad break

Match starts with Del Rio taking Mysterio down with a soccer kick. ADR smacks Rey's head into the turnbuckle and chokes away in the corner. Corner charge eats boot. Rey gets ADR in the 619 position, but ADR ducks it and gets the swinging jujigatime! Rey taps out and Del Rio gets a quick first fall!

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

We come back with the second fall in progress. Del Rio has the armbar, as Rey fights out of it, but runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio follows up with a soccer kick. Corner charge eats boot and Rey shakes out of a second tilt-a-whirl backbreaker attempt. Del Rio chucks Rey out of the ring and gets cocky, allowing Rey to come back. Springboard headscissors takes ADR down. Rey's whip is reversed, but he elbows Del Rio's corner charge. Rey gets himself in the electric chair position, so Del Rio takes him down and gets the swinging jujigatime again! Rey's got a counter ready, this time, as Rey rolls him up for 2! ADR charges in and gets a drop toehold for his troubles. Rey looks for the 619, but Del Rio's up and looking for the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker again. Rey plants him instead and gets La Magistral for the 3!

WINNER: Rey Mysterio

We come back with the third fall in progress. Del Rio's hit the armbar again. Rey kicks out of it, so ADR puts him down with a soccer kick. Rey gets whipped into the corner with authority for 2. Del Rio plants Rey on the turnbuckle and goes for the mask! Rey elbows him down and hits a flying battering ram headbutt for 2! Rey gets a springboard crossbody for 2. We move into a test of strength, as Rey looks to spring off the ropes, but ADR counters with an armbreaker takedown for 2. Del Rio wants a fireman's carry, but Rey fights back and hits a springboard tornado DDT for 2. Rey climbs the turnbuckles and gets crotched and hung in the tree of woe. ADR pounces with a seated dropkick. Both men are on the turnbuckles now, with ADR guillotining Rey's arm on the top rope. ADR whips Rey into the corne, but dropkicked in the knee. Rey takes advantage of the prone Del Rio and hits the 619 in the corner. Rodriguez tries to pick up Del Rio, so Rey wipes them both out with a top rope cross body! Rey tosses Del Rio into the ring and looks to follow, but Rodriguez hangs on to Rey's leg! Referee counts 10 and that's it.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio - Disappointing match. Cheap ending. I expected more out of this one.

Post-match, Del Rio celebrates and leaves up the ramp, leaving Rodriguez alone with Rey. Rey chases him around and stops himself. He thinks twice of it, though, and decides to ambush Rodriguez anyway. Rey gives him a Grade B beatdown. Beatdown culminates with the 619 and Dropping the Dime.

We get one more look at the end of the Fatal 4-Way match and Wade Barrett's surprise appearance. Next week, Wade Barrett has been booked to face Big Show. Uh...shouldn't we find out why Barrett's on SmackDown in the first place?

Show ends with Rey Mysterio triumphant.


The show gets a thumbs up on the opener alone. A decent Fatal 4-Way was some nice icing on the cake. And while I can live without some of tonight's matches, I love the direction the show's going. Edge/Dolph Ziggler should be a great feud and it's nice to have Barrett on SmackDown, even if he is another big heel on a show flooded with them. And while I couldn't approve of another Kofi/Dolph match, putting the title on Kofi was the only move at this point, as Dolph's title run has gone as far as it could go and now Kofi could feud with Rhodes, McIntyre, and Swagger.

(edited by It's False on 7.1.11 2307)

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This is the first Smackdown I watched since the Syfy debut. I thought it was a pretty good show, completely unreliant on RAW stars (Wade Barrett doesn't count anymore).

At around 9:45pm ET, "Dolph Ziggler" was the number one trending topic world wide on Twitter. He was awesome tonight. This was one of those cases where a babyface, Kofi Kingston in this case, finally wins his feud and the Intercontinental Title after months of chasing it, with two clean decisive wins, and ends up the loser overall. Kofi gets stuck with the secondary belt while Dolph gets rocketed into the main event against Edge. Dolph was also a genius by pinning Cody instead of Show, when it was clear not even the run-in by Barrett and taking everyone's finisher would stop Show.

Endings like the two out of three falls match are when I miss Jesse Ventura and Bobby Heenan, so allow me to fill in: Rey Mysterio committed an utterly deplorable act after the match. Ricardo Rodriguez is not a wrestler! He's a ring announcer, and not even a WWE ring announcer, he's a personal employee of Alberto Del Rio. Rey had no business brutalizing a non-wrestler. It was Mysterio who struck Rodriguez first when he came off the top rope onto him and Del Rio. Ricardo wasn't involved in the match, he was just trying to aid his jefe. Therefore, since Rey attacked Rodriguez in an unprovoked manner, Rodriguez was well within his rights to grab Rey and exact some payback, therefore helping his employer win the match. And Ricardo did nothing aggressive; he just held onto Rey's foot. But then Mysterio took it too far. Absolutely despicable actions by Rey Mysterio post match. Some hero he is. Rey deserved to lose. Any respect I may have had for Rey Mysterio went out the window.

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Very happy to see Dolph get a top spot even if it's simply a consolation gift for dropping the belt to Kofi. Nice spots to lose the first two falls and a really nice spot to win the third. Now if he can shake loose of Vickie ...

Drew's gesture to Kelly came about two minutes too late. But his delivery in the backstage segment was good. I do NOT buy Show kicking out of two finishers and Cody's sprinboard kick, and I don't want to see Barrett try a Wasteland on him. He barely got Mark Henry through the move.

Glad to see the end of Rey/Rio and Edge/Kane. A good end to both angles. Rey's attack on Ricardo was to send the kids home happy, and I've always seen a heel valet as fair game. Ricardo has gotten involved in other matches.

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I thought this was a very good show. Atypically focused and purposeful from start to finish. Better wrestling than most PPVs this year. Jack Swagger probably has a beef for not being one of the top five contenders to the world title though.

    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    Very happy to see Dolph get a top spot even if it's simply a consolation gift for dropping the belt to Kofi.

I think it's the other way around. WWE's philosophy is it's big heat for a heel when it looks like they've finally gotten their comeuppance only for them to turn around and find even bigger success. (Best example I can think of is when Shawn Michaels destroyed Chris Jericho in one of their grudge matches but Jericho entered a match later that same night and won the world title.) Personally I think it would've been better for Ziggler to challenge Edge with the steam of being IC champion but I'm thrilled for him either way. I think Ziggler turned some heads with the Cena matches and earned the Rumble shot in place of the easy Kane rematch, which allowed them to do that this week on TV instead.

I just wish Morrison/Miz was the other Rumble match; that would've been a great pair of new title matches with guys who deserve them.

    Now if he can shake loose of Vickie ...

Just in time to feud with Vickie's ex-husband would not be the time for that, I don't think.
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Ah, but having just watched the NXT broadcast a couple of hours earlier, where RR substituted himself into the match *as a wrestler* in ADR's place, that makes RR fair game. Presumably Ray was watching NXT too. :-)

When I watched ADR's promo on TV, the last time he said it, it sounded like he said "puro latino". The rest of the time, it still sounded to me like "poor latino", which makes no sense. Now I'm sure you're right that he meant "puro latino", but it was a poor choice of terminology as the lynchpin of a promo.
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Justin, both points are solid, but I think putting the belt on Kofi was the decision that came first. They are desperate for faces (so much so that Ezekiel is getting promo packages), and they need a title for the micard heels to pursue.

I suspect that led to consideration of what to do with Dolph, and his relationship with Vickie gives subtext to an angle with Edge. Unfortunately, this already feels like Edge vs. Vickie with Dolph in the middle. And how many name jokes will Edge toss out each week? The ringwork could outshine the promos, but we'll get so much more of the latter.

Still, yea Dolph. Now, does Kofi fend off Swagger at RR?

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Could it be because his new book isn't selling as well as people thought it would ?
- Kevintripod, Foley on Jimmy Kimmel? (2003)
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